WWE Great Balls Of Fire: 10 Things WWE Got Wrong (And 5 That They Got Right)

WWE presented the first ever Great Balls of Fire event last night from Dallas, Texas and it seems that, despite the fact that The WWE Universe had a problem with the name of the event, the show itself could have been the best this year.

All the matches on the card seemed to live up to the hype, with only a select few problems with the overall show. The Raw creative team seemingly stepped up when they realized that SmackDown had been given Money in the Bank so they had to compete on some kind of level.

Brock Lesnar putting the Universal Championship on the line against Samoa Joe was seen as a fantasy match by many of the WWE audience and even that managed to live up to the hype. All in all, the show that the WWE Universe were least looking forward to this year actually could have turned out to be the best when it comes to both storylines and wrestling action.

Despite this, there are faults in almost every show that WWE creates, and here is the list of 10 things that WWE did wrong last night in Dallas and 5 things they got completely correct.

15 Wrong: Cass Destroyed Enzo Amore Easily

Enzo was hardly even given the chance to get a single hit in against his former Tag Team partner as Cass completely destroyed Enzo in record time in what was a predictable squash style match.

Enzo was lifted up and unceremoniously dumped outside as Cass hoped that Enzo would stay outside the ring and take the count out victory, but instead he climbed back in and Cass was forced to hit the big boot and make sure that his former friend was not kicking out as he went for the pin for the first time. Cass is the one that WWE want to push moving forward, but the fact that Enzo was so easily beaten can't mean anything good for Amore in the future.

14 Wrong: Kurt Angle Backstage With Roman Reigns

Kurt Angle was seen rushing around backstage after Roman Reigns reversed the ambulance into a parked truck, but Roman was able to walk out of the truck and past the General Manager without Kurt saying a word.

As the General Manager of the show when Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are away, Kurt is the one who has all of the power but last night he was powerless as he watched emergency services pull Braun out of the ambulance and he didn't even bother to stop Reigns who easily walked away from what was essentially a crime scene. Who is it that has the power on Raw if it isn't Kurt?

13 Right: Cesaro And Sheamus Retained Their Championships

It was a match that the WWE Universe were perhaps least looking forward to, behind Dean Ambrose and The Miz, this feud had also seen a few choice encounters over the past few months. The first ever Ironman Tag Team Match seemed to live up to its own hype and left the WWE Universe quite happy given the ending.

This could have ended the feud between Sheamaro and The Hardyz but the fact that Cesaro snuck in and got the pin near the end and Jeff Hardy had Cesaro pinned to level things up but just ran out of time, gives the impression that there could well be a lot more to come when it comes to these two impressive tag teams.

12 Wrong: Big Cass' New Entrance Music

Big Cass took on his old teammate with a point to prove after he stated a few weeks ago that Enzo was holding him back. Last night was the first time that the WWE Universe saw Cass since the duo split last week on Raw, so Cass was able to unveil his new entrance theme.

Big Cass's music wasn't what the WWE Universe expected as it seemed to be another one of WWE's generic songs that they have rushed into without thinking about who the theme was supposed to work for. Poor Cass has to keep the music now until he is pushed into a place where he needs a change of music. It's true what they say, a good entrance theme can make or break a character on WWE TV.

11 Wrong: Akira Tozawa Should Have Been Cruiserweight Champion

Neville and Akira Tozawa's feud started when Tozawa decided to sign with the Titus Brand and since then, Titus has been looking to promote his first champion to make his brand legitimate.

Akira could have been that guy. His feud with Neville seemed to reach the level where Neville could easily have lost the belt after six months of defending it. WWE needs to be careful now not to keep the belt on Neville for too long and see him become boring, but they can't just drop it to anyone. Tozawa had a lot of hype surrounding him and he seemed like the perfect candidate, but it really didn't work out that way for Titus or Tozawa last night in Dallas.

10 Right: Enzo's Incredible Promo

It was the match that began building when Enzo was first attacked backstage on Raw back in May and it seems that since Enzo and Cass officially split, Enzo has been the standout member one of the two because he's been delivering incredible promos over the past few weeks.

Last night, Enzo once again proved that he really is a "Smacktalker, Skywalker" by stealing the show with an incredible promo aimed at his former friend before their match that was loosely based on lyrics from a James Dean song. Enzo has a lot of potential on his own if he continues to deliver, so it could be an interesting few months for the former NXT star.

9 Wrong: Did Roman Reigns Turn Heel?

Roman Reigns looked strong despite losing his ambulance match to Braun Strowman last night because he climbed back out of the ambulance and beat Braun until he was able to throw The Monster Among Men into the vehicle. Then he threw the driver out of the truck and drove it into the car park.

Roman then backed the ambulance into another truck that was packed in the arena while Braun was still in the back. It looked as though he injured the former Wyatt Family member and himself in the process. While this was fantastic viewing, it is now unknown to the WWE Universe if Roman has turned heel or not since these would definitely not be seen as the actions of a face superstar.

