The 15 Best WWE Films Starring Wrestlers

WWE superstars are not just stars on TV, many of them have also made the switch over to acting and appearing in films under the WWE Studios umbrella.

Stars like Dean Ambrose, John Cena, The Rock, The Miz, Randy Orton, and many others have all appeared in films for WWE over the past few years as the company continues to create some great entertainment on the silver screen.

WWE has a lot of talent at their fingertips that they are able to include in many of their studio's productions and over the past few years they have managed to create some incredible films and franchises to keep the WWE Universe on their toes.

It is hard for many fans to pick their favourite, especially since some of them include some of their favourite wrestlers but lack storyline, while others include a very good storyline but the wrong wrestler, which makes it hard to decide what the best film made by WWE actually is.

The following is a list of 15 of the biggest and best films starring members of the WWE roster that have proved that WWE superstars can seamlessly make the move from wrestling to acting whenever needed.


15 12 Rounds 3: Lockdown

Dean Ambrose's first WWE movie was released back in 2015 as the final instalment of the 12 Rounds trilogy. Ambrose took six weeks away from WWE TV to film the movie and while it was mostly slated by critics, WWE fans enjoyed seeing the former Shield member in a new light.

The film itself lacked backstory and any reason why the audience would care about Ambrose's character other than the fact that he is the main character and a WWE superstar. The story is about Ambrose's character attempting to prove that he isn't actually the bad guy that his police colleagues think he is after the death of his partner, but he has many different obstacles to overcome and only 12 rounds in the clip to bypass them.

14 Countdown


Dolph Ziggler and Kane team up for the first time in a film that surrounds a WWE live event and includes many superstars who are currently part of the roster. Ziggler is the narcotics officer who is sent a package that shows that a child is being held hostage with a bomb strapped to him.

Kane is his commanding officer who has no way of keeping him in line. After Ziggler loses his cool and kills the madman, he is then forced against the clock to try to find the child before the bomb is detonated. Julia Baker is then forced to team up with Dolph in what becomes a race to save a child's life.

13 The Reunion

John Cena returned to WWE Studios in 2011 for what was a comedic outing in The Reunion. Cena is one of three brothers who are brought back together by their sister Nina following the death of their father.

All three brothers live completely different lifestyles but Cena portrays a suspended police officer who is on a mission to prove he was wronged and he somehow convinces his two brothers to help him. It is one of WWE's better storylines as the main story from the film is about family and the fact that they will do anything for each other regardless of what's gone on between them. It's one of the lesser known films starring Cena, but it's still one of his best.

12 The Call


The Call is an absolutely stunning WWE film that includes Halle Berry as a 911 operator who answers the call of a little girl who has been kidnapped. Abigail Breslin has managed to piece together a broken phone to continue to call Berry while she is being taken to an underground shrine where the kidnapper is preparing to kill her.

Luckily, Berry puts her job on the line and breaks all the rules as she manages to track down Abigail through the numerous phone calls. WWE star David Otunga plays a police officer who is on the trail of the kidnap victim throughout the film. Critics have given the film mostly mixed reviews, but many have praised Berry's character and the suspense in the film throughout. It's almost hard to believe this was a WWE Studios project.

11 Bending The Rules

Bending The Rules was WWE star and 11-time World Champion Edge's first outing on the silver screen as a New Orleans police officer who is currently on trial for corruption. When the ADA that is in charge of putting Edge behind bars accidentally stumbles upon a criminal plot, the two become unlikely allies.

Edge and the ADA are then forced to work together without killing each other throughout what is perhaps one of the WWE's funniest films. Edge has obviously gone on to make a career for himself on TV ever since he left WWE back in 2011 so this seems as though it was the perfect film to launch him into the spotlight.

10 The Marine 4: Moving Target


The fourth instalment of one of WWE's greatest franchises was one of the better films included, as The Miz continued on from the role he left in the third film but this time brought Summer Rae along with him.

The action sequences and the storyline of this film are much better than the third film as well. The Miz is a former U.S. Marine and the only one who is left guarding a high profile female target after his group of men and boss are killed. Miz then attempts to find a way to locate back-up to save the woman with the crew that is hot on his tail, and he manages to kill everyone in their way.

9 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded

Randy Orton's first outing as the main character in a WWE film was when he replaced John Cena in the second instalment of 12 Rounds. Orton is the EMT who tries to help in an accident but sadly the victim becomes the first death of his career and one that continues to haunt him.

