Wrestling Vs Football: The 16 Hottest WAGS Of 2017

Professional athletes have it all, fame, fortune, riches and of course beautiful women. The world is filled with beautiful women, a lot of whom dream about dating one of their favorite athletes.

There are so many women in the world who would kill to be in the position of our next 16 ladies however, there are also a lot of men who would kill to date these women.

Being a WAG, which means a wife or girlfriend to a professional athlete is not as easy as it looks. Not only do you need to keep a certain image you also need to have very tough skin to put up with the rumors that come hand in hand with being a WAG.

Yes, this is a list of the hottest WAGs, but instead of sticking to one sport, we decided to compare two sports, football and wrestling and let our readers be the judge on which group is hotter.

Although there are similarities between both groups of athletes like their love for beautiful women, you may be more interested in how different the women are. Including the fact that several of our wrestlers date other wrestlers, whereas football players have a wide range of flavors they like to test from.

But which sport has the hottest WAGS? You're about to find out!

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16 Velvet Sky - Wrestling

Via hdwallpaper4u.com

Jamie Szantyr who is also known by Velvet Sky is not only one of the hottest WAGs in wrestling, but she herself is one of the hottest wrestlers. Velvet Sky is dating the notorious Bubba Ray Dudley known to his friends and family as Mark LoMonaco, a Queens native who has had a lot of experience on in the ring and has made quite the name for himself throughout his long career.

Sky, who is thirty-five years old oozes sex appeal and anyone who has ever seen her will agree, which is probably what Bubba Ray loves about her. However, we now know, thanks to Sky, that Ray is more than just an intimidating man in the ring, he is also quite the chef

“Who would ever thought this big, bad-a-- Bubba Ray Dudley could cook?, But he can cook a mean meal. He is amazing in the kitchen. My family loves him, and we have these family dinners where he cooks for everybody, by the time they come over, the food is cooking and the aroma is in the air,” Sky stated in a previous interview.

We at TheRichest hope this wrestling dream team stays together!

15 Candice Crawford - Football

via new york daily

Candice Crawford is married to the epic quarterback Tony Romo. The pair tied the knot in 2011 and together they have brought two beautiful children into the world. Crawford met her handsome husband while she was a Dallas television reporter in 2009 and they have been pretty much inseparable ever since. We at TheRichest can totally see why Romo fell head over heels for this bombshell, she is the beautiful all-American girl next door, perfect for a quarterback!

The former beauty queen represented Missouri at the Miss America pageants which was a huge accomplishment and a testament to her beauty. Crawford, who grew up in Dallas has a brother who is an actor and is just as big of a heartbreaker as her husband. Can you guess who he is? It's one of the stars from Gossip GirlChace Crawford.

14 Lana - Wrestling

via wwe.com

Lana known to friends as C.J Perry is one of the coolest and most talented players in the wrestling game. Not only is she known for her badass behavior in the ring, she is also an actress, model, and wrestling manager. Lana is more than just a pretty face or a talented wrestler, she is a woman who exemplifies hard work and ambition and she is incredibly motivating. She displays that women do not need to stay confined to any limits and that women have the power to do and be anything they put their mind to.

In 2016, Lana married Alexander Rusev a Bulgarian professional wrestler and it is pretty evident that the pair is perfect for one another. They are in love and rumor has it that the two are looking to expand their family and have been considering adopting a child.

13 Sasha Dindayal - Football

Via instagram.com

Sasha Gates is fierce, sexy and full of attitude and charm, everything you would expect in a WAG. Dindayal, who is married to tight end for the Los Angeles Chargers, Antonio Gates, was a clear choice for this list. She is extremely ambitious and is the type of woman that does not want to be defined by who her husband is or what he does for a living. She is an independent woman who just so happen to have fallen in love with a kickass football player.

The couple said “I do” in 2011 and have been happily married ever since. Dindayal is trying to make her mark in the music industry and her husband has supported her every step of the way. She gained an immense amount of popularity after being cast on E! Channels WAGS television series which gave audiences a glimpse into the life of beings Mrs. Antonio Gates.

12 Lauren Hashian - Wrestling

Via instagram.com

There are not many wrestlers that are as well known as Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock and his longtime girlfriend, Lauren Hashian is no slouch herself. She is a singer and songwriter and is also incredibly beautiful. Her natural good looks in combination with her sweet demeanor may be exactly why this wrestling god fell head over heels for her.