8 Wrong: The Cruiserweights On The Kickoff Show

The cruiserweights are trying to promote 205 Live every time they step in the ring on Raw and it doesn't help to advertise the show very much when WWE always decide to relegate their matches to the kickoff show despite the Championship being on the line.

Neville has been a fantastic champion and has given the division a lot of credibility since he won the title at The Royal Rumble, but he has still found himself on the kickoff show both at WrestleMania and last night. WWE needs to allow the Cruiserweights to prove that they are better than the YouTube start to the show, and they can't do that if they are always used as the opening act.

7 Right: Bray Wyatt Finally Notches Up A Win As Part Of The Raw Roster

Bray Wyatt is one of the best talkers in WWE right now, but when it comes to following up the talking in the ring, it seems that WWE has a problem with booking him to win a match. This has definitely hurt his credibility over the past few years but last night they finally gave him the big win he desired when he pinned Seth Rollins.

Rollins is currently flying high after being announced as the cover star for WWE2K18 and there was no way a loss to Bray was going to bother his credibility, so it made sense to allow Bray to go over. The tactics that The Eater of Worlds used when he poked Rollins in the eye before he hit Sister Abigail seem to say that this feud is far from over.

6 Wrong: Dana Brooke And Emma On The Kickoff Show

It seems that WWE has decided to build a feud between Emma and Dana Brooke moving forward in the Women's Division on Raw after the duo had quite a successful few months working together on NXT and the main roster before Emma was injured.

WWE decided to plant seeds for this by inviting Dana Brooke onto the kickoff show panel and she was then able to talk about the women's match before Emma interrupted. Dana is even worse on the mic than she is in the ring, even though she has improved a lot over the past few months, but it was cringeworthy to sit through. Hopefully, WWE have learned their lesson and won't be depending on Dana and Emma talking again for a long time.

5 Wrong: The Miz Versus Dean Ambrose For The Hundredth Time

The Miz and Dean Ambrose have been feuding now since back in 2016 when the two men were on SmackDown Live. The Intercontinental Championship has changed hands a number of times between them and it seems as though the WWE Universe has finally had enough.

The feedback from their match last night was mostly quite negative since the audience had already seen a lot of what both the men had to offer. Ambrose technically cashed in his rematch from when he lost the title at Extreme Rules. Now, the only positive here could be that their feud should be over but sadly The Miz's comments on Raw Talk after the show seem to say otherwise.

4 Right: Alexa Bliss Retained The Women's Championship

Alexa Bliss took on Sasha Banks last night with the Raw Women's Championship on the line. It was Bliss who walked out with her title, as she decided to concede and take a count-out loss because it meant that she would retain her Championship.

Bliss has been the best part of the Raw Women's Division for the past few months and it seems that WWE are aware of this since they didn't decide to turn the Championship into a hot potato again and allow Sasha to become a four-time Champion. The Boss got her revenge after the match as all the signs now point to a rematch between The Goddess and The Boss at SummerSlam in six weeks.

3 Wrong: Brock Lesnar Defeated Samoa Joe

It was a match where, for once, the WWE Universe found it hard to predict the winner. Samoa Joe was the biggest test that Brock had had in a number of years and he was the biggest threat to his current reign, but it seems that despite this, The Champion was able to survive against the Samoan Submission Machine.

Joe attacked Brock before the bell and put him through the announcer table. The WWE Universe began to believe that The Brock could suffer his first defeat since November but somehow Brock managed to hit a desperate F5 to pin Joe. It doesn't seem as though this will be the last time we see these two go one-on-one and hopefully next time it will be a different result.

2 Wrong: No Finn Balor!

WWE made the ludicrous decision to not include Finn Balor on the card for Great Balls of Fire last night, despite him playing a key role in The Hardyz feud with Cesaro and Sheamus over the past few weeks. He could have easily had a filler match with Elias Samson if needed.

WWE did add the match between Curt Hawkins and Heath Slater instead and the WWE Universe chanted for Finn Balor throughout their match, before the WWE cameras went backstage and the ending to the match was completely missed. It is unknown why Finn missed the show, but it will be interesting when he's seen on Raw later tonight.

1 Right: Braun Strowman Defeated Roman Reigns

It is a feud that began back at The Royal Rumble when Strowman cost Roman Reigns his chance to become Universal Champion when he speared him through a table. Since then the two men have had unfinished business and it was thought that this could finally be the end of it.

Reigns and Strowman left it all in the ring with a violent encounter that ended up on the stage and through the titantron at one point. Reigns then managed to get Braun over by the ambulance and went for a spear that cost him the match as he fell into the back of the ambulance himself. Roman managed to look strong despite losing and it seems that Braun will now be the one to step up and challenge Brock Lesnar.

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