The Top 15 Wrestlers Who Have Sizzling Sisters

The women of WWE are some of the most beautiful female wrestlers in the world, many of these women have worked their entire lives to be where they are, so it's no surprise that they are in peak physical condition and considered to be some of the most athletic women in the world as well. Many of these women have sisters, who also share the same DNA, which makes them just as beautiful as well. Some of the male WWE superstars are lucky enough to have beautiful sisters as well, with some of them coming from the most shocking of families, that you wouldn't expect to have welcomed some of the most beautiful women.

There are a number of wrestlers that can boast that their sisters are beautiful as well and thanks to things like Instagram and Twitter, WWE superstars can share pictures of their family members to the world so that the entire WWE Universe are aware of how beautiful they all are. Social media seems to have helped the WWE Universe to find out much more about the families of many of their favorite superstars, which can only be a positive for some of these women.

The following list looks at just 15 WWE superstars and Divas who have beautiful sisters. If these women all looked like this when the WWE Diva Search was still a thing, then they could easily have had a decent run in the Women's Division like many other women before them have.


15 Alicia Fox's Sister - Christina Crawford

Alicia Fox may be a former WWE Divas Champion and one of WWE's longest tenured female wrestlers at this current moment in time, but it seems that Alicia isn't the only member of the family that got the wrestling bug. Alicia's younger sister Christina aspired to be a wrestler like her sister and even managed to make it to WWE back in 2010 and was known as Caylee Turner.

Christina competed on Tough Enough but was eliminated early in the competition. She is a former dancer, cheerleader, ring announcer and wrestler having not been seen on the Independent Circuit since 2012. Appearing on Tough Enough was the feather in Christina's cap after living in her older sister's shadow for a number of years. She is a former FCW Divas Champion but she was released by WWE back in 2012 without being able to make an appearance on the main roster alongside her sister.

14 Bray Wyatt's sister - Mika Rotunda


Bray Wyatt is a former WWE Champion and it is quite well-known that his brother is former NXT Champion Bo Dallas, but it seems that there is a third member of the Rotunda family that doesn't appear on WWE TV, their sister Mika.

Mika was rumored to be joining WWE for a while back in 2015 as Sister Abigail, and she could easily have stepped into the athletic world of WWE, especially given the fact that she is a fitness expert and is just as athletic as many of the women on WWE TV. Mika also hosts a radio show, so it's obvious that she doesn't have any kind of confidence issues so she could easily have joined her brothers in the wonderful world of wrestling if it was what she wanted to do. Even though Mika doesn't appear on screen for WWE, she often works for the company behind the scenes as a member of the production crew, and is good friends with a number of wrestlers.

13 Jake Roberts' Half-Sister - Rockin' Robin

Jake "The Snake" Roberts holds his own unique record, as a WWE legend who had a lengthy stint with WWE, but during his entire stint, he was never able to lift a Championship. Jake recently became a WWE Hall of Famer, but it seems that in his family he wasn't the only one who wanted to be a wrestler.

His half-sister also became a famous WWE star in her own right called Rockin' Robin, Robin is a former WWF Women's Champion and last held the Championship back in 1988. She later retired in 1990 and worked on the Independent Circuit for a while. Rockin' Robin came from a famous wrestling family but had to work hard to establish herself as a female wrestler at a time when there weren't many women on the circuit. After Robin retired from wrestling, it is reported that she became a real estate agent and runs her own business in Hammond, Louisianna.

12 Finn Balor's Sister - Ann-Marie


Finn Balor has been slowly climbing his way through the ranks in WWE over the past few years ever since his debut back in 2014 and is currently a former NXT and Universal Champion after making a name for himself all over the world.

Finn comes from a small village called Bray in County Wicklow in Ireland and was recently part of a WWE.com exclusive short documentary called Our Son Is A WWE Superstar where his family talked about Finn's upbringing in the small town and the WWE Universe were introduced to his sister Ann-Marie. Finn's sister may have remained in Ireland while her brother traveled the world, but it seems that the duo remained close and Finn was even able to get the time away from work to attend her wedding a few years ago. Ann-Marie is Finn's only sister and it seems that he is very protective of her.

