The 20 Hottest WWE WAGs Of All Time

Superstars of professional wrestling are actors, athletes, and entertainers, so it shouldn’t be a surprise lots of them have been able to attract fans of the opposite sex. This isn’t to say every wrestler out there will inevitably marry someone cheering his or her name, but it seems like an easy enough first step it probably happened at least a couple times. Regardless of how these romances start, however, the real point we’re trying to make is that just about every wrestler to find love has done so with people who happen to be outrageously beautiful, one of the less talked about perks of their job.

Part of why male wrestlers wind up with such attractive wives is the fact they tend to marry within the industry. Fans already know the women of WWE are drop dead gorgeous, and it makes sense some of them would fall for the guys they spend the majority of their lives traveling beside. Of course, wrestlers who marry outside of the industry are just as likely to find supermodel wives, or at least women who could have been supermodels if they had only tried.

Since pro wrestlers themselves are forced to have the best bodies possible to perform their jobs at a peak level, a good number of their significant others are likewise regular gym members with pretty rocking bodies. Honestly, it’s not like there are any wrestlers out there whose wives or girlfriends aren’t beautiful, and average guys would probably be jealous of WWE superstars love lives in general. Some people like channeling that jealousy into a select few, however, and if that happens to be you, keep reading to check out the 20 hottest pro wrestler WAGs of all time.

20 Renee Young – Wife Of Dean Ambrose

The last kind of woman someone would expect with a man calling himself the Lunatic Fringe would be a well-educated put together mind like Renee Young. Believe it or not, though, it took almost no time at all for the two to gravitate towards one another when they started working together in the WWE Universe. While most women in the company thought Ambrose was quiet and standoffish, he hit it off with Young almost instantly, and the two only spent more time with one another from there. Unfortunately, this has had the slightly negative backlash of making some of Ambrose’s more obsessive fans actually send Young death threats, demanding she leave the object of their affection alone. Undeterred by these idle threats, Ambrose and Young continued their relationship, eventually getting married on April 9, 2017. Mere days after the two made things official, WWE rained on the parade by splitting them up on screen with the Superstar Shake Up, but we’re sure the couple will overcome this minor setback.

19 Alexa Bliss – Fiancé Of Buddy Murphy

NXT is the training ground for the WWE Universe in more ways than one, and for once, we aren’t talking about how superstars learn to act behind the scenes, as well. In addition to teaching aspiring wrestlers how to fit into the sports entertainment industry at large, NXT has apparently also been teaching a select few wrestlers about interoffice dating, most famously in the case of Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy. Initially, the two were paired up on screen with Bliss as the manager of Murphy and his partner Wesley Blake, and a real life romance quickly blossomed between the two. Things have remained strong between them since Bliss was called up to the main roster, with Murphy later proposing to her in early 2017. Whether or not Murphy is going to get lucky and join his bride-to-be on the main roster remains to be seen, let alone if he will be able to match her success as a multiple time Women’s Champion.

18 Stephanie McMahon – Wife Of Triple H

Men attracted to power probably feel like Stephanie McMahon is placing far too low on this list, and that’s not even mentioning the fact plenty of guys already feel that way based on her looks alone. Regardless of how anyone feels about Stephanie’s looks, however, there’s pretty much no chance they’ll ever get to hook up with her, as the Billion Dollar Princess has been in the arms of her husband Triple H for well over a decade now. The two started dating in the year 2000, shortly after their characters were linked up and wed on screen. Initially, Vince McMahon and others within the industry were hesitant to the idea of Stephanie dating one of her father’s employees, but eventually the business came around and realized Triple H truly loved her. That love was confirmed through marriage in late 2003, and their relationship continues to strive as they raise three young daughters together to this day. That said, many still debate whether or not Triple H is really in it for love, or if he simply realizes this means he will most likely take over WWE some day soon.

17 Terri Runnels – Ex-Wife Of Goldust, Ex-Girlfriend Of New Jack

It takes a pretty special woman to put up with a man who paints himself gold from head to toe, so that alone made Terri Runnels an attractive prospect for Dustin Rhodes, the man better known as Goldust. How exactly this relates to her later relationship with ECW gangsta New Jack is less clear, nor does it explain the alleged affair with Shawn Stasiak that caused things with Rhodes to fall apart. Of course, once again, none of that is particularly important when discussing Terri’s attractiveness, as all it takes is one look to understand why all these men were really interested in her, their golden interests notwithstanding. Terri possesses the kind of classy beauty that only grew stronger when she was chomping on a cigar and talking down to her man’s opponents. This same sort of classiness is why she was not okay with New Jack allegedly selling nude photos of her, an incident that lead the couple to Florida courts shortly after their breakup. Nowadays, one might assume Runnels has moved on from wrestlers.

