Ranking All 15 Women Who Have Appeared On Total Divas So Far

Total Divas began back in 2013 and has become one of the most popular spin-off WWE series that the company has ever made.

Total Divas has become so successful now that WWE has even allowed it to have its own spin-off entitled Total Bellas, which was also seen as a hit for the company. The series has seen a lot of backlash from the fans because of the fact that many thought that it was one of the main reasons that the women of WWE were not taken seriously, but the attitudes towards the show have changed over the past few years as the women have continued to swap and change their roles on the show.

The show so far has six seasons that have already been broadcast on the WWE Network and a seventh season is currently being filmed with the likes of Nia Jax, Alexa Bliss, and Carmella ready to join the show while Eva Marie, Renee Young, and Paige are rumoured to have left their roles in order to make room for the newcomers.

The Bella Twins play a main role in the show and it is thought that they were the reason that WWE decided to create the show to begin with, because they thought that the WWE Universe would be interested in the lives of the women who were dating two of WWE's top stars.

The following list looks at all 15 women who have taken part in the show over the past six seasons and how well they were portrayed or how much they were liked by the WWE Universe.


15 Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose was the runner-up on WWE Tough Enough back in 2015 when the company decided to allow the historic show to make a return and screen it on the WWE Network. Mandy was the popular star on the show, and despite the official winner Sara Lee being the one who won a developmental contract, WWE decided to keep Mandy around as well.

Mandy was added to the series in its fifth season and didn't play a very big role in the show as she attempted to make her personal family issues public, but the WWE Universe didn't know very much about her. Many of the fans were unaware of who she was, having not watched Tough Enough, and because Mandy was still yet to make her debut on NXT. Mandy was removed from the show after just one season as a main character and replaced by Renee Young.

14 Cameron


Cameron had quite a simple path to WWE after spending just a few months in the developmental set up before she was called up to the main roster to form The Funkadactlys along with Naomi. The duo were the dancers for Brodus Clay and Tensai before the show allowed them to branch off as a Tag Team on their own.

Cameron lacked wrestling ability because she didn't spend a lot of time training in the ring, but she had character. She was one of the original members of the show and introduced the WWE Universe to her boyfriend Vinnie. Up until season 3, she was seen as a main cast member and then a recurring member of the show in season 4. Cameron made the mistake of tweeting thoughts about WWE's pay scale and because she had already lost her role on Total Divas, WWE decided that the company no longer needed her and announced her release back in 2016.

13 Rosa Mendes

Rosa Mendes has always been widely considered to be one of the most useless WWE Divas. Rosa was seen as a veteran in the company but had won just one match on WWE TV and had never been able to lift a Championship in her eight years in the company.

Rosa was added to the show in its second series as a guest before becoming a main star in season three and being seen as a guest once again in season five. Rosa explored her sexuality throughout the show when she revealed that she was bisexual and even kissed fellow WWE star Paige. Rosa then announced that she was expecting her first child in 2015 before she gave birth to her daughter Jordan in February 2016 and announcing her retirement from wrestling on Jordan's first birthday the following year. Rosa hasn't been a huge miss to the company and perhaps won't be missed on the seventh season of the show either.

12 Renee Young


Renee Young isn't even considered to be a Diva since she is the main part of WWE's broadcast team and is also a regular interviewer backstage. She was seen on the show as a recurring character for a number of seasons because she is good friends with The Bella Twins and always appeared alongside them.

Renee became a main cast member in season six of the show where she was joined by her popular boyfriend who later became her husband, Dean Ambrose. Renee was a popular star on the show and it gave the fans an insight into her relationship with The Lunatic Fringe who is one of the biggest stars in the company but it seems that WWE didn't enjoy having Ambrose on the show and it was announced that after just one season as one of the main couples, the duo had been taken off the show and replaced by Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy instead.

11 Maryse

Maryse made her return to WWE after years on the sidelines the night after WrestleMania 32 and it was rumoured that this was because WWE wanted the former Divas Champion to become a part of Total Divas. The rumours were then made a reality when Maryse was joined by her husband The Miz on the show ahead of their sixth season. The couple has remained on the show for the new season as well.

Maryse's main stories on the show have seen her attempt to resolve her differences with the Bella Twins after issues that happened years ago when Maryse tried to rejoin WWE and when Maryse decided that against her husband's wishes she was going to get a gun to defend herself against someone who tried to break into her house. Maryse's role on the show has helped her character on WWE TV to become known as one-half of the "It" couple.

10 Lana


Lana has recently become a singles star in SmackDown's women's division after being known as the manager of her husband Rusev over the past few years. Lana was added to the show as a main character in its sixth season after being seen as a guest on the show a number of times.

Lana was able to see both of her weddings featured on the show as well as becoming an integral part of the Women's Division and making her debut in the ring back at WrestleMania 32. Lana and Rusev became a popular couple thanks to their role on the show and it seemed to affect the way Rusev was seen on WWE TV. Lana has been able to reveal a lot about her life as an actress and dancer thanks to the show and prove that her accent is indeed fake, since many of the WWE Universe believed that she was really Russian.

9 Naomi

Naomi is the current SmackDown Women's Champion, but it's taken her seven years in the company to finally be taken seriously and be given the Championship. Along with Cameron, Naomi was once part of The Funkadactlys and was added to Total Divas on its debut season.

