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Top 15 Unintentionally HOT Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte Photos

Top 15 Unintentionally HOT Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte Photos

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For fans of women’s professional wrestling, we’re living in a golden era that will be looked upon as historical, so pause for a moment and enjoy it. Women have finally made the transition from the fake-chested, untalented props of the Attitude Era and have evolved almost 20 years later into a division that rivals the men for excitement and talent. We have Triple H to thank for this, because without developing the NXT system into what it is today, we might still be in the dark ages.

Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Bayley were the four standouts in NXT who helped redefine how fans accepted women’s wrestling. They were dubbed “The Four Horsewomen” in tribute to the NWA/WCW’s Four Horsemen, a stable that included Charlotte’s father, Ric Flair. While they weren’t a stable, everybody – including them, knew they were always going to be linked together as the mavericks who changed everything.

Whether they want to be or not, because of their fame and physical appearance, they’re going to be sex symbols for millions of fans. Back in the days of the divas, they had to try to seem sexy. They don’t always have to be in the ring to be battling against each other in one form of competition or another. Somehow, Charlotte and Sasha Banks makes everything they do sexy without even trying, so here are our Top 15 Unintentionally Sexy Photos of Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte.

15. They were on the main roster well before they were “on” the main roster

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One of the reasons people cite for not attending non-televised house shows is that nothing of note storyline-wise takes place and there are usually only a few of the biggest names there. You’re never seeing The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar or John Cena at a show unless there is a television camera there. But, one of the best reasons to go is because they often feature talent who haven’t been shown on television yet. While still technically part of NXT at the time, Charlotte and Sasha Banks were on the house show circuit for a couple of months honing their craft long before Stephanie McMahon unveiled the “Divas Revolution” in Summer 2015. All of those fans who only watch RAW and don’t watch NXT or attend house shows are usually the last to find out about anything good, and exposure to Sasha and Charlotte was just another example of being last to the party. We love this photo because Sasha looks like an animal who just killed her prey.

14. They’re the only multi-time Women’s Champions

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It’s a little silly when Kevin Owens walks around with the Raw Universal Title and talks about how he is the longest reigning champion since the only other person to hold the belt was Finn Balor, and his reign was less than a full day. A similar argument could almost be made about the WWE Women’s Championship since it hasn’t been a full year that it has been in existence. The title was introduced at WrestleMania 32 when the Divas’ Title, held by Charlotte, was retired. Some feel that triple threat match between Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky was just for a new version and name for the belt Charlotte, the champion, already had while others felt like the Divas’ title was retired and the three were fighting for a brand new belt. It doesn’t really matter, but what does matter is WWE has positioned Charlotte and Sasha as the best in the company and that has been shown by the fact they are the only two women to hold that title and they’ve both had multiple reigns. In this pic, they’re dressed like Hot Topics employees. Who doesn’t love a sexy goth chick?

13. Their parents didn’t want them to watch wrestling

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In Ric Flair’s autobiography, he talked about the toll wrestling took on his family, mentioning that there were times he would go weeks or even months at a time without seeing them. He loved watching his boys wrestle at the amateur level and attended Charlotte’s volleyball games, but never wanted to bring the office home with him. He didn’t forbid his kids from watch wrestling, yet he hoped they’d not make the sacrifices he had to in his life. Sasha has told the story a couple of times of flipping through the channels one day and being transfixed by what she saw. Her mother – a very devout Christian who brought her family to church five days a week – was less than impressed when she saw what her little girl was watching. Sasha agreed to turn it off, but then snuck off to her brother’s room and developed her love for wrestling watching on his TV, away from her mother. This photo, with Bayley, reminds us of Charlie’s Angels.

12. Both have deep bonds with their brothers



If you’re looking for high school photos of Sasha Banks, you’re not going to find them, even if you look under Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado, her real name. Instead of going to a traditional high school, Banks earned her degree through an online program so she could help take care of her brother who is disabled. The two bonded over WWE shows and he always comes to watch her now when she’s performing in the Boston area. Charlotte was extremely close to her baby brother Reid, who was also training to be a wrestler at the time he died of a drug overdose in 2013. Charlotte has several tattoos including a cross and the word “Reider” dedicated to him. While Sasha’s family has never been dragged into storylines, Charlotte is a Flair, so WWE apparently thought they were all fair game in 2015 when Paige referenced Reid not being much of a fighter. That tasteless storyline got a lot of heat and the WWE never mentioned Reid again. There are just too many sexy things about this photo to list…you get it.

