The 15 Hottest Tennis Beauties In Wimbledon 2017

Let’s face it, women’s tennis isn’t one of the most enthralling of spectacles; that’s just the general consensus. There’s been plenty of debate about this in tennis, how the men’s game differs from the women’s, and there are some major differences; there’s nothing the women can really do about it, it’s just the way it is, and as a result, the men get all the plaudits. I’m not in any way saying that women don’t play great tennis, it’s just that many people find men’s tennis more exciting, hence they draw in more crowds and generate more revenue for the game.

But there is one reason why people tune in to see women’s tennis. It may sound crude, but you can’t deny it’s true: many guys out there watch women’s tennis simply to ogle at the competitors, because some of the pros out there are simply stunning. The women’s game is so competitive that a lot of pros have achieved success, gained a fan following, and are able to make a living out of the sport they love, because of their looks. Seeing women such as these 15 do their thing on the tennis court in their revealing tennis attire is enough to get the pulse racing, to get them noticed, and to get sponsors doing their utmost to get them on board.

It's the best time of the year for tennis fans. The greatest Grand Slam of them all, Wimbledon, is underway, and it means some great tennis, and some hot tennis players are on show. These are 15 of the hottest players, looking resplendent in white, showcasing their skills on the greatest tennis stage of them all, who’ve been involved in this year’s Wimbledon tennis championships.


15 Johanna Konta

Johanna Konta was born in Australia to Hungarian parents, and that’s where she was introduced to tennis. She quickly fell in love with the sport, and as a teenager, relocated to Spain in order to try and develop and further her career, before settling in England with her family. She became a British citizen five years ago, and the nation’s fully accepted her and have taken her into their hearts. She’s now Britain’s number one tennis player, and her fan following’s just increased during the course of these championships.

Up until 2015, Johanna was an unknown entity. She was ranked 150, just another player, but in just over a year, her rise was remarkable. She became a top ten player, and has warranted her ranking position by winning her first WTA title, and going far in Grand Slam tournaments.

Johanna’s looks and personality have also meant plenty of attention’s come her way. She doesn’t try too hard to look like someone she’s not,  she is naturally beautiful on and off the court, and we’ve seen how she scrubs up when posing for photoshoots. She’s also one of the politest players on tour, always smiling and saying please and thank you to the ball boys and girls, who most players just ignore; it’s no wonder Britain’s proud to call her their own.

14 Heather Watson


Here’s another Brit, but someone who’s career is pretty much running in reverse to that of her country woman’s Johanna Konta. Before Konta enjoyed a resurgence in the last couple of years, it was Heather Watson who was flying the flag for Great Britain. She was number one, and that suited tennis fans just fine. Not only is she decent on the court, she’s a feisty character, a real fighter, and that’s held her in good stead, and meant she’s been a part of some epic matches. But another reason people were glad she was the poster girl for British tennis, is because she’s pretty hot, on and off the court too. Heather doesn’t have what you’d describe as model-like good looks, but she’s beautiful nevertheless, and has natural beauty, which, combined with her down-to-earth attitude and chilled out persona, means she remains one of Britain’s favorite, and hottest, tennis stars, despite her drastic dip in form and her ranking.

13 Eugenie Bouchard

Eugenie Bouchard is still a baby, relatively speaking, in the tennis world. Despite turning pro in 2009, she’s still thought of as a newcomer, perhaps because she hasn’t quite reached the heights expected of her, her career’s still in limbo. She was tipped for great things, and still is, but needs to make a move, otherwise people will begin to call her a wasted talent and will start to reflect on something that could have been.

She had a dire time at this year’s Wimbledon, but for the brief time she was in Southwest London, she still drew plenty of heads her way and got plenty of people watching. That’s because Genie, is, and has been for quite some time now, regarded to be one of the hottest pros on the tennis circuit. She’s basically a tennis player and a part time model too, and has posed in some racy pics for some of the top lads’ mags, Sports Illustrated included.

12 Martina Hingis


Martina Hingis is a firm fan favorite and has been around on the pro scene for a hell of a long time, since 1994 in fact. Three years after turning pro she climbed to the top of the singles rankings, and a year after that, she achieved the same feat in doubles competitions. She’s also won Grand Slams, and is rated by many tennis aficionados to be one of the greatest female tennis players of all time. She’s still doing her thing, in the doubles competition at Wimbledon, wowing audiences at the age of 36.

