Top 15 Hottest Dallas Cowboys WAGS

The Dallas Cowboys are "America's Team." This designation goes back to the 1970s, a powerhouse franchise now led by a powerhouse owner in Jerry Jones. The silver and blue have been relevant in the football vernacular for many, many decades. With 5 Superbowl titles (1996, 1994, 1993, 1978, 1972) under their belt, Cowboys fans may be longing for the days of Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith these days. It has been a while since the Cowboys have won a championship and went deep into the playoffs. However, the team has seemed to be on the cusp of greatness year after year. They have been led by Tony Romo, but recently, a new young look to this team has taken hold and brought them to new heights.

Led by a devastating offensive line that mauls its opponents, this Cowboys team is arguably the best squad they have put forth in many years. And when Tony Romo went down injured, the star quarterback and the team's hopes seemingly wilted away. A week one loss to division foe the New York Giants, cemented those concerns. But many weeks later, the Cowboys have pulled off 10 straight wins and sits atop the NFC. Led by rookies Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Prescott, the team is rolling toward the playoffs.

This group also has had some good looks off the field as well. It's no secret that women are attracted to money and athletes; and these guys fit the bill. Some of them had some epic runs with some of the most beautiful women around. We look at girlfriends and wives (past and present) of the current Cowboys roster and rank the best of the best. These are the 15 hottest Dallas Cowboys WAGS.

15 Jennifer Jones (Morris Claiborne)

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Morris Claiborne is enjoying a tremendous season for the first place Cowboys. It was two years ago that he was nearly released by the team when his father passed away and the cornerback fell into a deep depression that lasted the better part of a year. He lost his starting job and almost walked out on the game. That's when his beautiful girlfriend, Jennifer Jones, stepped in. She propped up her man, gave him support and confidence, and kept him focused. Morris credits his main squeeze with his revival and getting back to the player he once was. We applaud how sexy she can look dressed in a football jersey and think Morris definitely has a keeper in Jenifer Jones.

14 Briana Hooks (Dez Bryant)

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Dez Bryant is a brash wide receiver who is unapologetic on the football field. He is a beast to cover, a nightmare for defensive secondaries and coordinators alike. Dez is great at improvising on the field. Off the field, he has been linked to two different women. Along with a baby mama, Dez has posted numerous photos with girlfriend Briana Hooks. Briana is a sexy model who has stolen the receiver's heart and helped to break up his happy home. There is no doubt that Dez enjoys going all the way with Briana and we certainly can't blame him. She definitely is quite the catch for a wide receiver who is well-versed at making many great catches.

13 Megan McShane (Sean Lee)

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Sean Lee is the anchor of the Dallas Cowboys defense. The linebacker has been a staple for the team for many years. He is the quarterback of the defense and one of the most valuable players on the team. As good as Sean is at stuffing the run and covering running backs out of the back field, he was equally good at sacking a beautiful woman in Megan McShane. There is no doubt that Megan is a true beauty and one fine looking woman who regularly sits in the WAGS section at home games. With a healthy Sean Lee in the line-up and a beautiful Megan on his shoulder, this middle linebacker is unstoppable on and off the field.

12 Morgan Martin (Zack Martin)

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Zach Martin is one of the devastating lineman from the mauling O-line for the Dallas Cowboys. On arguably the league's best and most powerful offensive line, Zach is one of the numerous former first round picks on this line, a huge 6' 4" guard who weighs over 300 pounds. As Zach devastates defenses at the point of attack, at home, he devastates the hearts of many men with his beautiful wife, Morgan Martin. Zach has done quite well for himself on and off the field. Morgan is quite the catch and some may not think big lineman can pull beautiful women, but make no mistake about it, they can, and this is proof positive of that. Morgan may not be a supermodel, but she is super-good looking and we wish the Martins well.

