Top 15 Craziest WWE Extreme Rules Moments

Extreme Rules was introduced to the WWE Universe as a pay-per-view back in 2009. Since then, it has become a gimmick focused event that has seen many incredible moments over its short history.

Extreme Rules was added to the WWE calendar when the company decided it was a good idea to create a lot of pay-per-views based on gimmick matches like TLC, Hell in a Cell, Elimination Chamber, and Fatal 4-way. Of course, WWE has now decided to remove some of these shows from their yearly calendar, but many of the matches still remain in the minds of the WWE Universe.

Even though many of the feud's felt like they were forced into gimmick matches because of convenience, there are still a lot of moments that the WWE Universe would like to remember based on how crazy they were considered to be at that time.

The following is a list of 15 craziest things to happen at Extreme Rules events over the past eight years, obviously. Extreme Rules is live this Sunday night and it will have many of these moments to beat if WWE has any hope of the WWE Universe remembering any of the extreme moments from this year's show.

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15 The First Ever Asylum Match - Extreme Rules 2016

The match was built up after Jericho killed Mitch The Plant and Dean retaliated by ruining what was a very expensive entrance jacket of Jericho's. The duo had faced off many times before and it was decided that the only way to contain them was inside an Asylum. Sadly it seems that the match failed to live up to the hype, but did allow Ambrose to walk out as the winner of his signature match, something that many stars are unable to do. Jericho was dumped onto thumbtacks in the match, which was definitely one for the Extreme Rules memoirs.

14 Samoan Strap Match - Extreme Rules 2009

There are some concepts that WWE's creative team come up with and the WWE Universe can only laugh about and it seems that the Samoan Strap match between the late great Umaga and CM Punk at Extreme Rules 2009 was one that the WWE Universe initially thought was a hilarious gimmick match.

It was a brutal match between The Samoan Bulldozer and Punk before it was The Second City Saint who managed to touch all four corners of the ring and defeat Umaga in his gimmick match. Like normal strap matches, Punk and Umaga were chained together and still managed to make the match work despite Umaga being much bigger than Punk and being the predictable winner.

13 Loser Leaves WWE Match - Extreme Rules 2011

Layla and Michelle McCool had been long time friends and were once both seen as the Women's Champion at the same time and would defend the title using the Freebird rule, but this relationship broke down in 2011 when they failed to win back their Divas Championship in successive matches.

After a number of run-ins, it was decided that the former friends would meet in a No-Count out, No Disqualification match at Extreme Rules where the loser would leave WWE. At this point, there were many rumours that Layla wanted to leave the company so many of the WWE Universe expected Layla to lose. It came as a huge shock when it was Michelle that lost the match and was then attacked by the debuting Kharma. This was the last time the WWE Universe saw Michelle McCool.

12 Chicago Street Fight - Extreme Rules 2012

There are not many rivalries in WWE that have become as personal as the feud between CM Punk and Chris Jericho in 2012. Jericho returned to the company in the build up to WrestleMania and claimed that he wanted back the title as "The Best in the World," something that Punk had taken from him.

After Punk defeated him at WrestleMania, the feud turned nasty as Jericho continued to attack Punk and at one point poured Jack Daniels all over the Straight Edge Superstar, which was a huge insult in itself, but then he had to bring his alcoholic father into it. Their feud was finally settled in a Chicago Street Fight at Extreme Rules that saw Punk once again come out on top in his hometown.

11 Triple H Vs. Brock Lesnar - Extreme Rules 2013

There are no feuds in WWE history that were quite as brutal as Triple H going up against Brock Lesnar. This rivalry was before Brock's run through WWE that began in 2014 and it led up to Brock's biggest defeat to Triple H at SummerSlam in 2013, but at Extreme Rules, the law of averages were in Brock's favour as he fought Triple H inside a steel cage.

Brock came out on top on this occasion, but that didn't stop the main event match between the two heavyweights being a brutal and bloody affair. It was a match that built up their final match against each other at SummerSlam and one that proved that both men deserved the spot that they were in.

10 The I Quit Match Makes Its Debut

The first I Quit Match in Extreme Rules history took place in 2013 when Alberto Del Rio went up against The Real American Jack Swagger. It was a strange feud between two former champions, since both men had a manager who could speak for them, but it was still able to deliver on the hype that is needed for an I Quit match.

It was a match that was full of drama as the referee was forced to reverse the win decision when he looked at the video replay, but it was Del Rio who actually came out on top when he locked in the Cross Armbreaker and forced Swagger to utter "I Quit" before he broke his arm.

9 WeeLC Match - Extreme Rules 2014

El Torito and Hornswoggle were mostly used as comedy stars in WWE when they partnered Los Matadores and 3MB respectively. It seems that, while 3MB and Los Matadores had their problems, Hornswoggle and El Torito decided to get in on the action.

The kick-off show for Extreme Rules back in 2014 even had its own commentary team of small people ahead of what was a TLC match between the two stars that also included miniature tables. It was El Torito who came out on top when it mattered, with the help of the two teams who were at ringside. Both stars have since been released from WWE, but they will always be remembered for one of the funniest matches in Extreme Rules history.

