Working Up A Sweat: 15 Hottest Celebrity Personal Trainers


The dawn of the 21st century may have resulted in western society being struck with an obesity epidemic, but strangely, at the same time, people have never been more health conscious.

Go to places like the UK and the US, and you’ll see that the statistics that a large portion of their populations are obese holds true. An increasing number of people lead sedentary lifestyles, and that’s resulted in them piling on the pounds. But, like I said, on the flip side there are more people than ever who love living the whole health and fitness lifestyle. People want to be body beautiful, whether it’s for their own self-confidence, their health, or because they want to look like their favorite famous figures.

That’s the thing; a lot of people idolize those they see on TV or on posters, and want to be just like them. With training and hard work, it’s not impossible. But these celebs that are seen in the limelight, celebs who look a million bucks, probably earn that much too, which means they have secret weapons up their sleeves – the very best personal trainers who they hire to kick their arses into shape. A lot of these personal trainers themselves are super hot. They’ve kind of got to be – or at least it helps – because being hot will attract people to them, will mean that marketing themselves becomes a whole lot easier. Some are so hot, they even upstage some their own clientele, and are therefore celebrities in their rights. Here they are: 15 of the hottest celebrity personal trainers.

15 Mary Helen Bowers

If you want a workout with a twist, and want to do something to get fit aside from lifting weights and running on a treadmill, Mary Helen Bowers has the workout plan for you. She’s helped many celebs drop pounds, tone up, and get looking fabulous with her unique approach to fitness. This celebrity clientele includes Natalie Portmanand Lily Aldridge among many others.

Mary Helen Bowers uses her skills to help people get fit. She’s a former dancer at the New York City Ballet, and customizes her dances with different types of cardio for her different clients. That’s what makes her workouts different – they use the power of dance and are highly personalized.

Dance has certainly worked for Mary and kept her looking fit over the years. She’s toned, beautiful and graceful, everything you’d expect from a former ballet dancer, and she helps her clients achieve this too.

14 Tracy Anderson

Wow, just wow! Tracy Anderson is undoubtedly one of the best-known celeb personal trainers on this list, and is one of the most successful, not to mention hottest trainers too. She’s a business-minded individual, and has done pretty well too, and is today regarded to be an entrepreneur and Hollywood fitness guru. Her clients include Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie, and the list just goes on and on. Everyone wants to get Tracy on board, and because of that she’s created a fitness empire worth a staggering $110m.

Tracy’s also extremely hot. She was once on the heavy side, but created her workouts, stuck to them, and they’ve certainly had an effect. Plenty of guys are also into Tracy, because her workouts are super sexy. They incorporate dance and all kinds of moves, not only to help people lose weight, but to gain confidence, and seeing Tracy doing them herself is a sight to behold.

13 Erin Oprea

Ok, so Erin might not rock a lot of your boats looks-wise, but in terms of her body, she’s absolutely stunning. Celebs such as Kelsea Ballerini and Carrie Underwood hire Erin to help whip them into shape. They want a body like Erin’s and who could blame them, who wouldn’t want a body as sculpted and as toned as Erin’s?

Erin has been into sports and the whole health and fitness lifestyle from a young age. As a youngster she was into soccer, but was looking to challenge herself, wanted to push her body to the max and find out what she was capable of, so she joined the US Marine Corp. Since her service, she got certified, and pretty quickly was known as a trainer to the stars. She herself has blossomed into a star over recent years, she has an awesome physique, and is certainly regarded to be one of the hottest personal trainers on the celeb circuit.

12 Holly Perkins

This super hot trainer has been helping A-list celebs tone up and get in shape for a hell of a long time. Adrian Grenier and Howard Stern are just a couple of those she’s trained over the years, and boy does she work them hard. They certainly get what they pay for, and that’s one kickass training session, that’s enjoyable, but that also leaves them panting and sweating in a heap on the floor. But that’s why her clients love her. Holly punishes them, and if you’re paying to get punished, you might as well get someone as hot as Holly on board.

Holly’s undoubtedly one of the hottest personal trainers around. One of the reasons she’s developed such a sultry physique is because she lifts weights and does a ton of strength training. She’s not just about doing cardio, and things like yoga or Pilates, like most women are. She pumps iron, and as a result of which, she’s lean, ripped, and just looks amazing.

