10 Richest Soccer Players Of 2019

Everybody knows that soccer is one of the wealthiest sports in the world, with the elite players earning incredible salaries while the clubs themselves are able to bring in huge sums of money from major sponsors.

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With players being able to earn extra money from endorsement deals, and bonuses, soccer players are now able to earn unbelievable sums of money, making them some of the richest people in the world. Within this article, we will be looking at the 10 richest soccer players of 2019, purely based on their annual wages at their current clubs.

10 Mohamed Salah ($15 Million Annually)

The Liverpool forward is one of the best players in the world, helping the club win the Champions League last season and almost guiding them to the Premier League with his performances.

Because of that, he has become one of the most sought after players in the world which is one of the reasons why Liverpool have tied him down to a five-year deal that sees him earn $15 million on a yearly basis. Salah is only going to continue growing as a player, which will certainly help him financially in his career with other teams forcing Liverpool to either pay him more or let him go on.

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9 Kylian Mbappe ($20 Million Annually)

Kylian Mbappe is one of the most exciting young soccer players in the world and he is set to have an incredible career in the game, which is why he is already earning an impressive $20 million through yearly wages alone.

Mbappe played a key role in helping France win the World Cup, with the talented attacker being one of the tournaments standout players, making a major name for himself on the biggest tournament in soccer. Considering that he is only at the early stages of his career, Mbappe is certainly going to be climbing this list in the years to come, especially if he continues to develop as he has been.

8 Paul Pogba ($20 Million Annually)

He might be a controversial figure in professional soccer, with journalists and pundits often complaining about him, but there is no doubt that Paul Pogba is one of the most talented midfielders in the world.

Manchester United has done everything possible in order to keep the Frenchman at the club, including paying him an incredible $20 million-per-year, despite the fact that he isn't always the most popular of people. Pogba is popular amongst fans of the club though, and because of that the Red Devils are able to make plenty of money from shirt sales with his name on, which helps to balance the costs.

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7 Oscar ($26 Million Annually)

The Brazilian playmaker has made it very clear that money is the main driver in his career when he made the decision to play for Shanghai SIPG, leaving Chelsea in a move that seemed very much driven by cash.

Earning $26 million annually, it's obviously not been a bad gig for him, although the quality of soccer played is nowhere near the level of the Premier League, which is the standard that Oscar is able to play at. While some people want to win the elite trophies in the game, the fact is that soccer careers are relatively short, so getting the chance to earn as much money as possible isn't a bad idea.

6 Eden Hazard ($27 Million Annually)

When Eden Hazard made the move from Chelsea to Real Madrid in the summer it was obvious he would be gaining an impressive salary, which he is, earning $27 million annually from his wages alone.

The Belgian is the second-highest-paid player at the entire club and while that will no doubt create some pressure for him on his debut season with the Spanish club, he is certainly talented enough to live up to that. Hazard will be aiming to be one of the top players in the Champions League this season and make his dream move to Madrid be a huge success.

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5 Andres Iniesta ($30 Million Annually)

While many people likely thought that Andres Iniesta would never earn the same amount of money he did at Barcelona when he left the club to join Vissel Kobe, the fact is that the midfielder was able to earn even more.

Considering that the playmaker is one of the greatest midfielders of all time, the club's decision to pay him $30 million annually was certainly justified, with Iniesta certainly standing out in the league. While he might not be performing at an elite level anymore, he is still able to be one of the highest-paid soccer players of 2019.

4 Gareth Bale ($33 Million Annually)

Gareth Bale almost ended up signing one of the most lucrative deals in soccer history this past summer due to the issues he has been having with Real Madrid, but even though that fell apart, the Welshman is still on a fantastic deal with the Spanish outfit.

Earning a fantastic $33 million annually, the speedy winger has managed to become one of the highest-paid players in the world, which is more than he deserves for his performances at the club. Despite the fact, he isn't overly popular amongst fans since he hasn't attempted to learn the language, there is no doubt that he delivers on the pitch, which is why he is able to earn the money he gets.

3 Christiano Ronaldo ($64 Million Annually)

As one of the greatest soccer players in the world, it really isn't a surprise to see Cristiano Ronaldo this high on the list of richest soccer players in 2019, with the Portuguese star managing to maintain his high standards since joining Juventus.

This is why the Italian giants have no problem in paying him $64 million on a yearly basis, with the winger consistently providing a high amount of goals and assists, as he continues to prove he is one of the top players in the world. When Ronaldo first signed with Juventus, the club made $60 million within 24 hours with fans purchasing the shirt with his name, earning Juve his first yearly wage in shirt sales alone.

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2 Neymar Jr. ($70 Million Annually)

The Brazilian attacker has been one of the most in-demand players on earth for quite some time now, which is why Paris Saint-Germain snapped him up for the world's record transfer fee, costing the French outfit $263 million.

But the expenses for PSG didn't stop with that, as they ensured Neymar Jr. was on an incredible wage, which sees him earn $70 million annually, which is something he is unlikely to be complaining about. While there are plenty of reports that he is unhappy at PSG, with Barcelona pushing for him to return to the club earlier in the summer, for now, he remains with them.

1 Lionel Messi ($80 Million Annually)

If it wasn't going to be Christiano Ronaldo then there was only going to be one other man taking the top spot here, with arguably the greatest soccer player on earth, Lionel Messi being the highest-paid player in soccer with his weekly wage.

The Barcelona star brings in a grand total of $80 million every year, purely through his wage alone which is a staggering amount of money but something he has certainly earned with his unbelievable goal and assist stats. Messi will go down as Barcelona's greatest ever player and he will create a legacy that is going to be incredibly difficult to reach again, and with his current contract lasting until 2021, he is set for several years yet.

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