Lauren Hashian is the beautiful mother to The Rock's daughter and it is pretty obvious that Hashian brings out the best in Johnson.

The couple has been together since 2007 and although The Rock is no longer in the ring, he is such a wrestling legend and Hashian is his biggest fan. A lot of people notice that she is not always at red carpet events, but perhaps it is because she wants her man to have all the spotlight and she probably knows her extreme beauty will take away from him.

11 Claudia Sampedro - Football

Via modelsrating.com

Claudia Sampedro has a child with the insanely talented football player Julius Peppers. Sampedro appeared on WAGS: Miami, and showed the world a bit of who she really is. Peppers, who had not yet proposed to the vixen was getting a bit of pressure from her and when she asked him during filming where he was at his response was far from enthusiastic towards marriage

“I think that, um, I don't feel the pressure to get married at all or engaged, I like the space that we're in right now. I like where we're at. I don't feel like we need to put any extra pressure or any expectations on it when it's good right now." said Peppers.

However, to fans surprise when Sampedro walked into the Reunion Show, she was rocking a pretty blinding rock. The couple, who is now engaged have a lot to look forward to in the future.

10 Natalya Neidhart- Wrestling

Via walldevil.com

Natalya Neidhart is a thirty- four-year-old Canadian wrestling diva who is married to fellow wrestler Theodore James aka Tyson Kidd. Both Neidhart and Kidd are from Calgary, and their shared Canadian roots are part of the reason that they are such an awesome couple.

The couple, who have been married for 2013 is without a doubt one of the sexiest WAGs in the wrestling world. The blonde bombshell is beyond sexy and anyone who has ever seen her in the ring will agree.

Her long, toned legs in combination with her perfectly sculpted stomach are part of the reasons why she made this list. Neidhart has had a pretty impressive career and not many people know this but she is the daughter of famous wrestler Jim Neidhart.

She is a beautiful, talented woman and clearly deserves her spot on this list.

9 Vanessa Cole - Football

via youtube

It takes someone with a tough skin to be able to put up with the rumors that come with dating a professional athlete and this season on WAGS: Miami, Vanessa Cole displayed how tough she really is.

Vanessa Cole is dating and has two children with Mike Wallace and when rumors hit that he was being unfaithful, she opened up on the show and showed audiences the darker side that comes with dating a professional athlete.

“I can't sleep at night 'cause I'm thinking about this, is it true? Could he be doing something? Does he really love me? All these things, and it's like, f--k, I don't want to be in this place, and that's what really hurts." said Cole on the show.

Cole is a real-estate and business investor and does not need anything but love and support from Wallace.

8 Naomi - Wrestling

via wwe.com

Naomi who was born with the name Trinity Fatu is one of the biggest badasses girls in the WWE. Naomi is one of the many WWE divas who married a fellow wrestler.

Jonathan Fatu is also known as Jimmy Uso and Naomi tied the knot in 2014. Uso said “One of the happiest days in my life, still trying to believe it!” after the wedding was done, so clearly it was a great moment!

Naomi is a tough cookie she is an ex-backup dancer for Flo Rida and always craved the spotlight. She also dabbled in the music industry and even wrote a song and produced the music video.

Not only is Naomi fierce and talented she is also extremely good looking. This bombshell is the perfect combination of sexy, beautiful and cute. Her natural beauty in combination with her toned body is most likely big reasons why Fatu fell head over heals for her.

7 Nicole Williams - Football

Via instagram.com

Nicole Williams is beyond stunning. The model and reality star is so in love with her fiance Larry English. Williams, for those who do not watch WAGS, is one of the sweetest girls in the world. Her beauty is both on the exterior and interior, and her love for English is very evident.

However, sometimes, her jealousy takes over which is something that has caused a problem in their relationship, "There is a million haters out there. The moment they see Larry alone, they’re all on top of him, Larry tells me I just need to work on letting him handle it.” said the model.

English, who proposed on an episode of the show has proven himself time and time again to Williams and us at TheRichest hope that they make it down the aisle and spend forever together.

6 Renee Young - Wrestling

via wwe.com

Renee Young is a Canadian actress and sports broadcaster. Currently, she is making a name for herself by acting as an on-air personality with the WWE.

