Who's The Hottest On The Court? Genie Bouchard Vs. Maria Sharapova

In the history of tennis, there have been many great rivalries. But one of the most fiery and passionate is the rivalry between Genie Bouchard and Maria Sharapova. At first glance, these two are very similar women. But on the court and off the court, they've shown their notable differences. Whether they're fighting a battle of words or rackets, these two have now established themselves as two of the greatest enemies in tennis today. Enjoy it while it lasts - one is on their way up the tennis ladder, while the other's career is coming to a close. But there's a lot more than just scoring points when it comes to this rivalry...

One of the biggest debates when it comes to these two tennis stars concerns their hotness. Who's sexier, Genie or Maria? That's a question that's been asked countless times by tennis fans everywhere. Before Genie arrived on the scene, Maria was clearly one of the most seductive women in tennis. But since the young Canadian showed up on the court, Maria's crown as the hottest woman in tennis has been in danger. And truth be told, Genie is really giving the veteran Russian a run for her money. Both these girls are incredibly hot, no one can deny that. But the real question is which one is the hottest on the court?


15 Eyes

Perhaps the most attractive thing about women are their eyes. They say that eyes are the windows to a woman's soul. When it comes to women, their eyes can completely captivate you, leaving you completely defenseless. Eyes play a huge role in first impressions, so let's start here when comparing these two hot tennis stars.

Maria Sharapova has some of the most striking eyes ever. They're a brilliant shade of bright green, and it's easy to get to lost in them. It's almost as if you're falling into a deep green sea - the tropical kind you see at shallow beaches.

Eugenie Bouchard on the other hand has light blue eyes that are pretty alluring as well. These eyes have a certain mischievousness to them and they always seem to be bright and fun. They're quite charming, and it's hard to look away from them.

Winner: Maria Sharapova

In the end, it looks like Maria Sharapova's eyes have a slight edge over Genie's. They seem to be brighter and more alive. There's no denying that both of these girls have amazingly cute and sexy eyes, but Maria's seem to be a little bit more charming.

14 Legs


As tennis players, it seems obvious that both these women will have some incredible legs. Let's be honest, that's why a lot of people watch women's tennis in the first place. They are truly two women at their absolute physical prime, and their bodies reflect that, especially when it comes to their legs.

Maria Sharapova has some really nice, long legs. You can see that they are toned to perfection, and the muscles have clearly been worked to the highest level possible. Her body shape is slightly skinny, even though she has lots of dense, sinewy muscle.

Eugenie Bouchard has just as much muscle in her legs as Maria. They are also equally long, and seem to go on for miles as you look her up and down. Not only do these legs look amazing, but they serve her well on the tennis court.

Winner: Eugenie Bouchard

You have to give the edge to Genie Bouchard in the leg department. Maria may have long legs, but Genie's are a little more thick and pleasing to the eye. There's a little more meat on her and that makes all the difference.

13 Hair

A lot of guys agree that a woman's hair is one of the sexiest parts of her body. Watching these two girls play, it's a pleasure to see their stunning blonde locks toss and flick as they run from one side of the court to the other. It's definitely a major part of what makes both these tennis players attractive

Maria Sharapova's hair is undeniably attractive. She usually puts it in a ponytail when she's on the court, but when she lets it down for photoshoots off the court it's definitely a sight to behold. Her hair is nicely streaked with blonde in a way that's amazingly hot.

Genie Bouchard's hair is simply incredible. Like Sharapova, she often elects to put it in a pony tail when she's on the court, but she's also been known to tie it up in elaborate braids that are just as hot. This girl's hair has some incredible shine to it, and it seems to be very voluminous.

Winner: Eugenie Bouchard

It's a touch call, as both these girls have hair that is very similar in appearance. But in the end, Genie's hair just has a little bit more volume and shine to it that gives her the edge in this competition. There just seems to be a little bit more "bounce" to her blonde locks.

12 Outfit


While tennis players are judged on their skills and abilities more than anything, people also talk a lot about their outfits. This is no different with Genie and Maria. They have tried a lot of different dresses, shorts, and even more exhilarating getups when they stride onto the court, and some of them have been incredibly hot.

Maria Sharapova is known for her simple yet alluring outfits. She usually goes with the time-honored white tennis dress, and tops it off with some white shorts underneath. These outfits are famous for showing off scandalous amounts of skin, and her fans love this.

Genie Bouchard is also known for her hot outfits on the court. Sometimes she makes do with just a pair of shorts and a tank top, and she still manages to make it look mouth-watering. She also caused a stir when she wore what's known as the "Nike nightie" which flew all over the place in the wind, showing off tons of her body

Winner: Maria Sharapova

Once again, this round goes to Maria Sharapova. Although Genie's Nike Nightie was hot, it came off as a little too attention-seeking. The press echoed these statements. Maria on the other hand has been showing off tons of skin, even more than Genie, but she's been doing it in a subtle, understated way.

