The 15 Hottest NY Giants WAGS

The New York Giants have long been one of the golden franchises in the NFL. Established back in 1925, which is a long time ago for an NFL franchise, the Giants wear blue, red and white, the ultimate A

The New York Giants have long been one of the golden franchises in the NFL. Established back in 1925, which is a long time ago for an NFL franchise, the Giants wear blue, red and white, the ultimate American trim to go along with their famous New York location. They are nicknamed "Big Blue," "The G-Men" (thank you, Chris Berman!), and "Big Blue." With eight league championships under their belt (four Super Bowl Championships), the Giants have been a staple of success in the league. From the days of Bill Parcells who brought home two Super Bowl Championships to the Meadowlands in 1986 and 1990 to Tom Coughlin who more recently grabbed championships in 2007 and 2011 (beating Tom Brady and the Patriots twice), the Giants have enjoyed more recent success.

Being in the hotbed of activity on the east coast, New York, the team, and its players, have quite the spotlight on them. They are the focus of attention in one of the biggest media locations in the world. Thus, the players grab headlines for all kinds of reasons. They are athletes who draw the attention of beautiful women. So of course these Giants players have quite the array of women they attract. Odell Beckham Jr. has drawn some of the most attention around, being one of the premiere players in the league. These players can ball and pull some impressive women. We look at some of the exploits of the current and recent past Giants' conquests.  These are the 15 hottest NY Giants WAGS.

15 Eli Manning And Abby McGrew


Eli Manning is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. His game has dropped off a bit with a lack of a decent offensive line, but he will be known as one of the best clutch performers in playoff history. His teams have won two Super Bowls, beating the undefeated New England Patriots in the biggest game of his life. Eli is paid $20 million a year for his efforts, being one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the league. In addition to his fine play and growing fortune, he has grabbed a pretty hot spouse for his efforts. Abby McGrew is a Nashville, Tennessee native and was Eli's college sweetheart. They met when Eli was a junior and Abby a freshman. This is definitely a happy ending.

14 Odell Beckham Jr. And Zendaya


OBJ is going to be a legend when it comes to the line of celebrity women he will eventually take down. It's still quite early for the star wide receiver, but he is already making his mark. With Zendaya, OBJ really ups his game. The two first seemed to get cozy back in February 2016 and have been spotted together numerous times since. They were at a Grammy's party and that started the dating rumors. More recently, the two attended a New York Knicks home game at Madison Square Garden. Zendaya is claiming that she and OBJ just happen to be arriving at the same place, at the same time, and that people are "making assumptions." Yeah, so it's just a coincidence that you two are running into one another at various events, at various times, sitting next to one another, laughing, getting photos taken for proof. Okay. Just coincidence. I also have stars in the sky you can name for a small fee, Zendaya.

13 Landon Collins And Victoria Lowery


Landon Collins has been a beast for the NY Giants. Landon Collins was a monster safety at the University of Alabama first, another "Football Factory." The development of Collins as one of the premiere starting safeties in the league has continued to help anchor a NY Giants defense that was near the bottom of the league back in 2016. Collins has helped drive a resurgent Giants defense to near the top of the league this past season. Collins also has found some pretty good fortune off the field as well. He met his fiancé, Victoria Lowery at school and their relationship has evolved since. They are a beautiful couple, but it is not without drama. Collins has gotten slack from his own family for wanting to marry a white woman. In addition, Collins has had ex-girlfriends emerge claiming that he is the father of multiple children. This could be a mess in-the-making, but one thing is for sure, Victoria Lowery is damn hot!

12 Victor Cruz And Elaina Watley


Victor Cruz has done pretty well for himself. The king of football salsas, Victor Cruz has done quite a bit of dancing in opposing team's end zones over the years. He has found a great deal of success during his NFL career. The star NFL receiver has made quite a bit of money during his career, signing a blockbuster five-year, $43 million deal back in 2013. Cruz was a monster performer in his prime, but he is now 30 and struggling with injuries season after season. Off the field, Victor Cruz has danced his way into the heart of Elaina Watley, at least for a period of time. The two were engaged to be married up until cheating rumors surfaced. Watley got a little possessive and starting firing off some social media bombs that contributed to the end of their relationship. However, if this picture is any proof, Cruz probably had fun while it lasted.

