Top 15 Hottest NHL WAGS Of 2016

The National Hockey League (NHL) was founded November 26, 1917 in Montreal, Quebec. Hockey is often associated with Canada, the birthplace of the league and of the sport itself. Currently, the NHL spo

The National Hockey League (NHL) was founded November 26, 1917 in Montreal, Quebec. Hockey is often associated with Canada, the birthplace of the league and of the sport itself. Currently, the NHL sports seven Canadian teams and 23 (soon to be 24) teams in the United States. The Montreal Canadians have captured the most titles with a whopping 25. And remember that guy Wayne Gretzky? Born in Brantford, Ontario, Gretzky helped popularize the sport into a new era of excitement for both the media and hockey in general. Nicknamed "The Great One," four of the five championships captured by the Edmonton Oilers were courtesy of Gretzky. A statue of Gretzky was built outside the arena in Edmonton and "The Great One" is referred to as the greatest players to ever play the sport. All other players are compared to his style and pure athletic grace on the ice. By the time Gretzky finished playing for the Edmonton Oilers, he had broken or shared 49 NHL records. "The Great One" then moved on to the biggest market in the world, Los Angeles, and elevated both his image and the sport even further.

Hockey truly got a kick in the butt from Gretzky's move to Los Angeles, and ever since, we have seen the sport expand and then contract (in large part due to the 2004-5 season getting canceled over a labor dispute). The game of hockey took a massive hit when they lost TV contracts and once again became the one major North American sport that didn't have much television exposure. Although hockey lost quite a bit of luster from that labor dispute, the league has since reloaded with new stars and is now set to expand by adding the first major sports team ever in Las Vegas, Nevada; the Vegas Golden Knights. As the game thrives, so do its players and the women they attract. Like with any sport, professional hockey players always draw hot women. These are the 15 Hottest WAGS in the NHL.

15 Kathy Leutner and Sidney Crosby


Often referred to as the heir-apparent to Wayne Gretzky, nicknamed "The Next One," Crosby has been a tremendous player for the Pittsburgh Penguins. Using speed and toughness, Crosby has made his mark on the league by hoisting the Stanley Cup twice. He is only the ninth player in NHL history to capture two Cup titles and win two Olympic gold medals (both for his home nation of Canada).  Championships and gold medals aren't the only things Crosby has caught. He is in the midst of an eight year relationship with model Kathy Leutner which makes him a champion on and off the ice. Kathy is a native of Virginia and has appeared in many magazines. The two met years ago and claim that they are each in their first serious relationship.

14 Aryne Fuller and John Tavares


Born in Mississauga, Ontario, John Tavares has been a staple for the New York Islanders since 2009. The center is the face of the franchise. He signed a big contract in 2011, a six year deal worth $33 million which is just the tip of the iceberg for the star. Scheduled to become a free agent soon, the team is working on a lucrative extension. A true center who scores goals and assists at nearly a 1:1 ratio, Tavares has helped the Isles become a far more respectable team over the years. Girlfriend Aryne Fuller is also Canadian. The graduate of McMaster University has a Bachelors in Science Kinesiology and then went back to school to get a Masters in Rehabilitation Therapy & Physiotherapy. With as many injuries as hockey players get, Tavares now has his own hot therapist and trainer in his home which is a great bonus (to go along with the late night fun of course!).

13 Andrea Talmadge and Ben Bishop


Ben Bishop is the massive goalie for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Standing at 6' 7", Bishop is an imposing goalie whose body takes up most of the net. Nicknamed "Big Ben," Bishop was born in Denver, Colorado. Bishop has had an impressive run with the Tampa Bay Lightning, amassing three consecutive 35+ win seasons for the team. With a GAA that sits in the low twos every season, Bishop has emerged as one of the premier goalies in the sport. In case you are wondering, Andrea Talmadge is Bishop's fire-hot girlfriend. Like many hockey players, Bishop keeps his girlfriend well under wraps. They have attended events together for over a year, but aside from that, they are pretty under-the-table. Either way, Andrea is one hot lady and "Big Ben" is awfully lucky!

12 Nastya Shubskaya and Alexander Ovechkin


Alexander Ovechkin is a hockey stud. The star was born in Moscow, Russia. The left winger is a force on the ice, a 6' 3", 240 pound monster who uses his physicality and skill to dominate opponents. Ovechkin has played his entire career for the Washington Capitals, the captain of their team and the face of their franchise. Ovechkin has lead the NHL in scoring six times during his illustrious career. Ovechkin has scored 50 goals in a season seven times, just the third player in history to do so. The prolific goal scorer has scored off the ice as well. Nastya Shubskaya is a Russian beauty, an aspiring actress and model who is absolutely gorgeous and married the hockey star this past summer. The model is definitely a big score for the NHL's perennial scoring champ.

