Top 15 Lesbian Moments In Wrestling

Wrestling’s all about providing the fans with entertainment, and the industry and various promotions have given us plenty to whet our appetites over the years. But sometimes, rather than just being classed as entertainment, some of the segments should really be labelled “adult entertainment,” true X-rated content that could find a place in an adult movie rather than on a wrestling show. The industry and creative teams at the helm of various promotions who mastermind such segments have simmered over recent years when it comes to manufacturing such action, with wrestling being steered toward a different direction and becoming a more family-orientated industry, with various promotions aiming to create a family-friendly product.

Nowadays, women in wrestling, our favorite sultry divas who grace the ring, are of course super hot, but are known for their prowess as wrestlers and their skills in the ring too. But it hasn’t always been like that; divas were around as a bit of eye candy, and this meant they were often involved in a series of sexually provocative storylines. Some prominent names have found themselves in some of these situations more than others; it seems to be a criterion for some that they have to have some form of suggestive sexiness incorporated into their storylines, and nothing’s hotter than a bit of girl-on-girl action, some hot and steamy moments between two super hot divas. Vince McMahon and his cronies know this sort of stuff will get pulses racing, and get people tuning in, and boy have they given us plenty of moments to lap up over the years. Here are 15 of these moments, some of the top lesbian moments in wrestling:

15 Angelina Love And Winter

Angelina Love and Winter formed their partnership in TNA in 2010, and for the duration of their two years together as a tag team with the promotion, their relationship was portrayed as extremely sensual and seductive.

Winter was first seen in mirrors, but then came to life as an obsessed fan and began teaming up with Love. But then, around a year down the line, Winter exerted her mind control tricks to the point where she was pretty much in control of all of Love’s actions. She was kept under her spell, under Winter’s control for quite a few months too, and some of Winter’s actions during this time were, well, pretty sexual to say the least. She had the beautiful Love under her spell and wanted to make the most of the opportunity.

It was a bit of fun while it lasted, but their partnership will be remembered more for Winter’s mind control which, as I’m sure anyone who saw it would agree, had a load of serious lesbian overtones.

14 Trish Gets Kidnapped

It’s impossible to have a list like this and not include Trish Stratus. In fact, she makes three of the entries on this list – she could have made the whole lot – but for the sake of some variety, I’ve only selected three of her sensual moments.

A lot of you who can’t recall this incident in which Trish gets kidnapped by Melina must be wondering why it made it on here; there was no kissing, nothing like that, just Trish being carted away by MNM and being kidnapped. But those of you who can recall that incident would know that the whole kidnapping scene had huge sexual undertones.

Firstly, seeing Trish in bondage, tied up by Melina, that’s enough to get a lot of people purring. But the way she was tied – well, those straps were certainly used for a reason – and her mmmphing into that tape gag while Melina played with her, teasingly caressing her hair. There was a huge element of seduction and sensualization to that segment, which was obviously carefully planned out.

13 Dawn Marie – Torrie Wilson Hotel Scene

This has to go down as being one of the strangest angles of all time, but a memorable one all the same, mainly because of the action that occurred between Dawn and Torrie. These two divas were at the tops of their games at the time, not to mention being two of the hottest divas on the roster.

In a nutshell, Dawn got engaged to Torrie’s dad, and understandably Torrie wasn’t pleased. But Dawn was willing to break things off, if Torrie would be the one to cosy up to her instead of her dad. Torrie, not wanting them to tie the knot, agreed, and what ensued was one memorable scene.

Torrie entered Dawn’s hotel room, visibly uncomfortable, but Dawn soon put her at ease. She fed Torrie champagne and strawberries before starting to caress her and strip her down, while whispering sweet nothings in her ear, before turning the heat up and enjoying a full blown make out session.

12 Lita Kisses Trish Backstage

Here’s another hot lesbian moment featuring the most gorgeous diva to have ever graced the ring, Trish Stratus, and the woman who planted her lips on Trish, rock chick Lita, isn’t too bad either.

This occurred around the time Trish was getting kissed and sexualized in some way or another pretty much every time she appeared on TV on a wrestling show. On the night in question, Trish was doing some stretches backstage, and told some backstage staff to stop ogling at her. But they weren’t who Trish should have been worried about. In walks Lita with a smirk on her face, Trish asks her whose career she’s planning on ending tonight, to which Lita replies, “yours,” before proceeding to kiss Trish’s face off.

It was such a good scene, probably because they’re best buddies in real life and feel totally at ease with one another; wonder if they ever got up to such antics in their private friendship away from the cameras? Would be awfully titillating to think so.

11 Mickie James Chews On The Face Of Melina

Mickie James is one wacky chick. She’s undoubtedly one of the best performers and best female wrestlers of all time, and throws herself wholeheartedly into everything, all in the name of wrestling entertainment. She’s more than a decent wrestler too, the entire package, and fans were thrilled when she made her recent return to WWE, where she belongs.