Naomi was part of the show as a main character up until season five and was able to have her wedding to former SmackDown Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso featured on the show. She was later replaced by Rosa Mendes in season five when it was reported that there was nothing that WWE had for Naomi for that season. It seems that this changed though, since Naomi was re-added to the show in season six as a main cast member when Rosa was once again seen as just a guest on the show and has remained the same for the new season that is currently being filmed.


8 Eva Marie


Eva Marie made her debut in WWE as part of the promotion for the first season of Total Divas back in 2013. Eva Marie has never been popular with the WWE Universe but it seems that as part of the show she was able to share her history of alcohol addiction, her problems with her family, and the fact that her father has been struggling with cancer.

Eva was a main character on the show up until the end of season six when Eva Marie was suspended from WWE for violating the WWE Wellness Policy and hasn't returned to the company in more than a year and has since branched out into making films instead. Eva has been through a lot over the past few years, but it was recently revealed that she wasn't returning to the show for season seven and was instead being replaced by Carmella and Big Cass.

7 JoJo Offerman

JoJo and Eva Marie won the 2013 Diva Search and won their part in the show but JoJo decided to leave after just one season as part of the main cast and instead head to NXT to train to be a WWE superstar. It seems that JoJo didn't manage to train very much before she was injured and WWE then offered her a chance to be part of the announcer team instead.

JoJo is now the Raw Ring Announcer and is seen as a big part of WWE TV and often guest stars on Total Divas as well. JoJo has had her own fair share of personal issues, but her biggest storyline on the show was when she was dating Justin Gabriel and he was so much older than her so many of the women refused to accept them as a couple. JoJo was replaced on the show in the second season by Summer Rae.

6 Paige


Paige was the first ever British Divas Champion, she was one of the biggest stars in the Women's Division at one point, and was added to the show in season three where she embarked on a number of storylines with Rosa Mendes. She was even able to bring her mother, Saraya Knight, into the show as well.

Paige's biggest storyline was when she accidentally accepted her boyfriend's marriage proposal when she didn't actually want to marry him and was then forced to up the courage to break up with him altogether. Paige's new fiance Alberto Del Rio  joined Paige in season six of the show, but after the ups and downs that the couple have had over the past 12 months, WWE thought it was a good idea to not renew Paige's contract with the show for the seventh season and instead Nia Jax has been added to the show in her place.

5 Summer Rae

Summer Rae proved during her time in NXT that she had the potential to become one of the big female stars in the company and was given a substantial push on the main roster when she was added to Total Divas in its second season.

Summer's biggest storyline was when she was part of a rivalry with Natalya and even once went to Natalya's house so that she could slap her across the face. There was also a problem between Summer and The Bella Twins when it was thought that Summer Rae was trying to flirt with Daniel Bryan. Summer left the show after season three and has disappeared from WWE TV ever since. It seems that many of the WWE Universe think that Summer could be the next person released from the company in the coming months after not appearing on the Raw brand in more than a year.

4 Alicia Fox


Alicia Fox is a former Divas Champion and is currently a member of the Women's roster on Raw. Alicia was added to the show in season three after being a guest star on the show for the first two seasons along with many other divas.

Alicia and Paige were always seen together on the show and it was nice for Paige to have someone on the show to interact with. Alicia has never been used properly on WWE TV, but it seems that during her time on Total Divas, she was finally being treated seriously, but for season six Alicia was just a recurring cast member and then taken off the show completely in season seven. It seems that Alicia has instead become a part of the 205 live locker room recently and decided to switch around different men in recent weeks.

3 Natalya

Natalya is one of only three women who were added to the show in its debut season back in 2013 and has remained a main character on the show ever since. Natalya is the only female graduate of the Hart Family and has been seen as the mother of women who are part of the show and the one who always convinces them to make the right decisions over the past few years.

Nattie once accidentally ate a brownie that had drugs in it and was then worried about a WWE drug test and has also been able to see her wedding to former Tag Team Champion Tyson Kidd featured on Total Divas too. Tyson was taken off the show shortly after he was injured but Natalya has remained a main part of the show over the past few years and the company has never had a problem finding her interesting storylines.

2 Brie Bella


Brie Bella was one of the women that WWE decided to create the show around when it was revealed that she was dating former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan back in 2012. The couple's marriage was featured on Total Divas back in 2014 and they have seen their own highs and lows over the past few years, with Total Bellas also following the couple after Bryan was forced to retire from WWE.

The couple's main story over the past few years has seen them trying to have a baby and Brie even retired from WWE back at WrestleMania 32 so that she could have a baby. Brie revealed that she was pregnant at the end of the last season before she gave birth to her daughter a few months ago. Brie has also stated that she wants to make her return to WWE in the near future as soon as her daughter is old enough for her to leave.

1 Nikki Bella

Brie's twin sister Nikki has been seen as the main woman on Total Divas for a number of years and is even a former Divas Champion in her own right. Nikki's biggest storyline on the show has been following her relationship with John Cena who refused to marry her for a number of seasons and has also reiterated that he didn't want to have kids.

John obviously went back on that and decided to propose to Nikki at WrestleMania a few months ago and it seems that the couple should be seen as a happy duo in the next season as John continues his movie career and Nikki takes time away from WWE to heal from her neck injury. It seems that Nikki will continue to be the main face of the show for years to come, after her successful role in the spin-off Total Bellas a few years ago, but it is as of yet unknown if Total Bellas will be making a return to TV.

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