Ranking The 15 Best (And Worst) Athletes Who Have Dated A Kardashian/Jenner

There’s a pattern to the guys the Kardashian-Jenners tend to date – it’s all about the sports stars and the rappers for these girls.

Nowadays people can be famous for any number of things. Most people have legitimate careers, such as being in the movies, in the music industry, or are sportspeople, they have done well in their respective fields and have made names for themselves, achieving celebrity status. For such people, well, most of them anyway, their goals haven’t really been to become celebrities – they want to excel in their careers, and becoming a celebrity occurs as a consequence of that. But there are other people who’ve set out to become celebrities, who’ve always craved the limelight, the fame and fortune, and that’s the category the Kardashian-Jenner family falls into.

They’re very savvy people. They got in when that whole reality TV craze was hot, and made it work for themselves to the point where they’re now possibly the most recognized celebrity family on the planet. Being so famous, hot, and living the kind of lives they lead, it’s little wonder that each of them have also been in a number of high profile relationships over the years. Well, I say most of them, it’s mainly been Kim and Khloe who’ve been very active over the years on the dating front, but now Kendall’s been spotted out and about with various guys, and is starting to become the talk of the town.

There’s a pattern to the guys they tend to date too – they date people who are involved in one of two industries. It’s all about the sports stars and the rappers/singers for these girls, and there’s been plenty of them over the years too. In this article, I’m going to focus on the athletes that they’ve hooked up with, and rank them in relation to each other, the guys we liked and the dudes we despised that have shacked up with a member of this prestigious celebrity family. Here it is, 15 athletes who have dated a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family, ranked best to worst.

15 Lamar Odom

Recently-retired pro basketball player Lamar Odom was the best and the worst thing that happened to Khloe Kardashian. Family members were sceptical and a lot of people raised their eyebrows when they met in 2009 and tied the knot after just a month of dating. Many expected it to be a typical celebrity marriage, i.e. one that was short-lived and didn’t last beyond a couple of years, but the two were very much in love – they still are actually, although they’re now separated due to all of Lamar’s issues in recent years. We got to see a whole lot of Lamar in the family’s reality TV series, and the spin-off which focussed on the couple’s relationship. Lamar became a favorite to fans of the show, and most people were devastated when his problems began to mount and their relationship was way past the point of being salvaged. He’s had a seriously tough life, and from what we’ve seen of him on TV, he’s a really cool dude; such a pity things didn’t work out between the two.

14 Lewis Hamilton

Although Lewis Hamilton has denied the rumors they’ve been dating, those who’ve analyzed their relationship, and plenty of other people think that they’ve been hooking up, have good reasons to believe so. Formula One Champion Hamilton has been seen out and about with model extraordinaire Kendall Jenner for a few years now. When Lewis eventually called it quits on his relationship with Nicole Scherzinger, everyone was wondering who’d be next on his radar, and it seems as if that someone’s Kendall. They’ve been spotted together in different countries, Lewis has been spotted coming out of Kendall’s New York apartment quite a few times, and he gets really squirmish when asked about those dating rumors. Kendall’s remained quiet on the issue, and her silence says a lot, suggests those rumors are actually reality. If they are dating, great, they’d make for an awesome couple; both are incredibly stylish, have good public images, and are loved by the masses, so it’d be a pretty awesome relationship for the media to sink their teeth into.

13 Tristan Thompson

Canadian power forward Tristan Thompson is having a swell couple of years. He’s been killing it in the NBA and has just won the championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and his life off the court seems to be going swimmingly too. The Kardashians really do have a thing for NBA players, and none more so than Khloe. After splitting from Lamar, she just couldn’t get enough NBA "action," and after moving on from James Harden due to his commitment issues, Tristan came into the picture. They hooked up in the summer following the split and instead of shirking about the issue, they actually came out and officially announced they were seeing each other. They’re still together, he’s Khloe’s current beau, although there’s all kinds of rumors floating about, about how Khloe wants to get more serious and Tristan wants to slow things down. We can pass them off as just rumors because the long and short of it is that they’re still going strong, and look like a pretty solid and happy couple.

12 Matt Kemp

When Khloe broke things off with Lamar, although she was heartbroken, she didn’t take too long to get back in the dating game. She got with a string of people after the break up, and keeping with Kardashian dating tradition, the vast majority of them were athletes. Baseball player Matt Kemp was one of those who got with Khloe shortly after Lamar was out of the picture. Actually, I say it was keeping with Kardashian tradition, and it was in the respect that Matt’s an athlete, but it’s the first baseball play she’s dated – Khloe and Kim tend to prefer the big muscular athletes, the basketball and NFL players.

The reason Matt’s at the top end of this list is because he wasn’t a douche or anything, he didn’t really do anything to make us think badly of him. The two simply dated for a while – he was probably a bit of a rebound actually, and then things just fizzled out.

