[Report] Boxer Tyson Fury Making $15 Million For Single WWE Match

It was safe to assume Tyson Fury was getting a hefty payday to join WWE in Saudi Arabia for a match versus Braun Strowman. But, $15 million?

According to Jeff Powell of the Daily Mail, Fury will receive a whopping $15 million (£11.9m) for his upcoming bout with Strowman at WWE's Crown Jewel event on October 31, 2019. There are other outlets who don't believe this number to be accurate, but Powell's report goes into great detail, including comments from Fury himself that he may stick around in WWE, likely because of the money he's making.

Considering he's been paid incredibly large sums of money which have delayed other professional boxing bouts in the past, when Fury was asked if his sudden switch to wrestling could impact the upcoming Deontay Wilder fight set for February 22, 2020, Fury replied: ‘There’s a hell of a chance of that.’

Further to the report, Powell suggests that this $15 million purse could "rise by another $20 million or more if he takes a decent grip on his first wrestling match, against the giant Braun Strowman on October 31." What match would that be? Fury already has his mind on a couple of WWE talents saying, ‘Who knows what lies beneath? Maybe Velasquez, maybe Lesnar.’

Would Fury Leave Boxing For WWE?

If this report is accurate, the money he stands to make in WWE could get close to the money he's slotted to make ($50 million) for two contracted rematches to complete a classic trilogy with Wilder – February in Vegas and Wembley Stadium next summer.

Wilder doesn't believe Fury will fight him as scheduled. His comments on the Fury to WWE rumors were: ‘Tyson was unconscious and has no memory of going down or getting up. That’s heavy, man, and I know his family don’t want him to risk fighting me again.’

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