11 Carrie Underwood (Tony Romo)

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Carrie Underwood may have been pegged for being a little chubby when she first started singing, but we didn't see it. She has always been beautiful in our eyes. The singer is gorgeous and a star in her own right. And for a long while, she spent her Sundays in the private boxes in various football stadiums around the country as she cheered on her then boyfriend, Tony Romo. Romo has been the Cowboys starting quarterback for a long while and up until his injury at the beginning of the season, he would have been at the helm of their epic run this season. But it wasn't meant to be and instead, Romo has been watching the exciting rookie Dak Prescott lead his team to a dominating first place run. Romo has lost both Underwood and his starting job over the past two years- two very rough losses by our standards.

10 Krystin Beasley (Cole Beasley)

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The ultimate safety valve in the offense, Cole Beasley is the possession receiver in a Cowboys' offense that is firing on all cylinders. Cole moves the chains which is huge to keep drives alive. That is Cole's true value. He isn't nearly as fast or athletic as Dez Bryant, but Cole catches everything thrown his way and knows how to get open. Standing at only 5' 8" tall, Cole makes the offense go. He is the underdog that continues to overachieve, an undrafted free agent in 2012 who has become a key cog in the offense. In addition to his on-the-field attributes, Cole has done well for himself off the field as well with Krystin Beasley, his wife.

9 Dallas Nicole Parks (Dak Prescott)

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When you are a quarterback, life is good. On the field, you are able to be the focus of attention and make the big bucks. Dak Prescott has emerged as a huge story this season, taking the starting job by the horns once team leader Tony Romo suffered a terrible pre-season injury. Dak has taken the job and run with it, leading his team to first place positioning and shown himself to be one of the most dominant and poised players on the field. And his girlfriend, Dallas Nicole Parks, is absolutely stunning. Dak is going to get the big bucks in the near future, but he is already getting paid in spades with a girlfriend like Dallas. It's a fitting first name for a girl whose main squeeze is the starting quarterback for "America's Team." We'll see how long they last, but for now, Dak is killing it both on and off the field!

8 Tiffany Thompson (Ezekiel Elliott)

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Ezekiel Elliott is the star running back for the Dallas Cowboys. The rookie entered the season with extremely high hopes. The team sports a devastating offensive line that opens up massive holes. Just three years prior, the Cowboys sent Demarco Murray on his way to amassing a league high yards from scrimmage. Now, Ezekiel is well on his way to being the beneficiary of running through massive holes. And when you are looking at a massive score in the NFL, both in stats and financially, the women come-a-knockin'! Tiffany Thompson was Ezekiel's fire-hot girlfriend once upon a time. But when it was clear Ezekiel was moving beyond her, she got jealous and spiteful. She hatched a plan to have her friends lie and support her claims that Ezekiel beat her. We weren't there to witness anything, so we will stay out of this one. Two things are for certain; Ezekiel is a badass running back and his ex-girlfriend, although most likely a tad crazy and very money-hungry, is super-hot.

7 Nancy Rodriguez (Randy Gregory)

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Randy Gregory is a sad tale. He is an extraordinary talent who has hurt himself in a variety of ways since being drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. The talented defensive tackle has all the ability in the world, but has been suspended due to using an illegal substance. To make matters worse, he entered a treatment facility and is rumored to have once again tested positive. Randy clearly could have a bright NFL future ahead of him. But his off-the-field issues have caused him tremendous personal and professional problems. Nancy Rodriguez is Randy's stellar looking girlfriend. She is tough to miss- a sexy looking blonde, so one hopes that Randy gets his head on straight.

6 Ashley Marie Presutto (Anthony Hitchens)

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Anthony Hitchens is an impact linebacker for the 'Boys. A fast, physical and athletic defensive stud. Anthony is able to play all the linebacker  positions on the field. He is a rare breed, currently helping them excel. Hitchens' main squeeze is Ashley Marie Presutto. She is absolutely stunning and the picture doesn't even do her body justice. Hitchens may not be a Pro Bowl linebacker just yet, but he definitely is a Pro Bowler off the field with Presutto on his arm. This brunette bombshell sports a wicked and devious body to go with her beautiful face.