Martina has achieved a fan following, not only because of her longevity in the sport and all of her accomplishments, but because she’s just a lovable character. She has that girl next door look about her, and has an amazing personality. She's always playing with a smile plastered across her face. That attitude’s endeared her to the fans, and we hope we still get to see a lot more of Martina in the coming years.

11 Barbora Strýcová

Barbora Strýcová didn’t have a great time in the Women’s Singles competition this year at Wimbledon, but went pretty far in Women’s Doubles. Women tennis fans were happy with that, because it meant we got to see a lot of the Czech beauty doing her thing on court. Earlier this year she achieved her highest ranking of 16, but aside from that, there hasn’t really been any major successes in Barbora’s career. She may not be one of the best, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get noticed. She’s made a name for herself amongst fans because of some of the hot shoots she’s done over the years, meaning fans have gotten to see her in a different light. I say that, because in her modeling shoots she looks utterly gorgeous, but on court she’s gained a reputation as a fiery character, someone who’s known for her racket abuse and being very vocal in voicing her dissatisfaction. Beautiful, with a bit of a temper – just adds to her sex appeal.

10 Elina Svitolina


22-year-old Elina Svitolina reached the last 16 in this year’s championships before bowing out, which was a real shame because the fans were enjoying watching the new hot girl on the tennis scene. I say new, but she actually turned pro in 2010. We’ve recently seen her blossom into a fine young woman and pretty decent tennis player too. She’s had a strong start to 2017, and perhaps this could be the year she climbs the rankings and becomes recognized as one of the world’s best. She’s already regarded to be one of the hottest women on tour, so improve her game a tad and plenty of fame and fortune will come her way. Elina’s got age on her side, and will no doubt improve her game as she gets older; if her beauty enhances the same way, she’s going to be the hottest player on the women’s tennis scene.

9 Donna Vekic

Croatian tennis beauty Donna Vekic hasn’t had a great time in this year’s championships, bowing out of both of the events she was involved in within the first week. But again, she’s another European who has age on her side, and at the tender age of 21, she’ll no doubt grow leaps and bounds as she gets older. But she’s already a superstar in Croatia, and is becoming one in the rest of the tennis world. She’s been making waves in the sport over the past couple of years, not really because of anything she’s won, but because of the fact she’s absolutely stunning and she knows it, and never tires of flaunting it. She’s taken part in some pretty hot shoots, giving her a tremendous amount of sex appeal. Someone else on tour who certainly thinks so is Swiss tennis player, one of the best in the world, Stan Wawrinka. He took a shine to her and they’ve been an item for some time now – lucky Stan!


8 Sabine Lisicki


Sabine Lisicki’s career’s been hampered by injuries, and consequently she’s dropped out of the world’s top 100 – a dramatic decline considering at one point she was considered to be one of the world’s best. But she’s still only 27 – remarkable considering all she’s achieved – so she will no doubt be looking to climb the rankings, be back up at the top contending for Grand Slam titles in the coming years where she belongs. She reached the final at Wimbledon back in 2013, and it was then that the British public, and the tennis world as a whole for that matter, really took her into their hearts and she became a fan favorite. She put in a sterling display, wore her emotions on her sleeve, and was just distraught when she couldn’t emerge victorious. Her performances during those championships turned Sabine into a star; she’s just adorable, super cute, pretty, has an amazing personality, and is another person who plays for the love of the game, with a constant smile plastered across her face, and it shows.

7 Victoria Azarenka

Victoria Azarenka, affectionately known as Vika, is someone tennis fans either love or hate. She may have been a former number one, which illustrates her prowess on the court, but her infuriating screams every time she hits the ball had led to calls that this grunter should be gagged and have turned people off from watching her games. She’s also a feisty character, takes no rubbish, and gives as good as she gets.

Vika just had a baby, and wasn’t expected to go far in this event. She was just happy to be on court, and all things considered, she went pretty far, crashing out in the last 16. The Belarussian beauty was all smiles at this year’s championships, happy to be back to doing what she loved, and the fans actually embraced her, which made for a nice change.

Vika doesn’t look bad on the court, but looks super hot off it. She’s taken part in a number of sultry shoots over the years that have gotten her noticed and have made her one of the hottest tennis players going around.