11 Roman Reigns' Sister - Summer Anoa'i

Roman Reigns is one of the most recognizable wrestlers in WWE right now. He is a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, a Royal Rumble winner and has main evented WrestleMania every year since 2015. Roman comes from the famous Anoa'i wrestling family and it seems that this is where he gets his strikingly good looks from.

Roman is seemingly not the only member of his family who was given these good looks since he has three sisters, Vanessa, Myritza, and Summer who have all inherited the gene that has made them one of the most well-respected families in the sport. Summer Anoa'i is the chosen sister when it comes to the three beautiful women. It seems despite how much time Roman is forced to spend on the road with WWE, he is still very close to all three of his sisters and shares many photos of the four of them together alongside his wife Galina.

10 Enzo Amore's Sister - Christine


Enzo Amore has had a busy few weeks on WWE TV. Not only have him and his former Tag Team partner Big Cass now gone their separate ways, but Enzo has found his self on 205 Live and is seemingly set to challenge Champion Neville in the near future.

Enzo has a lot of heat backstage currently when it comes to the fact that he throws his money around and lives quite an extravagant lifestyle. That being said, there is one girl that Enzo obviously wouldn't worry about spending his money on and that's his beautiful sister Christine. Enzo has a brother and a sister but he seems to have a much better bond with his sister from the photos that both Christine and Enzo upload to their respective social media pages. Enzo is also said to be quite close to his mum and dad as well. Despite portraying a quick thinking, trash talking star on WWE TV, it seems he's still a momma's boy at heart.

9 Brooke Adam's Sister - Brittaney

Brooke Adam's is a former WWE superstar after coming through to the company when she auditioned for the 2006 Diva Search and even though she didn't win, she was hired to be part of Extreme Expose on ECW. Brooke later moved over to TNA where she was known as Brooke Tessmacher and is a former three-time Knockout's Champion.

Brooke recently gave birth to her first child, a son called Jace, and then returned to Impact Wrestling earlier this year. From the outside it would seem that Brooke has a perfect life when in reality she actually has an incredible support system. This support includes her fraternal twin sister Brittaney, who is seemingly always there supporting her and Brooke returns the favor. As seen from the image above, Brooke helped Britaney to get ready for her wedding and obviously Britaney then returned the favor when Brooke got married a few years ago.


8 CM Punk's Sister - Selene


CM Punk is a former WWE Champion who currently holds the longest reign record of the modern era with his 434 day run that ended back at The Royal Rumble in 2013. Punk walked away from the company a year later and has since tried his hand at fighting for UFC in the Octagon, but it seems that his debut match with Mickey Gall didn't exactly go to plan.

Punk has talked openly about his upbringing and it seems that his family life isn't something that he remembers fondly, but he does have a sister named Selene that he has remained close to over all these years. Selene even joined her brother on WWE TV a few years ago and played a role in one of his storylines when she slapped Chris Jericho. There aren't many photos of the duo together online because Punk tries to be very private when it comes to his family life, but it is known that he and Selene are very close compared to the rest of his family.

7 Lana's Sister - Hadassah Perry

Lana has burst onto WWE screens over the past few years after she made her way up from NXT managing her real life husband Rusev. Lana has a background in dancing and acting that has helped her over the past few years when it comes to the fact that she is currently performing on the SmackDown Live roster as a member of the Women's Division.

Lana has also become one of the cast members on Total Divas, which has given the WWE Universe a look into Lana's personal life and they have seen her sister Hadassah. Her sister was present for her wedding to Rusev and it seems that the duo is as close as sisters should be. That being said, Lana was recently part of an online series called Sisters and shockingly it wasn't Lana's sister that was cast as part of the show with Lana. Instead, it was an actress that looked similar to Lana that many of the WWE Universe think is her real sister.

6 AJ Lee's Sister - Erika Mendez


AJ Lee is a former WWE Divas Champion and was once the longest reigning Divas Champion before Nikki Bella broke her reign record in 2015. AJ Lee retired from WWE following WrestleMania 31 in 2015 and has since released her autobiography where she has finally been able to reveal many of the personal details that have made up her life.

