The 15 Biggest Relationship Cheats In Wrestling History

Trying to make a relationship work while wrestlers are on the road and their families are forced to wait around and see them a select amount of times a year can sometimes be tough. Some wrestlers don't have what it takes to be loyal to their better halves and have developed something of a reputation over the past few years when it comes to a number of people they have actually cheated on.

Many of the wrestlers on the following list don't even have an excuse as to why they are cheating, since the person they were in a relationship with at the time was actually on the road with them. Some wrestlers are just destined to be unhappy and they decide to destroy their own relationship in order to make this a reality. Wrestling and being surrounded by the most beautiful women and, of course, the most athletic men in the world can obviously be hard for those easily led astray, but that's no excuse.

The following is a list of 15 of the biggest wrestling cheats in the history of the company and the poor men and women who were the unsuspecting victims in the middle of their deception.

15 Edge

Edge played his part in one of the most famous love triangles in WWE history when he and Lita decided to cheat on Matt Hardy. Hardy found out and after his reaction to the news was less than civil. He was fired and then rehired by WWE since the company realized that they could use the scandal for a storyline angle.

The one person who was left out of the entire saga was Edge's wife. Lita wasn't the only cheat, Edge had only been married for a year to a woman called Lisa Ortiz who promptly filed for divorce when the scandal was made public. Their divorce was finalized in November 2015. Edge and Lita have since moved on to relationships of their own but have stayed within the wrestling circles.

14 Sunny

Sunny has become well-known for the reputation she had whilst she was part of the WWE. Sunny moved from man to man in the WWE Locker room with affairs with Sabu, Shawn Michaels, and Bret Hart, who are just some of her well-publicized flings.

Sunny hasn't gotten any better since she has left WWE either, having tried her hand in the adult industry and at one point she was actually doing live Skype shows for many of her fans for money when she hit quite tough times. Sunny is a WWE Hall of Famer and one that WWE have regretted adding to the class ever since they deemed it appropriate.

13 Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan may have been one of the most famous wrestlers to ever live, but it seems when it comes to his relationships, he's just as clueless as many other men. Hogan and his wife Linda were married for 17 years when she finally filed for divorce after it was reported that Hogan had been having an affair.

His wife gained almost all of his assets in the divorce and left Hogan in a position where he stated that he was suicidal. He never admitted to cheating on his wife though, and allowed her to take him for everything they had despite this. Hogan has since moved on and remarried after gaining back a lot of money from the Gawker lawsuit a few years ago.

12 The Undertaker

The Undertaker has been married three times in his life, with the latest being to former WWE Women's Champion Michelle McCool. Undertaker was previously married to Sara Frank, who made many appearances on WWE TV in the early 2000s as Undertaker's wife, and it seems that the WWE Universe took to her.

Undertaker and Sara went through a rough patch in 2006 and decided to divorce, around the same time that Michelle McCool and her husband divorced. It is thought that Michelle and Undertaker were already having an affair before their divorces were finalized, based on a lot of different superstars who have stated that they saw the couple together when Undertaker was still married.

11 Lita

Like we've already mentioned, Lita is well-known to have been a cheat and it was something that labelled her throughout her WWE career. Back in 2005, Lita and Matt Hardy were the cutest WWE couple until Hardy was injured and WWE thought that instead of taking Lita off TV, they could align her with Edge.

This was their first mistake since Lita then began an affair with Edge and it was something that became public knowledge. Lita obviously was hit with karma a few years later when she was dating CM Punk and it was reported that Punk was cheating on Lita for a while with AJ Lee. Punk went on to marry AJ Lee, while it is unknown if Lita is currently in a relationship or not.

10 Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has been married to his wife Jessica now for more than 17 years, and while they seem to have a completely normal and loyal marriage, there are questions as to how loyal Jericho has been over the past few years.

Jericho and Kelly Kelly were always close friends and it seems that a few years ago photos of the duo surfaced online where they were seen to be getting quite cosy and were actually kissing in some of them. It seems that Jericho's marriage is much stronger than many other wrestling couples since he was able to get past this and Jessica and Chris are still currently happy together.

9 Triple H

Just about every wrestling fan knows the story of Triple H and Chyna and the fact that Triple H decided that he was going up upgrade to a much better model. HHH was once in a relationship with Chyna while they were both part of D-Generation X. He was then put into a storyline with Stephanie McMahon and this is where the affair began.

Triple H decided to move on to the youngest McMahon and didn't tell Chyna about it. When The Ninth Wonder of The World found out, she freaked out and Stephanie then used her power in the company to get Chyna fired. Obviously, Triple H and Stephanie have remained strong ever since, but the WWE Universe will never forget what they did to poor, late Chyna.