6 Caroline Garcia


This 23-year-old French woman, Caroline Garcia, was the new hot girl on the courts at this year’s Wimbledon. We’d seen her previously at the Championships, but this time around, people began to sit up and take notice as she progressed to the fourth round, eventually losing to Johanna Konta. Being Britain’s number one, millions of Brits tuned in to watch that match and quite a few were taken aback at how stunningly beautiful Caroline Garcia is. She’s a tad shy, but should she choose to put herself out there, she could have a very lucrative career, by getting sponsors on board and doing some modeling.

Caroline’s half French and half Spanish – what an awesome mix! You can thank that mix for her beautiful tanned skin and her complexion, and her looks? That’s down to genetics, you’ve got to thank mom and dad for that.

5 Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza might be an unknown entity to a lot of tennis fans, but she’s probably the most popular – in terms of fan following – person on this list. That’s because Sania Mirza is considered to be the darling of Indian sport. She’s treated as an A-list celeb in India, and hangs with the rich and famous, as she's often seen side by side with Bollywood stars. You can’t walk the streets of India without having Sania’s beautiful face beaming down at you from a poster or billboard, or turn on the TV without seeing her in an ad campaign, or on some talk show or another. She’s a megastar, plain and simple. That’s due to not only her prowess in double’s events, but because she’s beautiful. Whatever she does gains a whole heap of attention in the subcontinent, and she’s someone who’s solely responsible for making tennis a pretty big deal in India.

4 Dominika Cibulková


Think of hot tennis players, and Dominika Cibulková might not be one of the names on your mind. That’s because she flies under the radar a little bit when it comes to her playing style and her level of hotness, which is ludicrous considering she’s ranked sixth in the world and is one of the hottest players on tour. If you didn’t deem Dominica to be hot before, feast your eyes on some of the many sultry pics of her out there, and your mind will change in an instant. The Slovakian beauty is a sex symbol, and much to our delight, never tires of flaunting it. She’s posed for some stunning shoots, and when she’s not posing for some magazine or another, she always keeps fans' interest by posting hot pics of herself on social media. Dominica truly is a glamor puss, she has flawless looks, a killer body, and isn’t bad with a racket in hand either – she possesses the complete package.

3 Angelique Kerber

Now we get to the world’s best players on the female tennis circuit. It’s pretty amazing that the world’s best are also the world’s hottest; Angelique Kerber is currently ranked number one in the world – although this ranking will change after Wimbledon, seeing as how she was eliminated in the fourth round – so I just couldn’t bring myself to put her at number one on this list, although many of you may have your qualms about that!

Nevertheless, she’s up there as being one of the game’s hottest pros. She’s glamorous on and off court, has a smile that endears her to tennis fans around the world, and has the looks and personality to enable her to rake in the cash through sponsorships, endorsement deals, and some modeling here and there too. She’s certainly not a bad number one to have, she's a great ambassador for the sport, and will definitely raise the profile of women’s tennis, get people watching.

2 Caroline Wozniacki


What was golfer Rory McIlroy thinking when he backed out of his wedding to Caroline Wozniacki? He’d landed the jackpot there, but for some reason or another, it wasn’t meant to be, they broke off their engagement, and went their separate ways.

Not to worry though, because Caroline was soon back to doing what she does best on the court, and around a year after they broke up, Caroline showed Rory what he was missing in the best possible way. She posed in a sexy spread for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and suddenly people began to see Caroline in a different light. It’s always been evident that she’s hot, but those hot pics just took the hotness scale to another level; Rory must have been kicking himself! She’s since done tons of other modeling shoots, and the results have certainly not left any doubts about Caroline being one of the hottest tennis players on the planet.

1 Garbiñe Muguruza

There are quite a few players on this list who could have made it to the number one position, but whatever the list is that you’re compiling in your mind, it’s safe to say that Garbiñe Muguruza is going to be right up there, if not claim the top spot.

The 23-year-old Spanish-Venezuelan beauty turned heads the instant she started out on the pro scene. That was six years ago, and then, by the time she reached adulthood, she had blossomed into a fine young woman. When she won the French Open title, people really began to sit up and take notice. But in terms of her game, her best result was in 2015, when she reached the final of Wimbledon. That’s the year that she became the darling of women’s tennis; the British public and tennis fans around the world adored her, and she’s since kicked on, and has gone pretty far at this year’s championships too.

Garbiñe is one of the most marketable female athletes on the planet. She’s young, hungry for success, is one of the best players in the world, and of course, she’s sizzling hot. She has the smile, the looks, body and the game to be one of the sport’s greats, and she’s already made her mark.

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