11 Katie Hoaldridge and Jamie Benn


Born in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Jamie Benn is a strong athletic winger for the Dallas Stars. He is currently captain of the team, displaying the respect he garners from his coaches and teammates alike. In 2014, Benn was part of the Canadian Olympic squad that captured gold. Also in the 2014-15 season in the NHL, Benn won the Art Ross Trophy as the league's leading scorer with 87 points. Benn recently signed a massive 8-year $76 million contract extension with the Stars, showing both the health of the league and how good Benn can be. Meanwhile, as Benn lands big contracts and dominates on the ice, off the ice he has been just as good. Girlfriend Katie Hoaldridge is a Fort Worth, Texas native. The cross-country runner is a physical machine and it is no wonder that she models as well. The two make a very nice pair.

10 Susan Holder and Brent Burns


Susan Holder is the beautiful spouse of Brent Burns. Burns is a defenseman for the San Jose Sharks. Burns was born back in Barrie, Ontario. Defensemen may be seen as tough, physical brutes on the ice, but Burns is no slouch. The defensive stud was smart enough to nab Susan Holder (now Burns). Holder was a graduate of Sam Houston State. The two started dating and didn't look back. They got married in July 2009 and have two children together. The scruffy beard adorning Burns may make him look like a mountain man, with his 6' 5" 235 pound frame, but the defenseman is one of the league's best. During the 2015-16 season, Burns scored a sensational 75 points, amassing 27 goals, a career high, from his position to go along with 48 assists- and he has a hot wife. Impressive on both accounts Brent!

9 Caitlin Reilly and Dylan Larkin


Dylan Larkin is the pride of Waterford, Michigan, his home town. The Detroit Red Wings center played his collegiate career for the Michigan Wolverines. He was almost immediately drafted to the Detroit Red Wings and signed a three-year contract with them in May of 2015. Debuting in the NHL at just 19 years of age, Larkin became the NHL's Rookie of the Month right away in November of 2015. Larkin is so good, he was chosen to be on the 2016 NHL All-Star Team in his first season. He won the award for faster skater with a record time of 13.172. Larkin is a true star-in-the-making, compiling 23 goals and 22 assists in his first season of hockey competition. Then there is Caitlin Reilly, Larkin's super-hot gal-pal. This hockey bunny is very beautiful and seems excited to be part of Larkin's climb; however, we will see how long she hangs on for the ride.

8 Kaylee McDonagh and Ryan McDonagh


Minnesota is one of the hotbed locations for developing NHL stars in the United States. Ryan McDonagh was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The defenseman is the captain for the New York Rangers. McDonagh is just the 27th captain in Rangers' team history, following the likes of former defensive star Brian Leetch. To show his in-game ferocity, McDonagh skated the final three games of the 2015 Eastern Conference Finals on a broken foot (big man props!). McDonagh is regarded as one of the premier defensive players in the league in both scoring and as a leader on the ice. Off the ice, Ryan McDonagh has done well with wife, Kaylee Keys (now McDonagh). McDonagh married his beautiful wife back in 2013. What is even more interesting is that Kaylee Keys was an all-state hockey player and went to the same high school as McDonagh. Now that's an awesome tale of love!

7 Ryanne Breton and Claude Giroux


Claude Giroux is the speedy center for the Philadelphia Flyers. Born in Hearts, Ontario, Canada, Giroux has spent his entire career with the boys from Philly. Named the captain of the Flyers team to start the 2012-13 season, Giroux has been a point and team leader in every way for the Flyers over the past six seasons. Since being vaulted to the first line, Giroux has posted some big numbers with 93 points in 2011-12, 86 points in 2013-14 and 73 in 2014-15. Giroux is a force on the ice and the Flyers love him out there. Off the ice, Giroux has found equal success in his love life, just recently becoming engaged to his long time girlfriend, Ryanne Breton. Breton grew up in the Ottawa, Canada area and they met four years ago. Breton, for her part, is completely gorgeous. And as you can see by the picture above, the two know how to have a good time together. We wish them all the luck in the world!

