The 15 Hottest Ex-Wives Of Professional Athletes

Male athletes, for many women, are the hottest level of hot a man can get. There is something about their tall, built frames, work ethic, talent and of course success that a lot of women find irresistible. Many women dream of being with an athlete, however, it is not as easy as it looks. Athletes are always on the road and spending that much time apart from their wives often times leads them to cheating.

In fact, in one of our cases, it involves cheating on your partner with one of your teammate's wife! This leaves these stunning women heartbroken, a lot of which end up opting for divorce. However, that is not every athlete, some athletes get divorced for different reasons whether it is falling out of love or getting married too fast. Divorce is sad, especially when there are children involved and even more so when it is done in the public eye, which unfortunately for the following women is the case and one of the downfalls of being married to an athlete.

We at TheRichest thought it would be fun to focus on the women, the ex-wives and narrow it down to the sexiest fifteen. From basketball players to golfers, these ex WAGs have some of the dirtiest secrets on some of the sports world's biggest legends.


15 Gloria Govan

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In 2012, the stunning Gloria Govan walked down the aisle and said “I do” to the charming basketball player, Matt Barnes. The couple, who had appeared on Basketball Wives at one point in their relationship seemed to always find a way of working out their issues.

"If you had asked me two months ago if I knew I was going to be married, I would have been like, hell no. But working out our problems, for Matt and I, it’s helped us open up doors of communication and let go of our past. It’s really strengthened our relationship" said Govan when the couple got engaged.

However, times have changed and rumor is that the couple had a lot of trust issues and that Barnes constantly accused Govan of cheating. Although Govan fought to keep him from filing for divorce, the couple ended up splitting in 2016. Although their marriage did not work out, both Govan and Barnes are set on keeping their children's happiness at their main priority.

14 Vanessa Williams

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Vanessa Williams is a fox, that is clear when you look at her. Not to mention that the talented singer and actress is definitely what the industry would consider a superstar. Which is why it is not surprising that she ended up marrying an athlete. Rick Fox is a super hot basketball player who looks more like a movie star. Fox actually did do some acting throughout his life in films like Meet the Browns and Holes. The pair tied the knot in 1999, first at a private ceremony somewhere in the Caribbean followed by a bigger ceremony, filled with family and friends in New York City.

Although on the outside they may have seemed like the perfect couple, on the inside they had quite an unusual relationship. There were rumors of infidelity which is what ultimately lead to the couples demise in 2005. Regardless of their relationship, there is no doubt that Williams is deserving of her spot on this list.

13 Evelyn Lozada

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Evelyn Lozad and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson had one of the most notoriously volatile relationships ever. Lozada, who was a reality star on VH1's Basketball Wives married the athlete in 2012, after being seen all over the tabloids hand in hand. The relationship started as quickly as it ended and only weeks after they said I do the couple began having problems. Rumors of Johnson abusing his wife became public knowledge after he was arrested for spousal abuse. Johnson allegedly headbutted Lozada, naturally leading to her filing for divorce only three days after. Lozada went on record during an interview with dateline saying, “He got upset. He just….he became a whole other person and he was like, 'I didn’t– I didn’t do anything. You’re accusing me.' And then the next thing I know, he– he grabbed me by here and he headbutted me. And all I felt was, you know…I felt, like, you know, blood coming down my face.”

Maybe he should have left being physical to the football field!

12 Pilar Sanders

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Deion Sanders was a superstar athlete whose explosive talent resembled his explosive relationship. The couple got married in 1999 and throughout their years together they brought three beautiful children into this world. However, sadly for the Sanders family, this was not the fairy tale they had hoped for. What made this divorce so bad was the custody battle that followed. Both were guilty of bad mouthing each other to the press which was imaginably very hard for their children to go through. Pilar even ended up doing jail time because of the custody issues, which is an example of how bad it got. One of their daughters ended up going off on twitter defending her father, tweeting “NORMALLY I JUST SIT BACK & WATCH ALL HER LIES & MESS BUT ITS TO WHERE SHE’S GETTING PERSONAL. SHE IS TRYING 2 SLANDER MY DADDY NAME. #STOPIT”...ouch.