16 Nikki Bella –Fiancé Of John Cena

Unquestionably the most famous superstar working for WWE today, John Cena is the definition of a professional wrestler to most of the general public. In line with the trend this list is going to outline, Cena’s position has led to him finding a beautiful woman dying to become his bride, and her name is Nikki Bella. The couple started dating in 2012, shortly after both had left prior relationships, Cena with an ex-wife named Elizabeth Huberdeau and Bella with fellow wrestler Dolph Ziggler. While Cena hesitated for several years to move the relationship forward into a marriage, Bella’s dreams of a proposal finally came true in the middle of the ring at WrestleMania 33 after the two defeated The Miz and his wife Maryse in a mixed tag team match. Wedding plans are still unclear, but reports indicate Bella is as excited to day as she was when Cena popped the question, so it’s unlikely either of them are getting cold feet any time soon. Fans interested in this development should stay tuned to Total Bellas, where they can also read about Nikki’s sister and her husband…

15 Brie Bella – Wife Of Daniel Bryan

Though her sister Nikki was born sixteen minutes earlier, Brie Bella was the first of the twins to find love with a fellow WWE superstar. Not long after the two started shooting up the men and women’s rosters respectively in 2011, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella started dating. Roughly three years later, Bryan proposed, leading to marriage on April 14, 2014. Much of their relationship has been documented on Total Divas and Total Bellas, not to mention WWE programming in general, where both often speak of their love for one another during important promos and interviews. At this point, neither Bryan nor Bella get in the ring and wrestle anymore, yet both play key roles in the WWE Universe. That may change in the near future, though, as Bella just recently gave birth to their first child, and a devoted family man like Bryan might want to take some time off to spend with his new daughter. Aunt Nikki and Uncle John coming by during their own time off would only serve to make the idea more enticing.

14 Torrie Wilson – Ex-Wife Of Billy Kidman

Torrie Wilson holds a very special place amongst other sports WAGs, as she is one of the rare few women to have switched from one athletic industry to another. It was easy enough for Wilson to find a wrestler boyfriend first, considering she herself was working within that industry for many years. Almost instantly upon signing with WCW, Wilson began a long-term relationship with repeat Cruiserweight and Tag Team Champion Billy Kidman, and the two were eventually married on June 11, 2003. The relationship lasted five more years, while Wilson continued working for WWE and Kidman started to shift behind the scenes as a producer. No one outside the couple themselves knows exactly what started to fall apart at that point, but we do know they divorced in late 2008. Wilson didn’t wait too long before moving on to a higher profile athlete, though, as she began dating New York Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez for four years, from 2011 to 2015.

13 Lauren Hashian – Girlfriend Of The Rock

Having been named the highest paid actor in Hollywood, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could barely even be considered a wrestler at this point. Sure, he still shows up at the occasional WWE event and sometimes even steps in the ring, but making movies and TV shows has firmly overtaken grappling as Rock’s primary career. Of course, this sort of upgrade only means the type of woman attracted to Johnson are likewise becoming more glamorous, or at least they have the potential to, and some speculate that’s why he left his first wife Dany Garcia so soon after his movie career took off. It was roughly that same time Rock also moved on to his new girlfriend, Lauren Hashian, who he remains with to this day. Rock and Hashian’s relationship has thus far produced one daughter named Jasmine, although wedding bells do not seem to be in their immediate future. Hashian is probably content with things as is, though, happy enough with the ability to go one on one with the great one.

12 Maryse – Wife Of The Miz

Not everyone in the WWE Universe tends to agree with The Miz’s ascertain that he’s awesome, and yet chances are the man himself is content with things so long as one woman in particular echoes his statement. This is exactly what he found in fellow WWE superstar and former Divas Champion Maryse, who he met right away as the host of the 2006 Diva Search. It took a few years before the two were reunited and started dating in earnest, but things got hot and heavy fast when they did, and before long Miz was thinking about proposing. They wouldn’t have made this list if Maryse didn’t say yes, so it should be little surprise reading this that they were wed on February 20, 2014. Maryse had been taking a lengthy sabbatical from WWE and wrestling in general at this time, though she soon returned to be at her husband’s side, hoping to take him to entirely new heights.

11 Sable – Wife Of Brock Lesnar, Ex-Wife Of Marc Mero

Typically, the wrestlers who have been lucky enough to date or marry their fellow WWE superstars chose their contemporaries, having met one another while on the road together. Brock Lesnar and Sable spent all of a few months working together on camera before the Attitude Era bombshell essentially retired, but that was apparently all it took for the Beast Incarnate to get her in his sight. Backing up a bit, prior to Lesnar and Sable hooking up, the master of the Sable Bomb was in an earlier relationship with Marc Mero, who could in many respects be considered responsible for her entering the business. Sable and Mero were married for about ten years, getting hitched in 1994 and then divorcing in 2004. Instantly after the divorce, Lesnar swooped in and made his intentions known, and Sable married him in 2006. The couple now has two sons, and happily lives together in the woods of Canada, raising their family.

