The 10 Richest Baseball Players In The World

The biggest stars to find success in the MLB have become iconic names for any baseball fan. Most of the top players have received massive contracts and built up their name value throughout the years. Every baseball player hopes to make it to the top of the league as a superstar. Another positive to come from having a great baseball career is that opportunities will continue to flow after retirement.

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We will look at the MLB players that have accumulated great wealth with impressive net worth figures. They range from retired names that still hold great relevance to active stars building upon their legacy. Find out just how these talented players became such superstars and why they have a role among the wealthiest guys from the sport today. These are the ten richest baseball players in the world.

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10 Joe Mauer: $100 Million net worth

Former Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer had a spectacular career. Mauer was the best catcher in baseball for many years, creating a legacy during his time in the sport. The six-time All-Star is one of the few catchers to win the American League MVP Award at his peak.

Mauer has a tremendous net worth of $100 million. The best years of his career would see him rake in huge money with his contracts. Mauer’s time at the top ended faster than expected, but he remains one of the richest players in baseball history.

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9 Manny Ramirez: $110 Million net worth

The career of Manny Ramirez would see him have massive success on a few different teams. Ramirez started to break out as a star for the Cleveland Indians, but the best run came as a member of the Boston Red Sox in the 2000s.

The two World Series wins for Ramirez came in Boston along with the 2004 World Series MVP trophy following an improbable run to the top of baseball. Ramirez has a net worth of $110 million years after his retirement. He  finally ended his career in 2017 with a Japanese league team.

8 Joey Votto: $110 Million net worth

One of the active players on this list, a tremendous run has seen Votto spend his entire career so far with the Cincinnati Reds as the face of their franchise. Votto has been paid handsomely to represent the organization.

Six All-Star appearances and a National League MVP Award in 2010 earned Votto his net worth of $110 million. There is a good chance this figure will improve as he continues playing in the majors. Votto benefits from many factors, especially seeing his success come at a time when baseball players can cash in for huge contracts.

7 Chipper Jones: $110 Million net worth

The legendary career of Chipper Jones made him one of the most popular and richest players in baseball history. Jones spent his entire career with the Atlanta Braves from 1993 to 2012. Braves fans fell in love with Jones' superb play, often leading them to the postseason.

The various contracts and name value allowed Jones to make enough money for a $110 million net worth. Jones certainly earned that with the longevity and consistency of his greatness. Atlanta is still searching for a player to represent the team the way Jones did for so long as the face of the franchise.

6 Randy Johnson: $115 Million net worth

Randy Johnson had a spectacular career that allowed him to become one of the greatest pitchers in MLB history. Successful stints with the Seattle Mariners, Arizona Diamondbacks and other teams would see Johnson accomplish just about every achievement in the MLB.

Ten All-Star appearances, five Cy Young Awards and a World Series win all featured Johnson delivering the goods whenever called upon. The retired pitcher has a tremendous net worth of $115 million that makes him one of the richest baseball players even in retirement.

5 Miguel Cabrera: $125 Million net worth

Miguel Cabrera is still going strong as one of the best players in Detroit Tigers history. Cabrera's stellar hitting would see him have a tremendous career in the MLB. He won the World Series in his rookie season with the Florida Marlins and would mature into a two-time AL MVP winner with the Tigers.

Cabrera's big contracts would make him among the richest players in baseball history. He has a tremendous net worth of $125 million. The likely Hall of Fame-worthy player made his park in the league with over fifteen years of impressive overall play.

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4 Albert Pujols: $170 million net worth

Albert Pujols certainly made the most of his legendary career. The unbelievable run with the St. Louis Cardinals would see Pujols win three MVP Awards, two World Series and various other individual accolades. However, his wealth improved dramatically when leaving for the Los Angeles Angels.

Pujols signed the then third biggest contract in MLB history for $240 million over ten years with Los Angeles. Pujols' play has been up and down, but he earned that contract with his level of productivity leading up to it. His net worth is $170 million, making him one of the wealthiest players in baseball.

3 Ichiro Suzuki: $180 million net worth

Ichiro Suzuki is one of the biggest names in the history of baseball in North America and internationally. Suzuki's career featured a legendary run in Japan that led to him moving to the MLB. Most players would have crumbled under the pressure, but Suzuki won the AL MVP Award in his rookie season.

A dominant run in the MLB would see Suzuki consistently at the top of the league hits per season. Suzuki found amazing success in the long haul, as his net worth is $180 million right nowm shortly after retiring from the sport. Every player hopes to have a career as storied as Suzuki’s was.

2 Derek Jeter: $185 million net worth

The New York Yankees would see Derek Jeter represent them as the face of the franchise for about fifteen years. Jeter was beloved by Yankees fans, with popularity all over the world. The various accomplishments like five World Series wins, fourteen All-Star appearances and various awards all showcased his greatness on the field.

Jeter’s name value off the field provided another dynamic to make him among the most beloved players in baseball history. Jeter's net worth is $185 million, cementing his status as one of the wealthiest baseball players. Jeter also owns part of the Florida Marlins to remain in the game.

1 Alex Rodriguez: $350 million net worth

The richest baseball player in the world is former MLB superstar Alex Rodriguez. Fans of the Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers and New York Yankees would see Rodriguez deliver his all-around great play for those three teams earning massive paydays along the way.

Rodriguez signed two of the top four most expensive contracts in MLB history. Rodriguez's net worth is now $350 million, making him by far the wealthiest retired baseball player. Rodriguez has a new career path as a media personality in baseball and beyond, earning him more money. The relationship with mega-star Jennifer Lopez sees them as one of the wealthiest couples in the world.

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