Top 15 Hottest NBA Dance Teams

The combination of sports and hot chicks dancing around in skimpy outfits has been going on ever since it was legal for them to do things like that in public. The NBA may be hotter than it ever has been as of late. Between Steph Curry, LeBron James, James Harden and Russell Westbrook, there are plenty of stars to go around that are having amazing seasons, and while basketball is not as popular as football and baseball, in the eyes of many it is way cooler and seems to be trending even more that way in the future.

Another reason it is hot, though, is all the team dancers. There is not a single team out there right not that does not have a bevy of hot chicks dancing all around during time outs and half-time while you drink your beer or eat a hot dog. And what is wrong with that when you really think about it? Nothing that's what.

The following article will break down the 15 hottest dance teams in the NBA, so check them out on your cable package, or maybe even stream a few games, you know you want to. Or you could always go to a live game and check out these smoke shows dancing in an arena near you, the only drag is you will have to sit through some basketball in between.

Here are the 15 Hottest NBA Dance Squads.

15 Cavalier Girls

Who would have ever thought that the Cleveland Cavaliers would ever be this good? I mean come on, it is the NBA, who would want to play in Cleveland? Well, LeBron James did, and that seems to be enough. Even though a lot of people hate on him, and love to disrespect his game, if you don't know how awesome he is then you don't know basketball. Another thing that people would not have thought is that their dance team would be so smoking hot. No offense to anyone but the words "Hot chick" and "Cleveland" are not usually used in the same sentence. But these Cavaliers girls are hot there is no doubt about that at all. Now all that remains to be seen is if they will be dancing in the NBA finals again.

14 Warriors Girls

Everyone that follows basketball, and even most people that don't, knows how successful the Warriors have been. Despite losing in the finals last year to the Cavaliers, they have still been an incredibly successful team, winning a championship a few years ago. They recently added Kevin Durant to the mix that already included Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, and it looks like it will be either them or the Cavs once again this year. Which is a good thing because that means we will have all sorts of rounds of playoffs that we get to see the Warrior Girls do their thing. This is truly one of the best dance teams in the NBA, which is a good thing, because they have one of the best teams in the NBA to cheer for.

13 Chicago Luvabulls

It is interesting that this dance team is called the Luvabulls, because for the last few years, this team has been anything but that. This year they took a team that was already old and cranky and added to it with Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade, two of the oldest and crankiest players in the league. The results have been predictable, as the team is pretty awful, and is limping towards the last playoff spot. One might think that going to a Bulls game is terrible then, but not really because the dance team is just full of absolute smoke shows. Who cares about mediocre basketball played by sulky millionaires, when it comes packaged with a bunch of nubile young chicks dancing around in skimpy and ridiculous outfits? Not me.

12 Thunder Girls

The Thunder is an interesting team. It is hard not to like them, especially when they have who I consider to be the best player in the NBA right now. I am obviously referring to Russell Westbrook, a dude who is always executing. One might think at first they might not have that great of a dance team; you usually would not think of Oklahoma as having a whole lot of hot women, but you also have to think that the Midwest is still an area of the country where being a cheerleader is super cool. Needless to say the Thunder Girls are filled with super hot women. At least fans get to check out all of these women, and they get to cheer for Westbrook, because the rest of the team does not have a whole lot going for it.

11 Blazers Dancers

Portland, Oregon has turned into sort of a hipster's paradise as of late, so one would not think of it as a place where a whole lot of chicks would be interested in dancing around in skimpy outfits, but hey, it turns out there are some things that never go out of style. The Blazer Dancers are smoking hot and feature some of the most ridiculously good looking dancers in the entire NBA. Sadly for Portland fans, their team is not playing well at all, the most they can hope for appears to be to squeak into the final playoff spot in the West, which means they get to be steamrolled by the Warriors in the first round. Don't despair Portland fans, your team may be mediocre, but your dancers are first rate. One has to keep things in perspective.

10 Celtics Dancers

The Celtics were one of the last teams to get dancers. They always were such a traditional team that things like mascots and dancers were frowned upon. And that was all cool until Celtics fans (and I am one of them) started to look around the NBA and see all the other teams got to check out hot chicks except for them. Now the Celtics do have a dance team, and they are so hot that they made up for lost time. Another thing making up for lost time is the current Celtics team. They are second in the East as I write this, and have a young and up and coming team. They appear poised to take the next step and be a championship contender once again, except now they will do so with a bunch of hotties cheering them on.

9 Knicks City Dancers

Speaking of a team that does not have a lot going for it, man oh man, look at how bad the Knicks are. First you have Phil Jackson constantly taking little jabs at Carmelo Anthony on social media, then you have the fact that they run the ridiculous triangle offense, and to top it all off team legend Charles Oakley was just wrestled to the floor in Madison Square Garden and banned for life. A team like this better have some pretty good eye candy to watch during timeouts and at the half. Don't despair, as the Knicks certainly do. The Knick City Dancers are one of the hottest dance teams going. I imagine it is filled with young women who dream that their role on the dance team will give them more opportunities in New York, which doesn't make them hotter, but does make them funnier.

