10Hitting a Bird with a Baseball

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Baseball has been rather unkind to birds over the years. Randy Johnson once obliterated a dove which had the unlucky fortune of flying between the mound and home plate while he was in the midst of delivering a fastball. But Johnson’s not the only one

to do this. Several players have turned routine fly balls into doubles or base hits by striking a bird in mid-flight. Most of these incidents are accidental but Dave Winfield once famously killed a seagull in Toronto with a warm-up throw, an act that got him arrested. And then there’s the case of Jae-kuk Ryu, a Korean player in the Cubs system in 2003 who took it to a whole new level. Ryu was accused of purposefully trying to hit (and ended up wounding) an Osprey nesting on a light pole in 2003, which led to a significant amount of trouble for him and his team.

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