Top 15 WWE Diva Wardrobe Malfunctions

Wrestling and hot women who are way out of most fans' league have been a standard in the business since the first time we laid on eyes on the First Lady of the WWE, Miss Elizabeth back in the eighties. Close to thirty years later and there's not just one lady of the ring running around, but dozens upon dozens of beautiful women have captured the hearts and minds of males both young and old. Obviously plenty of younger male fans are all clamoring for scantily-clad divas to showcase even more skin than they normally do.

Ever since Sunny and Sable debuted during the Attitude Era, more and more women would show up wearing less and less clothing, some of it was bound to fall off or come undone from time to time revealing way more than the girls wanted us to see.

Thanks to Janet Jackson, there is a name for this wonderful phenomenon — the wardrobe malfunction. With all of the Divas wearing barely there outfits to begin with, some if not all have experienced a wardrobe malfunction at least once in their careers. Read all about the fifteen best of those malfunctions right here.


15 Cameron Loses Her Shirt In NOLA

Funk was on a tool for a few years in the WWE with the Funkadactyls, Naomi and Cameron were leading the charge. Nowadays, her former dance partner, Naomi might be fairing better, still with the company and married into the Anoai dynasty. But it would be Cameron who would have the most (in)famous WrestleMania of the two. Back in New Orleans at WrestleMania XXX, the Vickie Guerrero Invitational was held. Fourteen of the then-best Diva wrestlers in the company worked a one fall to a finish match which should have derailed the reign of AJ Lee, who would not be denied as she had Naomi tap to the Black Widow to win the match. But the moment this article is more concerned with is Emma doing battle with Cameron and Cameron's top winding up a casualty of battle. While the fans at home only got to see all of the Funkadactyl's finely fit backside, there would have to be a bunch of fans in NOLA who got a quick glimpse of a XXX-rated WrestleMania XXX moment.

14 Pedigreeing The Wife

The first entry on our list focusing solely on the wardrobe malfunctions of Stephanie McMahon is quite the attitudinal doozy. Once Triple H returned from quad injury number one to a thunderous ovation, it would be apparent that the Game would be on the fast track to a victorious return at WrestleMania X8. It also meant that he would no longer be able to associate himself with his bitchy wife Stephanie, especially after it was revealed she was also a liar (more on that entry later). With HHH on a collision course with Chris Jericho meant that Stephanie would align herself with Y2J. During the buildup for that match on Raw, Triple H would take out Y2J and finally get his hands on his now ex-wife. During this time in WWE history, not only was it perfectly acceptable to hit a woman, it was also crowd pleasing for a heel woman to take a finisher. Needless to say the crowd was even more than pleased when Triple H set Stephanie up to take a Pedigree on the table when her shirt found itself pulled down, revealing the boss' assets for several seconds.

13 Nikki Bella's Upskirt Shot

In case you didn't know, Upskirt shots are pictures and videos devoted to the nether regions of a babe wearing a skirt. Before any of our more nefarious readers get any ideas, it is illegal to photograph unsuspecting women in this manner. But in entries like this one, where an entire arena caught a glimpse, how bad could it be? In our first (and certainly not the last) entry on this list involving the Bella Twins, during the Paige vs. the Bellas phase of WWE. Back in February 2015, when Paige was still relevant and not just WWE tabloid fodder, she engaged in a feud with the Bellas asking, begging for a Divas revolution to take place. After eking out a win over Bella cheerleader Alicia Fox, the twins took the British babe out and then spray-painted her, old school nWo style. But thanks to the work of a (possibly) nefarious WWE camera man, we got an angle on John Cena's girlfriend that only he gets to see up close and personal. Luckily for the fearless Diva, she was wearing beige underwear, but still a sight for fans to see.

12 Dawn Marie Loses Her Pants

In the late nineties and early aughts, one of the most underrated Divas running around the locker room was Dawn Marie. She was one of the most beautiful divas of the day and most importantly, she didn't look as fake as all of the other pretty faces. She actually looked like she stepped out of a Frazetta painting, which is not a bad thing at all. It's easy to see why A. Wilson lusted after, and then married the Smackdown Diva. In the WWE, Dawn Marie would normally work in a top that barely got the job done as far as covering up, and tight pants. Al's daughter Torrie did not agree with the May-December romance and tried to destroy Dawn Marie at every turn. One such instance, the Playboy covergirl at least got to destroy a pair of Dawn's tights. She went for a cover during a match in Smackdown, and tore a good portion of her pants too, leaving Dawn Marie no choice but to continue the match and give the fans far more than they paid for that night.