11 Odell Beckham Jr. And Amber Rose

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OBJ arrives again. The man is money. Not only can he catch footballs with a single finger, he can also catch women like flies on flypaper. Amber Rose also is much like the fly paper that catches men upon them. The former stripper is like candy for the who's-who of star athletes and rap stars. Some would say that Amber Rose "gets around." At least, in the media she has been linked to as many men as herpes these days. But rumors can be just that. Either way, Rose shows off her ample breasts and bodacious rear upon Instagram and has become a success due in part to her own selfies. Rose puts herself out there; literally. Some don't like Rose's in-your-face style of desperation, which is to say her goal of showcasing as much of her body as possible to as many as people as possible to remain relevant. In her defense, Kim Kardashian has done pretty well off of that premise, so we can't blame Rose for trying to get hers. And she got a little bit of OBJ for a short period of time.

10 Prince Amukamara And Pilar Davis


Prince Amukamara is a defensive back that has had an up and down career. He has been very good when he has been healthy. Unfortunately, Amukamara has struggled to stay on the field and has been sidelined with many injuries during the course of his career. He was a first round draft pick who has been a solid contributor but once his rookie deal ended, the Giants decided he was too injury prone and he was signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars. But before Amukamara left New York, he got married to his long-time girlfriend Pilar Davis while still on the squad. They met three years prior to marriage at a New York nightclub. While in Las Vegas, Amukamara had Pilar pulled up on stage during a dance show. He then surprised her with a proposal. Sweet moves, dude. The Prince is a Prince among men, as he doesn't believe in drinking or doing drugs.

9 Lawrence Tynes And Amanda Tynes


We are going to talk about the Giants kicker from the past, first. Lawrence Tynes who kicked like a monster for the Giants from 2007-2012 and was instrumental in their double-dismantling of the mighty Patriots. He was part of the two-time Super Bowl winning teams with the Giants who took down Brady and those Pats. Tynes was born back in Greenock, Scotland and actually started out as a successful soccer player. Tynes produced big-time in the NFL but he also produced well off-the-field with his wife Amanda Tynes. Amanda is brunette beauty with an awesome body. She and Lawrence have twin boys together and have largely stayed out of the media spotlight. Amanda has been seen rushing over to give her man kisses from the sideline, but outside of that, they have had a successful marriage under the radar.

8 Aaron Ross And Sanya Richards-Ross


Aaron Ross's career highlights all came with the Giants, the team that drafted him back in 2007. Ross also captured two championships with the G-Men, as a key part of their secondary. The defensive back was an effective player. With 11 career interceptions, Ross was a solid contributor when he played. Ross ended up signing a big deal when he left the Giants to join the Jaguars, but he had little to no success there. Ross started to break down. But off the field, Ross had some pretty darn good success. Ross met Sanya Richards, the incredible-looking beauty shown above. Her abs may be more ripped than Ross's, if you can believe it. Ross may have stepped away from the NFL quietly, but he will spend his later years pretty well hooked up with this beauty.

7 Josh Brown And Molly Brown


Yes, the awkward alarms are going off with this one. So, we are going to get dirty here, but you can't fault the beautiful Molly Brown on this one. Josh was an incredibly successful kicker early in his career and was a very solid addition to the NY Giants in 2013. He was their placekicker up until just a little while ago when information came out about his involvement in the abuse of his wife. Brown was suspended one game for the initial altercation where the police were called to his home. Many were confused over what had actually happened, and numerous denials led no further action at first. Then Josh Brown's diary was leaked in which he admitted to repeatedly abusing his wife, and thus, his NFL career is over. The Giants cut him and odds are nobody else will bother touching him. Brown went to the Pro Bowl in 2015 and landed an absolutely gorgeous wife, but at the end of day, the dude needs help. We applaud Molly Brown's beauty while wishing her luck at the same time.

