10 Of The Highest Paid Wrestlers In 2014

What’s unfortunate about this article is that it really isn’t complete. This is because that the salaries of people in the executive positions and some of the very popular megastars of the wrestling w

What’s unfortunate about this article is that it really isn’t complete. This is because that the salaries of people in the executive positions and some of the very popular megastars of the wrestling world are not revealed to the general public. As a result, you’ll be surprised to not find many professional wrestling superstars on this list. They should be, but since we don’t know how much they make, they subsequently aren’t included. This is especially true for the wrestlers who work at WWE.

What we do know, however, is that professional wrestlers, and again especially those who work at WWE, are some of the wealthiest athletes. Wrestling companies pay large sums of money to each of their athletes. Some professional wrestlers can tell true rags to riches stories, but that’s for another article. And the salaries of many other wrestlers just keep on increasing.

One reason why you may be reading this is because you are curious to find out who the wealthiest wrestler of all time is. Well, that’s not for this list either. And again, we don’t really know who the wealthiest wrestler is either, because many wrestlers’ salaries are not revealed. Fortunately, we are fully aware of which wrestlers made the most money in 2014 so far, based on the wrestlers whose salaries have been made public. Regardless of whether you believe professional wrestling is a real or a fake sport, no one can deny that these are very lucrative numbers. After this, you might actually think about becoming a professional wrestler yourself one day. Here are the top ten highest paid wrestlers in 2014:

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10 Alberto del Rio

Not including his various bonuses and royalties, Alberto Del Rio can safely claim a yearly salary of $625,000 as of 2014. In addition, he gets all of his traveling paid for too, which is done on first class jets. Why does del Rio get paid so much? It’s because he has proven himself in the wrestling world, time and time again, and has become a valuable player for WWE. He has also won the championship title multiple times, despite only working for WWE for a grand total of three years now. Del Rio has still got many years left in him as a professional wrestler, which probably means that WWE won’t be letting go of him anytime soon. And subsequently, this also means that his salary will only likely increase as his career continues to unfold. For now he may be on the bottom of this list, but don’t expect that a few years from now.

9 The Miz

The Miz has become one of the most popular wrestlers at WWE of all time, and with each year, it seems that his salary increases. Many are going as far as projecting that The Miz will one day become one of the highest paid wrestlers of all time. Currently, his 2014 salary stands at $715,000, which isn’t bad considering that he has a lot of years at WWE left in him.

8 Mark Henry

Mark Henry has had a troubled history at WWE, having been injured in the ring repeatedly and losing multiple contracts. Nonetheless, WWE and Henry have managed to remain loyal to each other throughout the years and beginning in 2011, Henry’s wrestling style began to improve and win support from the fans. This has earned Henry a current salary of $877,000 a year at WWE and his traveling expenses (which are first class, by the way), are all paid for in full. Despite this, many are thinking that Henry’s salary isn't likely to go up in the future, largely because he isn't considered to be one of the top performers at WWE, in comparison to a few other wrestlers.

7 Kane

Kane has worked at WWE for nearly two decades, and his $900,000 a year salary with the company is reflective of that. All of his traveling expenses are also covered, and that includes hotel and air fare. Nonetheless, the $900,000 a year doesn’t truly represent all of the money that Kane makes; most of his earnings come from bonuses and merchandising. Regardless of where his earnings stem from, due to being one of WWE’s top performing wrestlers, his salary may increase in the near future.

6 The Great Khali

WWE reportedly hired The Great Khali originally because they thought he would become the new Andre the Giant (one of WWE’s most beloved performers of all time), and due to his Indian heritage, which could possibly draw in viewers from Asia. Khali has proven to be a valuable WWE performer, even if he hasn't reached the fan base that Andre the Giant has. Khali became most renowned for when he defeated The Undertaker in their first match and became a world champion after that, but since then, his career has appeared to be on a downward slope. Nonetheless, that hasn’t seemed to impact his $975,000 2014 salary with WWE. But unlike other wrestlers with that kind of salary, Khali has to pay for his own travel and accommodation expenses, which alone could suggest that WWE is slowly losing interest in him as a performer.

5 Sheamus


Sheamus is one of the biggest fighters on WWE, noted for his many feuds against other top WWE wrestlers. He has won over many fans, and as a result, WWE considers him to be one of their most valuable players. His one million dollar salary in 2014 is undoubtedly reflective of that.

4 Rey Mysterio


Many may be surprised that Rey Mysterio has made it this high on the list, especially considering that he has been beaten in the ring numerous times and has suffered countless injuries throughout his body. For example, most of his time in 2013 was spent on the bench and he has been cut from WWE a few times over the year. He also had to spend some time in rehab due to drug addiction. Nonetheless, he has still managed to hold his one million dollar salary with WWE, even today in 2014, but only time will tell how long he’ll be able to hold onto that.

3 CM Punk

CM Punk currently has an official 2014 salary of $1.7 million, but it’s undoubtedly far greater than that when bonuses are taken into account. His travel expenses are all covered for, but what’s notable about Punk is that he refuses to travel in WWE vehicles and instead, demands his own bus for travel. But as long as WWE can afford to pay him the nearly two million dollars a year, they’ll surely be able to pay for his personal bus as well.

2 Randy Orton

Randy Orton has an excellent 2014 salary of two million dollars, and he is one of the biggest stars of all time in the wrestling business. However, there have been reports that Orton’s real salary may be much higher than the two million dollars that is reported, but for now that’s the official number.

1 John Cena


No surprise here, out of the wrestler’s who’s salaries have been released, John Cena is the highest paid wrestler of 2014. He is always the main event of each WWE show and has won over countless numbers of fans. As one of WWE’s most valuable performers, if not their most valuable, Cena can officially claim a 2014 salary of three million dollars, but of course, that number could only be a fraction of the money he makes off of bonuses and merchandising.

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10 Of The Highest Paid Wrestlers In 2014