10 Members Of The United States Women’s National Soccer Team With The Highest Net Worth

After winning their second consecutive World Cup Championship, the United States women’s national soccer team (USWNT) has become the talk of the sports world. Several members of the group have gone on to become mainstream stars and helped the sport continue to gain momentum in their home county. However, despite the notoriety these ladies have achieved, there is still some controversy regarding compensation – particularly as it relates to their male counterparts.

Their request for equal pay is understandable. Fortunately, in the meantime, most of these talented athletes are having no trouble making ends meet. With that in mind, it’s time to take a look at how much the USWNT’s top stars are worth.

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10 Megan Rapinoe ($3 Million)

Redding, California’s Megan Rapinoe has been a member of the United States national team since 2006. The 34-year-old midfielder (and winger) scored six goals this past World Cup and received the prestigious Golden Ball Award , which is given to the tournaments best player. Between her outstanding play on the field and some political controversies off it, Rapinoe was the most talked about player on the team during this past tournament.

It’s no surprise that Rapinoe is among the highest-paid players on the team. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the soccer star will make around $400,000 this year and is worth about $3 million.

9 Alex Morgan ($3 Million)

Over the last several years, San Dimas, California native Alex Morgan has been the face of the United States national team. The 30-year-old striker is currently serving as the team’s co-captain, alongside Megan Rapinoe and Carli Lloyd. She played extremely well the past World Cup and even tied the tournament's single-game goal record (with 5) in the team’s opening match against Thailand. Morgan was appeared on several magazine covers and was even featured in (and modeled for) the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

CheatSheat reports that the popular goal-scorer will bring in around $450,000 this season and has a net worth of $3 million.

8 Carli Lloyd ($2 Million)

Delran Township, New Jersey’s Carli Lloyd is one of the teams biggest stars as well as a co-captain. Over the years, throughout both World Cup play and the Olympics, the 36year-old midfielder has been one of the USWNT’s top scorers. She is arguably best known for scoring the game-winning goals in two Olympic gold medal matches in both 2008 and 2012 respectively. While she played sparingly this past World Cup, Lloyd did manage to become the first player to score in six consecutive tournaments.

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Based on the information provided by Celebrity Net Worth, the Olympic standout has roughly $2 million in total assets.

7 Christen Press ($1 Million)

Christen Press is a striker for the USWNT who was born in Los Angeles, California. The 30-year-old made her national squad debut in 2013. She also plays in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) as a member of the Utah Royals FC. Fans will likely remember her goal against England in the semi-final match this past World Cup. The Californian is often the teams go-to-girl when Megan Rapinoe isn’t available or needs to be subbed out.

According to Playerswiki.com, the talented striker’s salary is around $36,000 a year. However, this doesn’t account for endorsement deals. In total, Press’s Net Worth is believed to be in the $1 million range.

6 Tobin Heath ($1.5 Million)

Morristown, New Jersey product Tobin Heath first joined the United States national team back in 2008. Like many of the women on our list, the 31-year-old midfielder is a two-time World Cup winner and is also the proud owner of two Olympic gold medals. When she isn’t playing for the USWNT, Heat is a member of National Women’s Soccer Leagues’ Portland Thorns FC. Those who watched the 2019 World Cup heard commentators mention the star midfielders name several times over the course of the tournament.

SuberbHub.com reports that her annual salary is somewhere between $278,000 and $565,000. Moreover, she is worth an estimated $1.5 million.

5 Ashlyn Harris ($1 Million)

Ashlyn Harris is a goalkeeper out of Satellite Beach, Florida. She first became a part of the United States national team in 2013. Outside of international competition, the 33-year-old plays for the  Orlando Pride, who are members of the National Women’s Soccer League. Though she has been on the team for a while now, she hasn’t seen a ton of playing time behind Hope Solo and Alyssa Naeher respectively. That being said, she has still managed to make a very nice living playing professional soccer.

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The data provided by Playerswiki.com indicates that Harris is making around $250,000 and also happens to be a millionaire.

4 Ali Krieger ($2 Million)

Dumfries, Virginia's Ali Krieger is one of the United States best defensive players. The 34-year-old made her national squad debut all the way back in 2008. When she’s not participating in international play, the star back is a member of the Orlando Pride, along with her fiancée (and fellow national team member), Ashlyn Harris. Over the course of the 2019 World Cup, Krieger would end up playing in three contests – including the final game against the Netherlands.

While she may not be as well known as the Alex Morgan’s and Megan Rapionoe’s of the world, Krieger has still managed to amass a net worth somewhere between $2 and $3 million, according to Playerswiki.com.

3 Kelly O’Hara ($2 Million)

30-year-old Kelly O’Hara has been a proud member of the USWNT since 2010. The native of Fayetteville, Georgia, was one of the only team members to play every minute of the 2012 Olympics. Throughout her professional career, O’Hara has played several positions including forward, winger, and wingback. The former Stanford Cardinal was fairly active this past World Cup having competed in 6 matches for a total of 492 minutes.

As a member of both the national team and the Utah Royals FC, the talented defender has been able to make a very comfortable living. In fact, based on the information provided by Playerswiki.com, O’Hara is worth around $2 million.

2 Mallory Pugh ($1 Million)

At just 21 years of age, forward Mallory Pugh is by far the youngest women on our list. She was just 17 when she made her national team debut back in 2016. The pride of Littleton, Colorado achieved a major career first when she scored her first World Cup goal against Thailand on June 11, 2019. Despite her age, Pugh already has a good deal of experience in international play and will likely be a key member of the USWNT for years to come.

Livesportsworld.com reports that Pugh is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 million. Not bad for someone who is barely old enough to drink in her home country.

1 Julie Ertz ($3 Million)

Mesa, Arizona’s Julie Ertz (formerly known as Julie Johnston) has become one of the biggest stars on the Unites States women’s national team. The 27-year-old Defender first joined the club back in 2013. The blonde-haired Santa Clara University alumni is one of the top defensive players in the country and received the award for U.S. Soccer Female Player of the Year in 2017. She is also married to NFL star Zach Ertz of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Ertz is not only one of the most popular players on the team; she is also one of the wealthiest. Celebrity Net Worth claims that she has around $3 million in total assets.

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