The 15 Hottest Miesha Tate Photos You'll Ever See

Miesha Tate had an interesting MMA career. She was a gifted fighter, despite not being a dominator. Originally starting in Strikeforce, she was one of the top female fighters in the world for a while.

She would win the Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Championship in 2011 when the division began to get hot. This allowed her some significant fame, then the Ronda Rousey loss happened in 2012 and she never sniffed the Strikeforce title again. She would then jump to UFC with Ronda and others but it seemed she would win the UFC Women's Bantamweight Title that Ronda held. It was sad to see as she clearly fought hard and won some fights, but could never win the big one in UFC.

Finally, Rousey went down and a younger MMA star in Holly Holm won the title. This opened the door for Tate who then beat Holm for the title. The reign was short-lived as Amanda Nunes would beat Tate at UFC 200, but the fact that Miesha Tate held both titles was great to see. After her lost at UFC 205, she decided to call it a career in the world of MMA. She was a star in and out of the octagon, and the hope is that she manages to excite people in movies and television for years to come.


15 Miesha Tate Is A Bit Out Of It

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For those unaware, celebrities get hacked from time to time. One of the biggest times for celeb women was an incident known as "The Fappening." This was an issue for several women who had nude photos leaked of them online. Some managed to get them off the internet and people have forgotten about it. However, not all of us have forgotten about leaked pictures.

This leaked picture of Miesha Tate shows her in what seems like an intimate setting. She very well could have been drunk. But she seemed a bit out of it here. The reason we put it here is that she does look hot in the image with a bit of cleavage showing combined with her great legs.

14 UFC Photoshoot

image by YouTube

Often times men and women in sports are part of photoshoots for their team, company, etc. This is no different for UFC who loves to do this with their women. They are not the only ones, as a place called "Incorrecto" wanted to do a photoshoot with Tate and this was the result of one of their images.

We see Tate with her UFC gear on...mostly. This was a good opportunity for Miesha to get her name out there more, so it made sense to take the shoot when they asked.

13 We Really Need More Female Weigh-Ins

image by The Sportster

As everyone knows by now, before any UFC event goes down, the MMA giant likes to do public weigh-ins. This was common in boxing as well, but it seems UFC has made it quite a big deal so fans show up for an event of sorts just to see people weigh themselves. Imagine if you had people watch you weigh-in each time you looked at the scale?

One of the best parts of this for the guys is when the ladies weigh-in. They often times like to wear small clothing because it means less weight and sometimes every bit helps. As you can see by Miesha Tate above, she decided to go with a skimpy bikini. We're totally cool with that.

12 The Bikini Looks Good On Tate

image by Rant Sports

The bikini has always been an item of clothing women enjoyed wearing as it allowed them to get tan in all the right places. Men like it because it shows skin. So everyone wins right? In this image, we can see Miesha Tate getting her tan on and making sure to let us know that everything is all good with her, as she gives us a thumbs up.

Of course, fighters do need breaks from time to time after literally getting beaten up for a living or beating others up. Obviously Tate is getting much needed rest and we're glad she's doing so, otherwise we would not have such an image.

11 Tate In Fight Magazine

image by Fight Magazine

Obviously when you become a big star, magazines want you. In the case of Miesha Tate, at one point she was a top competitor in the sport of MMA. Combine that with her beauty, and you had someone that anyone would want to market. That said, Tate seemed to grab the attention of Fight Magazine and they managed to make headlines with her. As you can see, Tate is in what seems to be the best booty shorts on the planet combined with a leather jacket. Obviously this is not the most functional thing to wear anywhere.

10 Tate Is Really Working Out For Us

image by MMA Fighting

When I go to the gym, you'll see some girls walk in with interesting outfits as many like to look cute as they get in shape. That said, we have to thank Miesha Tate for setting the workout gear bar.

Here you can see her wearing shorts that show just enough for us to use legally here and you still see her trademark abs combined with just a bit of cleavage. Guys can dream, can we not?

