The 15 Most Shocking WWE Make Out Sessions

WWE is now considered a PG rated show. This means that most of the time, any sexual innuendos or anything relating to an over 18 rating is either taken out of the show completely or put in as a tongue

WWE is now considered a PG rated show. This means that most of the time, any sexual innuendos or anything relating to an over 18 rating is either taken out of the show completely or put in as a tongue in cheek attempt at banter between superstars.

It hasn't always been this way. But in recent years, WWE has created an incredible female roster that is now able to rival the men for main event spots on pay-per-views, SmackDown, and Monday Night Raw. Even though WWE has changed their rating in recent years, many of their storylines have still integrated couples and relationships. This has led to some of the most shocking kissing scenes that the WWE Universe has ever seen. Some were more surprising than shocking, because the audience really didn't see them coming, but some were shocking because of the impact it had on the overall storyline at the time.

The following are 15 of the most shocking and surprising make out sessions that many of the WWE fans have enjoyed over the past few decades. Read on and remember some of these horrific pairings.

15 Kaitlyn and Dolph Ziggler

Kaitlyn was part of the all-female edition of NXT and many fans thought that when AJ Lee and Primo headed backstage, it would be those two who were kissing. Instead, AJ looked inside the box she was standing in front of and saw Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn kissing inside it.

Vickie was dating Dolph Ziggler at the time and she was outraged by the entire thing. She tried to attack Kaitlyn to teach her a lesson, but the soon-to-be Divas Champion found a cake nearby and threw it all over Vickie. It seems this would be the only time Kaitlyn would get the upper hand over the woman who went on to become Raw General Manager.

14 Brie/Nikki and Daniel Bryan

Nikki and Brie Bella have always used the fact that they are twins to attempt to get ahead in WWE. They have the looks and the charm, but it seems that they decided to let a man come between them back in 2010 when both Bella's wanted Daniel Bryan.

Bryan played along with it for a while and the video shows that, after Bryan won his match as United States Champion, the twins had a surprise for him. Both females kissed Bryan who looks as shocked as anyone as the segment unfolds. Bryan didn't actually choose either women in the WWE Universe, but he did go on to marry Brie Bella and the two have recently revealed that they are expecting a daughter later this year.

13 Lana and Dolph Ziggler

The relationship between Lana and Rusev has played a huge role in their WWE storylines ever since they were promoted to the main roster almost two years ago. Lana has left Rusev a few times and has been caught in compromising positions with stars like Enzo Amore and Dolph Ziggler, while Rusev moved on to Summer Rae.

The couple married last year outside of WWE and remain together onscreen at the moment, but back in 2015, WWE decided to set up a rivalry between Dolph and Rusev by using Lana as a go-between. It worked really well: Rusev told Lana to leave, so she found a new man and this is the way he reacted (above).

12 Santino Marella and Maria

Santino Marella was never really given a lot to work with when he was in WWE. He was always seen as a comedy wrestler and it was hard for the WWE Universe to accept anything other than that later in his career. He was aligned with many women, including Beth Phoenix and Marie, during his time with WWE and this was one of the more shocking moments.

Santino had just cost Maria her match against Melina and then told her that she had to choose between him and posing for Playboy, something that she later did anyway. The kiss was just his way of giving her something to think about.

11 The Great Khali and Beth Phoenix

This kiss came out of nowhere, but it shows the things that women will do to get ahead in WWE. Beth Phoenix was only the second woman to be entered into a Royal Rumble match back in 2010 and she decided that she was going to use everything she had to stay in the match.

Beth was about to be eliminated by Khali merely seconds after she had entered the match, so she decided to distract him with a kiss and eliminate him while sneaking back under the bottom rope. She was later eliminated by CM Punk, but she at least got a pretty huge elimination under her belt.

10 Alicia Fox and Noam Dar

This is the most recent kiss on this list, but no less shocking. Over the past few months, Cedric Alexander and Alicia Fox have been dating and she has been accompanying him to the ring. Noam Dar decided to come between the happy couple.

Alicia slapped him last time he made a comment about Cedric, and he expected the same treatment a few weeks ago. Instead, Alicia decided to give him exactly what he wanted, but he couldn't handle it. Cedric and Alicia recently broke up and it has sent the former Divas Champion back into an incredibly scary character.

9 AJ Lee and CM Punk

The AJ Lee/CM Punk saga went on for a while in WWE and it was great to see a female playing a main role in one of the main event storylines, but it seems that their onscreen chemistry actually led to a real-life romance and the couple are now married.

