10 Of The Sexiest Girls In Pro Surfing

Surfing is often described as one of the most enjoyable and intense water activities you can ever do. But the truth is, professional surfers will tell you that to really perform at the highest level, it involves a lot of skill, practice, focus and undivided dedication. In the following article, we have gathered 10 of the hottest pro-surfer babes around, after all surfing is a sport that definitely includes some of the sexiest female athletes in the world. Some of them are just starting out and we have a few that have already made a respectable name for themselves in the world of professional surfing. Also, this list represents some of the best talent from all over the world. Global locales represented here include Hawaii, Rio de Janeiro, Virginia Beach and Sydney. Enjoy the article below and beware, there are several scalding hot bodies on display!

10 Courtney Conlogue


It doesn’t get more laid back than growing up in Orange County, California. That’s where our next surfer Courtney Conlogue happens to call home. But when she’s surfing, she’s one of the fiercest competitors on the scene. When she was just 14, she won a gold medal at the X-Games as part of the US team, and she continued in 2008 to win five major competitions including the Surfing America USA Championships. She’s a true surfing prodigy and she just happens to be beautiful too.

9 Bree Kleintop



You don’t usually find too many professional surfers who hail from the East Coast of the United States, but we guarantee that Bree Kleintop will be the sexiest one you ever come across. She grew up on Virginia Beach and the 21-yr-old pro first started surfing at the young age of 6. She has some impressive wins under her belt already. In 2012, she came in at 3rd place at the Surfing America Prime series, she was also 3rd at the Billabong Junior Series in New Zealand in 2010 and 2nd place at the Taranaki surf contest that same year. She has appeared in several magazines including Surfer Mag and Surfing Life, and the sky is truly the limit for this rising star.

8 Coco Ho


We have a feeling that the guys out there are really going to love this next pro-surfer. Her name is Coco Ho and she’s from Honolulu, Hawaii. For Coco, surfing really runs through her veins. She has been surfing since the age of 7; her Uncle Derek was one of the first world champions in Hawaii, and her own father won the Triple-Crown Surfing competition twice. When ESPN magazine did their Body Issue in 2014, Coco was one of the athletes featured. She was photographed without any clothes on while laying on her surfboard.

7 Laura Enever


One thing you have to love about Aussies is that they are so carefree and willing to go wherever the wind blows them. The next girl on our list is the easy-going, sexy 23-yr-old professional Sydney surfer Laura Enever. She was the ASP Triple Crown rookie of the year in 2009 and also the ASP Women’s World Junior champion in the same year. She went pro in 2011, and impressively finished 10th in the highly contested Women’s Samsung Galaxy Champions tour in 2014. She is just getting started and a lot of surfing experts are expecting her to do some great things in her still evolving career.

6 Bruna Schmitz


At the age of 25, the Brazilian beauty Bruna Schmitz is one of the hottest pro-surfers on this. She’s extremely sexy, and she even appeared in the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She has won over 100 titles in her amateur surfing career and since going pro, she has won over 13 titles. She easily earns over 5 figures a year from her modeling and surfing careers. She might have been born in a quiet beach town named Matinhos in Southern Brazil, but she’s definitely a global personality at this moment in time.

5 Alessa Quizon


Hailing from Oahu, Hawaii, the 21-yr-old Alessa Quizon is already a well-known face on the professional surfing scene. Her World Surf League CT rank is number 15 in the world and in her career, she has had winnings of close to $150,000 dollars. She’s 5’3” and weighs 119lb, and she maneuvers with grace and ease while she’s on the ferocious waves. She is definitely one Hawaiian hottie you need to keep your eyes on.

4 Malia Manuel


She originally hails from Kauai Hawaii, and the lovely Malia Manuel happens to be the next, sexy professional surfer on this list. In 2014, she was ranked as #8 in the world by the Association of Surfing Professionals. She is going to turn 22 this year, and she is already represented by some of the biggest lifestyle brands around including: O’Neill clothing, Von Zipper eyewear and Sanuk footwear. We have to say, she’s pretty on the eyes as well.

3 Tyler Wright


At the age of 21, the Australian pro-surfer Tyler Wright is one of the most talented surfers currently on the scene today. She hails from Culburra, Australia, and for Tyler, surfing truly comes naturally to her. When she first started in 2011, she shocked observers and her fellow competitors with her advanced skills and was crowned the ASP Rookie of The Year. She is represented by huge brands like Rip Curl and Monster Energy Drinks and her ascendancy is definitely continuing at a very quick rate.

2 Maya Gabeira


We have already featured one Brazilian on this list, and this next hot, female pro-surfer hails from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. She is one of the top big wave surfers in the world, and she even attempts some monster waves that most men would be terrified of. Her personal record was scaling a 46-foot wave in South Africa in 2009. She is sexy and extremely brave and was even awarded the ESPY award for Best Female Active Sports Athlete in 2009. We have a feeling that there are a couple of big wave records that are going to be broken by this beauty.

1 Alana Blanchard


At the age of 25, this American surfer has already had quite a lengthy career in the world of professional surfing. She comes from Kauai, Hawaii and she has been winning championships since 2005 when she was still a teenager. In addition to surfing, she has modeled for popular publications like Sports Illustrated and Maxim, and even designs sexy clothing for the surf brand Rip Curl. Even after her surfing career is over, Alana will definitely be headed for bigger and better things.


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