10 Melina – Ex-Girlfriend Of Mike Knox, John Morrison

Does a relationship falling apart miserably make a woman any less beautiful? Maybe to the individuals involved, but to mere onlookers like us, the fact Melina has had a few bad break ups does nothing to detract from her impeccable looks. If one were to ask her first boyfriend Mike Knox what went wrong, we’re not sure what his answer would be, and the fact their relationship came before either were notable performers makes it kind of irrelevant anyway. The romance between Melina and John Morrison lasted a whole lot longer and during a time both were stars, spanning roughly 11 years from the time the first met in WWE until their fairly recent public split. Throughout this time, the couple faced rumors Melina was regularly cheating on Morrison, usually with fellow WWE superstar Batista, although she herself has denied this. It’s a bit harder to deny she posted pictures of his erectile dysfunction medication online when bitter about the breakup, though. Evidence of this act still exists, and it would probably cause most guys a bit of embarrassment about the relationship in more ways than one.

9 Lita – Ex-Girlfriend Of Matt Hardy, Edge, CM Punk

Such is the state of modern romance that multiple male wrestlers can have the same girlfriend at various points in their career, and there’s nothing wrong with the fact Lita’s dated at least three of them. Quite frankly, Matt Hardy, Edge, and CM Punk were all lucky to spend any time with the future WWE Hall of Famer. On second thought, maybe not Matt Hardy, considering his relationship with Lita fell apart when she cheated on him with the Rated R Superstar, causing their careers to flourish and Hardy’s to fall apart. All was forgiven by the time she moved on to CM Punk, though, and both Edge and Hardy had moved on to other women entirely by the time Lita and Punk hooked up for the second time. Again, the mere fact Lita has a longer public dating resume than most other ladies on this list doesn’t detract from her personality in any way. As for her good looks, just ask those guys what got them interested in her.

8 Jennifer Hudson – Fiancé Of David Otunga

Despite all the high profile WWE superstars on this list, chances are the highest profile wrestler WAG of all isn’t a grappler at all, but rather Oscar-winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson. Especially in the present day, WWE doesn’t generate ratings anywhere near American Idol, the show that brought Hudson to fame in the early 2000’s. Next came a supporting role in Dreamgirls that won her the Oscar, and it was after all that success she met her current fiancé, David Otunga. As she rose to fame, Hudson was married to a different man named James Payton, until their divorce in late 2007. The next year, Hudson met Otunga, then a recent Harvard grad with a minor interest in wrestling. The two quickly became engaged, and though the wedding has still yet to happen, Hudson giving birth to their child in 2009 pretty much cemented the couple as something serious. Hudson and Otunga remain together to this day, even as rumors claim the respected actress and musician sometimes questions her well-educated husband’s career choice.

7 Michelle McCool – Wife Of The Undertaker

Professional teachers usually don’t look to the dark side when picking a partner, unless of course their true calling is later found in the squared circle themselves. Not many educators have made the jump into a wrestling ring, but a few of them have, including Michelle McCool. Only a few years into the move, McCool also divorced her first husband Jeremy Alexander, and it wasn’t long after that she started a relationship with her current husband, The Undertaker. After roughly three or four years of dating, the couple wed on June 26, 2010. Shortly before the marriage, McCool largely retired from the ring to prepare herself for married life, and her Phenom of a husband has mostly been doing the same in recent years, as well. Perhaps part of Undertaker’s slow crawl out of the ring has been related to their young daughter, born in 2012. Granted, even without the daughter, with a wife like McCool waiting for him at home, the Dead Man has plenty of reasons to consider retirement.

6 Miss Elizabeth – Ex-Wife Of Randy Savage, Girlfriend Of Lex Luger

Upon the arrival of “Macho Man” Randy Savage to the WWE Universe in the mid 1980s, every single manager in the company was interested in purchasing his services. Neither Jimmy Hart, Bobby Heenan, nor “Classy” Freddie Blassie had much of a chance standing next to the woman Savage would pick though, and the playing field wasn’t particularly fair, either, considering none of them realized his real life wife was in the mix, as well. While WWE tried to sell Miss Elizabeth as merely his girlfriend at the time, the truth was that they married in 1984, shortly before making the jump from Savage’s father’s independent company International Championship Wrestling to the mainstream. It was working for Angelo Poffo that Savage and Elizabeth met, as she was a camerawoman and he was one of the top stars in the company. Changing Liz to an onscreen role made Vince McMahon millions, but it also may have had the negative counter effect of causing the couple to split further down the line. After divorcing Savage, Elizabeth later shacked up with Lex Luger, sticking with him until her sudden death in 2003.