11. Both have been/are married to wrestlers

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If there’s a little piece of you holding out hope that one day you’ll meet Charlotte or Sasha Banks and they’ll be so taken by you that you end up in a relationship that one day culminates with marriage, you’re insane, but here’s the lowdown on their situations. You can’t marry Sasha Banks. She was married in August 2016 to her longtime boyfriend Sarath Ton. They met on the New England indies circuit where she was wrestling as Mercedes KV and he was Mikaze. He now works for the WWE as a costume designer. Charlotte, on the other hand, is currently unhitched, but she does come with some baggage. At the age of 30 she’s already had two failed marriages. That’s a big deal in some families, but remember who her father is. She still has a lot of catching up to do. Charlotte was married to TNA wrestler Bram, whom she met while he was working in NXT as one of the original members of The Ascension. The duo divorced not long after Bram got into some legal trouble with a woman who wasn’t Charlotte. This is the single greatest photo of Sasha’s butt we’ve ever seen.

10. They can both pull good matches out of Bayley



Did you notice how when the whole “Divas Revolution” thing started that there was one person missing from the Four Horsewomen? Did you notice one of the Four Horsewomen didn’t have a match at WrestleMania? That’s right, Bayley…and here’s the reason why: She’s not that good. She has a great character within the confines of Full Sail University, although it may not translate in the long-term to the large-scale crowds of Monday Night Raw. So why do people think she’s great? Because she’s worked with people who are capable of getting a good match out of her. Charlotte and especially Sasha Banks can make a mediocre opponent look fantastic. Charlotte’s father was also gifted in that respect. It should be noted Becky Lynch also has this capability and is why she was called up and not Bayley in the Summer of 2015. Want more proof? Tell us one match Bayley had that was a great match after her Ironman with Sasha. You can’t because Asuka, Dana Brooke and Nia Jax couldn’t pull a good match out of her. They just look like normal sexy ladies having fun here, and bonus points for all the Bayley sideboob.

9. They’re not afraid to have their own unique style

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Sasha Banks may be one of the smallest, thinnest built wrestlers that has ever stepped foot inside a WWE ring. It will be interesting to see if a frame like hers can take the wear and tear that is demanded of a wrestler with a packed schedule year-after-year. She also had made a mark because of her “Legit Boss” character sporting the bling, but also featuring outfits that have been unlike anything we’ve seen. The same can be said for Charlotte’s outfits. She’s not a tiny girl, but the way her tops come to a point in the front hides the fact she’s a bit thick in the middle. While she does have the blonde hair, big (probably fake) chest thing going, she doesn’t carry herself like a diva of old and has twice the acting ability. One of the things that makes these women so sexy is that they don’t adhere to old guidelines. They bring something new to the table in presentation and new is always good when it comes to sexy women. Charlotte’s legs, Sasha’s chest…so much to like about this picture.

8. Their favorite wrestlers had fought at KOTR 2002



Sasha Banks will let anybody willing to listen know that her favorite wrestler of all time was Eddie Guerrero and how she heard he died as she was entering a WWE show as a kid. Charlotte’s favorite wrestler is obviously her father, Ric Flair. Both of these men were in WCW and WWE at the same time, but did they ever hook up for a match? Yes, they had a few, the most notable being a one-on-one encounter at King of the Ring in 2002. It was Flair’s return to the ring after playing a general manager role for a little while. Flair, as the babyface in this encounter, came out strong but Guerrero turned things around, eventually getting Flair in a figure-four leglock. Flair was able to get one of his own. Chris Benoit interfered on Guerrero’s behalf and got tossed, but Bubba Ray Dudley interfered for Flair, executed a Bubba Bomb on Latino Heat, Ric Flair covered him and the win was in the books. Not a classic, but at least these two women can say they saw their favorites clash. Is it just us, or does Charlotte look like she’s breastfeeding in this photo?

7. Their wrestling style is sexier than the Divas’ era



Trish Stratus and Lita were very good wrestlers. To a lesser degree were Candice and Victoria. That said, they were divas. Divas were meant mainly to be eye-candy and the WWE Diva’s World Title could change hands just as easily in a swimming pool evening gown match or a pudding pit thong match as it could inside the ring with a legitimate match. While these women were there for sex appeal, there was something forced about it that made them less attractive. That isn’t the case with Charlotte and Sasha Banks and after careful review, we think it’s because there is very little difference in their style of wrestling than the men’s style of wrestling. These ladies go all out and don’t freak if their legs are spread wide open during a move or if they land on their chest. They’ll also take nasty bumps, and it’s pretty hot to see a woman doing anything a man can. Strong is sexy. We kind of wish we were Charlotte in this photo.

