Top 15 Best WWE Superstar Impersonations

WWE has to find different ways to ensure that feuds stay exciting and unpredictable, so sometimes there is a lot of build-up before a big match and th

WWE has to find different ways to ensure that feuds stay exciting and unpredictable, so sometimes there is a lot of build-up before a big match and they have to come up with some creative ideas to ensure that the rivalry doesn't lose momentum.

One of these ideas is always for one wrestler to impersonate the other, and if the wrestlers are already considered to be comedy style stars then this would work out very well, while sometimes wrestlers manage to make it funny by accident. Many different superstars have impersonated each other before and it has added something new to their rivalry, and other times, it is a funny promo or skit that ensures that they are on TV that week and it adds to the build to the match.

Over the past few years, we have seen males and females attempt to dress up as each other and pull off that character's gimmick much better than they could. Many have failed, but many have passed with flying colors, and here are the top 15.

15 Paige As Summer Rae

This would be much higher up the list if there was an actual reason for Paige to be dressing up like Summer. It seems that WWE decided to have a Halloween Costume Battle Royale and Paige had nothing else to wear so she realized she was the same size as Summer and decided to borrow her clothes and a wig. Paige explained that she became Summer Rae because she wanted to dress like a "cookie-cutter diva" but it sounds like she didn't have any other plan.

Paige got all of Summer's characteristics bang on and even managed to remain in character throughout and even when she was eliminated. Paige doesn't get to dress up very much so at least she proved that if WWE ever needed her to do a skit like this in a feud, then she's well equipped to be able to deliver.

14 Rated RKO As D-Generation-X

D-Generation X and Rated RKO had a deeply fueled rivalry back in 2006 when DX cost Edge the chance to win the WWE Championship when they interfered in the match between John Cena and Edge. Edge then approached Randy Orton and the duo decided to form Rated RKO.

The team of Orton and Edge were the first ones to defeat DX since their reunion earlier that year and they decided to play DX at their own game by trying to make their entire gimmick a joke. This would have worked if it wasn't for the fact that Triple H and Shawn Michaels came out and made Rated RKO look like a joke.

13 The New Day As The Wyatt Family

The New Day and The Wyatt Family had a fun back and forth rivalry back in 2016 that saw The New Day use all of their comedy skills to attempt to make a feud with the dangerous family work. The feud was mostly focused on an Xavier Woods heel turn that never happened, which was sad.

It wasn't the best rivalry that WWE had ever come up with, but it was an interesting one, and given the fact that New Day took the time to find the costumes, and the added props that The Wyatt's bring to the ring, really took dedication. Of course, The Wyatt Family didn't see it this way and they decided to ruin the party, but hey, it was fun while it lasted.

12 Kurt Angle As John Cena

When John Cena first made his debut in WWE he was the Doctor of Thuganomics and he decided to pick a fight with Kurt Angle. Of course, Cena managed to defeat Angle in a battle rap, so Angle decided to up the ante and come out dressed Cena.

Angle finished the rap and suddenly Angle's music actually hit and it was thought that Cena would actually be coming out, but instead it was a tiny version of Angle so that Angle could make a point of how a tiny version of him could easily defeat Cena. Cena came out to take it to Kurt but it was Angle who got the bragging rights heading into No Mercy.

11 Kaitlyn As AJ Lee

Kaitlyn and AJ Lee were best friends outside of WWE and having come into the company together, it came as no surprise that they had one of the best female feuds in years back in 2013. After AJ defeated Kaitlyn at Payback to take The Divas Championship, the two frenemies decided to continue the mind games.

AJ first dressed as Kaitlyn to throw her off her game, before Kaitlyn then appeared on SmackDown dressed as AJ Lee and her distraction allowed Natalya to pin the Champion before Kaitlyn then ran into the ring and hit and incredible spear to send a message ahead of her rematch.

10 Shawn Michaels As The Undertaker

When D-Generation X first came together, they were the most tongue in cheek, crazy team that WWE had ever produced. They defined the Attitude Era and they enjoyed dressing up as other people.

One such time was when Shawn Michaels decided to dress up as The Undertaker, it was a way of playing off the crowd and it set the scene, which was all DX ever wanted to do. Michaels would later dress up as The Undertaker again in the build up to their WrestleMania match that Shawn was so sure he was going to win, but he didn't. Cockiness is not always the way, as Undertaker went on to prove.

9 Brie Bella As AJ Lee

AJ Lee and Nikki Bella feuded over The Divas Championship for many months back in 2014 and the week before AJ was set to defend her title against Nikki, the twin stars decided to play some mind games with the queen of crazy.

