Top 10 Most Valuable NFL Teams Of 2019, Ranked

Every team in the NFL is hoping to become the most dominant in the NFL, but only won team can win the Super Bowl each year of the 32 teams playing each week. Much like any market with competitive brands, the NFL has an interesting hierarchy when it comes to value of the team. Winning is usually the easiest way to raise the value of a franchise, but other variables like star power, accessibility and general fan experience can lead to the team thriving.

The most valuable teams in the NFL will be examined here with the ten most impressive ones being highlighted. Some teams are new to having a spot at the top of the league while others have been under this status for the past few decades. Find out if your team ranks highly compared to the rest. These are the top ten most valuable NFL teams of 2019 ranked.

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10 Philadelphia Eagles: $3.05 billion

The Philadelphia Eagles have become a top ten franchise in the NFL thanks to various successful changes in recent years. A Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots in an all-time great game helped them finally give their fans the ultimate thrill.

Young quarterback Carson Wentz gives the Eagles fans more hope about winning more Super Bowls moving forward. The team is valued at a tremendous $3 billion figure if it were to hit the open market. Philadelphia’s football has increased its value by over $1 billion over the past five years.

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9 Houston Texans: $3.1 billion

It is a bit surprising to see the Houston Texans here since they are still the newest team in the NFL. The team is worth $3.1 billion as a highly valuable commodity. Houston has yet to win a Super Bowl, but players like JJ Watt, Arian Foster and DeAndre Hopkins have made them relevant in the league throughout the years.

The Texans made an 11% jump in value over the past year. It is not a coincidence that young quarterback Deshaun Watson has joined the roster in that time. Houston fans are hoping Watson will lead them to the promise land and that certainly adds to the value.

8 New York Jets: $3.2 billion

The New York Jets are off to another weak start as they hope to rebuild and become a contender in the NFL again. Sam Darnold holds the keys to the Jets future as the second-year quarterback is hoping to make positive strides forward towards superstardom.

The Jets are estimated to be worth $3.2 billion. It helps to play in the New York market as this likely makes up for the poor play on the field to rank them this high. Pundits expect the Jets to make about $475 million over the next season which certainly shows their upside.

7 Washington Redskins: $3.4 billion

Fans of the Washington Redskins have been frustrated with the play and putting together of the team in recent memory. Washington still finds their way close to the top of the league as one of the most valuable professional sports teams in the world.

An incredible $3.4 billion is estimated worth of the Redskins as they attempt to have a strong season. There have been hopes of building a new stadium in Washington which would only increase the value of the team even more if the plan works out.

6 Chicago Bears: $3.45 billion

Chicago is a diehard sports town that will always stand by their teams. The NFL sees the team from the city as the Chicago Bears are a top tier valuable franchise in the entire league. An estimated $3.45 billion would be the worth of the Bears if they were for sale.

The growth of the organization has seen them just almost 20% of value over the past year. Bears fans will only see their franchise become more valuable as they are expected to make $453 million in revenue in this season alone which is over $20 million more than last year.

5 San Francisco 49ers: $3.5 billion

The losing ways of the San Francisco 49ers has not stopped them from having one of the most valuable sports franchises in the world. An impressive $3.5 billion worth has the 49ers as a top ten overall them when it comes to value in the NFL landscape.

The opening of Levi’s Stadium in 2014 not only gave them a new home, but it increased the value of the team even with the losing. This is one of many reasons why quite a few teams are hoping to open a new stadium and increase their overall value.

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4 Los Angeles Rams: $3.8 billion

The Los Angeles Rams moving to Los Angeles from St. Louis and making the Super Bowl in 2019 helped them become one of the most valued franchises in the league today. Jared Goff is hoping to lead them back to the Super Bowl as the starting quarterback for the foreseeable future.

The Rams are worth $3.8 billion which means they more than doubled their overall worth in about four years. A new stadium opening for the Rams in 2020 will only increase the value with expectations of passing $4 billion with an outside shot to eventually get that top spot.

3 New York Giants: $3.9 billion

The New York Giants are a legacy franchise with fans of all generations still loving the team. Despite New York having two NFL teams, the Giants have always been the more popular one to represent the area. This helps the team have a remarkable worth of $3.9 billion.

An incredible $519 million in revenue is expected to come in 2019 for the Giants. The move from older legend Eli Manning to young prospect Daniel Jones may create more excitement with the Giants needing to rebuild around young talent moving forward.

2 New England Patriots: $4.1 billion

Tom Brady’s excellence has led the New England Patriots to dominate the NFL for almost two decades now. New England has won 6 Super Bowls during the Brady and Bill Belichick era which showcases the importance of a trustworthy quarterback/coach combination.

All the winning helped the Patriots pass the $4 billion mark in estimating their value. Owner Robert Kraft purchased the Patriots back in 1994 for $172 million. It looks like a steal today given the over $4 billion value. The Patriots are expected to make $600 million in revenue alone this season.

1 Dallas Cowboys: $5 billion

The Dallas Cowboys have the moniker of “America’s team” and it certainly shows in the value. NFL fans view the Cowboys through a polarizing lens with Dallas fans adoring them and fans of other teams strongly wanting to see them lose.

The Cowboys have the highest-valued team in the league worth $5 billion. Their stadium is one of the newer and most praised venues in sports which adds to the appeal. Dallas’ football team is expected to earn $950 million in revenue this season. The Cowboys will remain the highest valued franchise until someone does something bold to pass them.

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