Ranking The 15 Best WWE Money In The Bank Cash-Ins

The 2017 Money in the Bank event has come and gone now, and this year there were two very different Money in the Bank winners crowned. Carmella became the first ever Miss Money in the Bank, while Baron Corbin won the main event of the show and the opportunity to cash in his case on the WWE Champion any time he likes over the next year.

Money in the Bank cash-ins have quite a successful history, with only two men cashing in their cases and being unsuccessful. And both those times, the men involved announced that they would be cashing in their case ahead of time.

It seems that the best option most of the time is to sneak up on the champion and cash in after he has already been through a tough match. The odds are in Baron Corbin's favour, but he has some incredible cash-ins to top.

Over the past 12 years, the WWE Universe has seen some of the best moments in WWE history when the Money in the Bank briefcase was added to the mix. Here is a list of the 15 best Money in the Bank cash-ins since the very first one by Edge back in 2006.

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15 Alberto Del Ri0 - SummerSlam 2011

Alberto Del Rio shockingly won the 2011 Money in the Bank ladder match for the Raw brand. Del Rio then only held onto his briefcase for 28 days before he chose to cash in on CM Punk at SummerSlam 2011.

Punk had already been through hell that night as he fought John Cena to determine the first ever Undisputed WWE Champion with Triple H as the guest referee. Punk managed to win the match and the Championship before Kevin Nash then made a beeline for the ring and attacked Punk with a Jackknife Powerbomb. This was the perfect moment for Del Rio to run out, kick Punk in the head, and win his first WWE Championship. Del Rio only held onto the title until Night of Champions the following month where he lost it to John Cena.

14 Rob Van Dam - ECW One Night Stand 2006

Back in 2006, Rob Van Dam won just the second annual Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania 22 and then announced that he would be cashing in his contract at the ECW One Night Stand event 70 days later.

RVD took on John Cena in the main event of the ECW event in a match that was steeped in controversy. First Edge attacked Cena with a motorbike helmet on and hit an incredible spear to keep him down before the referee was taken out and Paul Heyman himself then came out to count the pinfall. The win saw Rob become the WWE and ECW World Champion at the same time, but events outside of WWE forced the company to take the titles away from him not long afterwards.

13 Kane - Money In The Bank 2010

Kane made history back in 2010 when he was the first Money in the Bank winner to decide not to wait a number of days for the best time to cash in his contract. Instead, he waited just an hour and cashed in on Rey Mysterio after a hard fought match with Jack Swagger.

Mysterio was easy prey for Kane who came out and delivered a Tombstone Piledriver to the Champion to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Kane became the first man to have held the WWE, ECW, and World Heavyweight Championship that night and also claimed the fastest cash in at just 47 minutes. Kane held the title until TLC that year when he was defeated by Edge.

12 CM Punk - Extreme Rules 2009

CM Punk will never be included in WWE's top ten cash-ins after recent problems between himself and the company, but that shouldn't stop him being remembered for some of the greatest WWE moments that he was part of.

Punk won the Money in the Bank ladder match for the second time at WrestleMania 25 and became the first star to win consecutive Money in the Bank ladder matches. Punk held the contract for just 63 days when he decided to cash in on Jeff Hardy following a brutal match with Edge. Punk hit the GTS but Jeff kicked out before trying a small package roll-up. Punk hit a kick to the head and a second GTS to lift the title for the second time, much to the dismay of the WWE Universe.

11 Jack Swagger - SmackDown 2010

Jack Swagger won the final Money in the Bank ladder match to be held at a WrestleMania event back in 2010. Later in the year, WWE brought Money in the Bank in as its own pay-per-view instead and two new stars became briefcase holders, which meant that Swagger only had a small window to cash in his title.

Swagger held the contract for just two days before the champion at the time, Chris Jericho, was attacked on SmackDown by Edge, whom he had defeated days before at WrestleMania. Swagger saw that The Champion was down and used it to his advantage by hitting the gut wrench powerbomb to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Swagger also managed to switch brands when he cashed in the case.

10 Sheamus - Survivor Series 2015

2015 wasn't a great year for WWE. Seth Rollins finally cashed in his Money in the Bank case at WrestleMania, and at the Money In The Bank event later in the year it was Sheamus who walked out with the case much to the dismay of the watching crowd, after it was Bray Wyatt who cost Roman Reigns his chance to win it for the first time.

Rollins' injury in November forced WWE to change a lot of plans and Reigns then won the world title at the Survivor Series event a few weeks later when he defeated his friend Dean Ambrose in the final match of the tournament. Sheamus took advantage of a worn out Roman who had competed in two matches that night, to run in, hit a Brogue Kick, and win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Sheamus wasn't champion for long as Vince McMahon returned and Roman was able to win back the title not long afterwards.

9 Daniel Bryan - TLC 2011

Daniel Bryan won the 2011 Money in the Bank ladder match and the right to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship. He later cashed in on Mark Henry and won the title but this was taken away from him since Henry wasn't actually cleared to wrestle at the time.

