10 Facts You Need To Know About Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is a magician with the basketball. Furthermore, he is a sniper with creativity and possesses the Midas touch! Once upon a time, basketball pundits were skeptical of the 6’3'' point guard. Many folks claimed Steph was too small to play pro ball and perhaps just a mere long-range hooper.

However, this sports phenom, a beloved underdog, is now in pursuit of winning his second consecutive MVP. Steph emerged as one of the NBA’s most elite players in 2013, when he and his then head coach Marc Jackson advanced to the 2nd round of the playoffs.

The Golden State Warriors ultimately suffered defeat to the San Antonio Spurs, but everyone in the sports and entertainment world knew that Steph had become a superstar. He averaged 23 points plus 8 assists per game. His playoff high in scoring was 44 points.

Moreover, NBA’s 2016 All-Star Weekend showcased the greatest ballers in the world. Kobe Bryant was the star of the affair. Due to Kobe retiring after the season and this being his last All-Star Game, his colleagues wanted to show their appreciation and love for the future hall-of-famer.

Steph asked Kobe to autograph his game-jersey. Even as the game's best player and reigning MVP, Steph looked like a young prodigy excited to get a signature from the 20-year veteran. It is Steph’s humility and magical talents that have revolutionized the game of basketball. Without further ado, here are 10 marvelous facts about Stephen Curry.

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9 A Diamond In The Rough

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Early in his career, Stephen Curry was considered to be an underdog. One of the best things about Steph is that he inspires people to believe in their dreams, no matter how extraordinary or ambitious they might be.

Steph isn't a late bloomer, but he was a diamond in the rough. Basketball scouts were once and often doubtful about Steph's skill and slim frame.

Even Michael Jordan tried out for the varsity basketball team during his sophomore year, but was deemed too short to play at the next level. Committed to prove his heart, Jordan scored several 40-point games.

Like Mike, Steph went to high school in Charlotte, North Carolina where he was named all-state, all-conference, and led his team to three conference titles.

The gifted point guard did not receive any scholarship offers from major conference schools, so he decided to play at Davidson University. In his final season at Davidson he averaged 28.6 points, 5.6 assists, and 2.5 steals.


8 Fell In Love At 15

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Growing up, Steph’s celebrity crushes were Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock. However, Steph fell in love with a pretty girl named Ayesha.

While many may think Steph married his "college sweetheart" Ayesha, what they didn’t know is that the two were actually met as kids in Charlotte. Steph and Ayesha met while at church camp. The two lovebirds were only 15.

It wasn’t until many years later when Steph was playing college basketball and Ayesha was pursuing an acting career in L.A. that they had their first date. Ironically, Ayesha originally didn’t even want to go on the date with Steph. When he first sent her a message via social media to meet up, she snubbed him!

Steph and his wife are now devoted Christians, but after a few memes on Twitter, someone implied that when Steph has a good game, he and Ayesha "celebrate." Ayesha then replied and suggested that she and Steph indeed have sex after he plays well.

7 His Mom Is Hot

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When Steph and his team emerged as one of the greatest NBA teams of all time, not only did Steph and his teammates get media attention, but Steph's family was involved in the  hoopla as well.

Steph’s daughter Riley is probably the most famous female of his family, although Sonya Curry is a close second. Incredibly, Steph’s mom is a 48-year-old grandmother, but she’s also a former Virginia Tech volleyball player.

“Oh man, that’s the worst,” Steph said on the ESPN’s Highly Questionable last month when asked about how tired he gets of hearing people talking about his mom’s looks.

“Obviously, she’s definitely a beautiful lady and I guess the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree… She definitely gets her TV time when she comes to support myself and my brother at our games, so I mean, hey, I’ll take in stride. Just be respectful about it. You don’t have to talk too much trash.”

