Top 15 Most Memorable On-Screen WWE Couples

WWE is as much about entertainment as it is about the wrestling. This means that sometimes the company decides that there should be some couples on the show to give it a much more realistic feel. These couples sometimes lead to real-life relationships and sometimes they don't. Some of these relationships are best remembered for the fact that they stood out and the couple worked together in a way that WWE hadn't been able to foresee.

Some couples have become iconic over the past few years, and many WWE fans can name couples off the top of their head because they have memories attached to them. There are obviously more real life couples in WWE nowadays, but some of the following on this list are still the most memorable.

Here are 15 on-screen WWE couples that have left the WWE Universe with some of the most memorable moments over the past few decades.

15 Eddie Guererro And Chyna

The late, great Eddie Guererro was part of some of the best storylines in WWE during his brief career in with the company. One of the most compelling was back in the early 2000s when Eddie Guererro decided to pursue Chyna.

At the time, Chyna was a member of D-Generation X and Eddie had the cute "Mamacita" nickname for her. Their union didn't last very long and was quickly dissolved after a few backstage segments, despite fans getting behind the couple. Chyna was obviously released from the company not long afterwards while Eddie went on to become World Champion before his untimely passing in November 2005. Chyna passed away in early 2016, more than a decade after she was released from WWE.

14 Goldust And Marlena

Goldust and Marlena make the list as one of the strangest couples in WWE history. Making people feel uncomfortable was almost their entire gimmick and somehow they managed to find new ways to do it, over and over again for a number of years.

This couple was actually a real life romance as well, which would explain why they had such good chemistry both in the ring and outside of it. It was still a gimmick that the WWE Universe are yet to figure out, but sadly after the couple broke off their relationship in real life, WWE then worked to find a way to keep them both on WWE TV but no longer as a couple and it only really worked out for Goldust, who still remains part of the company to this day.

13 Triple H And Stephanie McMahon

The power couple of WWE, one of the best-known wrestling couples in the world and one that has managed to remain a solid unit despite everything that the world has thrown their way, Triple H and Stephanie have been married for more than 15 years now and have three daughters together, but they didn't become a couple on-screen for many years afterwards.

This couple has been through a lot as characters, from Triple H drugging and kidnapping Stephanie to Triple H as a member of DX sneaking into the birth of his own child. It has been a crazy few years but finally, they are both recognized as both an on-screen and off-screen couple, so WWE doesn't have to make up any more shocking cover-up stories.

12 Shawn Michaels and Sensational Sherri

Sherri Martel was a pioneer when it came to female management in WWE and it is one of the reasons she is in the WWE Hall of Fame. Her management of Shawn Michaels is perhaps her most memorable as she managed to groom him into the World Champion that he later became following The Rockers split.

Sherri led him to various championships and some incredible match wins during their brief time together and ultimately is remembered as one of the biggest and best forces in his professional life at that point. It is thanks to Sherri that Michaels went on to have such a successful career and Sherri goes down in history for this and for many more of her incredible feats as a female wrestling manager.

11 Macho Man And Miss Elizabeth

There isn't a wrestling fan alive today that can't remember Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth and how excited they were when Elizabeth finally returned to Macho Man at WrestleMania. Their wedding was one of the greatest affairs in WWE at that time and one of the only wrestling weddings not to end in shambles.

These two were the IT couple of the 1980s. So many women wanted to be Elizabeth that the couple received an incredible backing from the WWE Universe at that point. Another real life couple, they had their problems outside of the ring as well, but it seems that much of this was able to be swept aside for the good of the show, and the problems truly started after Elizabeth moved on to Lex Luger and the couple were then released from their contracts.

10 Triple H And Chyna

Triple H and Chyna were an on-screen couple long before he turned his attention to Stephanie McMahon. As two of the founding members of D-Generation X, Chyna and Triple H would often be seen together on WWE TV.

It was well-known that they were a couple outside of WWE, but it seems that at some point the lines between real life and storyline became blurred. The situation backstage became awkward when it was revealed that Triple H had become involved with Stephanie and when Chyna vented her frustrations about this, she was released from the company. It's sad that a couple that the WWE Universe were so heavily invested in, had such a harsh ending, they really could have become something great if given a chance.

9 Kane And Lita

Lita had quite the dating resume during her time in WWE, but one of her strangest conquests was when she became involved with Kane. It later became known as one of the most controversial storylines that WWE has ever been able to broadcast when they added the fact that Lita was pregnant and she had a miscarriage because of Gene Snitsky.

Snitsky went on to kick a fake baby into the crowd and Kane went on to tombstone a priest at Edge and Lita's wedding. It was a new level of entertainment from one of WWE's most shocking couples. Obviously, their relationship came to an end and Lita went on to position herself with Edge but it is still remembered as a fantastic few months of booking from WWE.