6 Catherine Laflamme and Kris Letang


Kris Letang is a defenseman for the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Montreal, Quebec native has been part of the two Stanley Cup Championships the Penguins have most recently won. Letang has been a force for the Pens, scoring 50 points during the 2010-11 season (with 101 PM!), 54 points in the 2014-15 season and an incredible 67 points in 71 games during the Stanley Cup Championship run in 2015-16. The three-time all-star already has a tremendous hockey resume and then he added a new teammate off the ice in 2015 in the likes of the beautiful and sexy Catherine Laflamme. Laflamme is a blonde beauty who was engaged for two years to Letang prior to tying the knot. The two have a son together but more impressively, just look at the many amazing photos of Laflamme.

5 Yana Tarasenko and Vladimir Tarasenko

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Vladimir Tarasenko is another impressive Russian hockey import. Born in Yaroslavl, Russia, the right winger plays for the St. Louis Blues. He is the alternate captain for the team he has played for all his career, joining them during the 2012-13 season. Tarasenko has really come into his own during the last two NHL seasons, scoring 73 and 74 points respectively to help the Blues become a bigger player in the Western Conference. The 24-year-old is already a well-oiled hockey vet, playing professional hockey since the 2007-8 season in his homeland (that's as a 14-year-old!). Off the ice, the Russian has posted just as impressive numbers with his wife, Yana Tarasenko. The Russian beauty is the perfect match for this Russian, now American, hockey star. The couple look beautiful and happy!

4 Alexa Delgreco and John Gibson


Another hockey goalie hits our list with John Gibson. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, John Gibson stands 6' 3". The height is a benefit for goalies who like to fill up their nets. The goalie was drafted back in 2011 by the Anaheim Ducks and has played with the big club since 2013. Gibson, much like Michael Jordan, was cut from his high school team. Gibson wasn't good enough according to his high school coach, a decision that coach has regretted ever since. He played his college hockey with the University of Michigan. Just prior to his 21st birthday, Gibson was in the NHL and playing for the Ducks. Gibson was selected to the all-star team in 2015-16. In addition to being an all-star on the ice, Gibson has done well for himself off it as well. The goalie grabbed a beautiful brunette named Alexa Delgreco. The two are now engaged and due to be married back in Gibson's hometown of Pittsburgh on August 4th, 2018. Well done, John!

3 Nicole Arruda and Drew Doughty


Drew Doughty plays hockey for the Los Angeles Kings which is why the girl in the picture is so damn hot. Born in London, Ontario, Canada, Doughty has played with the Kings his entire career. He was drafted by the LA-LA Land franchise back in 2008. All he did was help win them their first ever Stanley Cup. The dynamic right defenseman is known for extraordinary skating ability and supremacy from the point. Doughty regularly helms the Kings' power plays and thus has produced big time production from his position. And speaking of positions, Doughty also is in a VERY good position away from the game with his girl, Nicole Arruda. Don't let Nicole's insane beauty fool you- she is no ditzy blonde with an amazing body. I mean, she has an amazing body, but she is also a teacher and a computer programmer. AND...Canadian to boot! The two make a good couple although we think Arruda can make any couple hot with just her presence.

2 Ashley Grossaint and Matt Duchene


Once again from the Canadian hockey factory that is known as Ontario, we get a hockey stud. Matt Duchene was born in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada. In 2009, the touted hockey talent was drafted third overall by the Colorado Avalanche. He has been on the team ever since. The center is a tremendous talent and a consistent producer for the team. He has scored over 20 goals five times for the Avalanche and topped 70 points in the 2013-14 season. Duchene is currently in the midst of a 5-year $30-million contract with the Avalanche and is the team's alternate captain. His success has led him to smile from ear-to-ear and his amazingly hot blonde girlfriend doesn't hurt either. The two had been going out for years and just this year Duchene proposed to his beautiful bride-to-be, Ashley Grossaint. Grossaint has done some modeling (clearly) and we know the two will be a happy couple for quite a long time. Things seem to be looking up for them both!

1 Ellie Ottaway and Roman Josi


Yeah. Pretty much let's just stare at this picture for a VERY long while. Defenseman Roman Josi is the recipient of this fine beauty. Josi was born in Bern, Switzerland and briefly played professionally there prior to making his way into the NHL draft. The Nashville Predators took the talented defenseman in the 2008 draft. Josi has been one of the biggest forces on defense during the past two seasons. He has tallied 55 and 61 points respectively from his defensive position, both numbers that helped him garner an appearance as an all-star in 2016. Now let's talk and look at Ellie Ottaway. The model, who was born in Nashville, Tennessee, is girlfriend to Josi. We must say that we are VERY impressed with them both. Josi is making over $3 million a year and he has the grand prize of landing our #1 WAG on the list. Good luck to them both! (and let's just stare at that picture of Ellie Ottaway just a bit more...)

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