The Top 16 WWE Diva Booty Revolutionaries Of All Time

The WWE has been the top pro wrestling promotion in the world for over 15 years now. Throughout the years, the company has showcased their immortals and started revolutions; and the WWE Divas are no exception. Many WWE Divas have paved the way for women to aspire to achieve what they want to achieve. They work hard, they’re highly skilled, and they put their bodies on the line just like their male counterparts, competing in amazing matches. These divas work hard and their work speaks for itself. However, let’s be honest; they’re DAMN good to look at.

It’s 2016 and the ever-so-beautiful female derriere is in now more than ever. Believe it or not, there were WWE Divas from the past that packed enough backside heat to contend with the hottest ladies of today. There used to be a time where everything was about racks in the WWE; not anymore. With mainstream booty powerhouses such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, ScarJo, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba and more ruling our screens for years, it’s no wonder that our beloved WWE Divas have evolved into some of the most bootiful ladies around. Let us all sit back, grab a bowl of “Booty-O’s,” get mad at who’s not on this list (if it were longer Lita, Bayley, and Jojo would be on this list, but there’s only so many donks to celebrate and so little time) and enjoy the view of the top 16 WWE Diva Booty Revolutionaries.

16 Chyna


Whether people like to admit it or not, Chyna, aka Joanie Laurer, was a pioneer for the WWE's women's division. She's a former Intercontinental champion and the first ever woman to compete in a Royal Rumble. She also happened to constantly sport her ass whenever she saw fit, wearing attire that displayed her frame in a sexy yet powerful manner. Remember, Chyna (pre and post) plastic surgery was a muscular woman with a nicely sculpted booty. Any fan of the attitude era will remember her "D-X Split."

15 Natayla


Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart’s daughter is one of the most talented Divas on the roster. Her entire gimmick is her proud association with the Hart family, which is one of the more legendary families in pro wrestling. “Nattie” is one of the standout Divas on E!’s Total Divas. She has been constant presence on WWE Television over the last 8 years and currently resides on WWE SmackDown Live. Nattie’s booty and overall curves are just cheered and respected just as much as her wrestling abilities. She’s one of the best examples of a WWE Diva being “thick and fit.”

14 Paige


Okay, okay. I know Paige’s ranking is going to upset a lot of fans, but hey, at least she’s on the list. Don’t get it twisted, this (former?) WWE Diva’s derriere is AMAZING and she knows it. The goth princess has a huge following due to her distinct looks and that indelible English accent. Paige is young and has no qualms with flaunting her goodies on Instagram as she lives life to the fullest. Paige started her path to being a WWE Diva when she was 12 years old. Her parents were pro wrestlers, so the business is literally in Paige’s blood. Paige, like other current Divas, made a name for herself over at NXT. She quickly gained prominence on the main roster, winning the WWE Diva’s championship and getting into notable feuds with other counterparts such as AJ Lee.

13 Victoria


Is this placement too high? Nope. If this list were the most underrated WWE booties of all time, this woman could possibly top the list. Victoria started out as a fitness competitor before making her WWE Debut late in the Attitude Era. She gained notoriety during her time in the Ruthless Aggression era as a volatile yet beautiful badass and became a two-time WWE Women’s Champion. She feuded with WWE Divas of the era including Trish Stratus, Molly Holly, Lita, and Jazz. Her entrance music at one point was the popular early 2000’s hit “All The Things She Said” by Russian girl duo t.A.t.U.

She had a stint at TNA after her time in the WWE. Lately, Victoria has been wrestling for independent circuits including Ring of Honor and recently appeared in a match for Chikara, a Lucha Libra promotion.