11 Hollie Grant

This blonde bombshell can only be described as being a model trainer, a super-trainer who uses Pilates for the model method. Her name is one that’s become more prominent in celebrity circles in the UK. She’s regarded to be one of the top trainers in London, and recently opened up her own Pilates studio, not only to help people lose weight, but to adopt whole lifestyle fitness changes. She converts people to the Pilates way of living, and has gotten many celebs on board with her too. That’s because she’s results-driven, and her regimes will certainly produce results her clients are after.

Hollie Grant just lights up South West London. She’s fit – as all personal trainers are – and has a beaming smile that makes her seem very personable, attracts people to her, and puts them at ease, before punishing them with a gruelling workout that is. If you’ve scoffed at the Pilates approach in the past, Hollie will certainly change your mindset.

10 Anna Kaiser

Trainer to the likes of Kelly Ripa, Shakira, and a host of more stars, Anna Kaiser is a celebrity trainer if ever there was one. When she’s not training her celebrity clients, and keeping herself looking fabulous, she’s out and about, attending meetings, trying to grow her fitness empire, or shooting for covers. She’s go go go from the moment she gets up to the time she hits the sack, and so it’s a wonder she finds the time to keep up with her own training regime. But she does, and trains for around four hours a day, and the results are evident for all to see. Anna Kaiser looks absolutely stunning. She’s toned to perfection, and uses a number of different techniques to work different aspects of her body and lifestyle, and it’s resulted in Anna having – what many people would deem to be – the complete, perfect body. I mean, Anna’s just given birth, but even while she was pregnant, she was still in terrific shape! Not fair!

9 Namrata Purohit

Over the years, health and fitness has become a massive thing in India. It’s really taken off as of late, and now every young kid growing up wants to look super fit and beautiful, like the celebs they see staring down at them on billboards, or those actors and actresses who are in terrific shape in the movies. There’s been a fitness craze, and someone who’s used this to gain a whole lot of fame, has been Namrata Purohit. She’s all about Pilates as a means of fitness, and plenty of A-list celebs, Bollywood stars, sportspeople, and other notable people, have acquired her services over the years and have adopted this method.

Namrata’s by far and away the youngest person on this list. She’s only 24, and has been in the industry since the age of 16, when she became the youngest person in history to become a trained Stott Pilates instructor. She’s authored books, has her own Pilates studio, and hangs out and trains with the stars; not a bad life for a 24-year-old!

8 Svava Sigbertsdottir

Her name might be a bit of a tongue twister, but that hasn’t stopped celebrities from asking for her, asking her to whip them into shape. Svava’s done so to the likes of Nicole Scherzinger and Suki Waterhouse, and has become a pretty big name in the health and fitness industry of late.

One of the reasons she’s achieved so much success, is because she doesn’t use the boring, old standard methods of training. Everything she does is hardcore, and everything she does is geared towards living the Viking way of life. She “thinks like a Viking, trains like a Viking, and eats like a Viking,” and plenty of other people in the celeb world now do too.

Another reason as to why she’s achieved so much success, is because she’s incredibly hot. She’s got the looks, has got the body, and has got that hardcore mindset – she’s living the Viking way of life.

7 Adrienne-Joi Johnson

A lot of people might describe Adrienne-Joi Johnson as a washed-up actress. She’s not the most famous actress on this list and never really was a prominent name on the Hollywood scene. She’s made a number of appearances in movies and in TV shows, but most have just been appearances. But she’s still around, still pops up into the limelight now and again, but today it’s because of her other ventures, not really because of her acting endeavors. As her acting’s slowly fallen by the wayside, she’s enjoyed a pretty successful time as a fitness and wellness coach. She’s hosted fitness competitions, and regularly appears on TV shows and in magazines to discuss fitness-related topics. Adrienne also trains celebs, one of her most famous clients being Lindsay Lohan.

Being in her mid-50s, Adrienne still looks amazing. She’s sculpted her body to perfection, she's ripped, and today is all smiles as her fitness career’s taken off.