11 Joumana Kidd

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Joumana Kidd and Jason Kidd seemed to be the perfect couple, however, their marriage is another example of a rough and violent relationship. In 2001, Jason Kidd was arrested for punching his wife at the time in the face. For many women, that would have been an automatic divorce, but Joumana decided to stay married to him until 2007 when she realized this relationship was beyond saving. Among the reasons for divorce included his infidelities with exotic dancers and his drinking which often lead to him being volatile and violent.

Joumana also admitted to going through his phone and reading multiple messages from various women. The two had three children together. While Joumana has not gotten married, that was not the case for Jason who got married to a former model in 2011.

10 Ginny Cha

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If you are going to judge Tiki Barber by how he treated his ex-wife then it is safe to say he is a pretty terrible guy. Barber, who was a former player for the New York Giants seems like a nice guy when he appears on television however, those who know him, tend not to like him very much, which may explain why his broadcasting career never took off.

Ginny Cha was Barber's wife for eleven years was and let us be the first to acknowledge how beautiful she is. Barber ended up leaving Cha while she was pregnant with his daughter for a much younger woman. To make matter worse, he ended up marrying her only days after the divorce was finalized.

9 Cynthia Scurtis

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Alex Rodrigez also known as A-Rod was once the highest paid baseball player in the league. The womanizer is known for his love for women which is why the world was surprised when he got married in 2002 to Cynthia Scurtis. A-Rod however, did not take his vows seriously and was unfaithful numerous times. When reports came out that he was sleeping with prostitutes and strippers, his wife and mother of his children was evidently not cool with this behaviour.  But like in Kidd's case, the couple stuck it out for several years and it was 5 years later when they officially divorced.

To nobody;s surprise, the beautiful Scurtis got a nice sum of cash for her troubles. She also got a 12 million dollar home from her baby daddy and we are sure there were more goodies that were not disclosed to the public. Hard to feel bad for A-Rod, that's what you get for being a cheater, especially one that is in the public eye!


8 Alejandra Amarilla

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This case is not like all of the others where you have men that were abusive or cheated on their partner.

We at TheRicest think that Steve Nash is a good guy that can't seem to catch a break. In 2005, he married the gorgeous Alejandra Amarilla however they could not seem to make the marriage work so they called it quits in 2011. Amarilla ended up getting over $5 million in the divorce and she was not done there.

Since he was playing in Arizona, he did not have to pay child support, however, once traded to the Lakers, she took him to court again. A lot of people believe that this vixen saw it as an opportunity to get more money out of her ex-hubby. She ended up moving to California claiming it was better for the children.

7 Kim Kardashian

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When is comes to being sexy, there are not many people who do it as well as Kim Kardashian. The Kardashian family is without a doubt the most talked about and controversial family on the planet. A lot of people believe everything they do to is for show and many believe her marriage in 2011 may have been just that. Everyone on the planet knows that Kim Kardashian is married to Kanye West, however, before the pair become Kimye, she was briefly married to basketball player Kris Humphries. Kardashian and Humphries had one of those weddings that was almost too perfect, that many viewers suspected to be “fake”. 72 days after she walked down the aisle, the couple called it quits. The Kardashians got the ratings they wanted, Humphries got paid and the two have been living separate lives ever since.