11 Muscle

As professional athletes, these two women are seriously ripped. They may not be bodybuilders, but the amount of muscle these girls have is pretty impressive. In fact, that's a major reason why they're both so hot.

Maria Sharapova has some serious strength in her arms and upper body. When you see her flex, it's pretty impressive. It's no wonder she's regarded as a woman with one of the most powerful serves in tennis. She is a real top athlete, and her body really reflects that.

Genie Bouchard is a very aggressive tennis player. To compliment this playing style, Genie has one of the most impressive bodies in tennis. This obviously includes a great set of muscles. She is often filmed doing workout videos and it's clear that she takes her body very seriously.

Winner: Eugenie Bouchard

Although Sharapova is the one who is known for her sheer power on the court, Eugenie has a little bit more muscle from an outside perspective. Eugenie is younger than Sharapova, and she might work more on physical training than her. It's easy to see that Genie is a little more ripped.

10 Smile


When evaluating a woman's sexiness, you can't overlook her smile. This is the part of a woman that's capable of melting your heart, and it's often the deciding factor in making you fall head over heels in love. Both these girls have amazing smiles.

Maria Sharapova has a seriously cute smile. When she smiles on the court, it's a rare occasion, but for just a moment, you can see a glimpse of why she loves tennis so much. It's a charming smile that lifts your heart.

Genie Bouchard's smile is out of this world. It's no wonder why so many of her fans obsess over pictures of her cracking a smile on and off the court. She looks so beautiful when she smiles, it's almost painful.

Winner: Eugenie Bouchard

Obviously we have to give this round to Genie Bouchard. Her smile is legendary in the world of tennis. Maria's smile may be cute, but Genie's is just plain breathtaking. It's almost impossible to look away, even if you're just looking at her through your computer screen.

9 Charm

One of the main factors that contribute to a woman's hotness is charm. Every girl has it. It's that "Je ne sais quoi" feature, that undefinable "x factor" that makes a girl unique and undeniably attractive. Personality is what makes a girl truly shine.

Maria Sharapova may be a little more quiet than Genie, but she has her moments. She's a lot less active on social media than her younger colleague, but she definitely lets her personality shine through. We've gotten to know her pretty well over the years, and she's a real character.

Genie Bouchard shows tons of personality on and off the court. Her social media accounts are legendary, and she always seems to be fooling around in some way or another.

Winner: Maria Sharapova

That's right, this round goes to Maria Sharapova. Although you might think that Genie is the obvious choice in this department, many feel she tries a little bit too hard in her attempts to get attention. Maria on the other hand is more subtle, and that little bit of mystery makes her more interesting.


8 Hips


The term "hips don't lie" definitely applies here. Hips are a huge factor in what makes a girl hot. In fact, guys are programmed to find women with wider hips more attractive, as this indicates a higher level of fertility.

Maria Sharapova has some pretty intoxicating hips. They're surprisingly wide for a tennis player, and this might actually be the source of her enviable power on the court. Off the court, these wide hips make a tight dress look delicious.

Genie Bouchard has slightly more narrow hips. They have the appearance of a classic tennis player. Despite being narrow, they're also pretty attractive, and she can make a bikini look ravishing.

Winner: Maria Sharapova

Once again, this round goes to Maria Sharapova. Was there ever any doubt? It's easy to see by this picture that Maria's hips knock Genie's right out of the water. They are amazingly wide and thick.

7 Lips

Lips are another feature on a woman that draw men in. A woman's lips can be entrancing when we watch them talk, and often lose focus on the actual conversation at hand. There's something undeniably sexy about a girl's lips, and these two are a prime example of that.

Maria's lips are small, but have that gorgeous little pout that is almost too hot for words. Although they're not huge, they're pretty thick, and that's what counts. One thing's for sure, these lips look very kissable.

Genie's lips are a thing of wonder. They seem perfectly formed, almost as if they were chiseled by Michelangelo himself. It's a true pleasure to watch these lips move around, whether she's yelling on the court or giving an interview.

Winner: Eugenie Bouchard 

Although both of these top athletes have amazing lips, Eugenie's are quite clearly superior. They're full, perfectly proportional, and above all, incredibly sexy. Maria's don't really stack up.

6 Skin


A woman's skin is something that is often overlooked by many. Some guy's might be drawn to a woman because of their amazing skin and not even realize this. It's the kind of feature that appeals to us on a very subconscious level. Great skin is an indicator of incredible health, and that's very sexy indeed. As athletes, both these girls live a very healthy lifestyle, and their skin totally reflects that.

Maria Sharapova's skin is totally flawless. She gets lots of sun on and off the tennis court, and her skin is a beautiful tanned shade. She rarely shows any signs of breakouts or other blemishes, which means she takes great care of her skin.