11 Trish Stratus' Half Wedgie

If we were to look deep enough, there could be an article solely based on the Raw General Manager's most memorable wardrobe malfunctions throughout the years. But against the bodacious and bootylicious Hall of Famer, Trish Stratus, it would be the boss who would give the fans some inadvertent Stratusfaction. Back in 2001, Trish was Mr. McMahon's mistress. Needless to say, as far as Stephanie is concerned, there is no room in daddy's life for any females besides Linda and herself. When Vince wasn't forcing the blonde bombshell to bark like a dog, Stephanie would fight her in a match and during the match, Daddy's Little Girl grabbed a handful of Trish's shorts, allowing us all to see at least half of Trish's phenomenal buns of steel. While Trish would never follow in the footsteps of divas like Sable and Torrie Wilson, on this night fans did get a tantalizing treat, but alas a half wedgie is just not enough of Trish to see but it would have to do.

10 Francine Reveals Plenty Upside Down

Of course ECW would make a list like this. In a world where Kimonawannaleia once famously had a strip tease atop the ECW arena, girls dressed with less clothes than porn stars, and were abused by the men and the male fans constantly, and had cat fights with each other, somehow very little clothing ever came off, let alone malfunctioned. The flawless looking second to the Franchise Shane Douglas, Francine is considered by many to be the First Lady of ECW and that meant that she would eventually have to take a bump or two from the boys. During one show, she would come up against the man most associated as the heart and soul of ECW, Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer never shied away from physically disciplining women and would deliver a devastating piledriver to the Queen of Extreme. But as he hoisted her up, with her front exposed to the entire crowd, her top came down, revealing plenty albeit upside down, before eating a piledriver from the King.

9 Eva Marie's Scripted Top Loss

While most of these entries were legit shoot accidents, most of the time today when the hottest divas lose some clothes, generally it's scripted— like this next entry. Besides being a decent storyline which eventually led to Alexa Bliss becoming Smackdown Women's Champion, the hottest diva of the day was involved which is why this one lands on the list. Since she unfortunately doesn't know how to perform in the ring as well as her fellow divas, the bookers crafted the notion that Eva Marie would find all kinds of excuses to not have to wrestle the very accomplished Becky Lynch. This went on for several weeks, once it was a hamstring injury, and then it was this entry. Her top fell off, leaving the red headed vixen to have to cover up, causing her to head to the back. This malfunction at the junction would lead Lynch to challenge anyone on the roster to take Eva's place— enter Alexa Bliss, who was able to defeat the Irish Lass Kicker with the help of Eva Marie.


8 From Lithuania With Love

If there was a list to be made of the hottest forgotten divas of yesteryear, Lithuanian-born temptress, Zivile Raudoniene, aka Aksana would be on top of it. The Litho-looker worked for both FCW and NXT before being called up to the main roster, and much like current Vixens, Dana Brooke and Alexa Bliss, Aksana also came from the world of bodybuilding and fitness competition. Cesaro's former girlfriend, one half of Foxana, and the former almost-Mrs. Goldust had a two for one sale as far as wardrobe malfunctions go. During a match on Raw in 2013, featuring all of the Total Divas against the non-Total Divas, Aksana was wearing an outfit that already left little to the imagination, revealing a lot of sideboob and sexy plumber butt. But when her outfit was pulled up all kinds of things fell out and some of the buff beauty's best bits were revealed.

7 Kaitlyn Slips Out

Even though she's grown even more dynamite looking with age, Kaitlyn was quite the looker back in 2010. Now retired and using her real name, Celeste Braun, the bodybuilding beauty has no qualms about revealing all kinds of skin all over her Instagram account. She was part of the third season of NXT (before it was a brand) and was on the main roster by 2012. In 2013, she was the divas champion and engaged in a pretty hot angle with AJ Lee, which the former besties would do their best to one up each other and AJ even convinced Big E to pretend to be Kaitlyn's secret admirer. During their feud, one scuffle on Raw found Kaitlyn's top out of sorts, revealing one of the most fit female chests in the world to the world. Sure, she would reveal a lot more in her Celestial Body photo shoots, but in the wrestling world, it's the unplanned slips that are the most memorable.

6 Stephanie's Upskirt

With so many entries on this list, the question needs to be asked - is Stephanie McMahon at the very least an accidental exhibitionist or is she just so rich, powerful, and beautiful that she doesn't care who sees the goods and gets off on flaunting them? Similar to Nikki Bella, this is an upskirt shot of Stephanie McMahon and also isn’t the last we’ll see of her on the list. It's easy to say, even fully clothed how well the Billion Dollar Princess takes care of herself (remember her domineering Summer Slam outfit from a few years ago? This pic is actually one of the lighter fare pics on this list, but again since every fan has a camera, when a diva's (even one as powerful as Stephanie) dress hikes up, someone is bound to get a pretty decent shot of it. So once again, we get to see a part of Stephanie that only the Game gets to see up close and personal.

