Sable's 15 Hottest Moments In The WWE

Rena Marlette Greek, may not make you think of anyone... perhaps not Rena Marlette Richardson either... nor might Rena Marlette Lesnar, but guaranteed wrestling fans know the name of Rena 'Sable' Mero! And yes, she actually was married, for ten years, to Marvellous Marc Mero (It seems his jealousy in the ring was fairly reflective of reality however). After they divorced, Sable began dating, and eventually got married to Brock Lesnar. Perhaps her biggest tainting for the men "who [came] to see [her]", Sable must've felt that lucked out, marrying a man ten years her junior, gigantic as he is (though one wonders about the parts that count).

Either way, who knew that now, Sable is a grandmother to her daughter's kids from her first marriage!? Turning half a century old this year, one might find it safe to say that fans will choose to remember her for her glory days of the 'Sable Bomb', of Evening Gown Matches; of the Slammy Awards, and Playboy, etc. Fans know what they like about Sable. From her demure debut to her catty attitude, and consistent flash of flesh, the men (and women) that make up the former Attitude Era crowds, still have their hottest moments of Sable in mind. That being said, here are just a few of them...


15 The Bikini Contest Against Jacqueline

Well, there was another bikini contest, of course. This one featured Sable's rival Jacqueline (she had a lot of rivals). After the split between her and Marc Mero, Jacqueline became Mero's manager, and Sable went solo, with occasional help from a variety of WWE staff; from the oddities to (somehow more creepily) Vince McMahon. Regardless, the jacked Jacqueline showed up in what would appear to be a show-stopping outfit in comparison to Sable's nicely cut bottoms, very conservative top. This, of course, was a trick (that she played frequently actually). Revealing her true "bikini", which was no more than two strategically placed hand prints of paint over her breasts. The crowd's reaction obviously awarded her victory, and it was topped off by Sable slapping Mero who (in spite of their breakup) still felt the need to cover her up. To great boos and balking, Vince McMahon stripped (pun intended) Sable of her award, for not actually having worn a bikini.

14 Sneak Peak For The King


It is a wonder that Jerry "The King" Lawler had the reaction he did in the ring when Sable revealed her aforementioned "bikini" against Jacqueline. By all accounts he should have been eager to see it again, but he should not have been surprised as he was. Why is this? Because Sable, in a segment not long before the match, gave The King a sneak peak at what was in store for him and the WWE universe. The silhouette was more than enough to get people's attention, and keep them tuned in. And it was clearly more than enough to slake Lawler's lust, but it didn't end there. While the audience had to wait with bated breath, The King got to poke his head around the screen and see the painted paw prints on Sable's breasts. He then started to go a little maniacal, it seems. A testament to the incredible objectification and sexism rampant in the WWE at the time. It's certainly improved over the years, but it's not likely to change. It is, after all, a soap opera for men.

13 Arm Wrestling Jaqueline

So... while it was meant to throw the women's division somewhat of a bone (in a non-sexual way), the arm wrestling champion bouts were a bit contrived. However, it was great to know that Sable, who wasn't overly muscular in any way, could retain the trophy for some time... that is until Jacqueline decided to smash it over Sable's back. This was one of those strange times when Luna Vachon (a former rival), and her gang of Oddities came to Sable's rescue. They were a bit late as the damage had already been done, but that's besides the point. The real reason this incident is on the list is because it shows that Sable isn't just hot because of her catty attitude, and her blonde bombshell looks. She's also got some actual, physical strength. And that might be hotter to know, given her relatively small frame, than any of her attitude...especially since she was kind of a bitch throughout a good chunk of her wrestling career.

12 Sable vs. Torrie... Sort Of


Well, it's hard to say that they were really against each other here... other than literally meaning that they were against each other here. Torrie Wilson, and Sable had a very sexually-charged rivalry for a time that was based on quite a lot of tease, a hell of a lot of skin, and some very timid kisses that still made the crowd roar. The above video is nearly fourteen minutes long, so feel free to jump ahead to the main action at 8:30, but suffice it to say, it's difficult to think of them in real competition when they are so... accepting of each other's actions. Sable has long been known for her evening gown, and bikini matches, and this one with Torrie Wilson is perhaps the most iconic for the both of them. Especially given that part of their rivalry was about both of them being Playboy cover girls at one time or another. It is sad to think though that this was the state of women's wrestling in the WWE back then. Thankfully, as small an opening as it might have been, Sable did break through the barrier to let the unfortunately titled "Diva" division make some headway.