5 Michelle Witten (Jason Witten)

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Tight-end Jason Witten is a regular in the Dallas Cowboys lineup. He has been there for over a decade. Drafted all the way back in 2003, Witten is a 10-time All-Pro. To go along with his illustrious career, he won the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award back in 2012. Witten ranks second all-time in career receptions and receiving yards by a tight end, trailing only Tony Gonzalez. Jason's wife, Michelle, is a beautiful blonde who always stays fit. She isn't some 20-something party girl. Michelle is an elegant woman who works as an emergency room nurse. But it is her beautiful figure, with a kind of model-esque look, that impresses. The couple and family look happy and we couldn't be happier for a better guy. Well done all-around, Jason!

4 Eva Longoria (Mark Sanchez)

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Mark Sanchez arrives on the list and I can already hear the Cowboys fans yelling that he isn't a true Cowboy. Certainly, Mark has done well with the ladies in the past. As the New York Jets starting quarterback he was the toast of the town. For a good while, he was the hope of a better future for them. But things quickly fell apart for him and the Jets. He was buried on the depth chart by his head coach, Rex Ryan, and then got badly injured in a preseason game. The good news for Mark Sanchez is that he got to get down and dirty with super-hot cougar, Eva Longoria. Certainly, Cowboy fans won't jump for joy over the third string quarterback, but we are jumping and applauding for Sanchez for being on the right side of a sack for once, and sacking the brunette beauty.

3 Jessica Simpson (Tony Romo)

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In a 'remember when' moment, we look back on one of Tony Romo's greatest and most costliest relationships. Jessica Simpson was an absolute blonde bombshell. She was best known for her difficulty with the English language on top of being a very hot singer. Shortly after her marriage went sour, she started to emerge by Tony Romo's side. Jessica Simpson was watching a game from the luxury box above when Dallas played Philadelphia. She was wearing a pink #9 Romo jersey and Tony couldn't have been any worse that day. Cowboys fans began to wonder if she was bad luck and started to rib Simpson over her sudden appearance and Romo's string of bad luck. Fear not Cowboys fans, for Romo couldn't handle the marriage heat from Simpson and moved on.

2 Candice Crawford (Tony Romo)

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In 2011, Tony Romo finally did get hitched. He and Candice Crawford tied the knot. Crawford is a former beauty queen and definitely looks the part. Candice is a Texas girl who was doing local news for years. She is a college graduate who majored in journalism and is quite the writer. Candice Crawford is literally the polar-opposite from Jessica Simpson and clearly connected with Romo on varying levels. In addition to her beauty, Crawford is an avid golfer. She is an athlete with amazing looks and a brain! Wow, that's the trifecta! Tony Romo had a great run with some celebrities, but the self-anointed low-key guy finally found his perfect match and they have been happily married ever since.

1 Kate Upton (Mark Sanchez)

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Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know it's borderline a crime to have Mark Sanchez as the top dog on any Dallas Cowboys list. We feel your pain Cowboys fans! But just look up- look up at the majestic body of Kate Upton. Bask in her glory and appreciate the perfection of her curves. Sure, Mark Sanchez has given us such comical NFL moments like the "Butt Fumble," a play that featured Sanchez trying to carry the football himself on a broken play and running face first into the rear end of one of his lineman, fumbling the ball and allowing the other team to score a touchdown and win the game. Yes, THAT Mark Sanchez gets to share #1 of our list. But again, I encourage you to gaze your eyes north at the majestic beauty above and realize that Mark Sanchez got to sleep with that! So yeah, he isn't God's gifts to quarterbacks, but he slept with one of the most beautiful angels God has ever created. And for that, Kate Upton (and Mr. Butt Fumble) tops our list!

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