Nikki decided to have her sister dress up like a convincing AJ Lee and then defeat her to show how easy it was to take the title away from The Champion, sadly this didn't go as planned, and AJ's distraction allowed Brie to pick up the win and then AJ hit the shining wizard to switch the momentum straight back into her favour.

8 Trish Stratus As Mickie James

Dressing up as other superstars isn't new, Mickie James defined the term "crazy" when she first arrived on the scene as Trish Stratus' stalker. The former Women's Champion knew that the only way to combat her crazy was to stoop to her level.

Trish decided to dress up as Mickie and skip to the ring to show her what it was like when the shoe was on the other foot. Trish turned things around and convinced Mickie that she was now her idol. Trish ended up hitting Mickie with the Chick Kick to end the segment and to finally give her the lead in the mind game war.

7 Kaitlyn As Vickie Guerrero

Kaitlyn and many other female wrestlers came through the ranks as part of the all-female season of NXT. This season was not as much about the wrestling as you would expect, but it was also about many different contests, including a Halloween Costume contest.

Kaitlyn decided to dress up as Vickie Guererro and actually delivered a much better version of the SmackDown GM than she did herself. Vickie looked visibly annoyed by this, but the crowd loved it and awarded Kaitlyn the win in the contest for her incredible impersonation. This didn't do much for Kaitlyn's already strained relationship with Vickie Guererro though.

6 Damien Sandow as Sheamus

This could easily be a list of all the impersonations that Damien Sandow was forced to do throughout his WWE career, including Magneto and even WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Sandow then became Miz's stunt double and was called Damien Mizdow instead, which meant that he was forced to do Miz's bidding. This included dressing up as Sheamus to be a host on Miz TV. Obviously the real Sheamus showed up on the show and took out Sandow before Miz ran away and left Sandow to then take a Brogue Kick from Sheamus as well.

5 Mickie James As Trish Stratus

Mickie appeared on Raw back in 2005 as Trish's biggest fan, and she stated many times that Trish was her idol and that she wanted to be her. So it's not surprising that she decided to dress up as her, at first it was part of her head games to become Women's Champion, then she decided to do it after she won the title.

Mickie defeated Trish at WrestleMania 22 to become the Women's Champion and the next night on Raw she came out to partner Candice Michelle dressed in Trish's attire and with newly dyed blonde hair. Trish reacted the way any women would and Mickie managed to get the upset victory over Trish's team ahead of their rematch at Backlash.

4 Ricardo Rodriquez As The Big Show

Alberto Del Rio was never considered to be a comedy performer, but Ricardo Rodriguez brought something out in him whilst they were working together. During Del Rio's feud with The Big Show, they pair decided to mock The World's Largest Athlete.

Rodriguez came out on crutches to The Big Show's theme after what Del Rio had done to him the week before. He also came to the ring and showed that he was wearing huge gloves to show that Big Show's hands were not normal human size. The segment was Del Rio's way of mocking the former Word Champion, but he got his own back in the end, even though Rodriguez did make quite a convincing Big Show.

3 The Miz As The Rock

The Miz and John Cena had an incredible feud heading into WrestleMania 27 before The Rock decided to help The Miz and then set up a match between himself and John Cena at WrestleMania the following year, but Miz had a lot of fun in his feud with Cena and even led the WWE Universe to believe that The Rock was on Raw.

The Miz had in fact dressed up as The Rock and had set his sights on John Cena who he then attacked and sent a message to. Miz had help from Alberto Del Rio and Brodus Clay, but he ended up with the exact scenario that he had envisioned.

2 AJ Lee As Nikki Bella

AJ decided to respond to the fact that Nikki had her sister Brie dress up as her by coming out dressed as Nikki for her match against Brie. Nikki was visibly annoyed but allowed the match to go ahead while watching on from ringside. AJ Bella was perhaps a better Nikki than Nikki was, and that's why she was so annoyed.

AJ actually took out her breast enhancements part way through the match and used them to hit Brie. She did win the match in the end and had bragging rights heading into their Divas Championship match, but it was Nikki who came out on top and won the Championship for the second time.

1 DX As The McMahons

Let's be honest, the best part of DX getting back together was the number of times they raged against The Authority and made The McMahon family look like fools. Not only was this segment absolutely hilarious, but it was also a pretty spot-on portrayal of Vince McMahon and Shane.

Shawn Michaels and Triple H were comedy geniuses when they were part of DX and this showed in most of their in-ring promos and backstage segments. You would have been hard pushed to find anyone more entertaining that these guys back in 2006, and the fact that The McMahons came out to defend themselves and ended up covered in poo, that was just the best kind of ending.

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Top 15 Best WWE Superstar Impersonations