The 15 Hottest Gifs Of Genie Bouchard

Everyone knows that Eugenie Bouchard is one of the hottest names in tennis right now. In fact she's one of the hottest athletes of all time, period. She's quickly gaining a reputation as a girl who doesn't care about showing off her body, both on and off the court. And can you blame her? With that amazing, tight little body, it's no wonder why she wants to show it to the whole world. She's proud of her body and she's confident with her sexuality, and in this day and age, there's nothing wrong with that at all. So she would probably be fine with the fact that we've compiled 15 of the hottest gifs of all time from her various moments on camera. In fact, she would probably love the fact that we're celebrating just how hot she is.

With a girl like Genie Bouchard, a picture just isn't enough to capture her amazing beauty and essence. She's an athlete, she likes to move around, and it's when she's in motion that she really begins to shine. When she moves, you can see her muscles tighten and pulse. You can see the beads of sweat rolling down her tantalizing curves. And you can see those flimsy little tennis skirts fly around as she runs up and down the court. Gifs are one of the most important technological developments ever created, and they were made with one purpose: To show the world how hot girls like Eugenie can be in just a few seconds of sexy film footage.


15 Turned On

One of the hottest gifs ever captured of Eugenie Bouchard was when she was filmed with male tennis player Grigor Dimitrov. She looked over at him with this hungry, aroused look that was very clear to see. It was obvious what she was thinking. This is the face of a girl who is incredibly turned on. It's so awesome that the cameras managed to catch this hot moment, although Eugenie Bouchard is probably blushing every time she sees this gif. In case you were wondering, Grigor Dimitrov and Eugenie Bouchard were linked romantically at one point. If they ever settle down together, their kids would probably be the best tennis players that ever lived... But Grigor has a lot of competition because pretty much every guy wants a piece of Genie Bouchard.

14 Sports Illustrated


Eugenie Bouchard is famous for a lot of things, but what turns the most heads is definitely her body. It's really her defining feature, and when people hear her name, they immediately know her as "That hot tennis girl." Is this really a good thing? Well, I guess it's better to be famous for something, even if it's not what your career is. It would be awesome if Eugenie was famous for being hot and a great tennis player, but she has a long way to go and is somewhere down in the top 50 of female tennis world rankings. Still, we're not complaining when she decides to show off her body in the pages of Sports Illustrated, as this gif shows... While she has been accused of being too sexy, you can't blame her for posing for a magazine that probably paid her a lot of money.

13 Day Off

Ever wonder what Eugenie does on her day off? Well, as this gif would suggest, she likes to visit the library. And this gif also shows something incredible - she's just as hot in casual clothes as she is in her tennis gear. That's probably because of her amazing body. I mean, you could really dress Eugenie up in any outfit whatsoever, and she's still going to look tantalizing. That tight, muscular frame just causes her outfits to stretch around her, and pretty much anything she chooses to wear is sexy. It's nice to see her in normal clothes, because it reminds you that she's just a normal, everyday girl like any other. But don't let this get your hopes up... She's probably not going to go out on a date with you...

12 Killer Body


Eugenie Bouchard is often seen as the face of Nike for many of their advertisement campaigns. And it's really not hard to see why. With a body like that, she probably does a really good job of selling Nike products, especially these tight, high-tech leggings that Eugenie Bouchard is so sexily posing in. You can really see her impressive curves in this gif, and it's clear that she has one of the best bodies in tennis right now. It also reveals a lot about Nike's marketing strategies when it comes to using star athletes. Interestingly, they didn't choose the top tennis star in the world to pose in these leggings, nor did they choose one from the top ten. They chose one from around the 50 mark. Why? Because she's incredibly sexy. Why else?

11 All Wet

Eugenie Bouchard got a ton of media attention when she decided to pose for a recent issue of Sports Illustrated. Pretty much everyone was talking about it. Some had positive things to say about her posing in a bikini and topless on a beach for all to see. Some had negative things to say. And many people were just plain stunned and couldn't pick their jaws up off the ground. Those that had negative things to say accused Eugenie Bouchard of being "scandalous," and they used other slut-shaming terms. And to be fair, Eugenie was getting this criticism long before she decided to pose in the aforementioned magazine. Her Instagram page has some incredibly sexually suggestive pictures, and she's definitely known as the seductress of tennis right now.

10 On The Ground


Even though Eugenie Bouchard is a long way off from being one of the top ten tennis players in the world, she is definitely interesting to watch. Her style is very aggressive, and she likes to play by hitting on the rise, which means she doesn't let the ball bounce up much before she smashes back into the opponent's court. She then tries to rush up to the net in order to pressure the other player. This often leads her to sticky situations, such as the one captured by this gif. Here she is, crawling around on the ground, totally beaten, yet she still summons the strength to return the ball and keep playing. This is why she's so talked about in tennis - aside from her hot body, that is. Even in this embarrassing situation, she still manages to look extremely hot.

9 Summer Dress

Eugenie Bouchard is definitely a very feminine figure. And you can really see that once she steps off the tennis court. This gif, which shows her in a flowing summer dress, really shows off her femininity and glowing persona. She looks like a figure out of a dream, and she looks wonderful with her hair blowing in the wind like that. Eugenie has done very well in her career, even if she hasn't gotten to the point where she can challenge the best players in the world yet. She has realized that she can use her image and her beauty to make herself just as successful as tennis players much higher than her in the rankings. Indeed, she's actually more famous than some of the players ranked higher than her, which doesn't really make a lot of sense if you think about it...


