Twitter Will Be Streaming Live NBA Games Soon, But There's A Catch

Twitter will be streaming live NBA games as early as next month. However, it's going to be a bit of a different experience for fans wishing to get their nightly dosage of basketball via the social media network.

Traditionally, viewers get to see a full game - if they want, that is - and they see everyone who's on the court. This newest venture, though, will only allow persons to watch the second half of select games with the camera focused on a single player.

The NBA announced the venture via their official website on Thursday, revealing a three-way deal with perennial broadcast partners Turner Sports and Twitter.


While fans won't be able to see the first half, they will be able to vote for the player they want the camera to be on during the second period of the game.

The league is trying to move with the times, given that many people are moving away from cable and traditional TV. But, at the same time, Turner Sports, who pay several billion for NBA television rights, are keen to protect their interests as well.

“The NBA Twitter community is among the most vibrant in sports and entertainment,” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced this week. “While watching NBA games on TNT, our fans on Twitter can now enjoy a unique second screen experience that will further enhance the way fans engage with each other and the game.”

David Levy, President of Turner added:  “Turner and the NBA have always taken a leadership position in providing fans with engaging experiences and this partnership with Twitter is the latest example.

“This complementary live stream on Twitter - from the distinct vantage point of the fan-voted, most coveted player on a given night - will provide an additive experience for fans to go along with the fully-produced coverage on TNT.”

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The live streams will debut during the upcoming NBA All-Star game on February, with the deal spanning 20 games in total, both regular season and playoffs. Fans can vote for the player they want a camera on by visiting @NBAonTNT on Twitter.

“#NBATwitter is one of the most exciting and entertaining global conversations happening on Twitter today,” Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said. “We’re thrilled to partner with the NBA and TNT to bring live video directly into the app to make it even better!”

So, while it won't be the full basketball experience for fans, this venture could give persons a close-up with their favorite players. Plus there's always the option of watching on TV or NBA League Pass at the same time.


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