The Top 10 Richest Tennis Players

It is well known that the sports industry is one of the richest industries out there. Although people are more crazy about football and basketball players, and we know that they earn a boatload of money, tennis players have it much better than many of us might think. There have been many names we’ve become familiar with, but maybe not so much how much money they made.

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Apart from all the great performances on the court, most of them earn a lot of money from brand deals and developing their own businesses. We have compiled a list of the 10 top richest tennis players that exist, no matter whether they’re retired or still playing.

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10 Ion Tiriac – $1.1 billion

Although he has been retired for a long time now, Ion Tiriac is known for being the richest tennis player in the world. Being one of the first Romanians to get on the Forbes Billionaires 2019 list, he was very famous in the ‘70s and won the Bavarian International Championship. Moreover, after he finished his career he got involved in business but he never forgot about his love for tennis.

He founded a bank, called UniCredit Tiriac Bank and kept supporting young rising talents, such as Simona Halep, a Romanian tennis player known for winning two Grand Slams (both in 2017 and 2017). Ion Tiriac is estimated to have a net worth of $1.1 billion.

9 Roger Federer – $450 million

The 38-year-old Swiss tennis player is probably one of the most famous in his field at this time. He is currently ranked number three in men’s singles tennis and is worth roughly close to $450 million. Apart from the prize money, due to his incredible performances – he has won 20 Grand Slams and wins most of his money from brand deals with big names in the industry such as Mercedes-Benz and Rolex. We are expecting his income to double or even triple in the next couple of years if he keeps doing the same work he has done so far.

8 Novak Djokovic – $200 Million

Djokovic is currently ranked by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) as the #1 tennis player in the world. Although Forbes estimates he has earnings of $50.6 million, this Serbian tennis player is at the peak of his career right now, even though he does not earn as much money as Federer. According to numerous sources, he is worth $200 million as of 2019. Only in this current year, he earned a quarter of the money ($50.6 million). The famous tennis player has won two Grand Slams this year and he was the declared winner of the Australian Open. He also has numerous product endorsement deals.

7 Maria Sharapova – $195 Million

The famous Russian tennis player is very well-known for her incredible performances throughout the years. Moreover, the 32-year-old professional player had an amazing journey from a very young age, competing since 2001, which brought her a lot of income. Sharapova net worth is estimated at $195 million, with roughly $38 million only in prize money. Even though she had some issues regarding a drug test, brands such as Evian and Avon kept working with her on promotional contracts so it still brought her a noticeable income. She is an important athlete in the public’s eye and continues to get involved in charitable causes and numerous sponsorships.

6 Rafael Nadal – $180 Million

Although Rafael Nadal has earned more this year than Roger Federer and he was very close to Djokovic’s earnings, he is ranked the fifth richest tennis player with an estimated net worth of $180 million. The Spanish tennis player won $80 million in prize money and he has been involved in numerous businesses and product endorsement deals with big companies like Kia Motors or Nike.

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He also has a famous nickname – “The King of Clay,” due to his incredible development, as he has won 80 titles so far throughout his career. He to the attention of the world at the 2008 Olympics when he won gold in men’s tennis singles.

5 Serena Williams – $180 Million

We all know and love Serena Williams for her powerful performances throughout her tennis career. But did you know that her net worth is $180 million? The 37-year-old American professional tennis player, who won 23 Grand Slams, making her the first person in both categories (men and women) to have ever won as many, is one of the richest tennis players in the world. She is an outstanding tennis player, and only in the year 2019, she has won $29.2 million. Due to the investments she has made such as her clothing line, her own company – Serena Ventures, she brings in money beyond the tennis court.

4 Andre Agassi – $175 Million

As we have already noticed, most tennis players make a lot of money thanks to two different sources of income: their tennis performances and sponsorships. The former Number 1 and eight-time Grand Slam champion, Andre Agassi is worth $175 million, being the eighth richest tennis player when it comes to prize money from the games ($31 million). However, he is ranked in our top today in the seventh place. He is involved in a lot of businesses, as most tennis players are, which adds to his earnings. Even though he is not playing professional tennis anymore, he is involved in the field by playing for charity and by having brand-deals with companies such as Kia Motors, American Express, and Mazda.

3 Andy Murray – $165 Million

This retired tennis player had an amazing impact on the tennis world. The British sport athlete who retired this year is known to have a net worth of $165 million. As we have noticed so far, tennis players do not get their income solely from playing but also from sponsorships, product endorsements, bonuses and fees for appearances. This is Murray’s case too, as he made $61 million from playing and almost double ($100 million) from other activities. Needless to say, he has built a fortune due to his incredible hard work and overall professional attitude towards working to be the best in the tennis world.

2 Pete Sampras – $150 Million

Another retired American tennis-player takes the ninth place on our list today. The 48-year old won 14 Grand Slams throughout his career and is worth $150 million. He is known for being one of the most successful tennis players in history. He became the US Open champion at only 19-years old and has won four Grand Slams four years in a row! In his 15 year career, he managed to earn an outstanding sum of money that he now uses to do charity work and help others. Moreover, “Pistol Pete” was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 2007 and continues to earn every year approximately $25 million.

1 John McEnroe – $100 Million

The former American number 1 tennis player both in single and double is worth $100 million. Throughout his career, he had 17 important wins and titles and he was infamous for his tennis skills as well as his temper on the court. After retiring from professional tennis he continued to play tennis in the senior league and after that, he went into show business on television. He was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 2007. A big part of his income now comes from real estate - he and his wife own several properties that are estimated at roughly $50 million.

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