12 Mickie James


There are all kinds of booties; small booties, bubble booties, big round booties, nicely toned booties, heart shaped booties and whatever kind of adjective one wants to add before the word booty. Mickie James had a nice round donk and her overall thickness was the icing on the cake of a solid in ring WWE career. Mickie James rose to prominence in the WWE during its Ruthless Aggression era. She had a bubbly personality, bubbly music, and was great in the ring. She made her WWE debut in October of 2005 after spending a few years in OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) and TNA before that. She made an immediate impact as Trish Stratus’s biggest fan. Her fandom soon took a then “shocking” turn as she began to show signs of not only being obsessed with the Hall of Fame Diva, but in love with her. This storyline was actually one of the hottest storylines of the year and led to what many called one of the top matches of the night at WrestleMania 22. To this is day Mickie’s match with Trish Stratus is viewed as one of the best WWE Diva’s matches of all time.

11 AJ Lee


There’s no doubt that AJ drove men and women bonkers with her "crazy" gimmick. She had that cute, "innocent look yet naughty punk" heel and face persona that garnered large pops whenever her music hit. Having a nice booty didn't hurt either. Come on! You know you looked at those tight jorts she sported! AJ held the former titled WWE Diva’s Championship for a then record 295 straight days (since broken by Nikki Bella) in 2013. AJ’s WWE ring career ended in 2015 and she has since gone on to marry former WWE Superstar CM Punk.

10 Nikki Bella


“You can look but you can’t touch.” Well us fans may not be able to touch (damn you John Cena), but we can for damn sure look. Nikki Bella (along with her twin sister Brie Bella) is perhaps the most famous WWE Diva on the roster today. She is known for her rather large breast enhancements, but judging by her ring entire and entrance, she is stacked outside of her rack. Nikki is the longest reigning WWE Diva’s Champion in WWE history, breaking AJ Lee’s record.

Nikki’s success on Total Divas and subsequent spin-off Total Bellas has put her at the forefront of E!’s reality TV programming. However, don’t let her voluptuous frame fool you - she is fierce in the ring and a tough woman on and off the screen. Nikki recovered from what many thought was a career ending neck surgery and is currently pleasing the eyes and “laying the smackdown” on WWE’s SmackDown Live.

9 Sasha Banks


“The Boss” may be small in stature, but she has an ample ass to backup up the sass. Sasha made a huge name for herself wrestling in NXT. She became the NXT Women’s champion and was vital member of the Four Horsewomen (Sasha, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Bayley). Sasha helped to put on a display of great matches including classics against Charlotte and an emotional match of the year candidate against Bayley at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn in 2015. While her gimmick was that of heel in NXT, she quickly emerged as a face when debuting on the main roster in 2015. She was briefly on Team B.A.D. before going solo and eventually becoming the WWE Diva’s Champion.

8 Melina


WWE fans fondly remember Melina when she was the manager of MNM. MNM’s ring entrance was centered around Melina’s ability to perform a split on route to entering the ring under the last ring rope. Melina’s entrance showcased her flex charisma, flexibility, and “lettuce be real,” her great booty. There’s a reason the camera zoomed in and showed her entering the ring.

Melina was a contestant on the third season of Tough Enough where she was cut early. Melina persevered and continued to pursue her dream, eventually becoming a fixture of the WWE Diva’s division. Melina became the WWE Women’s Champion and helped to provide solid matches with her counterparts. Melina successfully emerged as more than eye candy with MNM and continued entertain WWE fans as her time with company came to a close. Melina ended her WWE career in 2011. She since been featured on Lucha Underground and has performed on the Indy Circuit.

7 Alexa Bliss


Anyone skeptical about Alexa Bliss’s ass need to take a nice long look when she turns around in those fiery shorts…she’s packing heat from the back. One word: cheeks. Regardless of how one feels about her placement, there’s no argument for her not being on this list. Her mix of cute and mean make for a solid heel gimmick. Alexa made her WWE debut on NXT, eventually managing the NXT tag team of Blake and Murphy. Alexa left Blake and Murphy to become a singles competitor.

She feuded with NXT Champion Bayley. Alexa made her main roster debut on the SmackDown brand in the summer of 2016. She was supposed to face Becky Lynch for the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship but it never happened do to an injury that Lynch sustained. In another interesting note; Alexa, Charlotte, and Sasha Banks accompanied Triple H during his epic WrestleMania XXX entrance. Alexa has also competed in fitness competitions.