6 Shaun O'Hara and Amy O'Hara


Shaun O'Hara was a monster on the offensive line for the Giants' Super Bowl run. O'Hara played both center and guard for the G-men from 2004-2010. O'Hara made a big impact with the Giants, anchoring the championship offensive line. He retired after his time with the Giants. But before he retired, O'Hara was able to land an impressive wife for a big man. He married Amy in 2009, in a beautiful wedding on the tiny island of Anguilla, east of Puerto Rico. Amy is a blonde cutie and is dwarfed in size by her big man, a 6'3" lineman who weighed in at over 300 pounds during his playing days. The picture above shows the size difference and also a very happy couple.

5 Shane Vereen And Taylour Rutledge


Shane Vereen came over from the New England Patriots to help provide a spark to the NY Giants offense. Maybe the Giants figured they could steal more Patriot's magic... They needed a good pass-catching third down back. They got one in Vereen, who is one of the most effective receivers out of the backfield in the entire league. Vereen has had a very successful NFL career thus far, but injuries have hampered his time with the G-Men. But if Vereen gets injured, he does have some good help at home from his girl, Taylour Rutledge. Rutledge is ironically from Seattle. She also has an incredibly good personality to go along with her good looks. She and Vereen have participated in children's charities together and she also looks amazing.

4 Osi Umenyiora And Selita Ebanks

Osi Umenyiora was a dynamic NY Giant from 2003-2012. He spent nearly his entire career with Big Blue. He played a final season with the Falcons, but Osi will always be a Giant. Osi won two titles with the Giants, one of the last holdovers from the championship squads. He was an explosive defensive end/linebacker who tallied nearly 100 sacks during his career. He was born in London, England and found his way to hitting the jackpot with this number. Of course, this was a few years back, but we can't help but applaud his efforts with sexy model Selita Ebanks. The year was 2007 when Osi and Ebanks stirred the pot together. Ebanks is a Victoria's Secret model who was born in the Cayman Islands. She was the big Victoria's Secret model who in 2007 got to wear an extraordinary bra worth $5 million. It was the special Holiday Fantasy Bra, the sexy piece sporting diamonds and gems. The two lasted for about two years until it was rumored that Osi impregnated another woman. Ouch. At least it was fun while it lasted!

3 Odell Beckham Jr. And Stephanie Acevedo


This entire list could almost be an Odell Beckham Jr. list! Truth be told, the young superstar is hitting the streets of New York and definitely having a fine impact on the world. To prove it (again!), he landed Stephanie Acevedo. Acevedo is gorgeous. She is a super-hot rapper who has been associated with numerous celebrities and superstars. Acevedo posts many photos of herself online. She is busty, with a curvaceous body that is made to sin. She also drops selfies of her busting body on Instagram with regularity. Acevedo holds little back and reminds us of a Kardashian or any other online overrated sensation. We will give her the benefit of the doubt here for her hotness and give OBJ a high-five for his conquest. Speaking of Kardashians...

2 Odell Beckham Jr. And Khloe Kardashian


OBJ also grabs the  number two spot for his rumored romp with Khloe Kardashian. TMZ caught OBJ and Kardashian getting cozy in a club. It was obvious the two were intimate with one another. It was shortly after Kardashian's romp with James Harden. It all went down at a pool party that Drake was hosting. That's when Khloe was seen turning and rubbing up on OBJ. We have to give it up with a huge shout out to Khloe too- she has worked out like a gym rat of late and has amped up her body to epic proportions. Anyone who thinks she isn't hot, is missing out on her more recent body transformation. She definitely had OBJ excited (not hard to do...) and the two had a little bit of fun together.

1 Osi Umenyiora And Leila Lopes


Osi arrives for a second time and it is worth it! When you are a Miss Universe, you are #1 in our hearts! We welcome Leila Lopes to the list! Osi  found great success when he sacked the former Miss Universe Leila Lopes. Of course, all isn't perfect in the land of sports stars. Osi was called out by an anonymous Internet troller who posted supposed proof of an affair she was carrying on with the football star. The woman claimed she wasn't trying to end his marriage (BS) but we unfortunately believe her Instagram claims, which also were coupled with actual screenshots from a text conversation she had with Osi. Osi, on the other hand, responded with a valiant defense that the whole thing was created by a maladjusted male troller- very weird. And also very sad indeed, Osi. We think Leila is amazing, so we are hoping you have come to your senses.

Sources:  nydailynews

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