The 10 Richest Managers In The Premier League, Ranked

The Premier League is often considered to be the best soccer league in the world, featuring several of Europe's best sides and some amazing players. The division also has some of the best managers as well, from incredible experience and serial winners to former top soccer stars now trying their hand from the dugout.

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With the money involved in soccer only continuing to rise, the managers in the Premier League are often able to earn incredible sums of money, and while people are quick to talk about the net worths of soccer plays, this article will take a look at the net worth of the 10 richest Premier League managers.

10 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Net Worth: $2.1 Million)

The current Manchester United boss has an estimated net worth of $2.1 million after a fantastic playing career, of which he spent his best years playing for Manchester United, being part of the famous treble-winning squad.

As a lethal goalscorer, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was a tremendous striker, but now all that is behind him, Ole is trying to prove he can be just as impressive as a manager at Old Trafford. Ole is facing a difficult situation in charge of the Red Devils right now, with the club in the worst position they have been in over two decades, which he has the responsibility of turning around.

9 Eddie Howe (Net Worth: $5.1 Million)

Eddie Howe is beloved by most soccer fans, simply because people in the sport firmly appreciate the graft that he has put in, helping Bournemouth develop from several leagues below to being a top Premier League side. With a net worth of $5.1 million already, Howe has done incredibly well for himself so far in soccer, and there's no doubt that the sky is the limit for him as a manager, having shown tons of potential so far.

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While Bournemouth isn't going to be chasing the Premier League title anytime soon, the fact is he is working miracles on a small budget, and that's why the club is desperate to keep him.

8 Mauricio Pochettino (Net Worth: $12 Million)

The current Tottenham Hotspur boss has a net worth of $12 million and is considered to be one of the best managers in the entire Premier League, almost guiding the London-based club to Champions League success last season, only to finish as the runners-up.

So far in the 2019/20 campaign, things haven't gone the way Mauricio Pochettino would have wanted, but he's rumored and linked with big clubs because he's a very talented coach. Having impressed as the coach of Southampton, Pochettino worked his way up the ladder as a manager in the English game, and he's now driven to win his first major trophy.

7 Unai Emery (Net Worth: $13 Million)

Unai Emery was given a huge opportunity when he was appointed as the man who finally replaced Arsene Wenger at the helm of Arsenal F.C, a job that certainly comes with its difficulties and complications.

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Emery has the huge responsibility of trying to get the London-based soccer club back to being a team that is capable of competing for the Premier League title, which is something that hasn't been the case for quite some time. With a net worth of $13 million and plenty of experience behind him, Emery is creating an impressive attacking side, but his project of taking the club to the top might be a longer one than most fans would like.

6 Brendan Rogers (Net Worth: $16 Million)

You only need to look at the size of the clubs Brendan Rogers has worked at to realize why he has earned his net worth of $16 million. From starting as a coach at Chelsea to being the boss of Liverpool and Celtic, Rogers has always worked at the highest level. After spending several years in Scotland, Rogers has recently returned to the Premier League, taking charge of Leicester City where he is creating yet another incredibly exciting team that is looking to break the mold of the typical "Big Six."

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While they might not challenge for the Premier League title just yet, if Rogers is given a lengthy period in charge, then there is no reason that he can't build a strong squad.

5 Manuel Pellegrini (Net Worth: $20 Million)

Next up on the list is Manuel Pellegrini, who is another vastly experienced manager who is currently in charge of West Ham United, and he's doing an excellent with the club as well, surprising people so far in the 2019/20 campaign. Pellegrini won the Premier League title in the past when he was in charge of Manchester City.

He has spent his managerial career working at the highest level, which is why he has been able to grow a net worth of $20 million, which is something that will only continue to rise.

4 Pep Guardiola (Net Worth: $31 Million)

When you look at the landscape of professional soccer right now, it's hard to argue that there is a better manager on the planet than Pep Guardiola, who is simply a tactical genius, which he has proven wherever he has gone.

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From creating one of the most dominating teams in soccer history during his run as F.C. Barcelona to his brilliant success with Bayern Munich, Guardiola has continued his success as a coach in England with Manchester City. It's no surprise that he has built himself a net worth of $31 million after winning back-to-back Premier League titles with Manchester City, breaking records and dominating the English game in the process.

3 Steve Bruce (Net Worth: $40 Million)

It might surprise you to learn that Steve Bruce has a higher net worth than someone like Pep Guardiola, considering that he has spent the vast majority of his managerial career with teams battling around the mid-low table, but after such a long career he has more than earned his $40 million net worth. Bruce had an incredible playing career before deciding to move into management, and even though he hasn't ever shown signs of leading a top side, Bruce has never been out of work for long.

The fact he is consistently working is what has kept him building his net worth, with Steve Bruce certainly being one of the most experienced managers in the league.

2 Jürgen Klopp (Net Worth: $50 Million)

Jürgen Klopp is probably the most likable manager in the entire league right now, regardless of what club it is you may support. The Liverpool manager has an infectious personality and a tangible energy and drive that connects with the fans. Klopp has created a special bond with the Liverpool fans and he has totally transformed the club into a title-chasing side that plays incredibly attractive soccer and is capable of winning a Premier League in the future.

Even though he is yet to gain England's top prize, he has taken Liverpool to glory in the Champions League and grown an impressive net worth of $50 million for himself in the process.

1 Frank Lampard (Net Worth: $90 Million)

Frank Lampard is only entering his second-ever season as a professional manager and he is already working his dream job at Stamford Bridge as the manager of Chelsea FC, the club that he spent the vast majority of his playing days for. While he has made an impressive start to life as a manager, promoting youth as much as possible, it's through his playing career where he earned the vast majority of his $90 million net worth.

Lampard won everything there was to win with Chelsea, from multiple Premier League's to the Champions League and more, while finishing his career as the clubs highest ever goalscorer, he more than earned his wage.

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