6 Lana


One word, one name, one incredible booty. There’s a reason why whenever Rusev comes out to wreak havoc the WWE universe chants “we want Lana!” Part of the reason is because her curvaceous frame puts everyone in a trance when she comes out in her dominant Russian heel business attire. Lana began managing Rusev in NXT and debuted with him on the main roster. Lana has made quite the name for herself acting as the powerful woman behind the powerful man. Lana began competing in the WWE ring this year, and remains a solid heel manager behind one of the top heels in the company. As we all know, Lana and Rusev are married in real life, so she’s off the market.

5 Stacy Keibler


“She’s got legs!” Damn straight. She’s also got ass. She may be known for her long legs, but Stacy sported an equally impressive backside. Before Stacy Keibler burst onto the mainstream scene as George Clooney’s girlfriend in 2011 and her time on Dancing with the Stars, she was a former WWE Diva. She was also a Nitro Girl, and formerly known as Ms. Hancock in the now defunct WCW (owned by WWE). Stacy Keibler burst on the WWE scene during the Invasion storyline and immediately became one of the more popular WWE Diva’s. She participated in matches and went on to be a manager for the Dudley Boyz, where she would show off her dance moves and use her looks as distractions for opponents.

4 Jaime Koeppe


Many people don’t know who this woman is, but believe or not Ms. Koeppe is technically a WWE Diva. In fact she is the first winner of the WWE Diva’s search in 2003. While she never competed in the ring, she sure as hell flaunted her undisputed frame, having a photo shoot for Raw Magazine in the year when she won. Despite her low-key WWE stint, Jaime made her name known in the fitness world.

A plethora of Jaime’s model shots can be found online. She had no qualms with showing of her booty in jeans, bikini’s, and various other outfits while flashing her beautiful smile. It would have been intriguing to see Jaime actually become a viable asset (pun intended) to the Diva’s division, but considering the pool of talent that has emerged since 2003, the WWE isn’t complaining. Still, there’s no denying Jaime’s appeal to drawing the eye of the WWE in the first place. It’s a shame there was no contract offer… Jaime is semi-retired and models part-time.

3 Layla


Layla has one of the more notable booties in the WWE history. Part of that is because she has a background in dancing for the likes of the Miami Heat; so we know she has skills on the lower half of her body. Layla spent her entire professional wrestling career in the WWE. She won the 2006 Diva’s search competition and flourished from there. Layla’s most known period in the WWE was when she was in LayCool, a partnership with Michelle McCool. They came out strutting during their entrance and quickly became one of the more over heel tandems on the roster. Layla, along with Michelle were known for being “co-WWE women’s champions.”

2 Naomi


There’s really nothing to be said. Naomi certainly has the biggest ass in WWE Diva history and by far one of the nicest. One can say it might even have a mind of its own. All praise aside, Naomi’s athleticism, personality, and beautiful looks make her a marquee standout in the current WWE. Naomi entered the realm of pro wrestling by being a part of the third season of NXT. She along with Cameron formed The Funkadactyls, a duo that were valets to Brodus Clay.

Naomi has since made a huge name for herself, being featured on E!’s Total Divas, where her personality, assets, and her relationship with fellow WWE superstar Jimmy Uso take center stage.

1 Trish Stratus


There’s a lot of beautiful talented WWE Diva Booty Revolutionaries on this list, but there can only be one booty to rule them all; in this particular list, it’s the one and only Trish Stratus. Trish was a well-known fitness model throughout the late nineties (do yourself a favor and look up her photos). Her ample frame was highlighted when she made her seductive debut promising a heavy dose of “T&A” to WWE fans. It turns out the “T & A” she promised was courtesy of the tag team duo of the same name consisting of Test and Albert, but nonetheless, Ms. Stratus still delivered. Jerry “The King” Lawler noted Trish’s backside many times as she pranced around in her ring attire. Trish transitioned from being a devious heel manager in the Attitude Era with juicy assets to being one of the most talented in ring Diva performers in the company.

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The Top 16 WWE Diva Booty Revolutionaries Of All Time