10 Athletes That Hate Their Job

Why would a rich and famous sportsman hate his job? Why wouldn’t he love to play something that brought him luxury, travel, glamour, mass adoration, endless free top-quality tennis racquets and everything that he wants? Not to mention, we all know how exciting it sounds to earn a living in millions for playing a game that is sure to make many of us envy.

Athletic careers attract millions of youngsters all around the world. Most people dream to play big and make their countries proud. However, is it really that simple? Before a new batch of players get selected and fly off to their new destinations, they should make sure that this is exactly what they want. Since making a career, athletics demands a lot of hard work and determination, once you’re into it, there’s no option to find a way out and this is exactly what binds a lot of current pro-athletes too. Here is a list of athletes who hate their job and wish they could just do something else.

10 Vic Marks 

Vic Marks is a former England cricketer all-rounder. He represented Somerset and England during his cricket career. The player has a record of playing six test matches and 34 One-Day International. He was one of the most prominent members of ODI squad for five continuous years. Currently, he is observer’s cricket correspondent. Ask him today, and he’ll recall the hard days of his cricket career. Although, he was a prominent player of the team and well-liked in the industry, he never liked the sport. In one of his interviews he said, that being a cricketer playing country game, one is always looking at the sky hoping for rain. The expectation of the country is encouraging, but at times it just feels like a burden on one’s shoulder.

9 Stuart James 

Stuart James is a former professional soccer player. His experience in this field unfolds a lot of realities that a footballer has to go through throughout his career. Given the fact that a football player gets to enjoy more luxuries and a lavish lifestyle once he starts playing for the country, there’s actually a lot players have to sacrifice, including family time. According to Stuart James, fans always see their players playing good and earning hundreds of dollars a week. What they forget is that the life of a player is never the same once he becomes a player. Also, the terrible fear of losing the game is another reason that made this player hate his job.

8 Adam Dunn

Adam Dunn is also known as the “Big Donkey” of Baseball. He plays for the Chicago White Sox as the first baseman, designated hitter and outfielder. Even though, he has made plenty of achievements in his game, Adam Dunn can sometimes be seen moaning his own skills, improving his hitting. It is truly said, a life of a player is never complete. He has to keep learning and developing his skills throughout his career, until the last day. This is sure to be a reason for players like Adam Dunn, to hate to their job.

7 Dustin Byfuglien

Dustin Byfuglien is best known to have won the Winnipeg Jets of NHL (National Hockey League). The player is also known by the name of “Big Buff”, subsequently for his monstrous belly. Drafted as a defenseman, the player never cared about his weight. He played as swiftly as any other teammate. Since players are always pushed to work out to build strength and endurance, Dustin never cared about it and he still is one of the best ice hockey players. Hectic and extensive workout sessions can be one reason why he may not like his job.

6 Octavio Dotel 

Octavio Dotel, a Dominican professional baseball pitcher who has different reasons to hit the list of athletes that hate their job. He doesn't hate his job because he has to work really hard and compromise having a normal family life, but because he has to take the headache of relocating from one place to another too often. The only problem that strikes us is that Octavio has played for over 13 teams in 15 years of his career. This is why the player has to deal with packing and unpacking his stuff, more times than other fellow athletes. According to Octavio, he used to move twice in six months, but shifting after every season is quite an insane act for him.

5 Josh Hamilton

The career graph of Josh Hamilton has subsequently dropped in the past few years. The reason can be anything, but it has been quite inconsistent for once AL MVP winner. The player has also been a five-times MLB All Star player. Josh Hamilton has played for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Cincinnati Reds, Texas Rangers. However, the player has been struggling with his playing inconsistencies for a while. Maybe he’s just losing his interest in the sport, that he once loved dearly.

4 Sergio Garcia 

We all know how difficult it is to find a way to Golf, as a career. Sergio Garcia was always inclined to the sport and thus, his career’s first move began at the age of three. Garcia was a star junior player and later found his way to being one of the best International Gold players. Currently, he plays on both PGTA tours and European tours. However, the last couple of years have not been too great for the player. He hasn’t been able to live up to the hype of being “the next big challenger”. There can be plenty of reasons why the player is often seen having a frustrated look on his face while on the grounds.

3 NBA Lockout

Thousands of players apply every year to get into the NBA team, but only a few deserving and fortunate ones are able to make it to the list. NBA is a dream destination of every Basketball player. However, are they actually happy once they’re part of the lockout? Well, the fact that players are happier to be home makes it all clear. Life in the NBA may sound exciting and promising, but there’s a lot that it takes away from as well.

2 Serena Williams

The 32 year old tennis player, Serena Williams has been through a lot of trouble with her tennis career. With a total of 17 wins and 55 titles, she still thinks that she has a long way to attain her athletic targets. The player still has to break records and look forward to doing the same in the coming years. However, if you ask her about her desires, her quick reply would be to quit sports and indulge in fun activities like “shopping” and “sitting down”. She is very clear when she says that she never liked sports. She is not at all fond of working out.

1 Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi wrote in his biography about how he barely enjoyed his game while swinging around his racket. Eight time Grand Slam winner, the player wasn’t interested in taking up tennis as his ultimate career. He states, with almost two decades of his career he feels that his body and mind don’t belong to him. He took up tennis for his living and before he realized it, he became the superstar of tennis.

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