11 Derrick Ward

Former NFL running back Derrick Ward had a pretty good time on the football field, putting in consistently good performances with a number of different franchises during the course of a solid career. When he was with the New York Giants in 2009, his career was slowly drawing to a close, but it’s at that stage that he achieved a whole lot more fame and became known to the masses, and that’s because he started dating Khloe. Derrick was actually friends with fellow NFL star, Reggie Bush, who was dating the most famous Kardashian of them all, Kim Kardashian, at the time, and it was he who introduced Derrick to Kim’s little sis. Things actually looked like they were getting quite serious between the two, as they were constantly being seen out and about, and even went on holiday together to celebrate Kourtney’s birthday out in Mexico. But for some reason or another the relationship didn’t last, and Khloe was back in the dating game again.

10 Miles Austin

Miles Austin’s at the top end of this list, again because there wasn’t any animosity between himself and Kim that led to their break up, nothing like that; their relationship simply ran its course and fizzled out. They actually seemed like a really nice couple, really sweet and loving, and it was a bit of a surprise when they announced they had split, but their reason for ending their relationship was understandable. Miles was playing in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys when he met Kim. In the summer following his decision to sign a six year contract extension, he started dating Kim. They were seen cozying up to one another pretty much throughout the whole summer and then into the autumn, but then Miles was no longer in the picture. They tried to make their long-distance relationship work, but it just wasn’t feasible with their busy lives, so they went their separate ways.

9 Jordan Clarkson

24-year-old NBA star Jordan Clarkson’s career is still in its infancy, although it’s gradually gaining momentum with the Los Angeles Lakers. Living, working, and playing in LA and being the celebrity figure that he is, has meant that Jordan’s bumped into some famous faces when out and about, and one of them has been Kendall Jenner.

Jordan and Kendall became a thing last fall; well, everyone’s pretty much certain they were hooking up, despite them never having come out and declared they were in a relationship. They were seen together increasingly frequently, enjoying the sunny delights of LA together, canoodling, and getting up close and personal with each other. They were even spotted making out a few times and just seemed like a really sweet loved up young couple, but for whatever reason, everything suddenly stopped and it was evident they’d gone their separate ways. It’s a shame because these two really did seem well-suited to each other.

8 Rick Fox

It was a bit of a shock when it came to light that Khloe was dating Rick Fox. Actor, businessman, and former star of the NBA, Rick, was around to help Khloe through her difficult time when that whole tumultuous time with Lamar was going on, but what started out as just being a shoulder to cry on as friends, turned into something a bit more substantial. They had known each other for quite some time, but they first started dating in 2014 when Khloe had split from Lamar, although it was all very brief and seemed pretty casual. Then, after Lamar’s meltdown, crazy antics, and subsequent hospitalization, apparently, it was Rick who got in touch with Khloe again, as he wanted to be there for her and lend her his support. He wanted to be there for Lamar too, so he sent a text to Khloe offering to be there for the both of them and do anything he could to help. A nice gesture, and today the pair are just close friends. He seems like a nice enough guy, which is why he’s a solid entrant in the middle of this list, but to say he’s Lamar’s friend and then take his ex out on dates while he’s going through such a tough time – that’s a pretty crappy move on his part, hence he slides down this list a tad.

7 Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn- or Bruce as she was known then – earns a place in the middle of this list because he (back when she was Bruce) was a prominent member of the Kardashian-Jenner family for so many years, for decades in fact, but he wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea. We got to see a ton of him on KUWTK over the years, and it was really interesting to see his personality and how he was a part of the Kardashian’s pretty whacky family dynamic. Although you could say that he was kind of at the helm of the family alongside Kris Jenner, he really didn’t have a voice, being outnumbered by all the girls, each of whom have really strong personalities and all, so Jenner often found himself in the background. A lot of people liked him, and empathized with his situation, and actually wondered how he could stick around for so long. But we also got to see rather unattractive sides to his personality; he’s tightly strung, very pernickety about certain things, and pretty controlling. Also, now that Bruce has made the transition to Caitlyn, she’s said some pretty nasty stuff about the Kardashians, which certainly hasn’t gone down well. The family is said to have cut ties with Caitlyn in recent months.

6 Alecko Eskanddarian

Who the hell is this, many of you are presumably asking? Well, cast your mind back to 2010, and if you’re a fan of the KUWTK series, you’ll be able to recall, Kim being set up on a date. Kim was desperate to find a normal down-to-earth guy and enjoy a stable normal relationship, and in walks Alecko, an Armenian-American pro soccer player. The date was actually Kris’ doing. She arranged the whole thing – as she does, she arranges pretty much every aspect of her kids’ lives, superwoman as you might call her – used her contacts, and set Kim up on a blind date with Alecko. Bless him, he just didn’t have a clue what he was getting into. As soon as he walked in, you could tell that Kim was thinking – without trying to be rude – how to get the hell out of there. He just wasn’t Kim’s type, and it was cringeworthy seeing them try to go about their date. Needless to say they didn’t take their date, what little flirting there was, to the next level, and Kim went back to dating her usual types.

