10 Possible Disasters Waiting To Happen At Super Bowl 2015

On Feb 1st, 2015, the 49th edition of the Super Bowl is going to be held in Glendale, AZ. This is the most watched television event of the entire calendar year, and two titans are going to be competing for the treasured Lombardi Trophy. The teams  matching up against each other are the resilient Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. It should be a tough battle indeed, but as history has shown in the past, there are lot of other things that could happen around the game to derail the proceedings. These mishaps could range from weather issues, equipment problems to performers not doing exactly what they are asked to do.  In the following article, we list 10 possible disasters that could impact the Super Bowl and make it a less than stellar occasion.

10 Wardrobe Malfunctions


One of the biggest highlights of the Super Bowl is the halftime show which usually features a great, proven pop star on the American music scene. For this upcoming Super Bowl, the guest is the one and only Katy Perry along with guest star Lenny Kravitz. So here is the deal, we know that lots of the female pop stars these days (Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry) are big fans of wearing elaborate outfits/costumes during their performances. In a high energy setting like the Super Bowl halftime show, let’s hope everything in her outfit stays in place. And then of course, there is Lenny Kravitz who’s known for wearing the tightest rock star pants ever created by man. Hopefully he doesn’t bend down too low and split at the seams.

9  Another Deflate-Gate Scandal


So unless you have been living under a rock, you are surely fully aware of the NFL scandal that’s going on involving the New England Patriots and the golden boy of the league, Tom Brady. In case you haven’t heard it, the story goes like this. In the AFC championship game, the Patriots completely trounced the Colts, and it was later found out that 11 of the 12 Patriots balls were deflated below NFL standards. This possibly made those pigskin balls easier to throw and catch for Brady and his receivers. The Patriots shellacked the Colts to the score of 45-7 and ESPN broke the story the following Monday about the deflated balls. No one likes to see any kind of cheating when the stakes are this high, so hopefully all the game officials will ensure that each team complies with the strict guidelines of the game on Feb 1st.

8 Bad Behavior 


So this is another thing that happened at a prior NFL halftime show that we hopefully don’t see repeated again. It was the 2012 Super Bowl and the one and only Madonna was chosen to perform. Even the choice of Madonna was a little bit of a head-scratcher, especially when it’s a show being beamed to millions of homes during primetime. But oddly enough, the obscene finger gesture didn’t come from Madonna; it was from one of her invited music guests, the British rapper, M.I.A. She ended up flipping her middle finger to the TV camera, and once again the NFL and NBC had to apologize for this lewd behavior.

7  Ticketed Fans Not Getting Seats

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Imagine if this happened to you: You shelled out big money for Super Bowl tickets for you and your family only to find out that the NFL wasn’t going to honor your stadium tickets. That’s what happened at the 2011 Super Bowl in Arlington, Texas when the NFL ruled that 400 seats that were legitimately purchased by fans were “unusable.” The worst part of it is that they didn’t even offer other seating options for these unlucky fans. Some of these supporters had to make do by watching the game between the Patriots and the Packers on a TV underneath the stands. Some of these mistreated fans ended up suing for a sizeable amount of $5 million.

6 Inclement Weather Disaster


The 2007 Super Bowl happened in Miami, Florida and it ended up being a rain-soaked event. The Colts defeated the Chicago Bears, but the fans had to endure heavy rain through out the game. This year's Super Bowl is being held in Arizona, so there is probably not going to be a torrential downpour. However Arizona is in the desert, so there are some weather issues that could happen as well: a sand storm, heatwave or something else in that weather family. Let's hope the weather cooperates on Feb 1st.

5 Players Misplacing Their Gear


American Football is one of the roughest and most dangerous games that athletes play. These athletes are like modern day gladiators and some of the hits and tackles that happen on the field could potentially cause life-threatening injuries. That’s why it’s important that these players get on the field with the right protective body guards and helmets. But in 1992, Buffalo Bills running back Thurman Thomas removed his helmet before the game for the coin toss, and wasn’t able to find it till the third play of the game. Isn’t there supposed to be an equipment boy/man who keeps an eye on all these issues? His team was never able to shake off that bad mojo and they ended up losing to the Redskins that year. Let’s hope the Patriots and Seahawks get all their gear together before the game starts.

4 A National Anthem Goof-Up


This year, the national anthem is going to be sung by the popular Broadway actress Idina Menzel (she is also the former wife of Taye Diggs). The National Anthem is an extremely important part of the evening’s proceedings. If there is a mishap with it, it doesn’t bode well for everything going smoothly during the rest of the evening. We all remember what happened at the Oscar Awards last year when Travolta introduced Menzel and completely chopped up her name. So for the Super Bowl on Feb 1st, let’s hope that first of all the announcer gets her name right, and secondly, that Idina does what’s expected of her and has a flawless performance of the National Anthem. In 2011, Christina Aguilera really screwed up some parts of the anthem – let’s hope we don’t see a repeat of that.

3  Stadium Power Outage


This is the kind of thing that is usually prepared for, but then again, crazy things always manage to happen at any given time. For example in Super Bowl 47, which was held on Feb 3, 2013, there was a power outage that no one expected. The San Francisco 49ers were playing The Baltimore Ravens when the lights went out for a lengthy period of 33 minutes. The game was being played in the Mercedes-Benz superdome in New Orleans, and the entire dome was pitch-black. When the lights finally came back on, the 49ers who were trailing, staged a strong comeback, but they weren’t able to pull off the victory. The upcoming Super Bowl features two extremely formidable teams; the Seattle Seahawks versus The Patriots. It would be sad to see a technical difficulty like a power outage affect the flow of the game.

2 Players Not Making It To The Game


Before a Super Bowl match can be played, all the players need to be present. At the 1982 Super Bowl, it looked like even that basic requisite wouldn’t be fulfilled. On that particular occasion, a bus carrying the 49ers coach and quarterback ended up getting stuck in traffic on the way to the stadium for over an hour and a half. There was a presidential motorcade in town that day that impeded their progress. Luckily, they arrived 20 minutes before the game started and eventually won the game by beating the Cincinnati Bengals. Let’s hope that for this Super Bowl, both the Packers and the Patriots arrive on time.

1  A Lip Synching Embarrassment


This is one that applies to both the halftime performance and the singing of the national anthem before the game. Sometimes the pressures of performing at such a high profile event is too much for these singers to handle. So instead of singing, these frazzled singers choose to lip synch their performance. If you remember, that’s what happened at the second inauguration of President Obama when the queen of R&B pop, Beyonce lip-synched her entire performance. It’s one of those things that we’ve become used to in the music pantheon. But honestly, these artists earn so much money; is it too much for them to actually sing when they are asked to? Are you listening Katy Perry and Idina Menzel?

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