15Damian Lillard: $38.4 million

via: fadeawayworld.com

The argument can be made that Damian Lillard is not even a top fifteen player in the NBA, but the point guard is highly marketable. Lillard’s defiance towards super teams and thrilling style of basketball made him a huge star to fans in Portland and beyond.

The Blazers are currently paying Lillard $24.4 million for the season as the face of the franchise. A star like Lillard is hard to find in the NBA and Portland is hoping to keep him there for life by paying him handsomely.

Lillard brings in another $14 million for all of his endorsement deals. The likeable personality of Lillard lands him deals that places him in many entertaining commercials. No one could have predicted that the star power of Lillard would get this big this fast. At the age of 26, Lillard is already one of the top fifteen highest paid athletes on the planet.

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