In WWE, AJ couldn't decide between Punk or Daniel Bryan, and in the end, it didn't matter because Vince McMahon offered her something much better: the opportunity to become the General Manager of Monday Night Raw. In true feminist style, AJ chose the job over both men.

8 Fandango and Layla

Fandango and Summer Rae were one of the best partnerships that WWE had ever created, at a time when Fandango was still a household name. But when Summer was forced to miss many WWE TV tapings because she was the first female cast in a WWE Studios movie, Fandango found a new partner.

Layla is a former dancer and Divas Champion, so naturally she was the perfect choice. The problem was, no one told Summer Rae. It seems the split between them was a rough one and Summer refused to accept it and called on Adam Rose to help her extract revenge.

7 AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler

One of the oldest revenge plots in the book is to go after your enemy's boyfriend. Most of the time, this doesn't work because they act like they're still devoted to the person, but in AJ's case, it worked like a charm.

Vickie Guererro basically cost AJ her job as General Manager of Raw and took over the position herself after she revealed AJ's relationship with John Cena. AJ then decided that since she had taken away from her what she held dear, then she would do the same to Vickie. Worst of all, she actually did it in front of her.

6 Eve Torres and John Cena

John Cena is one of the biggest stars in WWE and is seems he has become quite the magnet when it comes to attracting women. Somehow, Cena became embroiled in a rivalry that he wasn't even part of when he saved Eve Torres before she could be kidnapped by Kane.

Eve decided that as a result of saving her, she should kiss him. The only problem was, Eve didn't realize that her actual boyfriend Zack Ryder was standing behind her watching the whole thing. Not really the way Eve hoped it would pan out. Poor Zack.

5 Randy Orton and Stephanie McMahon

One of the best ways to get to a man is through his woman, and when it comes to Randy Orton, he ensures that he is always in Viper Mode. It had aways been personal between the two former members of Evolution, but Orton took it one step further back when The McMahons were feuding with Legacy.

Orton not only beat Triple H with the help of Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase, but he then handcuffed him to the rope and made him watch as he DDT'd his wife, Stephanie McMahon, and then kissed her unconscious body. Orton was a really sick guy when he was a part of Legacy.

4 Maria and John Cena

Maria was never really much of a wrestler when she was in WWE. The company hired her because she was nice to look at and could easily be used as a backstage interviewer. When Maria accidentally became embroiled in the feud between John Cena, Edge, and Lita, she realized that she may have bitten off more than she could chew.

Maria was placed in a match with Cena against Lita and Edge, with the winner of the match deciding the special guest referee for the following week's WWE Championship match. Maria was scared that she was going to cost Cena the match, so she headed to him backstage and told him, but he didn't have the same reaction as her.

3 Brie Bella and AJ Lee

The feud between Nikki Bella and AJ Lee reached its peak when AJ was forced to defend her Divas Championship against the older Bella Twin back at Survivor Series in 2014. Brie had been a part of a rivalry with her sister for the past few months, and one of her losses meant that she was forced to be her sister's personal slave.

Brie made the decision that she wasn't even going to allow her sister to fight for the Divas Championship, instead as soon as the bell rang Brie grabbed AJ and kissed her as a distraction so that her sister could hit her with an impactful forearm and win her first Divas Championship. Dirty tactics.

2 AJ Lee and John Cena

John Cena and AJ Lee actually made quite a cute couple, if it wasn't for the fact that she was General Manager of Raw and she wasn't allowed to have personal relations with any of the superstars she was managing. AJ had already created quite the reputation for herself during her short time in WWE, so it was quite easy for Vickie to come up with evidence to prove her theory.

AJ and Cena denied the relationship for a while until it seemed that the duo had come to the point where they could no longer listen to Vickie Guererro and all of the "evidence" that she found that proved AJ was breaking the rules. So when Vickie called them out to the ring, AJ and Cena decided that they had had enough and this was their reaction.

1 Trish Stratus and Mickie James

Trish Stratus and Mickie James had one of the most entertaining female rivalries of the past decade. When their year-long feud began, Mickie was shown as being a stalker who was obviously obsessed with Trish. Mickie went on to kidnap her friend Ashley, attempt to take Trish's boyfriend away from her, and even resorted to walking in on her in the shower many times as well.

It wasn't until Christmas 2005 that Mickie fully made her intentions clear and kissed Trish under the mistletoe. But when Trish made it clear that she wasn't interested, Mickie decided that she would instead become obsessed with taking away something that Trish really loved: the WWE Women's Championship, which she did at WrestleMania 22.

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The 15 Most Shocking WWE Make Out Sessions