4000 Claims and a $1 Billion Lawsuit Against the NFL

Deion Sanders is just one of the many NFL players who have filed suit against the NFL, due to the fact that they suffered concussions while in the league. The lawsuits stemmed from the damage which the players claim they were not warned of, after they left the league; it is also because of the pain and suffering the players suffered after they retired, which led to these suits.


Nearly 4000 claims are pending against the NFL, and players unions, and the total of all of these claims is estimated to be around $1 billion for those who have filed a lawsuit. On the opposing end, claims stating the the sport is safe, and more than half of the former players are just trying to make quick money off the NFL is the response from the league. Regardless of the outcome, many players have been paid out, and many hope to receive payment in the near future.

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4000 Claims and a $1 Billion Lawsuit Against the NFL