6 Ashley Borden

Ashley Borden isn’t just a prominent name in the industry, she’s a brand. She’s into every aspect of health and fitness, and is basically all about promoting that whole lifestyle through diet, training, and small changes here and there. It’s an approach that’s held her in good stead, because over the years she’s trained some pretty big stars: Christina Aguilera, Reese Witherspoon, and Mandy Moore to name a few. It’s also meant she’s become a celebrity in her own right; magazines, TV shows, she’s done the whole lot, and has achieved fame not only in LA, but throughout the world. People know what she does, and it’s fair to assume quite a lot of people know what she looks like too, because Ashely Borden is one super-sultry fitness expert. Her face is perfect for TV, perfect to adorn magazine covers, and is definitely part of the reason she’s achieved so much fame over the years.

5 Kiana Tom

Kiana Tom’s in her 50s now, but looking at her pic, you certainly wouldn’t have guessed it. She looks like a million bucks, at least a decade younger than she actually is, which is a testimony to the way she lives her life.

Kiana’s been in the health and fitness industry for a hell of a long time. She has a strong affiliation with ESPN, as she’s done a number of shows for the network over the years. She first appeared on ESPN as a contestant in the show BodyShaping, which aired what seems like many moons ago in 1988. Seven years later she was creating shows for them, and due to their success and Kiana’s ever-growing fanbase, she just kept doing more and more work for ESPN, before branching out and getting a gig in a movie.

Something that a lot of people would be interested in here, is that she’s also posed for Playboy. Look at those sizzling pics and it’s no wonder the lads’ mag wanted Kiana on board.

4 Astrid McGuire

Astrid McGuire is all about looking good and feeling great. Before she became an established name in the health and fitness industry, Astrid was earning her corn as a model, so she has always had that whole lifestyle engrained within her – looking fabulous is just what she’s about, and it’s now something she helps her clients to achieve. People like Jessica Alba and Julianne Hough have acquired her services to help them transform their bodies and keep them looking fabulous. She gets a lot of business from celebrities because of course she’s great at what she does, but her stunning model-like looks and qualities also have to have something to do with it. See Astrid and you can’t help but be enamored, taken in by her beauty, and her ripped physique – it’s a combination pretty much every woman out there wants. Getting trained by someone who’s essentially a model must be mightily motivating!

3 Jeanette Jenkins

Jeanette Jenkins just has a ridiculous body. She’s toned, lean, muscular, and has the looks too – she has the entire package and so it’s little wonder that people pay huge sums of cash for her to put them through a training regime. When I say people, I mean celebrities, because Jeanette Jenkins is a celebrity trainer who’s herself a celebrity if ever there was one. I mean she’s known as “The Hollywood Trainer” which just about says it all.

When she started out in the industry, she made it her goal to train celebrity clients. She knew it would be a lucrative business, that she’d get a ton of cash and that there’d be a snowball effect – more and more celebs would begin to hire her. So, she founded the Hollywood Trainer fitness company – again, the name basically says it all, tells you what she and her company are all about.

2 Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels is someone who’s made it all the way to the top, who’s known throughout the world. She’s not only a fitness personality, but a media personality too, so much so that she even had her own reality TV series which released last year.

As a personal trainer, Jillian uses a range of different techniques to train her clients, to prevent workouts becoming stale. But, of course, there are tons of personal trainers that do that. What makes Jillian different is that she’s a very driven woman, is driven to succeed, and she’s certainly done just that. She’s also one of the hottest personal trainers on the planet, and has a somewhat fiery yet, at the same time, caring personality, something we’ve seen over the years on The Biggest Loser, a show which propelled Jillian into the limelight and made her known to the masses.

Today, in her 40s, Jillian looks unbelievable, she's super sexy and is certainly one of the hottest fitness babes on the planet.

1 Simone De La Rue

Simone De La Rue – just that name sounds sexy. It’s a perfect fit for her, because the Aussie-born personal trainer is one of the hottest fitness personalities around. She started off her career Down Under as a dancer, and quickly rose through the ranks and became a musical theatre performer, something that took her all over the world. She was loving it, loving all the traveling, but it was a gruelling schedule, and plenty of dancers would constantly break down. That’s when she got into health and fitness, so that she could stay active in the industry for as long as possible. But health and fitness soon took over her life, and she turned to it full time as a personal trainer.

She’s become the creator of Hollywood’s hottest workout, she's a multimillionaire, and boasts a clientele that includes the likes of Chrissy Teigen, Anne Hathaway, and Naomi Watts – life’s sweet for Simone, the woman who’s hot property in the celeb world of fitness.

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