10 Highest UFC Pay Days In History

UFC has quickly managed to rise to become one of the most popular combat sports brands in the entire world, dominating the MMA scene as the sport quickly becomes one of the most popular fighting sports in the world.

Every time a UFC event takes place the world is interested, especially when UFC's biggest names are inside the octagon, with the sport creating legendary names such as Ronda Rousey or Conor McGregor.

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Because of its rising popularity means the paydays for the fighters is also increasing, and within this list, we will rank the 10 highest paydays in the history of UFC for a single fight.

10 Tyron Woodley ($500,000)

Half a million isn't a bad purse for one fight, and that is exactly what Tyron Woodley earned from his UFC 214 victory over Demian Maia, which he also earned at UFC 209 against Stephen Thompson.

Woodley has steadily grown his fight paydays as he has grown in the sport, and with a basic salary of $340,000 thrown into the mix, it is fair to say that UFC has treated him very well in life.

Woodley has also earned plenty of Performance and Fight Of The Night bonuses throughout his career as well, only adding to the financial gains that he has been able to make.

9 Mark Hunt ($700,000)

You have to be slightly crazy to be willing to step inside the octagon, especially to step inside against Brock Lesnar, who is one of the most dominant heavyweights in the history of UFC.

However, at the historic UFC 200, that is exactly what Mark Hunt did, taking the fight on relatively short notice in order to save the super card, Hunt went in and looked to put on a show as the two behemoths slogged it out in an entertaining fight.

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Although Lesnar won the match, the result was eventually overturned due to the WWE star failing a drug test, while Hunt ended up being paid $700,000 for the fight.

8 Anderson Silva ($800,000)

Anderson Silva is one of UFC's greatest ever athletes and his fight against Nick Diaz at UFC 183 was one of the most highly anticipated fights of all time, and it certainly did not disappoint in terms of entertainment value.

That is one of the many reasons why Anderson Silva managed to earn a fantastic $800,000 payday for the fight, with this being Silva's first fight back since his leg injury at UFC 168.

Anderson won the fight with a five-round decision, but that was overturned due to a failed urinalysis, which led to a lot of controversy at the time.

7 Dan Henderson ($800,000)

At 45-years-old, being paid $800,000 for a fight isn't exactly a bad way to make a living, proving that age is but a number as Dan Henderson managed to knock out Hector Lombard in just 1 minute and 27 seconds into the second round.

Henderson and Lombard weren't even in the main event of that fight, with UFC 199 being headlined by Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold, with Bisping winning the UFC Middleweight Title.

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Yet it was Henderson who took home the biggest payday of the night, and one of the biggest in the history of UFC in the process.

6 Alistair Overeem ($850,000)

Alistair Overeem is still considered to be one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time, with the Demolition Man being an incredible force within the UFC, which is why he has been able to earn millions over his career.

Adding up all of his fight totals, Overeem is actually one of the top five highest-paid UFC fighters in history, but it was his UFC 218 appearance that provided his single biggest payday for one fight.

Overeem was paid $850,000 for the right, which was a step up from the $800,000 he gained at UFC 209, and with an additional $10,000 from his Reebok sponsorship, it was certainly a good day financially.

5 Conor McGregor ($1,000,000)

When it comes to UFC, there are few names more mainstream than Conor McGregor, with the Irishman playing a huge role in taking the UFC to the heights that it is at now, with his cocky approach helping to win over the masses.

The way he would promote fights by talking trash helped to earn major box office ratings for them, but when he took on Nate Diaz (who had only had 10 days notice), the Irishman was put in his place, being choked out in round two.

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However, McGregor still managed to get the last laugh as he walked away with $1 million from that fight alone, even though he was on the losing end, proving how highly the company value him.

4 Nate Diaz ($2,000,000)

While Conor McGregor was busy earning $1 million to be choked out by Nate Diaz in their first fight, despite winning, Nate walked away with half of the purse that the Irishman was able to gain, although it was a huge improvement on the $40,000 he got from his previous fight.

However, when a rematch was announced between them at UFC 202, Nate Diaz made sure that he was getting his fair share of the cut, earning an incredible $2 million for the fight, as well as an additional cut of the PPV revenue which remains undisclosed.

Diaz may have lost the rematch, bringing the two men even with a victory each, but after the greatest payday of his career, and one of the best in UFC history, once again, the loser was a happy man.

3 Georges St-Pierre ($2,500,000)

As a twelve-time Welterweight Champion and a one-time Middleweight Champion, George St-Pierre is one of the most successful UFC fighters in history, and he has managed to earn some incredible money from his fighting career.

However, when it comes to a one-night fight payday, GSP was able to take it to another level when he earned $2.5 million from his UFC 217 bout against Michael Bisping, which was an incredible brawl between two of the very best.

On top of that, GSP earned $50,000 for the 'Performance Of The Night' award, as well as $30,000 from his Reebok sponsorship, making it a very impressive night financially for him.

2 Brock Lesnar ($2,500,000)

Earlier on in this list, we discussed the fight between Brock Lesnar and Mark Hunt, and while you may have thought that Hunt's payday was incredible, Lesnar's puts it to shame as he earned an unbelievable $2.5 million for the fight.

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Somehow, Lesnar managed to earn himself a contract that he would earn that much money, regardless of if he won or lost, and regardless of what the PPV buys were, which is one of the greatest sports deals ever.

The Beast certainly knew what he was doing with this one, working with WWE and UFC at the same time to earn unbelievable sums of money, with this still remaining to be one of the best one-night-only deals in UFC history.

1 Ronda Rousey ($3,000,000)

Something that UFC has always been praised for is the fact that the company has given major opportunities to female fighters, and Ronda Rousey was a big reason for that as she knocked down the barriers that stood in her way.

Ronda became the biggest star in UFC during her era, bringing in incredible box office numbers to watch her fight, which is why she managed to earn the highest payday in UFC history according to ESPN.

Rousey reportedly earned $3 million for her fight against Amanda Nunes, which is a staggering amount of money for one fight, with Rousey since going on to be part of the first-ever female main event in WrestleMania history as well, for WWE.

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