AJ talked about her family upbringing when she was younger and the fact that she was made homeless a number of times, that she lived in a motel for a while because her family couldn't afford rent and before she moved to joined WWE, she lived with her sister Erika. AJ, her sister, and her older brother Robert were all close as children, so close that AJ forced Erika to move to Orlando with her when she was first signed to WWE in 2010, so that she didn't get lonely.

5 Shaul Guerrero's Sister - Sherilyn

It seems that the Guerrero family has had quite the input when it comes to WWE TV over the past few years. As well as the likes of Chavo Guerrero and Eddie Guerrero making an impact on the show, Vickie Guerrero has also made a name for herself in recent years as the main villain on Monday Night Raw until she decided to walk away in 2014.

It seems that the wrestling genes have been passed down to at least one of Eddie and Vickie's daughters after Shaul Guerrero was signed to WWE for a number of years as Raquel Diaz. Shaul worked on the NXT roster for a number of years until she requested her release when it was made clear that she was suffering from an eating disorder in 2014. Shaul's sister Sherilyn doesn't seem to have caught the wrestling bug like the rest of her family and has happily stayed out of the spotlight that comes with the wrestling industry over the past few years.

4 Summer Rae's Sister - Nikki


Summer Rae can hardly be called a WWE wrestler at this point considering the fact that she hasn't appeared on WWE TV now for more than a year. Summer has been active on social media, but has apparently been recovering from a number of injuries and WWE have recently been unable to add her back to the Raw roster that she was drafted to last summer, but is still yet to make an appearance on.

It seems that the time away from WWE TV has allowed Summer to catch up with her family, and more importantly her sister Nikki. The former NXT star updated on Instagram a few months ago that she was hiking in the West Coast with her sister, so it seems that, right now, the positive of the situation is that Summer now has more time to spend with her family even if she isn't wrestling regularly.

3 Braun Strowman's Sister  - Hannah

Considering Braun Strowman wasn't in WWE three years ago and wasn't training to be a wrestler, he has come a long way in the past few years. Braun has gone from being one of Adam Rose's Rosebuds to being the dominant member of The Wyatt Family to being the number one contender to the Universal Championship, that is currently held by Brock Lesnar.

There isn't a lot known about Braun's personal life, other than the fact that his Tinder page was recently leaked to the WWE Universe, but it seems that Braun isn't an only child and he actually has quite an attractive sister that he is seemingly hiding away from the WWE Universe. Braun's sister is named Hannah and as seen above, there are a number of photos of her alongside her brother attending WWE live events and meeting WWE stars backstage as well as supporting her famous brother.

2 Maria Kanellis's Sister - Janny


Maria recently made her return to WWE after a seven-year absence. Maria came to WWE through the WWE Diva Search and was mainly used as a backstage interviewer, but she also wrestled on a number of occasions for WWE. Despite never lifting a Championship on WWE, Maria is remembered as a Playboy cover girl. After leaving the company, she made a name for herself in both Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling, which is why WWE decided to bring her back to the company alongside her husband Mike.

Outside of WWE, it seems that Maria makes the list because she has been hiding a pretty beautiful sister named Janny who could easily pass as a twin of Maria's. The duo have the same figure and it seems that if Maria wasn't the famous one in the family then her sister would definitely be the one who stood out.

1 Maryse's Sister - Michelle

Maryse is a former Divas Champion in WWE and another Diva Search contestant who has found success as part of the company. Despite leaving in 2011 to pursue her idea of creating her own company, it seems that WWE welcomed Maryse back in 2016 and she has since stepped back in as the valet of her real life husband The Miz.

Maryse has also been one of the latest additions to E! Network show Total Divas where the WWE Universe has been able to gain a sneak peak into the personal life of both Maryse and her husband The Miz. One person that has failed to appear on Total Divas is Maryse's beautiful little sister Michelle. Maryse and her sister are often pictured hanging out together, so hopefully, she is added to the series soon or she will at least make a cameo in the upcoming series of the popular show.


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