The 10 Highest Transfer Fees In Soccer History

Transfers are commonplace in the world of soccer, with players moving constantly to different clubs as teams do everything in their power to keep things fresh and continue challenging at the top levels for trophies.

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However, as the game continues to develop and sponsorships grow, the prices of players only increase, and with soccer not having a transfer cap, those figures are only going to keep growing to an insane price.

Within this article, we will take a look at the history of transfers in soccer, ranking the 10 highest fees that have ever been paid for a player in history.

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10 Eden Hazard (€100 Million)

This one is a very recent transfer, taking place in the Summer 2019 window as Real Madrid broke the bank to secure the Belgian wizard from Chelsea FC, where he had become a club legend.

The fact that a triple-digit transfer only makes the bottom of this list should show just how crazy transfer fees in soccer have become in recent years but as one of the best players in the world, Eden Hazard is certainly worth the fee.

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Having scored 85 goals in his Premier League career, with 54 assists, Hazard has become one of the most creative stars in the world, and as the captain of his national side, Hazard is now set to take his career to a new level in Spain.

9 Cristiano Ronaldo (€100 Million)

The fact that Real Madrid was able to make more money nine years later than when they bought him in the first place from Manchester United shows just how talented Cristiano Ronaldo is, and how badly Juventus wanted to sign him.

Ronaldo's move to the Italian giants set them back €100 Million, which was 20 more than what Madrid initially signed him for, but as one of the best players in the world, arguably the very best, it makes sense that he would cost so much.

In his first season in Italy, Ronaldo managed to score 21 goals in Serie A, proving that his fee was more than worthwhile as he continued to dominant performances, proving his talent.

8 Gareth Bale (€100.8m)

The third entry on this list and yet another that involves Real Madrid, showing just how influential the Spanish club are, as they spent €100.8m on Wales international, Gareth Bale back in 2013.

Although Bale is one of the worlds best wingers, his time in Spain hasn't exactly been the smoothest, with the Welshman almost leaving this past summer due to not being wanted at the club.

However, with 78 La Liga goals to his name in 135 appearances, Bale has more than proven his worth during his time at the club and has certainly paid back his fee through his performances.

7 Paul Pogba (€105 Million)

Paul Pogba is another name, who similarly to Gareth Bale, has come under a lot of criticism at his club, a lot of which has been linked with the huge fee that it cost Manchester United to bring him back to the club from Juventus.

The Frenchman is an incredibly talented midfielder that is very creative and has the ability to change a game with his performances. However, at the same time, his behavior can also lead him to be in the limelight an awful lot for the wrong reasons.

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Over the course of his time at Manchester United, Pogba has certainly been one of the most talked-about soccer players on earth, with constant rumors about him wanting to leave, which would no doubt cost a club even more than the Red Devils paid initially.

6 Ousmane Dembele (€105 Million)

Another incredibly expensive transfer was that of Ousmane Dembele, who cost Barcelona a pricy €105 million when the Spanish giants signed him from Borussia Dortmund, which is a huge fee for such a young player.

While his statistics might not be at the highest levels yet, only scoring eight goals in La Liga last season, at just 22-years-old Barcelona clearly have a player for the future, and he is only going to get better.

Dembele has rapid speed and fantastic footwork, making him a pleasure to watch when he plays, and although there is a lot of pressure on his shoulders from his cost, he has all the potential to live up to that hype.

5 Antoine Griezmann (€120 Million)

Another very recent transfer saw Antoine Griezmann move from Atletico Madrid to Barcelona for a fee of €120 million, although the deal nearly didn't go through with Madrid attempting to stop it.

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Griezmann had been rumored and linked with a move away from Atletico Madrid for quite some time and in the summer of 2019, it finally happened, with Griezmann moving in a pursuit to win trophies.

Whether things will work out for him at Camp Nou remains to be seen, but it was certainly a smart idea to sign him considering how talented that the Frenchman is.

4 Philippe Coutinho' (€120 Million)

It is Barcelona once again on the list with another transfer that saw the club flex their finances, spending an incredible €120 million on Philippe Coutinho' from Liverpool, although things between the two clubs never fully worked out.

Coutinho' is an incredibly talented playmaker who not only provides fantastic assists with brilliant passes but can also chip in with several goals, making him somebody that any club would be lucky to have.

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However, for Barcelona, it didn't work out as he has now been moved on to Bayern Munich after Countiho' was desperate to leave this summer, which he did, for a loan period in Germany.

3 Joao Felix (€126 Million)

Leaving Benfica was something that seemed inevitable for Joao Felix, with his talent being far too good for him not to be at an elite European soccer club, which is where Atletico Madrid stepped in.

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With Felix only being 19-years-old, it might have been expected that he wouldn't cost too much, however, Benfica was smart and pushed the Spanish side for as much money as possible.

That's why Benfica was able to earn €126 million for the youngster, letting him go for as much money as they could get, with Madrid hoping that things will pay off for him.

2 Kylian Mbappe (€145 Million)

Paris Saint-Germain is known for being able to spend a lot of money, with one of the richest owners in soccer right now, which is why splashing out €145 million on Kylian Mbappe was no problem for the French club.

Mbappe is one of the fastest players on the planet and he uses that speed to his advantage, comfortably beating players with his skill, creating problems in an attacking way on a constant basis.

After having an incredible World Cup last summer, Mbappe's worth is only going to keep rising, meaning if and when PSG ever want to let him go, they will be sure to earn an unbelievable amount of money for him.

1 Neymar (€222 Million)

So here we are, the most expensive transfer in the history of soccer (for now), with Neymar Jr's transfer from Barcelona to PSG costing an incredible €222 million as the French club continue to push for European dominance.

It is no surprise that Neymar is the highest transfer fee in the history of soccer, with the Brazilian forward being one of the best players in the world right now, and he doesn't even see to have reached his peak.

However, this is a record that could be set to be broken by Barcelona themselves, who are currently very interested in bringing Neymar back to the club with the Brazilian no longer enjoying life in France.

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