10 Retired Female Athletes Who Are Still Smoking Hot

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Retirement is a stage of life that can come with a lot of fear or satisfaction, depending on how you spend your many years working. Although there is no universal retirement age, most countries set their retirement ages anywhere around 60 years and beyond. However, there are professions where people hardly retire and they can keep working deep into their old age while other professions demand that people retire early because they cannot handle the strain or competition.

Athletes fall in the latter category, where you find many of them out of their different professions by the age of 35 years. When an athlete's speed, stamina, power, health, or even special skills begin to move from exceptional to not so exceptional, then it is time for the athlete to start thinking about hanging up their boots sooner rather than later.

Most fans always hate seeing their favorite female athletes calling it quits. In addition to loving the game that these female athletes are involved in, people love to see these beauties in the field, court, track, or anywhere their games take place. The physical demands of the sports keep these ladies looking smoking hot and drop dead gorgeous, and not being able to see them playing can break our hearts. However, these women end up looking even hotter after they retire because they usually get even more time to take good care of themselves. Here are the top 10 women we hated seeing retire, but love to see at every other opportunity because they are still smoking hot.

10 Tatiana Golovin - Tennis

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Tatiana Golovin is a beauty from Russia, who retired in 2008 from playing tennis. She is a former professional tennis player who had a wonderful career with a French Open mixed doubles category title in 2004 as well as managing to reach the quarterfinals stage in the US Open singles in 2006. She was once ranked world number 12 and had a bright career ahead of her, only to suffer a lower back inflammation that would spell the end of her tennis career. Tatiana was one of the many athletes who are forced to retire because of injury, even before they reach the potential of their careers. One thing she has not lost, however, is her amazing looks.

9 Mia Hamm - Soccer

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8 Laila Ali - Boxing

7 Anna Bessonova - Gymnastics

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Anna Bessonova is a very beautiful but retired rhythmic gymnast from Ukraine. This beauty had so much talent that she was the leader of Ukraine's national team at age 19. She had a very successful career in rhythmic dancing, which she retired from in 2010. Some of the highlights of her career include becoming a 2-time world champion, and a 3 time European champion in 2003, winning bronze at the Beijing and Athens Olympics in 2008 and 2004 respectively, becoming a 6-time silver medalist in 2005, and becoming a world champion in 2007 among others. Anna is currently helping Ukrainian gymnasts to improve their skills, in addition to participating and performing in many international events and galas.

6 Regina Halmich - Boxing

If you look at Regina Halmich today, it would take a lot of convincing for you to believe that she is a former boxing champion. Regina was one of the best European boxers of all time, with an impressive record of 54 wins, 16 of which were knockouts, just one loss, and one draw. This German-born former fighter could easily have become a model, owing to how beautiful she looks today. Regina retired from boxing in 2007 and by then she was the Junior Bantamweight, Junior Flyweight, and Flyweight WIBF world champion, as well as holding the European Flyweight and Junior Flyweight titles.

5 Gabriela Sabatini - Tennis

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Gabriela Sabatini is an Argentinean former tennis player. This strikingly beautiful woman was born in 1970, and her excellent tennis skills got her to number three in the world singles rankings. Gabriela has the looks of a movie star and her skills on the tennis court were amazing. Some of Gabriela's best times were in 1988 where she was a singles finalist in the US Open, a Doubles Champion in Wimbledon, and an Olympic silver medalist in the women's singles in Seoul. However, the most memorable point of her career was when she humbled Steffi Graf in the 1990 US Open to become the champion. Gabriela retired in 1996, but she is still a beauty.

4 Tanith Belbin - Ice Dancing

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Tanith Belbin is a retired ice dancer, originally from Canada but with dual citizenship in the United States. This beautiful woman became so good because she began skating at the tender age of three years and started ice dancing five years later. Some of the most memorable times in her ice-dancing career include becoming a silver medalist in the Olympics in 2006 with Agosto; she was a three-time Four Continents champion, a four-time World Medalist, and a five-time United States Champion. Although Tanith Belbin retired from skating in 2010, she worked with NBC in 2014 to cover the Winter Olympics. She is also extremely beautiful.

3 Ashley Harkleroad - Tennis

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Ashley Harkleroad had a great tennis career before her retirement in 2012. Like most tennis professionals, Ashley began winning competitions when she was very young. When on her junior tour she was undoubtedly the best since she dominated her competition and accumulated numerous titles. 2001 was one of her best years when she graduated to the professional tour, the same year she won a doubles and a singles championship. In 2003, Ashley had another great season, beating three players who were top 20 finalists. Ashley must be taking extra great care of herself because she looks more beautiful than ever.

2 Heather Mitts - Soccer

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Heather Mitts always had a love and great talent for soccer, a combination that gave her great success in her years on the pitch. Mitts was a very skilled defender who played for seven teams in the American league and was a part of the United States women's national soccer team. The beautiful Heather Mitts was part of the squad that came in number two in the FIFA Women's world Cup in 2011, and she won three Olympic gold medals with her team throughout her career. Heather is even more beautiful now than when she was part of the national team, it seems as if retirement is surely working for her.

1 Alexandra "Sasha" Cohen - Figure Skating

Sasha is a former United States Champion figure skater who is extremely beautiful. She started taking figure skating seriously from 11 years of age, a sport that she was to become very successful in. Some of the highlights of her career include becoming the Grand Prix Finals champion in 2003, a three-time medalist in the World figure skating Championship, the 2006 silver medalist in the Olympics, and the 2006 United States Champion. After the winter Olympics in 2006 where she won the silver medal, Sasha decided to hang up her skates. Regardless, she is still a very hot woman despite not being in active figure skating competitions.

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