5 Even More Of The Bella Twins

It's safe to say whether the show is Total Divas, and now Total Bellas, Smackdown, Raw, or anything on the WWE Network, the WWE Universe absolutely adores the Bella Twins. And the many male fans they have would have to love Twin Magic entries like this one. Call it a two for one sale if you will. Plenty of male fantasies revolve around twins and here are two scantily clad ones to behold every weeks. Brie, the tamer of the two was exposed ever so sightly and nonchalantly on Raw in 2013. As she was applauding her fellow cast mates on Total Divas, her boobs proved that even double sided tape wasn't strong enough for her. Nikki aka Big Boobie Bella's malfunction came in the more conventional heat of battle moment as she was taking a beatdown from Stephanie and other divas, her top showed off a little bit of her plastic surgeon's work.

4 Jacqueline Gives Tim White A Thrill

Hall of Famer Jackie Moore has had a wrestling career that spanned nearly thirty years. She was one of the most feared and respected workers in the business and was tougher than a lot of her male counterparts. It was her time spent in Dallas and in WCW that garnered her a spot on the roster during the Attitude Era. As we all know, this was a time when both in the ring and in other forms of media (i.e. comic books) where ginormous breasts had little to no protection from popping out. This entry celebrates that very notion seeng as how top heavy Jacqueline was. At a WWE UK only PPV, Capital Carnage 1998 she teamed with Marc Mero against the equally bodacious Sable and Christian. This is actually one of the most infamous and well known entries on this list. Jacqueline, being a sore loser mounted referee Tim White who then stood up and had Jackie on his shoulders leaving her vulnerable to Sable ripping her top off and exposing her entire top to all of England.

3 More McMahon Mishaps

The exhibitionist boss lady returns for her final entry on the list. Never mind the fact that Triple H had drugged her and married her. They somehow wound up being a happily married albeit twisted married couple for a few years and then Triple H went down with an injury and returned to a thunderous babyface ovation. Since she was still a heel, Steph tried all she could to save their marriage even feigning a pregnancy and convincing the King of Kings to renew their wedding vows on live TV on Raw. But once Linda revealed that daddy's little girl was faking being preggo, he shoved her to the floor and walked off. Steph screaming at the top of her lungs (and later famously being edited with the sound of a lioness' roar) wasn't the only memorable moment from this entry. As she hit the mat, one of her fantastically fit fun bags slid out of her wedding dress.

2 A Celebration Between The Sheets

At the height of the Attitude Era, the Hardy Boys and Lita got some pops that were as loud as pop's reserved for the Rock and Stone Cold. The trio had the entire fan base covered— girls who loved Matt and Jeff and wanted to be Lita, and boys who wanted Lita and respected the Hardys in ring work. Lita became known for wearing low riding parachute pants and hiked up hot thongs. Between the bottoms and the fact that she took her shirt off every time she went to do a moonsalt, it's amazing that she never had any sort of slippage — until years later and this entry. Once she and Edge turned heel and the real life circumstances surrounding that heel turn turned them into the hottest act in the company and catapulted the Rated-R Superstar to his first WWE title. To celebrate, he and Lita would have a "Live Sex Celebration" on Raw. Needless to say the proceedings were interrupted by former champ, John Cena before they became a full on Skinemax movie? But fortunately for the fans, and unfortunately for Lita, being in your skivvies on live TV led to a shot of Lita's chest, even if only for a few nanoseconds.

1 Lilian Garcia Loses A Shoe

Not all Diva Wardrobe Malfunctions happen for the benefit of curious boys and horny men, some like this entry just happen to be hilarious gaffs. The Raw and Smackdown entry ramps used to have steel grating to form them, which meant the Superstars and Divas would have to be careful or their ring gear could get stuck (re: Shawn Michaels). Lilian Garcia has always seemed the girl next door/little sister of the WWE Universe. The ring announcer has been a staple for the company since the Attitude Era and is a favorite among fans. The former model and current singer recently again stepped away from the company but before she left, in 2012 she literally lost a step at an event. While most of us wouldn't mind seeing a traditional wardrobe malfunction from the sultry singer, this one is the most tame item on the list. She tripped in the grating of the ramp, causing one of her heels to break. Garcia, ever the consummate professional took it all in stride and laughed at her mishap.

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