10 Current WWE Superstars With The Highest Net Worth, Ranked

WWE is a global juggernaut of a company that has been able to have major cross over appeal with so many different aspects of pop culture, from those who simply love to be entertained to people who enjoy combat sports and more.

The company has grown in mass appeal and has always maintained a steady audience, regardless of whether wrestling was considered to be a hot property at the time, however, right now the industry is entering another boom period.

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With wrestlers making an impact in Hollywood and new competition for WWE, the company is growing, which is great for the talent involved in terms of financial gain, as this article will highlight, as we reveal the 10 current WWE Superstars with the highest net worths.

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10 Daniel Bryan (Net Worth: $8 Million)

As one of the most popular wrestlers in recent history, with incredible technical style and superb promo abilities, Bryan was able to capture the hearts of the WWE Universe in ways that the company had never imagined possible.

When Bryan first signed on with WWE, he would never have guessed his net worth would end up being an impressive $8 million, which is certainly even higher when you combine it with his wife, Brie Bella's.

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With Bryan being a multiple-time WWE Champion, there is no doubt he is one of the greatest, which is why he deserves his spot on this list for his work.

9 Rey Mysterio (Net Worth: $8.5 Million)

Considering how long Rey Mysterio has been in the business, it is not really a big surprise to learn that he ranks so highly in terms of net worth amongst the current WWE locker room, with Mysterio being one of the veterans of the business.

Rey has been around in his career, main eventing for WWE and competing all over the world in that time, growing a net worth of $8.5 million along that journey, which he has had to pay for with his serious knee injuries.

However, the high amount of merchandise sales he has is likely a big contributor to his finances, when you consider the number of masks that must be sold on a weekly basis.

8 The Miz (Net Worth: $9 Million)

That's right, The Miz actually just beats out his major nemesis, Daniel Bryan, despite the fact most fans would argue that Bryan is the far superior wrestler and has actually achieved more in his career.

The fact is that The Miz has been around WWE for an incredibly long time now and has won everything there is to win in the process, including headlining WrestleMania where he defeated John Cena.

Considering that Miz also has his own reality series and has appeared in countless WWE Studios movies, it isn't a huge surprise to see he has a net worth of $9 million, which has certainly been earned through hard work.

7 Randy Orton (Net Worth: $11 Million)

The Viper, Randy Orton has been with WWE all of his life, being born into a family of wrestlers it was inevitable that one day he would step into the WWE ring, although nobody would have predicted just how good he was going to become.

Orton is one of the smoothest wrestlers in the history of the company and has achieved everything imaginable in the business, building up an impressive $11 million net worth in the process.

From competing with legends like Mick Foley to working with today's names such as AJ Styles, Orton has been consistently in the main event slots for over 10 years, more than earning his money.

6 Roman Reigns (Net Worth: $12 Million)

Right now, Roman Reigns is without a doubt the face of WWE, whether people like that fact or not. The Big Dog is considered to be the number one star in the entire company and it is a position that he certainly deserves, growing a net worth of $12 million.

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Roman has worked his way up the ladder and is now set to have an incredibly long career after managing to defeat cancer, which only helped grow his popularity amongst the WWE Universe.

Considering his age and how long he has the opportunity to work at the top of the industry for, Roman Reigns is only set to grow his net worth even higher than it currently is.

5 The Undertaker (Net Worth: $17 Million)

Having been involved in the wrestling business for over two decades, it isn't a surprise to learn that The Undertaker has grown himself an impressive net worth of $17 million, especially since the majority of his career has been spent in the main event scene.

The Deadman is one of the most well-respected wrestlers in history, with his dedication to keeping his character as well-protected as possible helping to ensure there is always a mystery about him when he arrives.

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Even to this day, with The Undertaker's career slowing down and the Phenom only making very rare appearances, he is still one of the highest-paid wrestlers in the company, because Vince McMahon understands the value he brings with each appearance.

4 Brock Lesnar (Net Worth: $22 Million)

Brock Lesnar is a straight-up badass and isn't someone who you would want to be messing around with, which is why he has had such an incredible career with WWE as they can market him in a way they can't any other wrestler.

With his legitimate fighting background and incredibly successful career in MMA with UFC really increasing his value as far as his wrestling career goes, with Vince McMahon now being forced to pay huge sums of money for very limited appearances.

Lesnar has one of the best contracts in wrestling history in terms of money per dates, and it is a deal that has helped him grow a $22 million net worth for very limited work, showing he is a smart businessman.

3 Shane McMahon (Net Worth: $35 Million)

People might not like this, but the fact is that Shane McMahon is very much an active competitor on the WWE roster, appearing on SmackDown almost every single week, the son of Vince McMahon certainly wrestles more than the likes of The Undertaker and deserves his spot here.

While the vast majority of his net worth has actually come from his business work and his roles behind the scenes of WWE, he is still earning a great wage as an active performer for the company.

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Sure, he might not be a full-time wrestler and he may not be someone who fans are wanting to see on a weekly basis anymore, but Shane's net worth of $35 million is impressive.

2 Triple H (Net Worth: $40 Million)

It isn't a surprise to see Triple H rank this highly on the list, with a net worth of $40 million, after all, he is one of the greatest names in WWE history and is someone who has held countless World Championships and headlined WrestleMania and other PPVs numerous times.

While Triple H is no longer a full-time wrestler, he does still compete at least once a year (normally in a major WrestleMania showcase), and he continues to be someone who fans want to see actively wrestle.

However, the vast majority of Triple H's wealth now comes through his work in NXT, with The Game being in control of WWE's third brand, on top of his role as COO of the entire company.

1 John Cena (Net Worth: $55 Million)

Topping the list for the richest current WWE Superstar is John Cena, who is just barely still competing, although retirement is surely around the corner as he begins to follow The Rock into Hollywood.

However, after over a decade as the face of WWE, it is not a surprise to see he has built up a net worth of $55 million, a figure which is only set to increase dramatically as he continues to land major Hollywood movies.

Cena is incredibly marketable which is why WWE is able to put him in so many brilliant positions and is one of the main reasons he has been able to branch away from just being known as a 'wrestler.'

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