9 Fight Mag Needs Her Again

image by Fight Magazine

Meisha Tate did one photoshoot with Fight Magazine, so more clearly had to come with it due to how wonderful the first was. Tate has been known for her legs for quite some time along with her abs, and she does not mind showing them off whatsoever.

In this particular outfit, she was nice enough to wear as little as possible for the magazine photoshoot. We as her fans are very happy she was okay with such a photo.


8 Las Vegas Great Pool Parties

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Miesha Tate is all about having fun and making sure others have a good time. She was spotted here at a Las Vegas pool party where she had crazy pool-centered sunglasses on with a drink her hand, as she made sure to put a fist up for photos.

Tate is known for being photogenic, so finding a terrible picture of her is usually difficult to do. That said, we're happy she decided to show up to this pool party to have fun and make our day with a half bikini pic.

7 Tate Loves Brazil

image by Pinterest

In this image, we can see Miesha Tate having fun at a beach at what seems to be Brazil, due to the flag she's holding up. UFC made an appearance here a while back where Ronda Rousey retained her UFC Women's Bantamweight Title in impressive fashion.

While Rousey may have been the talk of the town due to her impressive win at the event, it seems Tate was aiming to get some attention in Brazil, too. With a bikini like that and all that she managed to show, one would be given forgiven for forgetting that Rousey had a fight.

6 UFC Has Great Pool Parties


Miesha Tate has always made sure to kill it in a bikini whenever possible. At a UFC pool party in 2014, she did just that when she wore a bikini that we all loved. It was hardly on her, and that made us love it more. We're not saying that a mandate needs to be made for Tate to always wear a bikini, but we would not be against such an idea.

The UFC may be a company of fighters, but they have lovely females who could kick our ass any day of the week. We're cool with it too, as long as we get to see them in stuff like this as often as possible.

5 Abs Of Steel

image by Miesha Tate-Twitter

Probably the most notable thing about Miesha Tate is her abdominal muscles. She really works hard to have an incredible core. The abs are always spoken about by her fans and even opponents. Due to her style of fighting, which is mostly wrestling, great abdominal muscles are a must. Many fighters have a good core, but you'll be hard-pressed to find a man or woman with abs like Tate.

4 Maximum Effect

image by Maxim

Here we see Tate at a Maxim event, which gave us Miesha in an incredible dress. It showed off everything you wanted her to show. Her figure, which is obviously good, combined with her legs and amazing cleavage. If there is something to keep your eye on, it is Tate in a dress. Bikinis are great, but there is something to say about a girl that can rock any dress she decides to put on. Tate rocked this one.

3 Tate Showing Off Her Nice Sunglasses

image by Miesha Tate-Twitter

Miesha Tate is not known for being shy about her looks and figure. She makes sure you know that she knows she looks good. In this picture, she did not mind showing off a picture of her in a skimpy bikini as she decided to lay out and tan. No one is upset that she decided to put this out on social media and we hope she does this more often.

Truly, if you do anything after reading this list, make sure it is following Tate on Twitter and Instagram. You can thank us later. We accept your views as payment.

2 The Perfect Pull-Up

image by Miesha Tate-Twitter

Have we mentioned yet that Miesha Tate is not shy about showing her body off? Put out by Tate herself on social media, she was more than happy to pose for a picture in another skimpy bikini was seemingly promoting a Mate Fit company water container of sorts. Seriously, if you're wanting to promote something, this is probably a fantastic way to do it.

The eyes are already looking at the best part of the picture and within eyesight is the bottle. That said, we're pretty sure Miesha Tate may be the best water container saleswoman in the business today. Just take a look once again at that bottle. What a bottle, right?

1 The Star Maker

image by ESPN Magazine

ESPN the Body Issue has been known for exposing some of the most popular athletes of our time and having them pose semi-nude in their body issue. The issue is similar to what Sports Illustrated does with the swimsuit issue, as ESPN the Magazine does the Body Issue to compete with such a thing.

They do a great job, but what really began to get them attention was the issue with people like Miesha Tate. She stood out big time, and while we cannot show the entire image here, there are a couple you can search for and you won't be sorry for doing so. You're welcome, planet Earth.

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