10 Overweight Athletes Who Made Lots of Money

Since time immemorial, athletes have known to be physically fit individuals with masculine physiques i.e. well formed abs, huge biceps, strong legs e.t.c. Along the way, some rules have been broken, e

Since time immemorial, athletes have known to be physically fit individuals with masculine physiques i.e. well formed abs, huge biceps, strong legs e.t.c. Along the way, some rules have been broken, especially in sports which don’t necessarily depend on physical fitness as the main wining component. Such sports may include; baseball, golf, wrestling, basketball e.t.c. Over the years, we have seen individuals who don’t really look physically fit compete in the above sports at the highest level. Their performances over the years have proved critics wrong, proving that you don’t have to look a certain way to excel in certain sports.

This article is going to focus on overweight athletes who have excelled where many thought they would fail. Over the course of their careers these athletes have earned millions proving to be more valuable than physically fit athletes. This article will focus on current and retired athletes who were considered or are still considered overweight in their respective sports. Their current net worth will be the main focus and then listed weight among other important information. It is important to bear in mind their net worth might not be as high as many of their contemporaries, simply because fat athletes are very rare. But regardless of their shape, there's no doubting that these big guys did very well for themselves.

10 William Perry (Estimated Net Worth: $2 Million)

Number 10 on this list is 50-year-old William Perry who is a retired American professional football player. During his active days in the NFL, William Perry played the defensive lineman/tackle position for the Chicago Bears, a team he was with from 1985-1993. Although he was an exceptional player, his weight was viewed by many people as a liability early in his career. He later proved himself as an unstoppable fullback. Although his listed height and weight are 6'2" and 335 lbs respectively, he is believed to have weighed more than that on many occasions during his career. His current estimated net worth is $2 million.

9 Eddy Curry (Estimated Net Worth: $5 Million)

Eddy Curry is a 30-year-old professional basketball player. He plays the center position with Zhejiang Golden Bulls (a Chinese Basketball Association team) although he is American. Curry is a former NBA player with a listed weight of 295 lbs and height of 7 feet. Although Eddy may not be as heavy as he once was, he is still considered overweight for a basketball player. He makes it to this list because he launched his career when he was fat and has since done considerably well for himself given the fact that he is worth $5 million today. He is one of the few active overweight professional basket ball players in the world. His current salary is $1.3 million per year.

8 Tony Siragusa (Estimated Net Worth: $6 Million)

Number 8 on this list is Tony Siragusa. His listed weight and height is 370 lbs and 6'3" respectively. Tony makes it to this list because he was overweight his entire NFL career as a defensive tackle. Even as far as defensive tackles go, he stunned many NFL fans with his weight. He even earned the nickname; Goose because of his heavy breathing while he was on the sidelines of broadcasted games. All in all, he managed to spend 12 seasons with Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts before retiring. Tony is 46-years-old with an estimated net worth of $6 million. Considering he was overweight his entire career, he did exceptionally well for himself.

7 David Wells (Estimated net worth: $20 million)

50-year-old David Wells is a well-known retired American baseball player. Wells is considered to be one of the best left handed pitchers in the history of baseball because of his valuable contribution to the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees. It is however worth noting that he was overweight his entire career which was characterised by 239 wins. His listed weight is 246 lbs although he is believed to have surpassed this weight many times during his career. He makes it to this list because of making millions and enjoying 239 wins as an overweight baseball player.

6 John Daly (Estimated net worth: $20 million)

Like David Wells, John Daly is also estimated to be worth $20 million. He is however expected to be worth much more considering he has earned more than $20 million as a professional PGA golfer over the years. His addiction to gambling is the main reason why he is worth is only $20 million. Golf being a game of technique and skill, you don’t need to be physically fit to excel. This is precisely why John Daly has managed to succeed in golf when his listed weight is 275 lbs. Considering he is 47 years old, overweight, has a $20 million net worth and still pushing on with his career, John Daly truly deserves to be on this list.

5 Vince Wilfork (Estimated net worth: $25 million)

Vince Lamar Wilfork is a popular American football star who plays as a defensive tackle for the New England Patriots. Weighing in at 324 lbs with and estimated net worth of $25 million, Vince Wilfork truly deserves to be top 5 in this list. He has and continues to be an exceptional NFL player with a 40-yard dash-time of 5.08 seconds which is impressive considering his size. At age 32, Vince still has a promising Career and a huge earning potential. He is expected to earn $6.5 million in 2013.

4 John Kruk (Estimated net worth: $25 million)

John Kruk is a 52-year-old former baseball player who went from being a fat baseball star to a fatter baseball analyst. His listed weight is 220 lbs, although he is believed to have weighed more than that most of his baseball career. Despite being an overweight athlete, John Kruk still managed to earn millions throughout his career. His current net worth is $25 million which is very impressive considering most people thought he was a joke.

3 Prince Fielder (Estimated net worth: $60 million)

Prince Fielder is a 29-year-old American professional baseball player. He currently plays for the Detroit Tigers. Like his father, Price is overweight 275 lbs. He is however one of the best and highest-paid baseball players in Major League Baseball. He commands an annual salary of $23 million despite being about 80 lbs heavier than the average MLB player. With an estimated net worth of $60 million at age 29, the future looks very bright for this overweight baseball star.

2 George Foreman (Estimated net worth: $200 million)

George Foreman is a 64-year-old retired American boxer, Olympic gold medallist and former 2-time world heavyweight champion. He makes it to this list of the highest-paid fat athletes of all time because he performed exceptionally well and earned millions during his entire boxing career as an overweight boxer. At a listed weight of 260 lbs, Foreman managed to use his overwhelming power to win world titles, not to mention the $200 million he has earned over the years. Although he didn't make the entire $200 million as a boxer, he still made enough millions to secure a top spot in this list.

1 Shaquille O'Neal (Estimated Net Worth: 250 Million)

Taking first place on this list is the one-and-only Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq is a well-known, retired American basketball player who is currently a basketball analyst and actor. He is popular for being an exceptional basketball player despite being overweight. Shaq’s listed weight is 324 lbs. He stands over 7-feet-tall which is precisely why he was such a good basketball player in his active days. Although his height was considered an advantage during his early career in professional basketball, his weight was considered a "problem." However, Shaq managed to make his bulk work for him on the court, changing the minds of many critics during his prime. Shaq is currently worth $250 million which is precisely why he tops this list.


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10 Overweight Athletes Who Made Lots of Money