6 Favorite TV Show Is How To Get Away With Murder

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Thursday evenings have been taken over by a woman named Shonda Rhimes. She has created multiple hit shows such as Grey's Anatomy and Scandal. Her latest, How To Get Away With Murder is one of her best series to date.

Steph doesn't watch Thursday Night Football. No, he has fancier things to do. Like watch Viola Davis slay on the screen as a law professor / criminal defense attorney. Or maybe he just binge watches it on OnDemand like the rest of the world.

5 Afraid Of Snakes

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Lots of people have snake phobias. Definition of a python: a large nonpoisonous snake from Africa, Asia, and Australia that squeezes and suffocates its prey. Hmm.

According to anxietycoach.com: "Some people have a strong enough snake phobia that a chance to encounter with the word snake in a magazine article, or a picture of one, can elicit a strong emotional reaction they find embarrassing. And some people do live in areas where encounters with snakes are more likely, and have a daily need to manage their fear."

It has been reported that Steph is frightened of snakes! He won't go anywhere near them. I guess within every great person there are a few fears.

4 He Would Trade Places With Rory McIlroy

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If Steph could trade places with any athlete it would be Rory McIlroy.

Rory is a young rich golfer who is so rich that $165 million doesn't really mean much to him anymore. He once dated tennis star Caroline Wozniacki. Given Steph's luxurious life, Rory is not a bad guy to want to change places with.

While many (including President Barack Obama) know that Steph can hold his own on the golf course, what they might not know is that he can hold his own in other sports, too. His third-best sport behind basketball is bowling.

Complex.com reports, “[Steph] played golf with the President, got kids to start wearing Under Armour sneakers, and taught America how to Nae Nae with his daughter—all while being considered one of the greatest shooters in NBA history."

3 Researched The Relationship Between Basketball and Tattoos

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Steph has been on and off participating in coursework to earn his degree. He wrote his senior thesis at Davidson about the relationship between basketball players and tattoos.

The most interesting details had to do with what exactly he was doing to earn his sociology degree from college: the study of tattoos, particularly with athletes and former NBA players and how they decide to get tattoos, how they're regarded as status symbols, and how players end up encouraging other young individuals to get tattoos.

“It's a really insightful topic which gives you a glimpse into how intelligent Curry is, and you just have to appreciate him for more than his basketball talents,” reports SBnation.com.

2 King of Endorsements

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His Under Armour "Curry One" is giving more credibility to the brand.

"Stephen has that unique blend," said Jed Berger, the company's vice president of marketing. "On the court, he plays basketball like it's a video game and someone young players can, and want to, emulate because of his size, handle, shot, strong work ethic and basketball IQ. Off the court, his humility, authenticity and leadership style are qualities that fans of all ages appreciate and respect. We've seen the love for Stephen first-hand."

According to reports, Steph has earned another estimated $26 million in endorsement money, bringing his total earnings to $70 million over the course of his career.

2. Klay Thompson Thinks Steph Is Better Than LeBron

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Steph and Klay Thompson are arguably the greatest NBA backcourt. The combo has had some of the most competitive 3-point contests of all time.

Steph's Golden State Warriors are the NBA Champions, and Klay says the best player in the world is his teammate and fellow “Splash Brother,” Steph.

Even a piece in TIME magazine dubbed Steph the best in the world. “LeBron James, who not that long ago pried the scepter from Kobe Bryant's grip, has had his kingship hijacked by Curry. Leapfrogging Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis, Curry has come out of nowhere to take the crown as best in the NBA.”

1 Best Selling Jersey Of All The NBA

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Steph’s play has not only helped make him the MVP, it has turned him into one of the league’s most marketable players.

Based on sales at nbastore.com from October 2015 through December 2015, his jersey is the best selling.

“Curry also had the most popular jersey in the previous rankings that were released in June after the Warriors won the NBA championship,” reports usatoday.com.

Rounding out the top five: Cleveland’s LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant, New York’s Kristaps Porzingis and Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant.


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