8 Flirting


One of the most famous moments in Eugenie Bouchard's personal life was a bet she made with a special someone. In 2017, she went on Twitter and bet that the Atlanta Falcons would win the Superbowl against the New England Patriots. But a certain fan called John Goehrke proposed an interesting bet. He said that if the Patriots won, she would have to go on a date with him. Convinced of Atlanta's impending victory, she accepted the bet, and then the impossible happened - the Patriots won. She then released a statement on her Twitter saying "I will do it, I stay true to my word". She actually paid for John's flight and accommodation, and he flew over to watch a basketball game with her at Madison Square Garden. In return, he bought her a gift from Tiffany & Co. At that moment, everyone was jealous of this one fan.

7 Cute And Shy

For all the criticism Eugenie Bouchard gets about being too sexually appealing and showing off too much of her body, she's actually quite shy. Or at least that's how it looks from this gif. She has this quality of being the girl next door, not quite comfortable with being the center of attention, and a slight quirkiness and clumsiness. Maybe that's what makes her so charming. People who criticize her revealing Instagram pictures and photo shoots just don't understand her. She's just a normal Canadian girl! And like it or not, girls these days are a lot more open about their sexuality than previous generations. They don't really feel bad about posting revealing pictures on Instagram, it's just part of life these days. Everyone does it, and celebrity athletes like Eugenie Bouchard are no different.

6 Slow Motion


You can really see just how muscular and sexy Eugenie Bouchard's body is when you slow it all down. In slow motion, you can see every muscle and fiber of Eugenie's body working hard to swing in perfect motion and synchronicity as she moves. But as good as her form is, many people have some serious doubts about how far she can go in tennis. Just recently, she was eliminated from the Roger's Cup. Almost instantly, sports journalists started criticizing her ability. One of the more generous articles had the headline "Eugenie has the talent, but not the focus for tennis." Such words are harsh, but then again you can't argue with the results (or lack of) that Eugenie has been experiencing lately. She has admitted herself that she's in a low point in her career right now.

5 Fan Favorite

Regardless of her her poor results lately, you can't take away the fact that Eugenie has some amazing fans. In fact, she has some of the most die-hard fans in the tennis world, and no, not all of them are male. Young women look up to her, seeing her as a cool, hip athlete who's not afraid to show her personality. She's definitely a role model, although many people will disagree because of sexualized image, an image that she herself actively fosters. She has 1.3 million followers on Twitter, and 1.4 million followers on Instagram. Those are incredible numbers, and Eugenie could easily quit tennis and become an Instagram model if she wanted to! This is actually part of what makes Eugenie so intelligent as an athlete, she knows that image is everything and that's where the real money comes from.

4 Power Serve


While she might not be able to win too many matches, nobody can argue with Eugenie's form. It's pretty much perfect. While she's not the strongest tennis player by a long shot, she uses technique and great form to get every ounce of strength out of her small frame as possible. Every part of her body, from head to toe, works in unison as this coiled spring which powers up and then releases to form an incredibly hard serve. While she's quite light in terms of weight, she's quite tall for a woman at 5'10". This means that when she serves, she can use her long body as a whip, so to speak, giving her more power than a taller, heavier tennis player. Ignoring all of the physics that go into the serve, watching it again and again with this gif is a great exhibition of Eugenie's hot body.

3 The Nike "Nightie"

One of the most controversial parts of Wimbledon in 2016 had nothing to do with the tennis players, but rather a piece of clothing instead. This was the so-called Nike "nightie," which had a very sexy habit of flying all over the place and doing absolutely nothing to cover up the tennis players who were wearing it. Not many women were brave enough to wear the nightie, but Eugenie Bouchard was one of them. Many of the tennis players wore the nightie, but made sure to tie it down or wear pants underneath, because the wind was just blowing the nightie everywhere. Eugenie didn't try to tie it down or wear something more conservative underneath, she just let it fly around in the wind like she didn't care. The result was one of the hottest moments in tennis.

2 Bikini Bombshell


We couldn't finish this list without adding in a few more gifs from Eugenie's famous Sports Illustrated shoot. That just wouldn't be fair. This is a list of hot Eugenie Bouchard gifs, and we want to stay true to our word and deliver the hottest gifs of Eugenie Bouchard that you'll ever see. As you can see, the shoot showed off every inch of Eugenie's hot body. If you can believe it, this is actually one of the more conservative outfits that Genie wore during this hot beach photoshoot! For most of the shoot, she was topless and squeezing her breast with her bare hands. But gifs like these are just as good as seeing her naked. Why? Because, well... She pretty much is naked in this picture...

1 Oops

It may seem like an easy job to lay on the beach in a tiny swimsuit while people take your picture... But it has its challenges. That's what Eugenie Bouchard found out while she was shooting with Sports Illustrated, and the camera caught this hilarious little accident. Genie got an unwanted mouthful of warm, salty liquid that was sprayed in her face without warning. There was little she could do but cough and spit it out, as it went all in her mouth. This funny, sexy moment was captured perfectly in this gif, and just shows that it's not all fun and games when you're trying to look sexy for the cameras. But Eugenie took this salty mouthful like a champ, and continued with the photoshoot with an eager smile on her face.

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