Genie has amazing skin as well. Her youth is definitely a factor here, and she looks like one of the healthiest women on earth. She has a certain "glow" to her that makes her look radiant on and off the tennis court.

Winner: Tie

This round has to go down as a tie. In this picture of them standing side by side, it's easy to see that there is no real difference between these two ladies' skin. Both of them look amazing.

5 Back

Many guys will admit that a woman's back is one of the sexiest parts of her body. It's also one of the most understated. Many people don't even notice how hot a woman's back can be until they're confronted with it head on. The truth is that there's not many things more sexy than a woman's lower back.

Maria Sharapova is a wonderfully tall tennis player, and she could've been a model full time if she never went into tennis. It's often been remarked that she gets around the court pretty fast for such a tall lady. And that's probably the result of her impressive flexibility, including that of her back. It's an absolute treat to watch her stretching on the court.

Eugenie Bouchard obviously works very hard on her body, and the results are plain to see. She posts tons of workout videos, and she shows off every curve of that amazing body. Her back looks muscular, hard, and breathtaking.

Winner: Eugenie Bouchard

Another obvious victory for Genie Bouchard. Her back seems to be a lot more firm and strong. This obviously forms the literal backbone for her power on the tennis court, and you can see why she's so successful just by looking at that sexy lower back.

4 Voice


Even a blind man can tell if a woman is hot or not. A woman's voice can be incredibly sexy and seductive. It's the type of thing that can put a man at ease even when he's totally stressed out. Whether she's whispering in your ear or singing, the tone of a woman's voice is something that can make you fall in love with her.

Maria Sharapova's voice is actually pretty surprising. She may be Russian, but you would never guess when you hear her voice. If you play the video above, she speaks with a perfect American accent. Not only that, but her voice is smooth, soothing and sensual.

Genie Bouchard's voice definitely sums up her personality. It's brimming with confidence and her attitude towards challenges. It's pretty attractive to anyone who wants a more powerful woman.

Winner: Maria Sharapova

Maria wins this round. Her voice is so amazingly smooth, it's enough to send you to sleep. Just hope that you dream of this amazingly hot tennis player once you close your eyes.

3 Chest

This is one of the more obvious parts of a woman's body that guys find attractive. Of course, we're talking about a woman's chest. There's a huge reason guys are attracted to a girl's breasts, as like many other features listed in this article, large and attractive breasts indicate high levels of fertility.

It's simply amazing when Maria Sharapova bends forward to show off her delicious cleavage. She may not be particularly blessed when it comes to her chest, but for some inexplicable reason this part of her body is incredibly hot.

Genie Bouchard also has a pretty sexy chest, and she's shown it off numerous times both on the court and off it. What immediately comes to mind is her photo shoots with Sports Illustrated magazine, when she showed off every inch of that amazing body.

Winner: Maria Sharapova

This was a tough call, but again the round goes to Maria Sharapova. There's something that's just a little bit more pleasing visually about her chest when compared to Genie's. Let's hope we see more of her on the court in the coming years.

2 Glutes


A woman's butt is probably the part of her body that men stare at the longest. And when it comes to professional athletes, these women usually have some of the nicest glutes in the world. These muscles are also very useful when it comes to tennis as well, as they provide the basis for a lot of power.

Maria Sharapova is famous for her tight, round glutes. She makes no qualms about showing them off on the court either. Her muscles have been worked to perfection throughout her entire body, and this includes her glutes.

Genie Bouchard is another girl with amazing glutes. She's often used extensively in ad campaigns such as one she did for Nike leggings. You can see why they chose her - she really fills those tights out nicely.

Winner: Maria Sharapova

Again, victory goes to Maria Sharapova in the glutes department. Her butt is just a little more round and tight, and it seems to be nice and perky. This was a tough call, but I think most guys will agree.

1 Drive/Ambition

Probably the most important factor when it comes to what makes these women hot is their drive. We're talking about that fire that burns within each of these star tennis players, the thing that pushes them to achieve their full potential. It's what helps them get up off the floor when they've been knocked down.

Maria Sharapova has suffered her fair share of setbacks over the years. Like many other tennis stars, she's suffered with injuries, but that's far from the worst that she's encountered. She also got suspended after she took some banned substances. But despite this controversy, she's still doing amazing at the age of 30, which is considered old for a tennis player.

Genie Bouchard has also shown her mettle on more than one occasion. She has no problem with trash talking her opponents, and she's struggled with injury in the past. Perhaps the biggest blow to her career was one she took after she slipped in the locker room, leaving her with a concussion. But she recovered well and is now one of the top players.

Winner: Tie

You really can't pick and choose between these two when it comes to their drive, ambition, and determination. The fact that they've reached the level they have is proof enough that both these ladies are incredibly driven.

Verdict: Maria Sharapova Is The Hottest Babe On The Court!

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