8 Torrie Wilson And Carlito

Carlito was always a strange superstar, and it seems that WWE thought that putting him with Torrie Wilson would allow the former United States Champion to become a more well-rounded character.

At the time, Torrie and Carlito were in similar positions in the company and it seemed as though it was a pairing that could work. Sadly, it didn't go very well for the young duo as Carlito's ego once again got in the way and during his feud with Ric Flair he decided it was time to rid himself of all the garbage in his life, and claimed that Torrie was one of these things. Torrie went on to side with Flair in the rivalry as a means of getting revenge, but the couple didn't appear on WWE TV together again after that.

7 Miz And Maryse

The current IT couple of WWE have actually worked together on-screen before, but it is only now since Maryse has made her return and since the couple have been married that they have truly been able to show the WWE Universe how much chemistry there is between them.

Miz was a talented wrestler in the ring and on the mic before Maryse returned to WWE, but it seems that her return has somehow given him much more confidence when it comes to delivering some of the best promos that WWE has ever seen, which has allowed him and Maryse to become part of some personal feuds. The future is bright for this couple, since their shocking move to Monday Night Raw made waves.

6 Lana And Rusev

Lana and Rusev have been together as an on-screen couple ever since their days together in NXT. They were promoted to the main roster and over the past few years the WWE Universe has warmed to them as a duo, but mostly they have become huge fans of Lana.

The couple have been part of rivalries with the likes of John Cena, Jack Swagger, and even The Big Show in recent years, which has allowed Rusev to be built up into the wrestler he is today. It seems that, given his recent shoulder surgery, that WWE are hoping to split the couple up moving forward to allow Lana to wrestle alone. Luckily, the couple are married in real life, so the WWE Universe will still be able to see them on Total Divas.

5 AJ Lee And Dolph Ziggler

AJ Lee has a resume to rival Lita during her brief stay in WWE, from CM Punk to Daniel Bryan and even Kane at one point, AJ stacked up the men like they were match victories, but one man that seemed to be different was Dolph Ziggler.

AJ only got together with Dolph because she knew it would annoy Vickie Guererro, who AJ had a lot of history with at this point, but it seems that the couple actually worked and AJ was part of a stable with Dolph when he went on to win the World Heavyweight Championship. AJ won the Divas Championship not long afterwards and that then began their downfall, but they are still distinctly remembered for the feud they had following their split as well, that also included Big E and Kaitlyn.

4 Maria And John Cena

Maria and John Cena were a simplistic WWE couple. Cena basically used Maria because he really wanted to choose a special guest referee so that he could keep his Championship. Maria wanted revenge because Lita and Edge had attacked her earlier in the night, but being an inexperienced wrestler meant that she was terrified at the prospect of a match.

John somehow calmed her down by kissing her and the couple went on to win their match after Maria pinned Lita. It was a short-lived couple and one that apparently led to a backstage fling between Cena and Maria at the time. Cena later saved Maria from Umaga when she was harshly put in a match against him, but there wasn't much more contact between the duo on WWE TV.

3 Edge And Lita

Edge and Lita are one of the most memorable couples that WWE has ever created. It all began when Matt Hardy was injured and WWE put Lita with Edge and it seems that they couldn't deny the chemistry.

When Lita cheated on Matt Hardy, she instantly became a heel and she was aligned with Edge from then on. The couple didn't work out in real life but they did manage to stay together on WWE TV until Lita decided to retire in 2006. It wasn't the ending that Lita would have wanted for her career, but it was the one that WWE could give her after the scandal that she had caused just a year before. Edge and Lita were the kind of team that always worked as well because Lita wasn't scared to step in the ring with the men and show them who was boss.

2 Trish Stratus And Chris Jericho

Trish Stratus and Chris Jericho were the kind of couple that came from out of nowhere but actually went together quite well. At the time, Trish and Lita were friends and Lita and Christian also ended up together at the same time.

It was later discovered that Jericho and Christian had made a one dollar bet to see which one of them could sleep with their significant other first. Lita and Trish found out and it lead to one of the best intergender matches that WWE have ever produced. While Trish and Lita didn't win, they still held their own and they taught Chris and Christian a valuable lesson.

1 Matt Hardy And Lita

Matt Hardy and Lita were the cute couple that came together as part of Team Extreme. Lita helped The Hardyz to win Tag Team Championships and she went on to win the Women's Championship; it was a fantastic time for Matt and Lita at the beginning of their six-year relationship.

Sadly, the WWE Universe is well aware of what happened next as Matt Hardy returned from injury to discover that he had easily been replaced in both the personal and professional parts of Lita's life. This led to an intense and personal rivalry between all three stars before Matt moved on and Lita then positioned herself with Edge.

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