5 Reggie Bush

NFL running back Reggie Bush had more than just a hookup with Kim. After being introduced to each other at the 2007 ESPY Awards, they hit it off and things got pretty serious, so much so that there was actually talk about marriage. Reggie was also one of Kim’s first boyfriends on KUWTK, so we got to see plenty of their relationship, and to us looking in, it just seemed like a really odd one, like they’re totally incompatible, which they evidently were because they ended up breaking things off.

Reggie just hated all of the limelight and couldn’t deal with all the attention that was heaped upon him because of who he was dating. He just seemed like a really miserable guy who had zero personality, someone who just wanted out. Kim wanted him with her in front of the cameras and Reggie wanted to get as far away from the paparazzi as possible, and so in the end the relationship ran its course. There were also rumors of infidelity on both their parts, so it’s no surprise they ended up splitting. But Reggie obviously has a thing for Armenians, because no sooner had he finished with Kim, did he get with Armenian dancer Avagyan, who incidentally looks like she could be Kim’s clone. There's actually a really freaky resemblance.

4 James Harden

James Harden has had a few stellar seasons in the NBA over recent years, and in 2015-16, it seemed as if everything had clicked for him because his personal life was all roses as well. During that season he was in the headlines not only for what he was doing on the court, but because of his life off it too. He began dating Khloe during that period, and they dated for most of that season. Initially, it was a casual relationship. He lived in Houston and she lived in LA, so it was going to be tough to try and maintain a long-distance relationship, so both agreed to just keep it casual, get with each other whenever they were both around. But then James – according to Khloe anyway – wanted something more than just a hookup, actually wanted to start properly dating. Although it was long-distance, Khloe was fine with that, as it showed his commitment, so she was prepared to make it work. But then he backtracked and “wasn’t committed,” which alleges he cheated on her.

James on the other hand has said that he dumped Khloe after a year from hell with the reality TV star. He just couldn’t deal with all the attention from the media, and didn’t want that type of intrusion into every aspect of his life. A couple of different versions of events there, and probably a hint of truth to both of them.

3 Todd Waterman

Those of you who have watched KUWTK over the years will certainly know who Todd Waterman is, but those of you who missed that season probably don’t have a clue. That’s because Todd’s not really the greatest athlete on this list, he’s not an NBA or NFL star or anything like that – he used to play soccer for the Los Angeles Heat. He’s not famous for his feats as an athlete, but got propelled into the limelight when he had a two-year affair with Kris Jenner, who was Kris Kardashian at the time.

He’s vastly responsible for breaking up Kris’ marriage to Robert, and even when Kris began seeing Bruce – now Caitlyn – he was trying to worm his way in and was being a nuisance, if everything that was said is to be believed of course. He and Kris met after a game of tennis which was filmed on KUWTK, much to everyone’s dismay. He’s not the most popular guy within the family and wasn’t a great athlete either, which is why he warrants this position on this list.

2 Rashad McCants

Here’s yet another pro basketball player on this list, but certainly not one of Khloe’s favorites. In 2005, Rashad McCants was drafted to Minnesota Timberwolves, and it’s there that his career took off. By his fourth season he was regarded to be one of the best players in the NBA, and his personal life was going swimmingly too, because he had started dating Khloe by that point. The two dated for around six months, but by the looks of things, it was far from a happy relationship. In the aftermath of their split, both were pretty savage to each other. Rashad wasn’t shy about telling people about the way he was treated, about the way he felt he was being used by Khloe throughout their relationship. The basketball star said the relationship was staged for the Kardashian’s reality TV series, and Khloe’s retorted calling her ex a “loser”; it’s safe to say neither are on each other’s Christmas card lists.

1 Kris Humphries

Putting Kris Humphries at the helm of this list was a no-brainer. We got to see his relationship with Kim play out on KUWTK, and it was a pretty odd one to say the least. It took people a while to warm to Kris, and even then, they were about iffy about him. Plenty of people, including Kim’s family members had their reservations about them seeing each other. They just didn’t seem compatible – we could tell as soon as Kris made an appearance, and Kim’s family could tell too – and there were plenty of weird goings on during their time together, Kris is just an all-round weird guy and some of his antics were puzzling. He was like a big kid that was always moaning, needed to be cared for, and was basically just a downer. Their marriage was certainly a mistake – Kim realized it as soon as it happened – and then they went through that whole messy divorce, which caused Kim a load of grief as she was pregnant and was with Kanye West at the time.

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