During her previous stint with the promotion, Mickie was subjected to a lot, and was also involved in plenty hot and steamy moments with her fellow divas. One such moment was when she made out with Melina at WWE Heat, in the ring in front of everyone – something the commentator called at the time, “The Kiss of Death.” It was certainly a surprise tactic and it came out of nowhere; they made out for a good few seconds, before Melina, who was understandably dazed, succumbed to a roundhouse kick and Mickie pinned for the win. Just one of many hot diva-on-diva moments that has involved WWE’s resident nutjob, Mickie, over the years.

10 Layla Kissing Jen England

These two may not be the most prominent divas to have ever graced the ring, but that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that they’re both super hot, and what little time they spent together was certainly memorable.

The 2006 Diva Search is where they first had any interaction, and boy did they hit it off right away, to the delight of a lot of those watching. They had a hot lesbian moment together which lasted for a pretty long time too, 20 seconds of sensual action, and it probably had a massive part to play in Layla ending up winning the whole thing and emerging victorious. She gained a whole new fanbase after that pretty long make out session, as did Jen England, but it was Layla who seemed way more into it – perhaps she’d done it before.

The host basically asked the two of them to make out with each other to give the fans some enjoyment, and boy did they enjoy it. They made out, did a bit of other stuff too, and when the 20 seconds were up, they were on the floor together in each other’s arms still going at it. It’s as if they didn’t want to let go and were enjoying it, which we certainly were.

9 Rosa Mendes - Nattie Neidhart

Wow! Seeing two of the hottest divas make out must be a lot of people’s ultimate fantasy. Well, this fantasy became reality, because Rosa Mendes and Natalya went at it on one occasion during an episode of Total Divas.

When Total Divas hit our TV screens back in 2013, a lot of people were skeptical, thinking it was just another reality show, another money-maker dreamed up by Vince and his cronies that was going to end up being an epic flop. But four years down the line and it’s still going strong, and it’s all thanks to characters like Rosa and Nattie, who are real characters.

Rosa Mendes, one of the most gorgeous (now ex-)divas in the WWE, came out in 2014 as being bisexual, and boy did we get to see a lot of her exploring the other side and satisfying her urges to be with women on the reality show. When Rosa was about, there was guaranteed to be some flirting, and lots of innocent teasing between her and her fellow divas, but sometimes the feelings were reciprocated and things got steamy, as they did between her and Nattie. Nattie asked Rosa to take a pic with her, but Rosa had something else in mind and went in for the kiss. She later explained she did that because she was trying to be a good friend, because her husband wasn’t giving her the attention she needed; that’s one way to be a good friend alright!

8 Brie Bella And AJ Lee Kiss

If wrestling fans could choose two divas they’d love to see lock lips, Brie Bella and AJ Lee would be right up there on people’s lists. Brie Bella is the diva who went in for the lip lock at Survivor Series, back when AJ Lee was still a prominent member of the roster. The contest was for the Divas Title, and obviously, it’s become a pretty infamous event due to that kiss – the most watchable incident during the course of that 35 second match – yes, I said 35 seconds! So, understandably, there wasn’t much wrestling going on, so Brie had to do something to make it a tad memorable.

Brie’s reasoning behind the kiss was kind of just to give AJ a taste of her own medicine, seeing as how she made Daniel Bryan – Brie’s current hubby – lose with the so-called kiss of death. Brie though she’d return the favor. It lasted for a good five seconds or so, and although AJ didn’t seem best pleased and wasn’t enjoying it one bit, we certainly were.

7 Paige Licking Natalya

During an episode of Monday Night Raw back in 2014, two of best divas, Paige and Natalya, went head to head and did battle in the main event. They were going back and forth the whole match, one second Paige had the upper hand and the next Natalya gets back into it, but the match will be remembered, not only for some decent wrestling and in-ring action, but because of the very sexual nature of the match displayed throughout, mainly coming from Paige.

We know now, because of their going’s on in Total Divas, that they’re both quite close and are pretty decent friends. We also know that Paige has been with women in the past – “of course I have, I’ve experimented, it’s the 21st century,” she’s said – so perhaps she had some feelings for Nattie, even back in 2014. During that match Paige licked the side of Nattie’s face like she was sensually licking a lollipop, but it was later backstage, when the Total Divas cameras were rolling, that things got really heated. Nattie was basically asking Paige why did the match have to get so sexual, and ended up licking Paige and groping her, grabbing her boobs; a bit of comeuppance right there, although Paige didn’t seem to mind one bit, and neither did Nattie for that matter.

6 Paige – AJ Lee

AJ Lee has spoken out numerous times about how she feels women are treated in wrestling, and some of the stuff they’re made to do, some of the storylines and angles they’re subjected to. So, she couldn’t have been happy about this particular angle in which she kissed Paige and was really cozying up to her, but either she’s a terrific actor and deserves an Oscar for her performance, or she wasn’t acting and was actually totally immersed in the storyline, and the fact that it was with Paige also probably made it a whole lot better.