6 Elin Nordegren

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Elin Nordgren went through one of the most public divorces of anyone on this list. Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren seemed like the perfect couple, Woods, who appeared to be a good guy was in fact, a notorious womanizer. The world was surprised when his infidelities became public knowledge and Nordegren made him pay for the embarrassment she caused. In 2009 she left him after tabloids were filled with stories of his affair with a nightclub manager, and she was not the only one. Suddenly, women began coming out of the woodwork and it is rumored that he cheated on his beautiful wife with over 120 women. Nordegren did the only thing she could and took him for a ride of 100 million dollars to be exact. She went on to say“I know I will have to come to forgiveness and acceptance of what has happened for me to go on and be happy in the future. And I know I will get there eventually. I wish him all the best in the future, as a person and as an athlete … I feel privileged to have witnessed a part of his golfing career,” which demonstrates how classy of a woman she is.

5 Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio are one of the most iconic athlete-celebrity couples to have ever lived. Monroe who was the iconic sex symbol of the time and DiMaggio who was the star player for the New York Yankees were seen as  icons throughout America. DiMaggio who is known for saying “I'd like to thank the good Lord for making me a Yankee”, who he played for throughout his 13 year career.

If he wasn't hot enough, actress Monroe certainly had a lot of chemistry and knew how to capture the attention of any guy. Although the relationship did not last long, and was definitely not very recent, it is hard to argue that Monroe is not deserving of being on this list. The couple married in 1954 after a short yet passionate romance. Although they had lust and passion they barely made it through the honeymoon. We at TheRichest can't help but wonder what the relationship would have been like had it been in 2016. You can imagine paparazzi would have been all over it!

4 Angelica Bridges

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Angelica Bridges is best known for two things. The first is for her acting skills and appearances on the iconic show Baywatch and the second is for marrying hockey hunk Sheldon Souray. The couple tied the knot in 2002 and although you may imagine they had quite the smooth life together, the reality is that these two were far from perfect.

Bridges and Souray brought into this world two beautiful little girls, however, they just could not find a way of making it work and in 2007 they decided to go their separate ways. Rumors circulated that Souray was not always faithful and Bridges also took him to court claiming he beat her. Who knows what actually went on in this relationship, but it clearly wasn't healthy! One thing that is undeniable is that Bridges is smoking hot.

Souray has since gone on to get married to former WWE diva, Kelly Kelly.

3 Halle Berry

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There are not many people who would disagree that Halle Berry is one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. In 1992, she married David Justice who played for the Atlanta Braves at the time. The relationship never looked like it was going smoothly and sadly Berry looked miserable a lot of the time.

After four years of trying to make it work, the couple split. The divorce ended up taking a turn for the worst and became very messy, Berry even filed a restraining order against Justice in order to ensure that he would not come near her. Berry has admitted that this was a very tough and dark time in her life and even contemplated suicide. Thankfully she had a solid support system that helped her heal her heart and get back to being the badass actress that everyone knows and love. Berry went on to having a massive career, even earning an Academy Award in 2002.

2 Khloe Kardashian

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Khloe Kardashian and sister Kim have something in common, they were both married to NBA players. Though while Kim's only lasted 72 days, many more people know that know that Khloe and Lamar Odom were married because they had their own television show. They seemed to love putting their awkward and struggling relationship on television for the world to see. Although they didn't seem to have the easiest marriage, the love they had for each other was obvious which is why they tried so hard to make it work.

Although they realized they were better off apart, when push came to shove, Kardashian stood by his side after Odom went into a coma in 2015. Khloe and Lamar love each other, but as we all know, love is not always enough. Both have gone on record in saying that even though they are no longer together, they still have a strong friendship.

1 Eva Longoria

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Did you really think we would make this list without including Eva Longoria? The stunning Desperate Housewife married NBA star Tony Parker in 2007. Parker is tall, athletic and super handsome is one of those people that looks easy to fall in love with. Rumor has it that Parker was not faithful for long and that shortly after they tied the knot, he went back to his old ways. In 2010, Longoria decided she had enough and filed for divorce. To make the situation even more dramatic, it was revealed in court that not only was Parker cheating on his wife, but he was cheating on her with Erin Barry the wife of teammate Brent Barry. Due to his indiscretions, Longoria walked away with a solid amount of money from the divorce.


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