Bryan held onto his contract for 154 days before he chose the perfect time at TLC 2011 when The Big Show had been through hell with Mark Henry to win the World Heavyweight Championship in a chairs match. Bryan ran out and covered Big Show to win the World Championship for the first time. Bryan and Big Show then entered what was considered to be a very personal feud.

8 Edge - SmackDown 2007

Mr. Kennedy won the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania 23 and the opportunity to fight for whichever Championship he liked in the coming year, but shockingly Kennedy put his case on the line in a match against Edge and lost.

This was because Kennedy was injured and needed time off so Edge took his case and his place instead. Edge held the contract for just one day before he shockingly cashed in on The Undertaker on an episode of SmackDown after The Deadman had retained his Championship inside a steel cage against Batista. He was then attacked by Mark Henry before Edge decided it was the perfect time to come out, hit the spear, and win the World Heavyweight Championship.

7 The Miz - Raw 2010

The Miz was the first winner of the Money in the Bank ladder match at the 2010 event that later became an annual event and the ladder match was then taken away from WrestleMania. Unlike Kane, Miz decided to hold on to his contract up until November that year when Champion Randy Orton was at his weakest.

Randy Orton was first attacked by The Nexus before a brutal match with Wade Barrett saw him retain the WWE Championship but just when Orton thought his night was over, Miz came out and cashed in his contract. Orton made Miz fight for the title but in the end, it was a Skullcrushing Finale that ended the reign of Orton and saw Miz leave with the title.

6 Dean Ambrose - Money In The Bank 2016

Dean Ambrose's feud with Seth Rollins began back in 2014 when Rollins turned on The Shield, and continued all the way through 2015 until Rollins was injured but then managed to continue after Rollins returned at Extreme Rules in 2016.

Rollins challenged Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Money in the Bank that year and earlier in the night Dean Ambrose had won the ladder match to become the new briefcase holder. Rollins managed to defeat Roman and win back the title he never lost, before Ambrose ambushed him, hit him with the case and Dirty Deeds to win his first WWE World Championship. On this night in history, all three members of The Shield held the Championship in the space of an hour.

5 Randy Orton - SummerSlam 2013

Randy Orton finally won the Money in the Bank ladder match after years of attempts at the 2013 Money in the Bank event, and even though Orton was a fantastic choice as the holder of the case, it was the Triple H heel turn that made his cash-in so much more memorable.

Triple H and Daniel Bryan had been on the same page up until SummerSlam and he even agreed to referee the match between John Cena and Daniel Bryan in the main event. Bryan defeated Cena to become World Champion before Orton's music hit, Triple H hit the pedigree, and Orton ran into the ring, cashed in his case and became World Champion. The WWE Universe were beside themselves, it was well thought out and well executed by the WWE COO.

4 CM Punk - Raw 2010

CM Punk won the Money in the Bank ladder match for the first time at WrestleMania 24. At the time, Raw didn't have a champion, with Edge heading over to SmackDown, so some much needed creative writing backstage helped CM Punk to change this in one night.

Edge said his farewells to Raw and attempted to head out of the building before he was stopped by Batista who wanted revenge after being robbed of the Championship the night before. Edge had already been attacked by Batista and was hit with a thunderous Batista Bomb before Punk ran down and cashed in his contract to become the new World Champion.

3 Edge - New Year's Revolution 2006

The first ever winner of the Money in the Bank ladder match back in 2005 was Edge. He climbed the ladder and lifted the case at WrestleMania 21 before holding the contract up until New Year's Revolution 2006 when John Cena had emerged victorious after a brutal Elimination Chamber match.

Vince McMahon came out to announce that Edge was cashing in his contract because it was the first time this had ever been done. It was the simplest cash-in but still one of the most memorable as Edge ran out, and hit the spear twice and became the new WWE Champion. It was a reign that only lasted a number of weeks until Cena won it back ahead of WrestleMania 22.

2 Dolph Ziggler - Raw After WrestleMania 29

Dolph Ziggler won the Money in the Bank ladder match back in 2012 and decided to hold on to his contract while he was in a stable with Big E Langston and AJ Lee. Dolph held on to the title until the Raw after WrestleMania in 2013 when he saw that Alberto Del Rio had gone through a rough match with Jack Swagger.

Del Rio still put up a fight and tried to put Ziggler in the cross arm breaker, but he was too injured. When Dolph then hit the ZigZag the audience counted along with the referee as Dolph lifted the Championship to the biggest crowd reaction of the modern era.

1 Seth Rollins - WrestleMania 31

Seth Rollins had the help of Kane back in 2014 when he lifted the Money in the Bank case. Seth then tried to cash in the case a number of times over the next few months when Brock Lesnar was the Champion, which didn't make it easy for him.

Rollins picked the perfect place at WrestleMania 31 when it seemed as though Roman Reigns was about to defeat Brock so Seth cashed in, hit the Curb Stomp and lifted his first World Championship in WWE. Seth made history by being the first person to cash in at WrestleMania as well and managed to hold the Championship up until November when he was forced to relinquish it due to injury. Michael Cole described it as "The Heist of the Century" and it truly was which makes it a worthy number one on the list.

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