One year later, it is revealed that the husband of the woman that Orton failed to save has 12 rounds to play with him as his means of revenge. It becomes a race against time as Orton's wife becomes entangled in the game as well. As with all the 12 Rounds films, there is suspense and brilliantly filmed action scenes that are not usually seen on direct-to-DVD movies.


8 Santa's Little Helper


WWE's first film centred around Christmas and Paige's first feature film sees her playing the naughty elf in what is a light-hearted family friendly holiday film. The Miz is the human who is seen to have lost everything before Santa tasks one of his elves with testing him to see if he is worthy of the position of Santa's little helper.

Billie is the good elf who puts Miz through a number of challenges before it is decided that he is fit to take the position until Paige's character arrives and challenges him to an obstacle course for the right to be Santa's helper. There are unseen twists and turns in the film that lead to the obvious happy ending that every Christmas movie has become famous for.

7 See No Evil

May 19th became the day in WWE that no member of the WWE roster was allowed to utter for a number of weeks before it was revealed that it was the date that Kane's first ever WWE movie called See No Evil was released. It was the first WWE Studios film that did not include The Rock.

It was one of the scariest and craziest films that WWE has ever made, very similar to The Hills Have Eyes, but with just Jacob Goodnight protecting the house from a group of delinquents who are there to clean it up before it is turned into a homeless shelter. When night falls in the house it is made evident that they are not in there alone and they are definitely not getting out alive.

6 Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia


Former WWE Superstar Mr.Kennedy was given his chance to steal the headlines back in 2009 when he became part of Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia.

The film follows a group of US Navy SEALS who are on a mission to contain talks between the company's government and insurgent guerrillas. When the gathering is attacked and both parties are killed, the Navy SEALS are left in enemy territory with their only option to fight their way out after they are framed for the crime and left for dead by their own government. It is another action packed movie that WWE Studios has become famous for over the past few years.

5 The Condemned

WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin has been in many films over the past few years, but none more hard-hitting than his first outing as Jack Conrad in The Condemned.

Jack is a death-row inmate awaiting his execution when he is "bought" by a TV producer and taken to a remote island. Jack is then joined by nine other death-row inmates as it becomes clear that they are all now in a fight to the death where there can be only one winner and that person will be given their freedom. The entire show is then broadcast live and uncensored for the world to see online. There was a sequel made a few years later starring Randy Orton, but it didn't seem to have as much buzz about it as the original.

4 Walking Tall


The Rock starred in just the second WWE Studios film alongside Johnny Knoxville in a remake of the 1970s film of the same name. The Rock was making a career for himself in movies at this point and this film was seemingly the beginning of what has become a worthy career for the former WWE Champion.

Walking Tall is based on a true story, as The Rock portrays a decorated military officer who returns to his home state to find work, only for him to discover that the town has been taken over by crime and corruption. With the police refusing to help it seems that The Rock's only option is to take the law into his own hands and deal with the men, who were once his friends, himself.

3 The Scorpion King

The first ever WWE Studio's film was one of the greatest of all time, as The Rock's first outing saw his portrayal of The Scorpion King. The film was released back in 2002 and follows the story of a legendary Egyptian assassin known as The Scorpion King.

Set 5000 years ago in the city of Gomorrah, it seems that there is an evil ruler who is hell-bent on destroying all the people who are at home in the desert. Even though these tribes of people are normally enemies, they decide to come together to defend their home and after finding out their main enemy's weakness, they unleash a skilled assassin called Mathayus to help them reclaim what is theirs.

2 The Marine


John Cena made his debut in WWE films as the disgraced Marine who is sent home from the war in Iraq after he fails to follow a direct order when he is saving one of his own men. John is then forced to take on a normal job in the community with his wife until she is the victim of a kidnapping.

The kidnappers are on the run after a jewel heist and decide to take her car, not fully knowing what they got themselves into. Cena's character fights to track them down and save his wife before it's too late. Back in 2006, this was the first in a long line of action packed films that WWE Studios released but it proves that Cena, much like The Rock, definitely has a future in acting if he wants to take it.

1 12 Rounds

Here we have another film franchise that began with John Cena and has become quite a successful one for WWE. Cena portrays a police officer named Danny Fisher and after he is able to prevent a thief from carrying out a heist, the thief's girlfriend is inadvertently killed and a revenge mission is then planted.

The thief later breaks out of prison and kidnaps Danny's fiancé and then forces Danny to jump through a number of hoops and many obstacles otherwise he too will be forced to watch the love of his life die. It's another fantastic outing for Cena and the beginning of a successful franchise that has managed to bring in the likes of Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton.

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