That rivalry between AJ and Paige really was the highpoint of the entire women’s division, and for quite a while too. Some aspects of the storyline were seriously sexy, kind of like a quasi-lesbian love story. AJ actually started it, seductively kissing Paige’s hand while smiling that shy smile and looking longingly into her eyes. AJ later hugged Paige, and the sexual tension continued, before it culminated in Paige defeating AJ to win the Divas Championship, at the end of which she hugged AJ’s limp body and kissed her on the cheek, ending a pretty steamy storyline that carried on for quite some time.

5 Victoria – Candice Michelle Entrances

Vince’s Devils, another one of those concoctions dreamed up and manufactured by Vince, meant we got to see plenty of hot and steamy moments with his Divas, because Vince, after all, loved that kind of thing. A lot of those moments involved Vince, but there were plenty of hot moments between the divas, particularly between Victoria and Candice Michelle, two of the most drop dead gorgeous divas of yesteryear, so understandably you didn’t hear a lot of complaining when they came to the ring together to do their thing. That’s when these moments actually occurred, when they came to the ring together, during their ring entrances, where they kissed, pretty sexually, on the lips, pretty much every time during their ring entrances.

That kind of thing’s pretty much the norm for Candice Michelle; in fact, she was used to getting involved in much more hardcore stuff around that time. Away from WWE she earned some cash as a bondage babe, going by the name Mackenzie Montgomery, while getting trussed up and gagged for vids and photoshoots, so you certainly wouldn’t have heard her complaining about having to kiss Victoria!

4 Stephanie McMahon At Unforgiven 2002

This was one of the feuds at Unforgiven 2002, involving Stephanie McMahon and Eric Bischoff. Due to all the matches that were on the bill, on paper you’d have expected this feud to be insignificant in the night’s entertainment, pretty forgettable overall, but it was anything but. It all boiled down to this: if Billy and Chuck beat the Three Minute Warning they’d have to kiss Stephanie where the sun don’t shine, and if they didn’t, she’d have to perform some "Hot Lesbian Action," with the aptly named, “Lesbians.” Of course, Billy and Chuck didn’t beat the Warning, Stephanie ended up getting sexualized in a pretty memorable scene. Before that though, the HLA girls, Looney Lane and Savvy Sasha, got pretty hot and steamy themselves in the ring, stripping each other down and giving in to their own and Eric’s desires. Then it was Stephanie’s turn. Bischoff tried to coax her with lesbian action, and I must say she looked like she was rather enjoying it.

3 Sable-Torrie

Sable and Torrie Wilson, two former vixens of the wrestling scene, were involved in plenty of hot and steamy moments in general during their times in the industry, but also together; there are a ton of instances that took place during their many years in wrestling together where things got pretty X-rated between the two, and their entire relationship had serious lesbian overtones.

For example, who can forget Torrie Wilson doing a strip tease in the middle of the ring during that memorable bikini contest, Sable stripping down to her bare essentials to join her, and then pressing their bodies against each other and going in for the kiss – just one of these moments that highlights the lesbian nature of their relationship.

Their photoshoot to promote their appearances in Playboy magazine also ended up having plenty of hot moments. Those who saw the behind the scene footage will know what I’m talking about. The guy in charge of the photoshoot said he wanted to do something unique, and “two girls together is always a great idea” – damn right, it probably helped sell a ton of copies.

2 Mickie James – Trish Hot Christmas Kiss

That whole storyline between Mickie and Trish where Mickie morphed from Trish’s diehard fan into an obsessed stalker, was one memorable angle, perhaps one of the best in women’s wrestling history. Luckily for us, we got to see how things panned out over the course of eight months, during which there were tons of hot moments between the two, and Mickie being Mickie, she wasn’t going to hold back and be shy about things – she made the angle and played the part superbly.

That hot Christmas kiss is one moment between the two that everyone would remember. Trish had been quite tolerant of Mickie at that point, but Mickie, as she does, took things to a whole other level. She decorated the locker rooms to spread some Christmas cheer, and as part of the decorations, had strategically placed some mistletoe right above Trish’s changing area, and we all know what happens when there’s mistletoe.

Then there was that shower moment, which was literally hot and steamy, and when Mickie put a vice grip on Trish’s you know what; a very sexual storyline between the two from start to finish.

1 Paige – Rosa Mendes Total Divas Kiss

This is why Total Divas is so great, because fans get an insight into the personal lives of their favorite divas, and get to see relationships form, and what goes on between wrestling personalities outside the ring. We ended up getting a real insight into the personal lives of Paige and Rosa Mendes, and we got to see their relationship blossom. Both have admitted to being with women in the past, and so as they got closer, plenty of people would’ve been crossing their fingers and hoping for a spark to ignite between the two. These people got their wish: Rosa came out and admitted she had a crush on Paige, and then took things further. After enjoying one of their heart to heart convos, they hugged, and then without hesitation, Rosa went in for the kiss. They locked lips, and although Paige returned the kiss, she then told Rosa she only wanted to be her friend. Rosa mistook all the signals and thought they meant something else…awkward!

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