5 Kimberly Page – Ex-Wife Of “Diamond” Dallas Page

“Diamond” Dallas Page is a pretty positive person, always giving himself high fives and telling fans to do the same. Well, the truth is it’s gotta be fairly easy to celebrate yourself when you have a wife like Kimberly, even if the relationship they once shared has since fallen from what it once was. Regardless of where they stand today, one can’t deny the closeness shared between DDP and Kimberly in the past, as the two were married for over a decade from 1991 to 2004. During this time, Kimberly would regularly make appearances with Page on WCW television, where she was also the lead dancer of the Nitro Girls. Apparently, things started falling apart around the time DDP was considering retirement, though the two remain friends despite their eventual divorce. Since then, DDP has moved on to a new marriage with an equally beautiful woman named Brenda Nair, and Kimberly has apparently moved on to a different man, but it’s unlikely DDP will be forgetting about their time together any time soon.

4 AJ Lee – Wife Of CM Punk

Dating a number of women within the wrestling business gave CM Punk a bit of a reputation as a ladies man from his earliest days in the business. After relationships with Lita and Maria Kanellis, not to mention a potential slew of others, Punk finally found lasting love with his current wife, AJ Lee. The two started dating when both were working for WWE, which made matters slightly complicated when Punk walked out of the company and Lee decided to stick around for an additional year. That their love was able to survive this confusing period could be a sign they’re meant to last, although they already overcame a pretty big hurdle related to one of Punk’s past relationships—back when she was a child, Lee idolized Lita, who was one of her future husband’s exes. Of course, that sort of situation is merely uncomfortable to think about, and if the couple were able to get over it and marry on June 13, 2014 and remain together to this day, chances are they were able to get over it.

3 Brandi Rhodes – Wife Of Cody Rhodes

Back before women’s wrestling underwent a revolution with the goal of making the genre equal to its male counterpart, men in the industry still dated their coworkers, but they were confined to the non-wrestling roles women occupied at the time. This meant announcers, valets, and any other hangers on around the arena. Of course, women still occasionally play non-wrestling roles today as well, including a WWE ring announcer who used the name Eden Stiles. Such is the nature of the business she still fell for a man she worked with, and perhaps Cody Rhodes’s ties to wrestling history is what made it so easy for them to fall for one another. The two were married in late 2013, and apparently it was almost instantly that the couple started begging WWE to let them work together on screen. That never came to pass, and soon enough the two both left the company. After doing so, they were finally allowed to work together in earnest for Impact Wrestling and other smaller companies.

2 Stacy Keibler – Ex-Girlfriend Of David Flair, Test

Starting out her career as a cheerleader, a more traditional life story might have seen Stacy Keibler become a football player's wife or girlfriend at some point in her life. Things don’t always work out as expected, though, and Keibler fast found herself getting involved with pro wrestling after getting spotted dancing in the crowd at Starrcade 1998. Granted, Keibler is pretty easy to notice, and double that for back when she was in her early 20s. Somehow, the first male wrestler to enter a relationship with the bespectacled beauty calling herself Miss Hancock at the time was The Nature Boy’s son, David Flair. That relationship lasted most of her time in WCW, ending shortly after the company was purchased by WWE. At this point, Keibler moved on to a relationship with former Intercontinental Champion Test, although neither of these wrestling romances would define her romantic life. Instead, Keibler found her true WAG fame by dating George Clooney for several years, and today she spends her time as the wife of Future Ads CEO Jared Pobre.

1 Beulah McGillicutty – Wife Of Tommy Dreamer

Debuting as a pretty boy was all part of the plan to turn Tommy Dreamer into an innovator of violence a few years later, and yet the strategy nonetheless made him a big hit with female members of the ECW audience. That said, a good number of the alternatively bloodthirsty ladies screaming those three special letters week after week were more interested in dark brooding types like Raven, explaining how Beulah McGillicutty entered the industry as one of his exes. Real life and wrestling don’t always imitate one another to a tee, however, and it wasn’t long before Beulah left Raven for Tommy. Even so, it was a few years before Beulah and Dreamer hooked up for real, and in between Tommy spent some time with fellow ECW superstar Francine. Ultimately, though, we think Dreamer made the right choice by winding up with McGillicutty. Of course, were it all up to him, Tommy would probably have taken them both—after all, he’s hardcore.

Sources: WWE

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