It is not really surprising that this stunner fell head over heels for a wrestler, Dean Ambrose. Young has opened up about her relationship on the show Total Divas and it is clear that the two are very much in love. Although it took some getting used to, Young is really happy to be part of the show,

"The main thing that was weird to me when I started doing was you have cameras on you all the time and, like, we're on TV all the time and we're used to having cameras around all the time, but it's a different thing when they're filming you when you're out to dinner and you're having a cocktail and you start getting a little bit of loose lips when you're out there hanging out.” said the diva.

Young and her boo are becoming quite the power couple and we are looking forward to seeing where they end up in the future.

5 Lilit Avagyan - Football

Via nydailynews.com

Lilit Avagyan is best known for two things, the first being a Kim Kardashian look alike and the second is being married to Reggie Bush, Kardashian's ex. Bush and Kardashian dated on and off but officially split in 2010.

Lilit, who is of Armenian descent (same as Kim), is clearly her husband's type. The couple got married in 2014 and have been celebrating their love ever since. It must be hard to be constantly compared to Kim Kardashian however, those who know both Kardashian and Avagyan claim that Avagyan has a much better disposition than Kardashian. Brody Jenner, who is Kim's stepbrother did not attend Kim and Kanye's Wedding but he attended Reggie Bush and Lilit's. We are sure that caused some tension!

It was announced earlier in March that Lilit is pregnant with her and Bush's third child.

4 Brie Bella - Wrestling

Via skim.com

Brie Bella and her twin sister Nikki (who will be covered shortly) are the hottest twins in the wrestling world. Like many other female wrestlers, Bella is knocking boots with a fellow wrestler but in this case, she is married to Daniel Bryan since 2014.

The two have also recently decided to expand their family and Brie is pregnant with a little girl. When talking about it, Brie could hardly hold back her joy

“When I found out it was a girl I actually got really emotional, I have such an amazing relationship with my mom and I think, wow, I'm going to have that with my daughter. Also as a woman, I now have my own blood to follow my legacy. It's such a special feeling! My mini me!" she said on E! News.

Brie Bella is one of those women who can pull anything off. She has a beautiful face and an even more beautiful body, so we really shouldn't be surprised that she became such a superstar in the world of wrestling.

3 Ashley Nicole Roberts - Football

Via instagram.com

Ashley Nicole Roberts is a gorgeous Army Captain, model, and WAG. Roberts is the mother to Philip Wheeler's child. Wheeler is a linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons, so perhaps she made him feel better after the super bowl?

The couple has been together for over 7 years and made their relationship very public when she joined the cast of WAGS: Miami. She vocalized her thoughts on what being a WAG means and us here at TheRichest loved what she had to say,

“We're not just at home, laid up, doing nothing, we actually are busy women. We're all going for our dreams. We're all taking care of our men, but at the same time, we are our own people. We have a lot to offer. We're not gold diggers. We are getting things done."

Wheeler and Roberts got engaged this past November, a moment that was captured on the show.

2 Nikki Bella - Wrestling

via pro wrestling wiki

Nikki Bella is Brie Bella's twin sister and together, the two made quite the mark in the world of wrestling. Nikki has been together with future Hall of Famer John Cena since 2012. If you aren't a wrestling fan, you may also recognize Cena from his cinematic appearances in the movies Trainwreck and Sisters.

Nikki and Cena are pretty much the perfect couple. Not only are the both super hot, but they both love being in the spotlight.

Nikki Bella set very high standards for female wrestlers and we know she and Cena have yet to reach their full potential as a power couple. Their love is truly evident as Cena glows when he speaks of her,

"The day she said 'yes' when I asked her out on a date was the moment I knew everything was about to change,” he said in an interview when asked about his girlfriend.

1 Olivia Munn - Football

Via allure.com

However, Munn has something else to add to her resume, and that is the title of being a WAG. Olivia Munn has been inseparable from Aaron Rodgers since they began dating and their love for one another is quite obvious.

Although there is yet to be an engagement ring placed on her finger, the couple have been extremely open in talking about their relationship including Munn saying in a past interview,

"Aaron is different than every other man I've ever met...There's so much I could say. Everything a good person can be, he is."

Munn is number one on this list because not only is she beyond talented, she is also one of the hottest women on the planet! It is safe to say Aaron Rogers is one hell of a lucky man.

Sources: wrestlinginc.comsi.com, hollywoodlife.com

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