8 RKO To The Viper At Extreme Rules

The RKO has always been the move that made Randy Orton the superstar that he is today, but after Seth Rollins' Curb Stomp was banned by WWE following his World Championship win at WrestleMania, it was decided that Orton's RKO would be banned for him as he cashed in his rematch for the World Championship inside a steel cage at Extreme Rules in 2015.

All of the odds were stacked against Orton as he attempted to defeat Seth Rollins and take away the title he had already held 10 times at that point. It was Kane that was the difference maker though as he entered the cage after a miscommunication from Rollins, choke slammed J&J security, Rollins, and Orton before Kane was then RKO'd by Orton only for Orton to be RKO'd by Seth. The World Champion then escaped the cage to retain his title in what was a crazy main event match.

7 When A Last Man Standing Match Ends In A Draw

John Cena and Ryback had a strange kind of rivalry in WWE when it came to the WWE Championship. One of the matches that pitted these two stars against each other was at Extreme Rules in 2013 when it was thought that an ultimate winner would be decided in a Last Man Standing match.

That wasn't the case though, as Cena and Ryback's rivalry continued as they managed to draw a Last Man Standing Match when Ryback took Cena spine first through the entrance wall - which was covered in lights. It took both men down and forced them to be stretchered out of the arena. Sometimes even the biggest matches that WWE has fail to end a feud.

6 Batista vs John Cena - Last Man Standing Match

John Cena walked into Extreme Rules in 2010 as the WWE Champion knowing that Batista was the challenge that awaited him in a Last Man Standing Match. Cena is one of the toughest superstars in WWE history but even he knew what he would be up against when he stood toe-to-toe with The Animal Batista.

The match was as brutal as expected and involved a spine buster through a table and the inclusion of the steel steps before Cena revealed that he was much smarter than many fans had given him credit for when he pulled Batista's legs around the steel steps and taped them together. This meant that he couldn't answer the ten count and Cena retained his Championship. It was a huge win for Cena and one that was definitely unique when it comes to Last Man Standing matches.

5 CM Punk Vs. Rey Mysterio - Hair Match

One of the better gimmick matches that WWE's creative team came up with saw Rey Mysterio and CM Punk prolong their storied rivalry in 2010 when they collided at Extreme Rules in a hair match. This meant that if Punk lost he would be forced to have his hair shaved off.

Obviously, Punk managed to defeat Rey with the GTS and avoid having his hair shaved on this occasion, but a few months down the line at Over the Limit the duo met again in a hair versus mask match and this time it was Mysterio who came out on top and was then allowed to shave CM Punk's head. Punk wore a mask for a while before he was forced to live with the much shorter hair that Mysterio had given him. This was a great builder match in the middle of the feud.

4 CM Punk's Money in The Bank Cash-In

The first ever Rules event back in 2009 set the tone for years to come when Jeff Hardy managed to defeat Edge in a fantastic ladder match to retain the World Heavyweight Championship before CM Punk decided to run out and cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase to become Champion.

Jeff Hardy was obviously already exhausted after the match he had just come out of and Punk took advantage of that. He hit Hardy with two GTS's before pinning The Charismatic Enigma and lifting the World Championship for the second time. This led to a feud that would eventually see Hardy walk away from WWE, but it was still a shocking end to the first ever Extreme Rules event that was mostly received with negative reactions.

3 John Cena Defeats Brock Lesnar In An Extreme Rules Match

Brock Lesnar has become one of the biggest superstars in WWE over the past few years and was the man chosen to defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania for the first time. Back at Extreme Rules in 2012, merely two years before Brock returned to WWE as The Beast Incarnate, Brock was still considered to be a beast.

It was a brutal and bloody match between John Cena and The Beast at Extreme Rules 2012. The two men did not want to stay down, and both men were left covered in blood as the match reached its conclusion and saw Cena AA Lesnar onto the steel steps. Merely a few years later, Cena was destroyed by Lesnar after 16 German Suplexes at SummerSlam 2014.

2 The Hounds Of Justice Finally Wear Their Collars At Extreme Rules 2013

The Shield were running riot in WWE back at Extreme Rules 2013 almost a year after their WWE main roster debut. It wasn't until this event that the Hounds of Justice were finally able to wear the collars and become the big dogs in the WWE yard, and Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns defeated Team Hell No to lift the Tag Team Championships and Dean Ambrose defeated Kofi Kingston to win the United States Championship.

This date is recognized as the day where The Shield's WWE takeover was finally put into action and one that launched them into the main pictures in WWE. The team only lasted together for another year, but are still considered to be one of the most dominant teams in WWE history.

1 Seth Rollins Returns In Spectacular Fashion

Extreme Rules 2016 wasn't set to be a historic night. The Asylum match between Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho didn't manage to live up to the hype, while Roman Reigns managed to retain the World Championship in the main event against AJ Styles.

As Roman celebrated in the middle of the ring and the WWE Universe booed, there was suddenly a cheer breaking out as Seth Rollins made his return to WWE after a seven-month hiatus due to injury and did a Pedigree on Roman to show that he was returning to reclaim the title he never lost. The WWE Universe went home happy thanks to The Architect making his return and setting his sights on Roman who was public enemy number one at this point.

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