6. They made history together

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Along with being two-thirds of the greatest women’s wrestling match in WrestleMania history, Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks have been running parallel paths when it comes to making history for women in the WWE. Not only was that match one of the highlights on the card, it also brought the Women’s Championship back and retired the stupid Divas butterfly belt. They also had arguably the best women’s match ever on Raw when Sasha captured her first title. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. It was one heck of a match. Most importantly though was at the 2016 Hell in a Cell when they were the first two women to not only wrestle in a Hell in a Cell match but they main evented the show. Yes, there were a few blown spots and the ending left people scratching their heads, but nonetheless, for the entire history of mankind moving forward, these are the two women who can say they shattered the main event glass ceiling. This photo of The Four Horsewomen is way sexier than any they appear to be friends in.

5. They made their WrestleMania debut together, but not at WM32



WrestleMania XXX is best remembered as the WrestleMania that Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker and ended his 21-year undefeated streak, something wrestling fans never saw coming and may legitimately be the most shocking moment in wrestling history. The end of that show saw Daniel Bryan finally capture the WWE World Championship with a win over Batista and Randy Orton in the main. To get to the main event, however, Bryan first had to defeat Triple H in a match held at the beginning of the show. We can debate whether they are epically awesome or epically cheesy, but Triple H had his typical “King of Kings” WrestleMania entrance. On this occasion it featured him sitting on a throne with three masked beauties surrounding him, looking like Egyptian concubines. Two of those women were Sasha Banks and Charlotte, making their WrestleMania debut and despite the masks, looking amazingly sexy. For those wondering, Alexa Bliss was the third of Hunter’s women for the entrance.

4. Most of their title wins or losses are against each other

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Charlotte was the last holder of the WWE Divas Title, having defeated Nikki Bella not too long after her debut. She held the belt through a decent feud with Paige while the numb “Divas Revolution” played itself out with those three-person teams that made no sense. Since then though, every match that Charlotte has either won the WWE Women’s Title or lost the WWE Women’s Title has been in a match involving Sasha Banks. Charlotte also lost the NXT Women’s Title on her way out of that company in a fatal-fourway match that had all three of her fellow Horsewomen. Banks didn’t lose the NXT title to Charlotte, passing it onto Bayley, but like Charlotte, she hasn’t been involved in a single championship switch without the other one. People talk about Trish Stratus vs. Lita being a great women’s rivalry, but we bet Charlotte vs. Sasha is going to easily eclipse it. This photo gives us a women-in-prison kind of vibe. You can also see both their backsides at the same time.

3. They can be very feminine

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Before there were divas and before there was the women’s wrestling scene of the 1980s and 1990s which barely existed beyond Wendi Richter and Alundra Blayze, there was actually a women’s circuit dating back to the 1940s. The Fabulous Moolah dominated it for about 40 years because she was also the woman who booked the other females into matches. These were not prissy little tiffs they would get in back then. They were decent fights, just like we see Sasha Banks and Charlotte get into today. The difference is that back in the 1970s, they wore what amounted to a one-piece bathing suit and were never shown to have sex appeal. With the divas, there was no talent and all sex appeal. It’s nice to see the WWE get it right finally and not treat their female wrestlers as sex objects, but also allow them to still be women and act like it. Classy ladies are sexy ladies, just look above.

2. Pro Wrestling Illustrated has given them awards

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Back when wrestling was mainly a territorial affair and nobody was willing to admit wrestling was more entertainment than sport, the only way to get news of different organizations you couldn’t find on your basic cable television (imagine only 13 channels) was through wrestling magazines and Pro Wrestling Illustrated was the granddaddy of them all. Their biggest issues were the Year-End Awards and the PWI Top 500. It allowed an objective comparison of wrestlers despite territorial boundaries. Despite a change in how we view wrestling and the Internet putting the smackdown on most print publications, PWI continues on and is still recognizing greatness. Charlotte was given Rookie of the Year honors in 2014 and named the top female singles wrestler in the PWI Female 50 in 2016. Sasha was named Woman of the Year for 2015 and had Match of the Year honors with Bayley that year. She was second in the PWI Female 50 in 2016, behind only Charlotte. We’ve always wanted to take the move in this picture from Sasha.

1. They’re simply sexy, butt-kicking babes

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Yes, they’re fantastic wrestlers who can give the men a run for their money as far as putting on an entertaining match goes. Yes, they have helped break the glass ceiling for women and essentially been the leaders in redefining what women’s wrestling means in the 21st Century. We’ve listed many of their accomplishments in this list and they are many indeed, but let’s just get to the root of it. They’re good looking. They’re sexy as hell. They kick butt and are more confident than the women we meet in real life. They’re the kind of women that females want to be like and men want to be with – or the other way around depending on your orientation. They’ve done so much, but at the end of the day, you can’t remove the sexiness from their performances, whether they mean to exude it or not. It’s not a bad thing. Speaking of butt kicking, we’ll let you decide whose is best. We know it’s not Bayley.

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