The Top 15 Most High Profile WWE Breakups

WWE currently has the most couples they have ever had, but this also means that over the past few years, the company has seen a number of breakups. Some of them became much bigger than the storylines that the couples were creating on WWE TV at the time.

With the invention of social media and the fact that the Internet has taken over now, this means that the personal information of WWE stars is easily at the fingertips of the WWE Universe whenever needed. This has meant that many of the WWE Universe know personal facts about wrestlers that the company wouldn't want the audience to actually know.

It's a fact that now comes with being a WWE star, sometimes their personal information becomes public knowledge and there isn't a lot that the star can do about it.

The following is a list of the 15 most high profile breakups that the WWE Universe will all know about and remember fondly.


15 CM Punk And Lita

Lita and CM Punk were two stars who  were pretty much destined to end up together. They had a track record of cheating on so many other stars that they were drawn to each other and dated for a while before CM Punk's head was turned by AJ Lee.

AJ Lee explained in her autobiography, entitled Crazy Is My Superpower, that she knew that Punk was the one after the first time they kissed on WWE TV, and the duo was then reported to have begun an affair behind Lita's back. Many of the stars backstage knew what they were doing to Lita and when Lita was eventually told, she didn't take it well. It was even said to have not wanted to come to the 2014 Hall of Fame induction ceremony if Punk was still part of the company.

14 Paige And Alberto Del Rio


Paige and Alberto Del Rio revealed that they were dating back in the spring of 2016 when they had taken a trip to Disneyland. It was later made public that Charlotte and Del Rio had something of a fling before he moved on to Paige and this explained the tension between the two women.

Paige and Del Rio's relationship has had its ups and downs over the past year with the duo being suspended from WWE at the same time and Alberto then being released. The couple were then engaged while Del Rio was still married to his first wife before their constant fighting seemingly became too much and it was made public that Del Rio and Paige's relationship had become domestically disturbing. It is thought now that Paige's family are working on getting their daughter back home and away from Del Rio for good.

13 Randy Savage And Miss Elizabeth

Wrestling's true power couple will always be Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. In the 1980s, the WWE Universe rooted for the couple and even though Savage mistreated Elizabeth when he was a heel, the couple managed to move past this when he turned face.

Elizabeth and Savage eventually married in real life and became a couple both on-screen and off-screen, but reports suggest that Savage was a very jealous man and he used to lock Elizabeth in a locker room to stop any other wrestlers from looking at her. The couple constantly argued and eventually divorced which led to Elizabeth moving into a toxic relationship with Lex Luger prior to her death in 2003.

12 Sunny And Chris Candido


There have been a lot of reports about Sunny over the past few years that have taken away from just how successful she was as a manager in WWE in the 1990s. Sunny was in a relationship with WWE and WCW star Chris Candido throughout her career, but it later became public that Sunny and Shawn Michaels had been having an affair for a number of months.

Sunny apparently called off the affair, but the damage had already been done to her relationship with Candido. Sunny has since gone on to confess about other extra curricular activities with the likes of Bret Hart and even ECW legend Sabu, so perhaps Chris actually did himself a favour in the end. Sunny was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame but the company have recently distanced themselves from Sunny and her personal problems.

11 Debra And Steve Austin

Steve Austin and Debra appeared in WWE around the same time but while Austin was helping WWE to rebuild after Hulk Hogan left, Debra was working as a valet for the likes of Jeff Jarrett.

Debra and Austin became close and were married in the early 2000s, which was when Debra then began accompanying her husband to the ring for his matches. The couple seemed happy from the outside, but it was only after a messy divorce that Debra opened up about the domestic violence she had suffered at the hands of Austin and the 'roid rage that became a regular part of their marriage. Debra has since moved on to help victims of domestic violence while Austin returned to WWE to host a regular podcast on the WWE Network.

10 Melina And John Morrison


Melina and John Morrison were put together in WWE from the beginning of their career and had been friends ever since their Tough Enough days. It was well-known that the couple were happily dating, but it seems that Batista was looking to get a divorce from his wife Angie, and Melina was a willing participant.

Melina and Batista were part of a storyline on SmackDown back in 2006 that then led to a real-life affair between Batista and Melina that led to the former World Champions divorce. It was said that Melina and Morrison were on a break so they managed to get past this and continued to date for a few years, but eventually, they decided to call it a day after the duo were both released from WWE.

9 Sable And Marc Mero

Sable is one of the most memorable WWE Divas of all time. While her real life husband is largely forgettable, it's mostly thanks to her. Sable accompanied Mero to the ring throughout his career and helped with his popularity, but when Mero was injured, Sable was able to build a following of her own and no longer needed Marc.

This left Mero to be power-bombed by a female in the middle of the ring, basically destroying his wrestling career, while in real life, Sable and Mero became more and more distant. They divorced a few years after the couple left WWE, with Sable then moving on to marry current WWE star, Brock Lesnar. Many of the WWE Universe still blame Sable for ruining Marc's career before it could really begin.