8 Seth Rollins

One of WWE's most recent cheating scandals saw former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins become a victim of hackers who shared pictures from his phone on various social media platforms. These images were of NXT Diva Zahra Schrieber, a woman that Rollins had been having an affair with behind his fiance's back.

Leighla found out about the affair and shared images of Rollins online as well, and it was seemingly a very public break up. The couple had been together for many years before Rollins joined WWE and it was sad to see another WWE couple left at the side of the road. Rollins went on to date Zahra for a while before she was released by WWE and Rollins decided to end things in February 2016.

7 Melina

Melina is a former WWE Women's Champion, but she was said to be one of the most difficult people to deal with backstage. Despite this, she was in a lengthy relationship with Johnny Nitro after the duo began performing together and MNM.

Melina and Nitro were together throughout 2005 when MNM were feuding with Rey Mysterio and Batista and it is thought that it was during this time that Batista and Melina began a backstage affair. This is something that both Batista and Melina have admitted to, even though Melina has stated that apparently she and Nitro were on a break at this point and have since broken up and got back together many times over the years.

6 Ric Flair

PERTH, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 24: Ric Flair looks on while awaiting the entrance of Hulk Hogan during the Hulkamania Tour at the Burswood Dome on November 24, 2009 in Perth, Australia. (Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

Ric Flair is a self-proclaimed womanizer, so it comes as no surprise that he is near the top of this list. Ric has been married and divorced four times and is currently engaged to be married once again. Many of his relationships have been lengthy ones, but the space between when his divorce happens and when he is remarried is so close that there has to be an element of cheating involved.

Ric was also said to have gotten up to a lot of things in the late 80s and early 90s, as did many WWE superstars at this time, but the difference is, that Ric was married and he probably shouldn't have been cheating on his wife. Flair obviously came clean at this is what led to one of his first divorces, it seems he is still yet to learn from his mistakes though.

5 Batista

As stated in Melina's entry above, Batista and the former Women's Champion decided to have a secret affair back in 2005, but Johnny Nitro wasn't the only victim. Batista was married to a woman named Angie at the time and it seems that he didn't even tell his wife until his book was released.

Batista went on to further cheat on his wife many times with different ring rats, even at one point when his wife was battling cancer, Batista was seen out picking up women. Luckily his wife saw the light and divorced him not long after she found out, which is a hell of a lot less than he deserves.

4 Mickie James

Mickie James was once engaged to WWE star Kenny Dykstra, but she decided to throw her entire relationship out the window to start an affair with a married John Cena. It seems that Cena only wanted a fling and wasn't impressed when Mickie attached emotions to it, so he had her transferred to SmackDown away from him.

Mickie was then quietly released from WWE a few years later, as was her former fiance Kenny Dykstra, who still blames Cena for ruining his career. Mickie went to TNA where she met her future husband Magnus and has recently given birth to her first child, a son named Donovan.

3 Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon is a special kind of cheat, he's a cheat with money, which means that Linda probably knows all about his conquests and stays with him regardless. Vince has been known as a serial cheater for many years and has been reported to have tried it on with many of the female talent in the locker room over the past decade.

Christy Hemme was one that Vince was reported to have been having an affair with until Stephanie McMahon found out and got her fired. There is a much longer list when it comes to Vince and his personal business, but it seems that Linda has reached the point where she no longer cares what he does as long as she doesn't have to hear about it.

2 CM Punk

CM Punk is one of the biggest serial cheats in WWE history. He used to pass the women around the WWE locker room like they were food and at one point, Punk was said to have been dating two women from two different promotions at the same time.

Punk has dated the likes of Maria, Kelly Kelly, Lita, and is now married to former WWE Diva AJ Lee, even though it is reported that AJ Lee and Punk were actually cheating behind Lita's back when they first decided that they wanted to be together. It seems that Punk has actually managed to miss out on the karma that he definitely deserves.

1 John Cena

The face of WWE, the 16-time World Champion has quite a reputation when it comes to his personal life. He may be a man who many WWE fans look up to in the ring, but the same can not be said for his personal life. Cena was married to a woman called Elizabeth back in 2009 and it seems this is where everything went down hill.

Cena has been known to have cheated with Mickie James, Victoria, Kelly Kelly, Maria, and many others while WWE was on the road and then he filed for divorce from his wife! Cena has since began dating Nikki Bella and the couple recently became engaged at WrestleMania this year. Hopefully, Nikki is much luckier than Cena's previous wife.

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