8 Brooklynettes

The Brooklyn Nets are inarguably the worst team in the entire NBA. It is even worse that they traded away all their draft picks over the next few years, which ensures they will remain awful for the near future. So one might imagine that their fans are not that enthusiastic. Because of this they need a pretty hot group of women to perform for the crowd. Thankfully for the Nets, and for all of the fans dumb enough to shell out a whole bunch of money to see an NBA game in Brooklyn, they have one of the hottest dance teams in the league. This does not quite make up for watching Brook Lopez lumber around on the court with a bunch of guys that should be playing in the D League, but it does not hurt.

7 Laker Girls

For a long time the Lakers were one of the best teams in the entire NBA, other than the Celtics they have the most championships in league history. Back then being a Laker Girl really meant something. That was then though and this is now, and now the Lakers pretty much totally stink. They do have a few good young players, but it is too soon to tell if any of them are going to really amount to anything. At least the Laker Girls are still banging. While dancing for a team that is undeniably awful is not quite the same as dancing for an NBA champion, the team is still totally full of really hot women, which just makes sense as California is full of a bunch of women that want to be bikini models and actresses and can't get jobs.

6 Miami Heat Dancers

While Los Angeles is full of hot women that want to get jobs in the entertainment industry, Miami is full of women that don't want to get hot jobs at all, and would rather find a rich guy to pay their way. And what better way to find one than to be a hot dancer for the Miami Heat? Well there probably are better ways, but they are not legal. Either way the Heat consistently have one of the best, and hottest dance teams around. The basketball team is another story, a few years after LeBron James took his talents to South Beach, he left and the team has yet to find its identity. They have been playing well lately though, so they might be able to squeak into the playoffs, which would put them in line to meet LeBron in the first round.

5 The Honey Bees

The Honey Bees is the name of the dance team for the Charlotte Hornets. While I am sure that is supposed to evoke some sort of feeling in me, all I really think about is that chubby girl that wore the bee costume in the Blind Melon video. I can honestly say though that none of these chicks are chubby, quite the opposite, they are all totally and ridiculously smoking hot. Which is a good thing as the Hornets are pretty much always a middle of the pack, mediocre team that is not even all that fun to watch. When Kemba Walker is the best thing that you have going on then you better have some pretty good dancers, and the Hornets do without a doubt, even if their name reminds me of something that is kind of silly.

4 Suns Dancers

Women from Arizona are always kind of hot it seems. Why this is I am not quite sure, as I have never done any sort of scientific study on the whole thing, although I am seeking grants to do so if anyone wants to fund me. These Suns dancers are all incredibly good looking, ensuring that the Sun is not the only thing that will rise at one of their performances. Once again it seems like so many of the really bad teams in the NBA have some of the best dancers. It makes sense I suppose, if your team is awful you want to give your fans something fun to watch after all, but maybe spend a little more time making your team better, and not worry so much about your dance team? Actually I take that back. As long as the dancers stay the same I am fine.

3 Rockets Power Dancers

The Houston Rockets are one of the surprise teams of the NBA this year. They were supposed to be okay, but instead they have been one of the best teams in the West. What is going on with James Harden? I mean he has always been good, but he has never been this good. Can you believe he and Russell Westbrook used to be on the same team? Could you imagine that now? Anyway, with all this good basketball going on, it would be easy to forget about the dance team it seems. But when it comes to Houston's dance team, called the Rockets Power Dancers, they are pretty much impossible to ignore. All this good basketball and a super hot basketball team as well? That would be the best combo in basketball except for one team.

2 Spurs Silver Dancers

And that team is the Spurs. Yes I have rated one team over them as far as dance team goes, but as far as a combination of a good basketball team that is paired with some totally hot dancers? None can surpass the Spurs. They are a model of consistency. They may not win the championship every year, but they are always contenders year after year, they have a shot at being the best. The same goes for the dance team. They may not be the flashiest, but they sure are right up there at being the best, or in this case the hottest. The Spurs are one of those teams that you really can't hate, as they just do things the right way. You also can't hate the dance team, but for a different reason, namely that they are so darn attractive.

1 Dallas Mavericks Dancers

The Mavericks have fallen on some hard times as of late. They were awesome for a while, and even won a championship, but they have not been very good over the last few years, as all of their best players have either gotten old or were traded away. In fact there are only two things that are interesting about the current edition of the Mavericks. One is owner Mark Cuban's constant war of words with President Donald Trump (man that still sounds odd to say) and the other is the inarguable fact that their dance team is simply one of the best in the NBA, in fact I say they are the best. If you disagree then you can take it up with the dancers, and I know that you don't want to do that. It is never cool to make a hot woman in a dance outfit cry.

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