8 CM Punk And Beth Phoenix


CM Punk had quite the reputation in WWE when it came to the women he was dating backstage and there certainly were a lot of them. Punk and Beth Phoenix were known to have dated for a number of months while they were both in WWE and it seems that their split wasn't exactly amicable.

Beth is a former Women's Champion in WWE while CM Punk still holds a 434 day record with the WWE Championship, but when Punk was asked about his relationship with Phoenix in an interview following their breakup, Punk stated that Beth was the kind of girl who just wanted a boyfriend and didn't actually care about who that was. He didn't have a lot of nice things to say about the WWE Hall of Famer, who is currently married to former WWE superstar Edge.

7 Diana Hart And British Bulldog

Diana Hart was a member of the famous Hart Wrestling family that also included Bret and Owen Hart, and it seemed as though she was happy with the British Bulldog for a number of years as the couple were often seen together on WWE TV. Diana was once used in WWE storylines as well when it came down to feuds between her husband and her family members.

This all came to a dramatic end when it was revealed that the picture perfect couple were going through a messy divorce when it was made public knowledge that Bulldog had been suffering from a drug addiction and he had a history of mistreating his wife. The WWE Universe viewed Bulldog differently after his divorce and it was later revealed that his long time friend The Dynamite Kid was mistreating his wife for a number of years as well.

6 Ashley And Matt Hardy


Ashley won the 2005 Raw Diva Search and was brought onto WWE TV on the Raw brand right away. Matt Hardy was still getting over the heartbreak that Lita had put him through the year before when he got into a relationship with Ashley, but it seems that this one was never destined to work out.

Ashley was moved over to the SmackDown brand and became the valet for Paul London and Brian Kendrick instead, and it seems that she began dating London while she was there. Hardy didn't take their breakup very well and this led to a back and forth on social media between Matt Hardy and Paul London. It wasn't exactly a drama free breakup and a year later, Ashley was gone from the company.

5 Randy Orton And Kelly Kelly

Neither Randy Orton or Kelly Kelly have a great reputation backstage in WWE, but it seems that following the breakdown of Orton's first marriage to Samantha Speno, Orton moved on to Kelly Kelly. The couple didn't remain together for long and in interviews afterwards, it seems that Orton still held a grudge.

Orton talked about how he knows that Kelly had slept with around ten other guys in the WWE locker room and said some personal things about the former Divas Champion, which leads many fans to believe that their break up was not a straight forward one, and they definitely didn't remain friends.

4 Terri Runnels And Goldust


Goldust and Marlena were a couple that the WWE Universe managed to get behind because they both seemed to be as strange as each other. Marlena later became known as Terri Runnels and went on to manage a number of other stars while she was still married to Goldust.

It seems that their divorce in the late 1990s was one of the most awkward since Terri blames Goldust's father The American Dream Dusty Rhodes, because he had put ideas into his sons head that she was just a gold digger and even spread lies about Terri and her infidelity.  The couple decided they were better apart but almost two decades after their divorce it seems that the couple is now able to have a much better relationship since they have a daughter together.

3 Chyna And Triple H

Chyna and Triple H's relationship and subsequent breakup has become one of the best-known love triangles in WWE history. Chyna and Triple H began dating when they were appearing together in WWE as part of DX.

WWE then decided to put Triple H into a storyline with Stephanie McMahon and this obviously led to the couple becoming closer and eventually having an affair behind Chyna's back. When Chyna found out she was said to have freaked out and was then fired from the company given that Stephanie had a good pull with the officials backstage. Chyna stated that she never forgave Triple H and Stephanie for what they did to her, but the couple has now been married since 2003 and have welcomed three daughters together.

2 Mickie James And Kenny Dykstra


John Cena was known to have cheated on his wife Elizabeth a number of times during the three years that the couple were married, but one of the main affairs that Cena had was with former WWE Women's Champion Mickie James.

Mickie was already engaged to Spirit Squad member Kenny Dykstra at the time and when he found out about the affair he called off the engagement and was then fired from WWE at the request of John Cena himself. Mickie was said to have wanted a relationship with Cena but John didn't want this and so instead he had Mickie moved over to the SmackDown brand instead, where she remained until she was quietly released a few months later. Mickie has since returned to WWE and currently wrestles on the Raw brand.

1 Lita And Matt Hardy

The biggest love triangle in WWE history was between Lita, Matt Hardy, and Edge back in 2005. Lita had been dating Matt Hardy for a number of years and the WWE Universe saw them as the perfect couple until Hardy was injured. Lita was then paired with Edge instead and it seems that the couple got closer during their time together and their affair was then revealed, publicly.

Matt became the victim while Lita and Edge were the obvious villains in the whole saga. Edge had only recently married himself, so his second wife divorced him, and Matt and Lita officially split, but were able to still work together when WWE decided to fire and then rehire Matt so they could use the affair as a storyline. It was perhaps one of the lengthiest breakups in WWE history too.

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