11 Sablelicious

As was fairly typical of Sable back in the day, she would come out wearing naught by a little nighty. This was obviously very good for ratings, and surely must have been comfortable for her, wandering around in her sleepwear. Of course, underneath these silky little wraps was a wonderful surprise for all to behold. Now this little promo here was done as a prelude to the epic bikini match between Torrie and Sable. After talking trash, calling Torrie fat... which is certainly an untruth, Sable states that whatever Torrie wears, it will not be as hot, nor as... Sablelicious as what she has in mind. Of course nothing Torrie could do would be at all Sablelicious, for one very important reason... she's not Sable! Now, it was great that Sable came into her own by way of leaving Mero and gaining a ton of attitude. However, the attitude got a bit much, and was only ignored due to her affinity for stripping down to damn near nothing. It's sad when someone with such potential simply becomes an object. That being said, she did a damned good job, and was indeed Sablelicious.

10 The Sable Bomb


Now sure, the video is only ten seconds long, and one misses the awful kick to the groin that the Marvellous Marc Mero received just prior (you're welcome gents), but it is certainly a hot moment for Sable. The power bomb has long been a favourite move among wrestlers. Ahmed Johnson's "Pearl River Plunge", Kevin Nash's "Jackknife Powerbomb"... there is a substantial list. But Sable took that devastating move, and made it hot as Hell. Besides many men wishing they could be at the apex of the move, just before being dropped on their ass, watching Sable deliver the infamous "Sable Bomb" is pretty damn sexy. It goes back to that physical strength talk regarding the arm wrestle. But instead of watching her just about beat Jacqueline before the tables turn (pun intended), one gets to see her take on Mero. Now, to be fair, he was never a scintillating performer, but he had his high-flying moments. And watching her employ her strength to lift up one of the men of the WWE, and put him on his ass... it's pretty hot.

9 Torrie Plays To The Judge...

At one point in time, Sable had an event that she hosted called the 'Sable Invitational', which was basically a somewhat glorified bikini contest. Glorified only by the fact that Sable hosted, and adjudicated it, as opposed to having Taz or Jerry Lawler. There happened to be one invitational that Torrie appeared in and lost. This happened to be an integral part of the feisty feud between Torrie and Sable. It culminated in Sable talking smack about Wilson not appearing for a second bout of the invitational. Well, she indeed showed up, and showed a lot as well. And not only did she show a lot of herself, but sucking on that lollipop while she ground herself up and down Sable's body did a lot to entice the crowd. Of course Torrie won this specific Sable Invitational, but that was only helped by her running her lollipop between Sable's breasts, and getting Sable to give it a bit of a lick. Objectifying, of course. But surely the WWE would never have had it any other way. Their ratings skyrocketed.


8 Was It Something She Said?


Whilst these two cover girls played up their Playboy hype, Sable decided to seek some help from Torrie Wilson. Starting off the segment with Torrie doing some revealing stretches, Sable compliments her... very sensually, about her Playboy stint. She seemingly gets a little aroused while talking about Torrie being all wet in the shower. Torrie, clearly a little fired by this, brushes it aside, wondering Sable's real purpose. Sable contrives that she needs help with the zipper in the front of her outfit, and states she has nowhere to change. Following that, well... Sable discovers she can work the zipper just fine, and lets down her top (with her back to the audience of course), for Torrie to see her bountiful breasts. The internet wasn't as easily navigated at that time, so finding the Playboy photos of Sable wasn't as instant as it is today. That being said, many men watching this segment were clearly frustrated. However, after Torrie leaves for her match, Sable does turn around, clutching her breasts, mewing: "Was it something I said?"

7 At The Turn Of The Century

Sable was the first of a long line of World Wrestling divas to pose for PlayboyChyna, Torrie Wilson, Christy Hemme, Candice Michelle, Ashley Massaro and Maria Kanellis are among the busty WWE beauties who graced covers and pages of the adult magazine over the years. In her first spread (no pun intended) Sable revealed all to her adoring fans. There were some fun wet, white shirt shots, with her pouring a bottle of water all over so as to make the sight even more... titillating. One could enjoy the very well maintained landing strip that directed one towards her... airport? Hangar? Cockpit? Either way, the fact that a WWE diva had featured on the cover of Playboy was a big deal in that era of the company. These days, it would hardly be mentioned, due to the relatively PG manner of World Wrestling Entertainment. There are some fairly active poses in her first appearance that have her clearly moaning... perhaps the Invisible Man flew in during the photo shoot?

6 Evening Gown Match At Unforgiven

As mentioned before, Sable and Luna Vachon had quite a rivalry for a time. Mero was still hating everything that Sable wore, and Goldust for whatever reason, was paired with, and ever supportive of Luna. An evening gown match was set for the Unforgiven pay per view... yes it is just as it sounds. The contestants appear in the ring in evening gowns. The match then plays out as the women attempt to strip each other to reveal their bra and panties. The first woman to fully lose their gown, loses the match. Now the match was already not going well for Sable. To be honest, Luna was certainly the superior wrestler, just not superior in looks (which makes sense since she comes from a family of wrestlers). So Luna lost the arm of her gown, but Sable lost the entire bottom. Seeing her panties didn't seem to fire up Marc Mero the way one would think it ought to. So Mero ends up getting on the apron, just as Sable gets the upper hand, and begins giving her hell for showing off so much skin. This gives Luna ample time to crawl up behind and strip the rest of Sable's gown. Not liking this, Sable gave her signature finisher to Luna, stripped her gown, then took her under the ring. When Sable emerged, she carried what is to be believed as Luna's bra and panties. A hot moment of Sable's ruined by the prospect of a naked Luna.

5 Slammy Awards 1997

Oh the Slammy Awards. It is sad that even the wrestling award shows (and who knew those happened) were overbearingly sexist. The men did not have to worry about competing when they came to accept their awards, but the women... well, there was a Miss Slammy Award. In the above video, one can see WWE divas like Sunny (who is now significantly larger, and in the adult film industry), and Jacqueline (who knows where she is now), strutting their stuff. Eternally in competition with each other, the women of World Wrestling Entertainment never quite seem to get a break. Regardless, one can see superstars like Shawn Michaels, and Goldust showing their approval of the sexy spectacle. But things don't really heat up until Sable comes out in her... bikini? Regardless of what it is, it is superior to anything any of the other divas wear. One might say it's Sablelicious. Though it is pretty clear that Marc Mero is a tad weary and embarrassed by the incredible display his wife gives everyone.

4 Sable Unleashed

Many a sexually-frustrated-and-not-yet-budded boy got his hands on this VHS. That's right: this ridiculous exposé of Sable's private... life was originally released on VHS. It features her in nothing but a fishnet on the beach, riding her horse in incredibly tight, and short denim shorts... it shows her posing on sexy cars, a good number of the moments listed above, and even a good deal of her personal training. Watching her work up a sweat in the gym was for some reason very appealing to the prepubescent boys who had yet to even step foot in a gym. The incredible number of photo shoots that the video gave people access to was staggering, but made the purpose of the film all too clear. The whole production is simply one, long, hot moment of Sable. It seemed like a pitiful attempt to humanize her, and show a bit of her personal life (which was clearly an act for the purpose of the expose). But of course it come as a clearly, thinly veiled attempt to make a tong more money than WWE was already doing through incredible ratings. Sex sells, and everyone's buying.

3 Third Stint For Hef

Sable's third time hitting the cover of Playboy magazine was a feature with her long time, ravishing rival, Torrie Wilson. Well now this edition... it's much more than just a Sablelicious photo shoot. And why? Well because it features her naked with her great nemesis. One gets to see Torrie Wilson as the big spoon in a nice naked cuddle. Baring everything with some rather deviant positions, and lascivious looks these two busty babes seem to make up quite well. Though it's not a WWE moment, it is most certainly a Sable moment, and given how incredible the focus is on the WWE spin for the magazine, this most certainly counts as one of the hottest Sable moment of all time.

2 Idaho Potato Sable


There was a time when the Marvellous Marc Mero became... not so marvellous. Having been out for a while with a knee injury, Sable began taking a great deal of spotlight, and Mero was none too happy when he returned to realize that the adulation from the crowd was no longer for him, but for his wife. Always coming out with the intention of pleasing the crowd, Sable made it her mission to be increasingly more risqué. Mero didn't like this one bit. The increased show of skin angered him, and standing in her sexy shadow didn't help either. So, to show the audience that the spotlight was his, and not in any way Sable's, he had her come down to the ring in a potato sack. Now, anyone with eyes will notice that Sable was clearly not wearing much of anything underneath that Idaho potato sack, but all the same, the gimmick played out a while longer before the inevitable. Sable used to always disrobe Mero before matches, which he expected her to do here, but instead... well she decided to disrobe herself . Mero wasn't pleased... but everyone else was.

1 The Grind Belongs To The Hall Of Fame

Perhaps one of the most famous Sable taunts, originally ripped from the Ravishing Rick Rude, and since stolen by Big-E Langston, Sable's grind was certainly one of the show stoppers for World Wrestling Entertainment. Now the above video does show a number of the aforementioned moments, as well as a few that readers can go on the prowl for on their own, but what is frequent in this video is the gratuitous use of the grind. This video happens to be Sable's WWE Hall of Fame video. So obviously it highlights only two or three actual wrestling moments, followed by as many sexy moments they could think to throw in to the pathetic mix. It goes to show just what the WWE appreciated Sable for. In spite of the sexism apparent in this company, it cannot be denied that Sable's grind was a great boost for ratings. And the statement she made before she did the move most times... wonderful. "For the women who want to be me and the men who came to see me, Are boys you ready for the Grind?" They always were.


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